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    there's been articles all over about it, not just on twitter. I know you guys aren't being "too" rough, but remember, some people come to this forum to get their Colts updates. Like me, I don't do Twitter. I don't live in Indy where there is always a radio station talking Colts football. I'm guessing Smoke was just using this forum for some info.
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    Next two games are against Houston and Titans. Win both, we're 8-4, and 5-0 in the division and 2-0 against HOU and Tenn. Houston has New England right after they play us. If they lose that game too that puts them at 6-6 and 2.5 back of us with just 4 games left. Colts have a huge opportunity to gain a stranglehold on the division. Great win today. I decided to stay off the forum for a week after the Dolphins loss because I ain't gonna lie, some of y'all can become quite insufferable when we lose
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    For the Colts to be 6-5 with injuries and losing their Franchise QB, tells me it’s not all doom and gloom. Flush with CAP space and draft capital, the future isn’t bad at all. Getting healthy, adding a few more playmakers and IMO finding a QB that fits Reich’s scheme will have the Colts contenders in the not to distant future.
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    This is something I've been saying for a while too... This is such a horrible argument and misrepresentation of what exactly Luck's strengths and weaknesses were. Players like Brissett, like Mariota, etc. hold onto the ball because they have trouble eliminating and isolating reads in the progression and going through the progressions. Luck never had that problem, in fact it was one of his strongest suits. Luck played in an Air Coryell system that relied heavily on deep routes that develop slowly. And he was relied to do that PRECISELY BECAUSE he was able to make full field progression reads, with bullets flying all around him!! In fact, this was such a big positive in his game that they gave him that responsibility from day 1. Most rookie QBs, even the ones that can throw deep are eased into a role like that, because the throw itself is the easiest part of throwing deep - navigating the pocket, reading the field and anticipating when to release the ball were much harder and Luck was amazing at it. Luck had the freedom and responsibility to do it from game 1 in his rookie year. This is the reason in the last year of his Air Coryell tenure he had about 40% of his drop backs being 7 step drops. This was about 230 of his 580 something dropbacks. Just for reference - most QBs in the league have to play 10 years in the league to get as many 7 step drop backs as Luck was getting in a single season. The problem with Luck was that he sometimes held the ball too long because of his belief that he can make the play instead of taking a lost down and throwing it away. He was pushing his luck way too much and in some situations it cost us. Luck was holding the ball to make plays(and was making a ton of them), Brissett is holding the ball because he cannot see the throws he needs to make.
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    What if the kickers they work out all have terrible tryouts? Is that Ballard "not having guts" to not drop AV for someone else to produce the same results? SMH... why a personal attack on Ballard? It serves no purpose and is low class in this instance
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    Wow. i’m rather surprised by the negativity. we havent played well and we’re right in there in a hostile environment against a really good team. We’re in great shape for the 2nd half. We had tuff field position, penalties, and we’re right there. If we make the right adjustments, its ours to take.
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    I doubt any high profile WR is itching to sign with us right now. That passing game is not doing receivers any favors. And I doubt any "prove it" candidate comes to Indy either(Ebron/Funches types). We will have to overpay for talent in the receiving core until we prove we can feed the ball to receivers through the air.
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    You have to hand it to Ol' Dew, he comes up with stuff nobody would think of in a hundred years
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    At this time of the year, having been what this team has been through thus far, I am ecstatic being in 3rd. Plenty of ball left in the season, but for right now I am overjoyed. I'm hoping the players can feel that they can overcome all adversity at this point and focus on beating the Texans. Thursday is BIG!
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    On the last drive a field goal would have tied the game if our kicker kicks a freaking extra point. This loss is squarely on him
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    Do you have zero regard for nuance? A passing attack that emphasizes quick hitters takes pressure off the line and the QB, and if you can get some YAC, it can still produce yardage and keep the chains moving. It's still a valuable part of a good offense, IMO. That doesn't mean we should never throw the ball down the field. And by the way, JB has gone from getting rid of it quickly in the opener (2.33 seconds) to now having the 5th longest time to throw in the league (2.91 seconds). So we're not even seeing a short, quick passing game, and certainly not one with any ability to get big plays. Instead, we're seeing a short, slow passing game that's contributing to an average of less than 22 points/game and a lethargic 5.9 yards/play. So, yeah, people are complaining, and for good reason.
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    What's with all these hand injuries? Whatever happened to the good old days of lacerated kidneys and broken ribs?
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    Your brain bailed on you.
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    Draft a qb, draft a qb, draft a qb, draft a qb, draft a qb, draft a qb.
