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    TY over the last 4 years - 4883 (Remove last year as our QB was injured...3917) OB over the last 4 years - 4424 (Remove last year as Odell was injured...4122) TY missed games in his first 6 years - 2 OB missed games in his first 4 years - 20 I'll stay at The Hilton.
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    Nice article from Andrew Walker on the Colts new RG: https://www.colts.com/news/the-slauson-effect-is-already-being-felt-along-the-colts-offensive-line Interesting to note that he is the 2nd oldest player on the roster (only younger than the ). He notes how he was surprised to find that out, but that he is embracing that veteran role. My favourite quote: “I definitely don’t feel old, but apparently I am,” he said with a smile. “But no, I embrace that side of things. I like helping out young guys, because I know what it was like to be in their shoes and how difficult this game can be. So if I can help in any way, I love doing that.” I hadn't realised he started 108 out of 111 games he played in during his 10 year career. Lots of experience to pass onto the young guys. Not sure about the look he was rocking but, if I had legs that size, I might be showing them off as well! Really nice article from Walker giving an insight into the man himself and his position as a leader on this new O-line that has the potential to be an integral part of the coming year.
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    The disrespect he gets on this board is astounding.
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    It's the lead story in today's NFL column. A variety of topics, but the first and the biggest is Luck. Thought you'd find it interesting..... https://tinyurl.com/ycb93466 Also..... and not for nothing.... but on Total Access the Week in Review on the NFLNetwork, the top story for the week was........ Andrew Luck.
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    Reminds me of this "YOU SUCK!"
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    From NFL.com..... Think you'll be happy with it... Enjoy!! http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000938420/article/reich-quenton-nelsons-talent-shows-up-all-over-tape
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    Totally catchable. Cut that kid now!
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    I read that Hairston was getting most of his reps as a boundary corner and at 6'0" & 195 that seems more likely where he ends up long term. He played well in the slot last year but all the film on him at Temple he played LCB. Meanwhile, Kenny Moore was playing mostly in the slot and with his 4.47 speed and 6.86 3-Cone drill (and his 5'9" stature) seems more of a likely fit. That is above average speed and lateral agility - much needed at that position. Plus, he played mainly FS at Valdosta State so he's comfortable playing in space it would seem. Quincy Wilson right now is an enigma, we saw great insticts and ability to be an outstanding RCB in this league - but just enough to tease us. He is still the likely starter at RCB. Pierre Desir showed out when he had a chance as well. Should make for excellent spot starter/depth. That is 4 talented corners that showed they can play in this league.....perhaps that is why that position was not addressed in this years draft, because the Staff believed in starting talent and chose to just add depth through UDFA's and the Waiver Wire... Same thing applies to the Safety's.....we have 3 quality starters in Hooker, Geathers and Farley. Additionally there is an uber talented 23 year old in Green that *could* turn that talent into ability as he improved last year and will likely improve more this year as well. I understand.....injury concerns for Hooker and Geathers.... They brought in a couple UDFA's, one of which has balled out in Odum and they CHOSE not to sign Boston or Vaccaro - who are both talented and would have upgraded the roster. Also consider they have stockpiled WR's (13), Oline (15), Dline (15), and LB's (10)......I just think they believe in the talent they see in the building a lot more than we do as fans on the backside of our defense.
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    As time goes by and the more time he misses, we can forget just how good our QB can be when healthy. If he really is better than he's ever been, I'm definitely excited to see what he can do. Even if he's just "only" as good as he was before surgery I'm still pretty intrigued. Here's a nice reminder. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUAy3hQGY6w
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    So......we have a player who sounds frustrated, posting out to the world about how they are wronged, and we jump to conclusions? Honestly, I cannot find one single thing that I like about twitter. One's life does not need to be monitored instantaneously by the rest of the world.
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    So then he didn't win the pick-up basketball game?
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    If we want to bring in trick plays and then throw bombs down field, there is only one man for the job......
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    Plus TY never got his * kicked by a kicking net.
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    Sure you can (just not in chat rooms), and take out a relevant snippet, if you link the complete article URL- "INDIANAPOLIS COLTS: Malik Hooker, FS, second NFL season. Hooker missed the last nine games of the season with a torn ACL. But in his first four games as a pro, he picked off three passes. Presuming Hooker's healthy come Week 1, we'll see the Ohio State product flash his Ed Reed-like potential. He has speed and ball skills and is exceptional in man coverage (one of the best I've ever scouted, in fact)." Gil Brandt http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000937390/article/projecting-one-future-firsttime-pro-bowler-for-each-afc-team
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    I watched the Ohio State-USC bowl game last week and one thing that stood out was the play of Tyquan Lewis. He was Ohio States best dlineman in that game. Constantly got a push into the backfield to disrupt the USC offense. He played RDE,RDT, and LDT at various points throughout the game. He had a strip sack on Darnold. I know it was just one game but he was very impressive. On a side note Sam Darnold was very UNIMPRESSIVE. I think we have alot to look forward to with Lewis this year.
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    Yes, but what about the Cole Slawson effect? Eh? Not that appetizing by itself, right? But once you add it to an already meaty sandwich like Castonzo/Nelson/Kelly... Now we're talking. We add those pickles (aka RT Howard), to this meal...
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    Obviously not a contract year.
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    In 2016, with a beleaguered (I like this word) Oline and uninspired run game, Luck threw 4200 yards, 31 touchdowns and 13 picks. I’m genuinely scared for the rest of the league as to what will happen if Luck has time and a running game.
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    I don't believe this hogwash for a second.....he sounds like a bitter young man angry about not getting offered the money he thinks he's worth. The class and dignity this organization has shown from top to bottom with the McDaniels incident alone tells me this is utter nonsense.
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    Andrew Luck healthy with: A new offensive philosophy Time to throw More dynamic run game New weapons Solid Special Teams Better Defense Improved strength and conditioning Call me optimistic but I’m looking forward to this year! GO COLTS!!
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    Although it's just beginning to be summer, football season brings the fall crisp air. Earlier nights, hoodies, and the holidays. Not that football really has anything with those. But those are some of my enjoyments. I love having Sunday afternoons filled with action, heartache, and joy. I love watching NFL pregames and seeing the players warming up on the field across all the stadiums. I love hearing the CBS and FOX theme songs. And scrambling to set my fantasy lineup before 1:00. Getting all my Colts gear on and my Sunday Lunch and getting ready for the game. Things I dislike.. 1. Watching the Patriots win 2. Too many commercials 3. Thursday night games every week.