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  1. Unfortunately, I had to miss the game today. What was the starting offensive line?
  2. We lose to the Jags and we don’t belong in the playoffs, honestly.
  3. Dude is one of the best coverage LB’s in the game. Period.
  4. ...like we don’t already have enough disappointing WR’s.
  5. Man, I hope not. I can’t ever forgive Rivers for his behavior in that playoff game that was also the last game in the RCA Dome.
  6. To watch what was once a top tier Special Teams unit reduced to this is the result of poor coaching of technique and fundamentals. The specialists have all taken a step backwards and we just look outclassed anymore. Bubba clearly doesn’t have this unit ready to go.
  7. I’ve seen it all season long. We’ll have the lead, come out passing on 1st and 2nd second down trying to get cute, go into 3rd and long and punt it away. It’s getting pretty old at this point. We’ve got one of the better run blocking lines in the league. Why wouldn’t you at least get the clock running and give the defense a rest?! Especially when we’re struggling to stop the opposition!!!
  8. I sincerely doubt that they trade out of the #6 spot. You still want a blue chip, franchise player. Quantity isn’t always better than quality.
  9. I sincerely doubt it. I believe that Ballard is just very calculated about the moves he makes.
  10. How quickly everyone forgets that we were down to starting our 4th, 5th and 6th CB’s for the majority of last season. Robinson was banged up last season and couldn’t handle life on the outside when called upon. It was unfortunate things went the way they did with him. He’s clearly a very talented guy when used properly.
  11. Oh please. This isn’t Madden. Wagner isn’t going anywhere.
  12. Extra picks are extra picks. Honestly, how many picks and where the picks lay all depend on the trade partner(s).
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