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    The best thing about getting McLaughlin is that the Patriots wanted him.
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    I would never trust my money in a bsnk.
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    At least it is at home, hopefully Mack, Pascal, Ebron, Rogers, Doyle and Hines step up. I still believe we break our 0-7 streak without TY with a close win this weekend.
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    There is the solution, when the Colts are within FG range they need to keep getting delay of game penalties until it's a 50+ yard FG and then send AV out. And you guys want a new kicker, when the solution is that easy.
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    No Brissett, no TY, no Desir.. no complaints.. just please win!
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    Holder would say that. Pretty sure it’s not Reich’s fault his TE-loving QB retired right before the season started. And it’s definitely not Reich’s fault that Ebron went back to dropping passes at a league-leading rate. Reich is trying to win games...not justify Ebron’s presence on the roster...or his contract.
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    Nonsense. He is hurt. No one can predict injuries
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    I root for two things every Sunday: 1) The Colts to win. 2) The Pats to lose. Unless the Pats winning directly means the Colts make the playoffs, I'm not rooting for them. Full stop, bottom line.
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    Thank you. Really. Brissett is in his 4th year. Starter or not, he has been around the NFL long enough to show what he has and what he can eventually become. His ceiling is a game manager with some nice games sprinkled in.
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    People need to know that with Brissett at QB, you barely have any sort of vertical passing attack. The vertical passing attack is why Texans had success on offense.
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    Gonna ignore the tackle by the helmet on the pick? #playersafety
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    Predicting we just miss the playoffs (which changes if we win the next two): 1) Javon Kinlaw, DT, South Carolina 2) Ben Bredeson, OG, Michigan 2) Devonta Smith, WR, Alabama 3) Hakeem Adeniji, OT, Kansas 4) Mitchell Wilcox, TE, South Florida 5) Julian Blackmon, S, Utah 6) McTelvin Agim, DT, Arkansas 6) D.J. Wonnum, DE, South Carolina 7) Jacob Knipp, QB, Northern Colorado
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    The Ravens almost signed him a few years ago, probably because the Jim / John Harbaugh connections. While this was going on , Kaep’s girlfriend posted a stupid tweet taking a shot at the Raven’s owner, and Ray Lewis. That put an end to that. I know many don’t like Ray, but my point is I’ve never seen someone , or his associates , shoot themselves in the foot while trying to get a job, or retain a job. It’s like applying for a job, and insulting the guy you are interviewing with. Then , you’re stunned when you don’t get the job.
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    The Colts seem to play pretty well at home but I definitely would agree from a noise perspective. I’ve been to several NFL stadiums and Lucas Oil is by far the tamest/quietest of the bunch. It always amazes me each year I’m there.
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    If Reich can guide a 1-5 team to the playoffs he can guide this one.
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    Well after a while Ed Reed wasnt thrown at....Same has happened with Hooker.
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    We would be 7-2 with him and this discussion would be comical. OK I guess we will find out what he does against the Jags, Texans, and Titans because we have to win them all now.
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    Hold it.....I though we had a thread saying he regressed?
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    Colts worked out dontrelle inman today
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    Well, as a fan, if I was only here to watch the playoffs, then the lights could be "turned off". But....since I follow this team to watch every game, I think we'll keep the lights on for another 4 games....
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    I have followed the Colts since 68. Why didn't they start Terrik Glen today?
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    Every year, that is said about the upcoming class at a given position or two. EVERY year. usually, 1-3 of all those selected will be “studs” the others will be average and about once every 5 years, a true SUPER STAR emerges. It truly is a crap shoot
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    Agree with you. Made absolutely no sense to me why they didn't review it.
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    Mack can borrow Jamie Lannister’s gold hand. The weight of it may slow him down, but the hand will be protected. Might make a nice fashion statement too.
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    I think the Colts take a WR on Day 2. We've got 3 picks to find one we like. As we all know, this is a very good WR class coming up. I'd be beyond stunned if we didn't draft a WR in Rounds 2 or 3. Seems like a natural fit of need and opportunity. It's a love connection.
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    So noted for the record. Didn't you also say that you would laugh if the Colts went a different direction at QB and ended up in QB purgatory for years? I'm just asking for the record.
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    I hope you are joking. If not, you may want to consider medication. Get yourself some of those "left-handed" cigarettes. I think they're legal up there in the Great White North, eh?
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    Nice to see the Colts ps being poached.....means they're starting to have consistent quality depth. Or the Chefs......great googily moogily.
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