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  2. I like Simmons a lot, just not a fan of waiting a year. His off the field issue bothers me, but not enough to keep me from picking him (assuming his interview covered it well). While the injury itself is not a show stopper, it's much harder rehabbing a 300ish lb guy as opposed to someone leaner. And getting back in game shape takes longer. As for him at NG/DT, he officially played NG at MSU. He was moved around a lot though. Most project him to DT. He like Tillery can both be moved around the interior. Another thing that concerns me a bit, is how much of his success was because teams were focusing on Sweat. Whenever you have multiple high achieving guys in any unit, their play is raised because of others.
  3. I’ve been saying for months that the emphasis in the draft would be defense. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need more and better playmakers.
  4. My opinion is if T J Hockenson is there you take him and run regardless it being TE. He gives you line protection and a receiving threat. It's like drafting two positions in one.
  5. Me neither. I just have a gut feeling he will go defense early. The reason I think that is what he said about stopping the other teams from scoring rather than out scoring them.
  6. If Ballard goes defense there is a pretty good chance we land an impact player.. Hopefully Dexter Lawrence, Greedy Williams, or Christain Wilkins in that order..I would not be sad about that either..
  7. After listening to Ballard I get the impression he will be working on the defense as his priority. If that means using the early draft picks in that area it wouldn't surprise me. We can all have our preference on what position he picks but I don't think any of us can be too sure about any direction he will go. Other than the first pick last year he showed us all we didn't have a clue.
  8. I don’t like to trade a first round pick and have to pay full price on a huge contract that Clark is demanding he receive. I’d say just stick with the process of getting your guy in the draft with the picks you have and develop them. Clark isn’t a generation type of player, he is just very good for the Seahawks at this point. I don’t like the idea.
  9. Today
  10. Sorry, no cigar today. But don't let that get in the way of being delusional about me being upset.
  11. I do not know, could be Simmons may play at 3 tech, but maybe he doesn't appear to be a prototypical B gap shooter. He plays great against the run, and can handle/penetrate double teams. The 3 tech alignment avoids double teams. His pass rush move is a bull rush, that needs work. I feel Ed Oliver is a lot closer to Aaron Donald the Jeffrey Simmons. A real NFL scout / paid consultant read in a podcast what I wrote in a higher above post, this was just like he was reporting to a GM setting up a draft board. What else can I say?
  12. Curious. Of all the playoff teams in the AFC where would you rank the following? Or at least who would you rank higher? Andrew Luck TY Hilton Eric Ebron Jack Doyle #2 TE Devin Funchess #2 we Marlon Mack Nyheim Hines. #2 rb rank starters vs starters and backups vs backups. Not saying your wrong. I’m just saying the offense is not as bad as most people believe. Some of of these guys and others on the roster will get better and will get coached up. We’re not use to player development due to the last regime. But this coaching staff is different. Add in Cain. Innman Rogers Johnson amd Pascal. We were one of the top offenses in the league last yr. only to get even better this yr
  13. you've brought drops up twice out of the blue in the last week or so. perhaps it's a subconscious problem you can't control. i'm sure it's not you just trolling again... sorry again. i don't mean to upset you.
  14. Obsession with drops? Now that is pretty funny coming from you.
  15. I don’t care if your best pass catcher is a tight end or a wide receiver. Ebron ,Doyle, Hilton, Cain, Funchess. Plus all our running backs. We have plenty of weapons. Everyone can say funchess is not proven. He is way more proven then a draft pick. Any draft pick at WR is unproven. Why not give Cain, fountain, and Johnson a chance. We were sixth in offense.We are not lacking weopons. Unless there is some generational WR in the first or second I pass. We already have 3 late round receivers so why would we add more. Not to mention Rogers and pascal also. They are all very young. I will be on with whatever he does with WR.
  16. well, you went drama queen on the "insult" narrative. sorry to upset you. you should talk to someone about your obsession with drops and you inability to talk about your feelings.
  17. I have noticed that lately my posts have gotten progressively worse feedback, I hope to turn that around soon, but first I want to give you all one more possibility straight from my head for the sake of having something to debate over. Anyways, here goes: Indianapolis Colts trade: Pick 26, Pick 129 Seattle Seahawks trade: Frank Clark Let’s be honest, Clark is a proven star pass rusher who is likely to be much better than any player who would be left on the board. Then, sign him to a long term contract before he gets away next offseason. Then, in the second round, we use pick 34 on Jerry Tillery, and pick 59 on the best remaining WR of those that dropped. I feel like this would be an amazing scenario for the team, getting a proven stud pass rusher, a dominant 3Tech, and a WR2, while using the remaining selections on need or BPA. I trust in Ballard, of course, and know this isn’t likely, but if it were to happen I would be ecstatic! Thoughts??
  18. Don't trigger me at all. Matter of fact I find it funny you got bent enough to insult me over it. On a side note : Maybe with all the drops this team has our passing game might drop to #7 in the league. What you think?
  19. Yeah I’ve been following that news for a while. This will be their last season on WGN after such a long history on the channel, it’s too bad. I’m a diehard Cubs fan, if I have to pay to have the channel, then I guess I’ll pay....probably actually get to watch more games then I do now on Direct TV anyway!!!
  20. That's a relative term... it's not hard to be the best WR class in a while. The last few have been exceedingly poor. This is an OK class... but with not many 1st round WR's.... but a good number of WR's should go in R's 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on.... That's where the strength of this class is. Not R1. P.S. --- Oh, and welcome back! We've been expecting you! You've been missed!
  21. Sorry, but I'm not talking quanity.... I'm talking quality. And once we get all our draft picks and free agents signed and we have a 90 man roster.... and once we cut it down to 53.... Then we're going to be down to 5-6 WR's and 3-4 TE's and 3-4 RB's on the 53.... and we need more quality. All 32 teams have somewhat similar numbers at these positions now. But how many of them are real difference makers? If we're going to get better, we need better playmakers.... Hopefully we get them in the next week or so... Sorry for any confusion....
  22. you just admitted to the enjoyment of pulling peoples chains. that's pretty much the definition of a troll. sorry if the word triggers you, or gets you bent.
  23. I can see Chloe6124's point of view. We have 11 WRs, 6 TEs and 4 RBs on the roster right now. Ballard evidently seen something in all of these players or they wouldn't be here. Just saying.
  24. That may be what he did in college, but let me ask you this.... How many high level, quality nose tackles do you see in the NFL playing that position at 300 pounds? Any? I'm not aware of one....
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