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  2. I still think we need another end to replace Sheard. Who plays strong safety behind Willis? I expect the Colts to draft a cornerback, but other than that we may just focus on offense.
  3. Higgins, Cleveland, Kmet/Claypool... would be a nice...1-2-3. RBs I like... Akers and Dillion. We really need to trade out of 34 and pick up another early 3rd rounder. I think we’ll get our weapons this draft.
  4. What was the reason for the nullification
  5. Hence why I’m giving us a two day pause. My eyes getting crossed looking at these lists lol
  6. I haven't followed any draft stuff. But now that it's close, I've checked in with a scout I trust (and have paid sub to). Here's his Wide Receiver Scout list: 6.9 – 6.5 = Immediate Starter, Early 1st Round None 6.5 = Starter, Mid to Late 1st Round Value (4) 1. JERRY JEUDY–ALABAMA 2. CEE DEE LAMB–OKLAHOMA 3. HENRY RUGGS–ALABAMA 4. JUSTIN JEFFERSON–LSU 6.4 – 6.0 = Potential Starter, Early 2nd Round Value (4) 5. TEE HIGGINS–CLEMSON 6. BRANDON AIYUK–ARIZONA STATE (SLOT/RS) 7. LAVISKA SHENAULT–COLORADO (X,Z,SL) 8. DENZEL MIMS–BAYLOR 9. KJ HAMLER–PENN STATE (SL) 6.0 = Mid to Late 2nd Round Value (2) 10. JALEN TEAGOR–TCU 11. VAN JEFFERSON–FLORIDA 5.9 – 5.5 = Has a chance to make and Contribute, 3rd Round Value (6) 12. TYLER JOHNSON–MINNESOTA 13. MICHAEL PITTMAN–USC 14. KJ HILL–OHIO STATE 15. CHASE CLAYPOOL–NOTRE DAME (HB) 16. ANTONIO GIBSON–MEMPHIS 17. JAUAN JENNINGS–TENNESSEE All in list above too. See #9 above. BTW, wasn't T.Y. Hilton a 3rd round pick, #92 overall?
  7. Now they have desir, hairston, anderson, farley, travis ross, and basham
  8. Yes, he played in 8 games his rookie season. Then he was cut during rookie mini-camp the following pre-season.
  9. @stitches and Jacksonville Jaguars are on the clock until 8:30 PM EST.
  10. Now that he's back on the market, would you give him a call? His original deal with the Raiders was 1 yr @ $6m guaranteed.
  11. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/B/BlytAu00.htm This shows he played 8 games for the Colts and started 1.
  12. Today
  13. EVERYTHING in football is a team accomplishment. A QB throws a TD. His O-line protects him. His receiver gets open. His offensive coordinator trains the offense and calls the plays. The QB is of course a big part of it, but every reception is because of the TEAM. So abysmal that Edge got into the HOF.
  14. Literally no none-Colts/Broncos fans would call Peyton the GOAT. Brady is referred to as the GOAT everywhere. By retired and current NFL players. By coaches. By analysts. NO WHERE do you find references to Peyton Manning as the GOAT except on Colts’ boards.
  15. Everyone, DON'T FORGET First-Round MOUSTACHE!!! If that doesn't register the importance of this trade, nothing ever will
  16. Ok. I must have been looking at an old list. I must get outta here.
  17. This pick #156 is traded to Kansas City Chiefs by 49ers, in case it is not updated yet. Kansas City Chiefs re-signed DeMarcus Robinson and somehow kept Sammy Watkins still as team's highest salary cap hit. They need to draft a receiver in this class. Chiefs get one of the most underrated wide receivers in this draft, who would be much higher rated close to first round, if not for losing 2018 season for sexual assault allegations that were since dropped. Andy Reid doesn't mind that. He came back and had a solid 2019 season but would be a steal for any team. He may not have explosive speed like others in the team, but he is a great route runner and knows his one job is to give leverage to his QB to find him in space. And, that's all Mahomes needs. With the 156th overall draft pick, Kansas City Chiefs Steal Quintez Cephus, WR, Wisconsin
  18. Thanks @NFLfan.... but I actually traded that pick to @VikingsFanInChennai.... so VFIC, you’re up for KC
  19. Good choice! With better protection the Vikes can match up against the 49ers.
  20. I mean... sure? Lol We definitely could use a big bodied option or two. Claypool at 44 and Bryant at 75 would be pretty cool.
  21. I also have Bryant over Kmet too. I don't dislike Kmet, I just like Bryant alot more. Kmet is an absolute mammoth of a body. IMO, I don't think he's a better athlete than Bryant though. I know he tested similarly, but on game tape, his play speed is not that high, he reminds me a bit of MAC. I think Bryant is more agile, better in and out of routes, and he blocks his absolute tail off (former lineman.) Also, he was a zero star recruit out of high school, so you know the kids work ethic to get where he is now is off the charts.
  22. Reagor isn't really that small. He just isn't a Claypool or Pittman.
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