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  1. Man, I hope not. I can’t ever forgive Rivers for his behavior in that playoff game that was also the last game in the RCA Dome.
  2. I'm not too fond of his time management decisions sometimes, but overall Jim Caldwell is alright with me. I'm quite sure Polian kept him on a short leash and it probably limited his ability to coach as he saw fit.
  3. I have been a Colts fan since the day I was born. As a Maryland native, the Colts were my home team, and to me they always will be. I am blue and true until the day I die. I rise and fall with this team every year and have since I understood the game of football. Having said that, I guess it's apparent that with anyone that follows a sports team so intensely it's only natural for them to have their own thoughts, views, and opinions. And if I were in position to pull the strings as the Colts GM, there are several topics that need to be addressed this off-season. First off, I wiould have to make
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