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  2. I would take a healthy Luck on this team as well. We have a great team, so I think he could do something. Doesn't mean he's not overrated. He's not even the best QB in his draft class. Luck is just like any other QB that can't carry a team on his back. He's not special, and he has baggage. However, we could literally use any above average QB now and have a chance at a SB. Luck just slightly increases our chances at this point. Ballard already did the work by putting the complete team together.
  3. I dont understand why you would take Lamar over Andrew wheb Lamar isn't even a proven passer. Sure he can run and avoid pressure. But can he pass at an elite level?
  4. Yeah Luck did quit on us but he was not over rated. No knock on Rivers but I wish we had a healthy Luck on this team right now. Sorry, saying he was over rated is pure horse dung.
  5. Well first, I wouldn't play on a football team because I don't like to depend on others. I'm a control freak. Second, I have already said plenty of no1 overall QBs don't win the SB early in their careers. My issue with Luck is how uncompetitive and easily shut down he is Vs the Pats, and the fact that he quit on the team when things finally started getting good with Ballard. He is completely overrated and had little passion for the game. When you're the best prospect since Elway, when does some of the responsiblity go on you to win games? Why does he need a perfect team to win a SB or beat the Pats? Even if the team wasn't good enough and he was outmatched, he quit when he had the tools to win. That erases any credibility that he could of won with better talent. We have better talent now, and Luck wanted nothing to do with us.
  6. The Colts scored 24, 22, 20, 7, 27 and 24 with Luck. The 7 was in the AFC Championship game with the SB on the line. We were never competitive and the highest Luck scored Vs the Pats (27) was lower than the Pats worst score Vs us (34). Again, Luck was overrated, and he quit on us. The defense was bad, but he didn't hold up his end either.
  7. I know. What seemed like an amazing possible supplemental draft becomes nothing
  8. Luck played the Steelers once, in October 2014. In that game, the Colts defense allowed B. Roethlisberger to throw for 6 TDs and 522 yards. The Colts defense allowed the Steelers to score 51 points. (Luck threw for 3 TDs and 400 yards). During the Luck era, the Colts played the Patriots in 2012, 2014, 2015 (twice) and 2018. Here are how any points the Colts defense allowed: 59, 43, 42, 45, 34 and 38. You are blaming Luck for not winning against the Steelers and Patriots, but it does seem like you are overlooking the other aspects of football. It's a team sport. And when I show how many points the opposing teams have put up, it should be clear that the Colts defense was not up for the challenge. But we can continue to blame Luck.
  9. dude played in 6 was it playoff games? Won half of them? Beat a SB winning D in Denver. The argument that both of you made in your own way and for different reasons was that the Colts roster wasn't good. True story. Watson is the better NFL QB right now for the same reason Chad Kelly is, they're playing. Beyond that? I'm pretty sure Luck is still upper tier of ability and debating that seems kind of pointless- but he's not playing so pointless is operative to the whole of the conversation.
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  11. Watson was drafted 5 years later than Luck. He may not of been as good as Luck was in 2014, but I'll take Watson at 24 over a rusty Luck at 30 anyday. Wilson may of won the SB based off his running attack and defense, but he is easily the 2nd best QB today and has carried that team for awhile since the defense has fallen off. He has also never had an O-Line and his WR's have been subpar until recently. Luck didn't win the important games. He never beat the Pats or Steelers in his career, and those were the games that mattered most since they were in our conference and were our obstacles to making the SB at that time. His last game will be known for losing to Patrick Mahomes in his 2nd year. I have serious doubts Luck would of ever beat Mahomes and the Chiefs, and there are several other QBs like Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson (in the division) that were as good or better than him. When you are the no1 overall pick, you go to a worse team, plain and simple. You want to argue Luck had it worse than Wilson when Luck was the best prospect since Elway supposedly and Wilson was a 3rd round QB. Maybe Wilson was underrated and Luck was overrated? Most QBs that go no1 overall don't win SBs early in their careers for a reason, the team they get drafted to is awful and they are supposed to be the savior and the answer to the team. Luck may of been that, but he took his ball and went home. No excuses. Ballard built a team around him, and Luck even played with a solid version of it in 2018. He quit, and now guys like Wilson, Jackson and Watson are the new faces of the NFL. I'd rather have one of them then someone who doesn't have passion for the game, and screwed all of his teammates and the fans.
