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    We can go on and on about the moves Ballard hasn't made , but because we truly aren't privy to what he's attempted to do , let's take a look at what can be judged : what he has done 2017: Released D'Qwell Jackson - good move, not in league anymore. Old and overpaid. Re-signed Jack Doyle - good move Traded Dwayne Allen +6th to Patriots for 4th -- smart trade , rid himself of a high salary for an average player. Is just a blocker in New England Released Patrick Robinson-- eh, debatable , but he wasn't that good for us Signed John Simon- good move Signed Jabaal Sheard-- really good move Signed Barkevious Mingo-- good move Signed Margus Hunt -- fantastic value signing Signed Al Woods-- tremendous value signing Signed Sean Spence-- didn't work out , no harm/no foul because of the contract Ballard gave him Signed Kamar Aiken-- didn't work out , only a 1 year deal though, so again , no harm/no foul Released Arthur Jones- good move , isn't even in the league atm Signed Jonathan Hankins-- good move Signed Jon Bostic -- solid move Signed Mo-Ali Cox-- TBD *Note* the 2017 draft was conducted with Grigson's scouting staff and for an entirely different coaching staff. Doesn't mean Ballard gets a complete pass , but it should be considered at the very least. Drafted Hooker 15th overall -- I really liked this pick , some may disagree. Still only 22 years old with tons of potential, imo. Drafted Wilson 46th overall-- due to injuries/Pagano etc hasn't been ideal. Still, Corners take time to develop, by no means am I writing him off yet. Drafted Basham 80th overall - Bust , no other way to put it. Still has no counter moves. Wish him well in New York. Drafted Banner 137th overall- Bust Drafted Mack 143rd overall- I think this is an outstanding pick. Time will tell , but the potential is obvious. Drafted Stewart 144th overall- Decent rotation piece right now in a new scheme. Solid pick with some upside. Drafted Hairston 158th overall-- really good rookie season , hasn't had the same impact in the new scheme. Good value pick, imo. Drafted Walker 161st overall -- brilliant pick and likely our starting Mike for some time. Signed Rigoberto Sanchez -- terrific UDFA signing. Found our longterm starting punter instantly after Pat's retirement. Signed Christine Michael - meh Released Kendall Langford -- good move , is still a FA to this day. Traded Phillip Dorsett for Jacoby Brissett- outstanding trade. Provided a starting 2017 QB and our best backup in ages. Will be flipped for picks eventually. To get an asset worth good draft capital for a bust of a WR is just brilliant. Cannot understate how good of a move this was. Claimed off Waivers, Desir- outstanding move. to get a CB capable of starting off waivers is brilliant work. Claimed off Waivers, Kenny Moore II-- terrific pickup. Has been playing solid considering how we acquired him. Still young and improving. Released Vontae Davis-- I mean.... yeah, thank god. Good move. Claimed off Waivers, Ross Travis-- good move Claimed off Waivers, Glowinski-- solid move 2016 Cap Space: 8 million and the 4th oldest team in the league 2017 Cap Space: 18 million and the 9th youngest team in the league 2018: Signed Vinatieri to an extension -- no brainer Signed Denico Autry-- good move , great contract Traded 3rd overall pick for 6th overall pick , 37th, 49th, 2019 2nd round pick -- Terrific trade. Released Hankins-- controversial , but I think it was the right thing to do. Speaks volumes that he couldn't find a team until recently and hasn't made much of an impact. Signed Ebron- great move. Absolutely outstanding. Signed Ryan Grant- solid risk-free 1 year deal. No harm/no foul. Won't be here next season most likely. Good value for cost. Signed Slauson -- outstanding move and unfortunate injury. Unbelievable value for cost. Extended Desir-- solid move. Getting a waiver claim worth a second deal is just quality. Re-signed Mewhort-- unfortunate , and I wish him the best. Signed Goode- decent cheap deal. No harm/no foul. Won't be here next season and the SAM is becoming less important. Signed Acker - no harm/no foul Drafted Nelson 6th overall -- Some may disagree due to positional value, but I think it was a great selection. Changed the complexion of our offense from Day 1 and will only get better. Drafted Leonard 36th overall-- I mean.... wow. What can I say? Never in my wildest dreams did I expect this. Drafted Smith 37th overall -- Dude looks good. Like , really good. Super impressed and excited to see what he becomes. Quality starting OL. Drafted Turay 52nd overall- too soon to really say, but he's getting better week-by-week. At worst a rotational pass-rusher, imo. I think he'll be more. Drafted Lewis 64th overall- no idea , but he looked good in camp. TBD Drafted Hines 104th overall- exactly as advertised , good pick , and will be a weapon for years. Drafted Fountain 159th overall - TBD. Not giving up on him by any means. I'd love it if he could crack the roster this season, but it's a massive jump to the NFL coming from where he came from. Drafted Wilkins 169th overall-- love this kid. good pick Drafted Cain 185th overall-- Like Lewis , he looked good in camp. TBD , but I have a hunch he'll be a really good pick. Drafted Adams 221st overall-- getting any contribution from a 7th rounder is great , and he's doing just that. Really nice pick Drafted Franklin 235th overall- see above So, yes, it's too early to really make any definitive conclusions about the 2018 draft (or even 2017) , but from what I'm seeing, if Cain and Lewis become anything close to what I think they can and Turay can continue down this path.... I mean, this draft class goes from outstanding to special. We're talking about possibly 5 starters , 2 rotational RB's, 2 depth LB's, and whatever Fountain becomes. That is just crazy. Signed UDFA Moore-- good move Signed UDFA Odum- good move Signed Howard--- just flat-out didn't work. Ballard did the smart thing and gave him a no harm/no foul contract, though. Claimed Pascal -- meh , I doubt he'll be here next season , but to get anything from a waiver claim is solid. To be clear, I don't want him here, though. Traded Darrell Daniels for Marcus Johnson -- I thought Johnson showed flashes , unfortunate injury. Good trade. Released TJ Green-- thank god Claimed Corey Moore -- good move Claimed Muhammad- good move , provides some upside/depth. Released John Simon-- again like Hankins, this was controversial. But, I think it was the right move. Turay and (eventually Lewis) need the playing time and he wasn't a good scheme fit. Signed Jihad Ward-- Definitely premature on my part , but I think this was a great signing. Tons of upside. Signed Boehm-- no idea Signed Mike Mitchell -- looks pretty fantastic so far. Not a big Geathers fan, myself. So this is a nice change. Signed Inman -- no idea. We'll find out. 2018 Cap space: 52 million , 4th youngest team So yeah, for those who love to complain about Ballard not spending money , look at what he's actually done. He inherited an old , average (at best) , expensive roster going nowhere. In under 2 years, he's taken the 4th oldest team , turned it into the 4th youngest, and cleaned our books up substantially. I have no idea how people can't like what he's doing. Truly. We've been in every game this season ; Luck looks outstanding ; our O-Line finally seems to be coming together ; our young players are all improving ; we'll have another draft to stack on top this one and tons of cap flexibility. The plan is clearly working. Ballard looks like he's an elite evaluator so far with a disciplined approach. His hitting % is insane. His worst moves are 3rd/4th round picks (with Grigson's scouts) and a couple dudes on 1 year no harm/no foul contracts that he eventually cut. Oh, and I guess Simon and Hankins if you like complaining about guys he signed in the first place. I mean, @threeflight , I just don't get you bro.
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    Over 2 minutes of analysis for you all to enjoy. Love Baldy's twitter and even better when it's one of our own in focus. He has done a few on Leonard too.
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    Can we please put the Le'Veon Bell to Indy rumor's out of their misery? That dog don't hunt and frankly never did. Mack looks to have the makings of a feature back and is complemented very nicely by Hines and Wilkins. 200+ yards in two straight games by a younger and far cheaper group. Why would they ever consider giving up the asset or dollars required to get Bell?
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    Luck "Did I turn it down at the goal line?" Reich "You did the right thing. 100%. I would have came out and body slammed you if you tried to take that in!"
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    They've brought Walker back several times to the PS this year. I wouldn't read anything into it.
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    Yes, he looks to be our LB star that we have been seeking for years. It also shows how futile all this pre and post Draft posturing is from us armchair GM's. We don't really know as much as we think.
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    It does look bad, but not for Ballard. Guess who it looks bad for? Got a mirror handy....?
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    1. Clone Darius Leonard ten times 2. ???? 3. Profit
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    Because people still don't understand OL's are more important than RB's.
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    Thanks for posting. Nelson's ability to come off a double team and make and effective block is what separates him from the rest of the guards in this draft, and most of the guards in the NFL.