  12. Watson had a good year in 2019 with 26 TDs and 12 INTs. In 2018, he had 26 TDs and 9 INTs. If Luck had those stats, we would say that Luck had a down year. No way has Watson eclipsed Luck, and I don't think that's a controversial statement to make, right? Luck never made the Super Bowl, unlike Russel Wilson. By the way, what was the Seahawks' defensive ranking the year they won the Super Bowl? I'll give you a hint -- it was #1. Rushing offense rank - #1. And how about their passing offense? It was ranked as #27. Looks to me that their #1 ranked defense and their #1 ranked rushing offense had a lot to do with getting to the Super Bowl. Here is the stats page from ESPN as reference. https://www.espn.com/nfl/stats/team/_/season/2014/seasontype/2/table/passing/sort/netPassingYardsPerGame/dir/desc By the way, who had the #1 passing offense that year? Yup, you guessed it. Luck and the Colts. The Colts had the #1 passing offense despite a poor O-line, and no run game, meaning that teams knew they were going to throw the ball, and they still couldn't stop Luck. Russell Wilson is a very good QB, but it's all too clear that you need a complete TEAM to make it to the Super Bowl. Take for example Manning with the Colts vs Manning with the Broncos. The Broncos gave Manning a good O-line, WRs, TE, and great defense and that resulted in multiple Super Bowls in a very short period of time. Is it fair to say that Luck didn't step up? He carried a garbage roster to the post season every time he was healthy. He beat the Seahawks and the Legion of Boom defense, the 49ers with harbaugh, and Manning led Broncos teams. He has won plenty of big games. Lastly, Jared - Let's say that you play for a football team. You are surrounded with a few good players and the rest of the team is largely just trash. You somehow find a way to carry your team to the playoffs, time-and-time again. Yet, you lose in the playoffs. Should we blame YOU or the trash players around you who couldn't contribute when you needed them to?
  13. Well in light of seeing that then i change my mind and say thats pretty dumb to opt out when this virus isnt a big deal.
  14. If our coaching staff are even slightly intrigued by Eason and want to keep him for the future, i think it's just too risky to waive him and hope he makes it to the PS... I could definitely see a team like the Broncos taking him and keeping him on their active roster.... who else do they have behind Drew Lock.... I'll tell you who... Jeff Driskel and Brett Rypien.... They would cut either of them immediately for someone like Eason. I'm sure there must be at least a couple other teams who would do it as well.
  15. For some reason, I completely forgot about that part. Good call. So yea, definitely less plausible of a situation.
  16. There was no supplemental draft and won’t be for 2020. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nfl.com/_amp/nfl-will-not-hold-supplemental-draft-in-2020
  17. I mean.... isn't the obvious answer Rivers? I know he has been a bit of an iron man his whole career, but at this point he certainly isn't getting any younger, and lets be real, the alternatives to Rivers are not ideal at this point in time. We know what Jacoby has to offer, and it is about 8-8.... Eason straight up isn't ready. Do we really trust Chad *Swag* Kelly to take us to the playoffs and potentially win a SB? All previous posts have made great arguments about TY, Turray, Campbell, etc etc etc.... but there are other players at those positions who can potentially step up and fill in those spots. We are pretty much all in on Rivers if we are going to have a successful season.
  18. It's an imaginary situation. An IF situation. Surely you can transpose times with the two QBs, I'm not asking you to picture Mahomes playing in the Bart Starr era. I'm saying if Patrick Mahomes started off.....nevermind. It doesn't matter. Lets just say Mahomes is great and as a neutral, I'm glad a young QB with superb potential got drafted by an organization that knew exactly what to do with him.
  19. I have seen a number of NFL media people talk about Campbell.... not in a glowing sense, but when they mention the Colts offense, they list him off as one of the weapons at Rivers' disposal. I think at some point i've seen it on Good Morning Football and also on the Around the NFL Podcast. Gregg Rosenthal is plugged in on him a bit. Again, no one is predicting he is going to come out and take over the league or anything, but they are talking about him as one of Rivers' weapons.
  20. I must have missed the comments about cambell. But I haven't been as active this off season.
  21. I agree Turay was my first thought that came into my mind for those obvious reasons you mentioned but I also thought of Fountain too. What our receiving crew ended up being last year was a medical nightmare. TYs age is one to keep in mind plus the injury concern. Then Campbell, is he going to take the next step? IMO Pascal will continue doing what he did last season and make a play went he is thrown to. On to Pittman and Patmon, how fast they can get used to playing with the pros. There are a couple of other WRs on the roster that may get in the mix as well. I hope Ballard hit this 5th rd pick over the fence. (at least a triple anyway)
  22. If you ask me Fountain is the WR no one is talking about. Guy lit it up during camp last season. If he can return to that same form our WR Corp will be very Deep.
  23. The NBA is the one big sport where it can work. It can work in sports like Golf, Racing, and Tennis too with no fans.
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