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    17 tackles 12 solo. and a fumble recovery. Needless to say this guy has gotten the attention of teams around the NFL, and yet he is still producing at such a high level. And only 7 games into his career. I'm still on the DPOY bandwagon. Missing a game, and still leads the league in tackles is something unreal.
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    Luck probably could've scored but at what cost. I myself was so happy to see him avoid the contact. The commentator acted like he should've went for the score. Has that guy been living in the closet the past two years.
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    Add Nelson, Ebron, Grant and Glowinski and you have "HAM N EGG".
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    If someone actually thinks the Colts should move Smith to guard, bench Glowinski, and start some scrub at RT, they should be banned on from this forum.
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    Can we just enjoy today's victory.
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    Last week I was unable to watch the game. Outcome = Colts slaughterhouse This week I will be unable to watch the game again. Grab your popcorn and enjoy. Colts will go in and wreck Da Raidaaaas. My gift to you ;)
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    I love Nelson’s playing style and his attitude. After EVERY play he runs over to help a teammate up. Literally every time. When we score, he runs downs and pats the guy on the helmet. Perfect pick by Ballard.
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    This is the one thing I keep sitting on with all the "Ballard sucks" stuff. When you interview for a GM position, you're not just hired on your credentials. Owners want to know, "Ok, so I hire you, What is your plan for this franchise? Where do you see us in four years, and how do you get us there?" Chris has been very vocal on how he plans to do this, and Irsay liked what he heard so much, he gave Chris the job. Now, lets look at year one. Ballard was handcuffed to a terrible coach, and a terrible roster. In the first year Ballard was here, he gave more public interviews and briefings than I think "he who shall not be named" EVER gave in his four years? with the franchise. Yes, you could argue that his draft year one was pretty bad, but when the GM has the balls to release players they were high on, that just says something to me. This year has said a TON for me about the type of man Chris Ballard is. I mean, you had a coach stab you in the back for corn's sake, and you go out with the "rivalry is back on" speech. Incredible. Not only that, but he rebounds with Reich, who I genuinely believe has everything it takes to get us into a Super Bowl. He is an absolute leader of men, and just carries himself so well. He's a Colt: plain and simple Now, we wine and complain EVERY loss, saying something needs to change, and that we're better than this. We aren't: period. Even management knows were not close to competing for a title. This is why I think the next two years are going to be absolutely nuts for us as Colts fans. If Ballard can hit next years draft out of the park like he has this year (So far), and hit on some free-agents with all this C A S H we're flush with, then Ballard's four year plan would have worked out EXACTLY as advertised. We're used to winning, and I get that, but this team NEEDS time. Just go back and look at his interviews, how he's handled adversity, and who all around the NFL has been vouching for Chris, then come back here and TRY and tell me we aren't in good hands
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    It's the same history. Plenty of teams have moved and no one splits up their history. No one separates the Brooklyn Dodgers from the LA Dodgers, the NY Giants from the San Francisco Giants. The St. Louis era Rams are not looked at as a different franchise. Are the LA Chargers a new franchise? No.
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    We are just back today from our trip, and what a trip it was - didn't get off to the best start v Jets last week, and it was a pretty lonely place to be a colts fan in the METLIFE stadium that afternoon. However we were able to console ourselves with the other colts fans in our hotel. We then moved onto Indy, what a beautiful city and area you live in. We did the stadium tour, went to a Pacers game, visited the childrens museum, got great bargains in the Edinburgh outlets and ate way too many amish donuts!!! Then onto the game on Sunday, we were in section 522, just below the huge video screen. What a difference to the previous Sunday-Colts played the Bills off the pitch, atmosphere was great, gameday experience nothing like any sporting event is here. Just a perfect way to finish a perfect trip. I really hope we can come back over at some point, but if we don't, we have memories that will live with us for ever.
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    Nelson has been fantastic, considering the state of the offensive line and the competition he has been going up against.
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    Have you been watching? The Colts have faced quite the gaunlet of interior DL so far, and Nelson has been fantastic. I can think of a handful of plays he has lost a 1-1 battle so far. What the hell do people expect from rookies in the first games of their career? What a short memory you must have because our interior has heen excellent. The Colts line is rated 10th on PFF, and our tackles have been the weak spot We had one of the worst lines in football last season. If that isnt impact, I dont know what is. Its just not flashy. And people are hating on him because the team is 1-5.