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  2. ColtsBlueFL

    Darrelle Revis Retires

    Revis was quite good, fantastic at his best. Yet I've watched others that I rate above Revis- Champ Bailey - 12 Pro Bowls, First Team All-Pro three times, 52 career interceptions, four returned for touchdowns Mel Renfro - 10 Pro Bowls, First Team All-Pro one time, 52 career interceptions Darrell Green - seven Pro Bowls, First Team All-Pro one time, Recorded 54 career interceptions Aeneas Williams - eight Pro Bowls, First Team All-Pro three times, 55 career interceptions Mel Blount - five Pro Bowls, First Team All-Pro two times, 57 career interceptions Charles Woodson - nine Pro Bowls, First Team All-Pro three times, 65 career interceptions (tied for fifth all-time) and returned 11 of those for touchdowns (tied for second all-time) Mike Haynes - nine Pro Bowls, First Team All-Pro two times, 46 career interceptions Rod Woodson - 11 Pro Bowls, First Team All-Pro six times, 71 career interceptions, which ranks No. 3 on the all-time list Deion Sanders - eight Pro Bowls, First Team All-Pro six times, 53 career interceptions and returned nine of those for touchdowns, which ranks tied for fourth all-time I might eventually even put Richard Sherman above him too. Richard Sherman - four Pro Bowls, First Team All-Pro three times, 30 career interceptions thus far. Darrelle Revis - seven Pro Bowls, First Team All-Pro four times, 29 career interceptions I think Revis eventually gets into HOF, but his lack of INT's will possibly delay it to 2nd or 3rd ballot.
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  4. Bshultz

    Chris Ballard Presser

    Mathias Farley, and probably T.J. Green.
  5. Larry Horseman

    Opening 4 sentences Lindy mag on Colts analysis.

    Again, I’ll start by saying I agree the AFCS wasn’t strong from 2012-14. That said, aside from the Pats, only 1 team in the AFCE had a winning record during that time-the Bills went 9-7 in 14. The best finish aside from that was 8-8. Neither division was strong and the Pats were a better team than the Colts over that span. Point is, a weak division isn’t the main argument against a team being good or bad. Based on roster, Luck leading the Colts to multiple playoff wins in that period speaks to his potential. We’ll see how he looks this year. I’m cautiously optimistic.
  6. TKnight24

    Edwin Jackson Case Update

    Yeah, justice system isn’t exactly a strong point in this country
  7. Colts/Chargers, I believe it was Kenton Keith botching a short pass from Manning at the end zone, turning it into an int.
  8. GoColtsWin

    Malik Hooker

    Kid definitely hasn’t missed any workouts! Good to see him looking strong, and Frank looks ready to go. Wish them both a great season.
  9. It dont matter who is there I doubt he will want to in Toronto
  10. LJpalmbeacher2

    Biggest Turning Points In A Colts Season or Game?

    Don't remember the year but when we traded for the great Eric Dickerson during season. Turned our season into a playoff birth.
  11. Matthew Gilbert

    Malik Hooker

    Wow. Not sure if that listed weight of 212 is accurate. Dude looks 225-230 in that pic.
  12. Matthew Gilbert

    Chris Ballard Presser

    My apologies for using the word I-d-I-o-t
  13. Matthew Gilbert

    Chris Ballard Presser

    He'd be an * to rank them right now without seeing them in pads.
  14. Luck cleared to practice without restrictions. Ah, those were the days.
  15. NDcolt

    Cowherd AFC south predictions

    Losing Hurns and Robinson = the end of the Blake Fartles era in Jax! Let’s see what DeWat can do when he’s no longer sneaking up on opponents and Tenn does nothing special that scares the heck out of you. Where’s the optimism?
  16. That's okay. We were excited about him back then also.
  17. @HooksalotWhat is not working for you? I know that we have some issues with Internet Explorer. Is that the browser you are using?
  18. ColtsBlitz

    Mike Cirino, an UDFA JUCO product that I like on tape

    Wow okay. Thanks! I guess this topic can be closed then! My mistake
  20. Defjamz26

    Malik Hooker

    A little weight? Hooker looks pretty swole. And it looks evenly distributed so he hasn’t been skipping leg day, meaning that knee might be at like 80-90%. I just hope that weight doesn’t affect his speed. We saw last season that despite not running a 40, the guy clearly has elite speed and lateral quickness.
  21. ColtsBlitz

    Mike Cirino, an UDFA JUCO product that I like on tape

    I haven’t been following very closely, but is he gone? That’s embarrassing if he is, LMAO
  22. All of his measurables are listed at the start of the video. He looks like he has great speed and athleticism compared to the other players on the field. He also is very determined, like anyone I suppose, to try to make the team. Good inspiration for JUCO players Edits: Very good ball skills. I like the way he catches with his hands
  23. ColtsBlueFL

    LeVeon Bell

    They have to have the NFL and NFLPA agree to a better range for each position, and subsets for 'extra' capability that is quantified. The system is a mess. You brought up Jimmy Graham. He lined up out wide or in the slot 2/3 of his snaps, yet an arbitrator ruled he was a still TE, and not a WR; and thus allowed Saints to keep his reduced his tender. This ruling was because his position in the Saints offense has always involved a combination of splitting out wide to run pass routes and staying in to block -- especially in today's modern passing offenses. Add carrying the ball to that, and you get Bell's duties with Steelers. He likely would lose in arbitration as well. It's reported Bell rejected a last minute offer from the Steelers that was worth a total of $70 million over five years (or $14 million per season). One reason he likely rejected that is because it was nowhere near his asking price, which was reportedly in the neighborhood of $17 million per season. So he took the 14.5 million franchise tag deal instead. The Pittsburgh offer supposedly included $33 million guaranteed in the first two years and a value of $45 million over the first three years (not all of that guaranteed, and evidently none guaranteed in his last 2 years). OTOH, Guards hit the FA market and racked up huge sums of money. Why? they were O line, and the LT position raised that (tender) money up many notches for all O lineman. Some teams wouldn't shell that out for their OG, thus Those FA Guards like Norwell got new teams. If a team wants to get rid of you, that could be one way on how it is done. NFL is a tough business. But this is more injurious to the 'incentive laden' players contract. Mind you, once a vested veteran is on a roster at the very beginning (week 1), his salary is guaranteed. He collects it all, even if he doesn't play much, or even gets released. Another team can sign him and he can thus 'double dip'. But the vet player can only do that once, I believe. The players recourse is more guaranteed money, over more years. That is the push/pull that goes on even today. But I feel a teams need to win overrules any desire to possibly reduce 'touches' for a player to devalue him.
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  25. NewColtsFan

    Chris Ballard Presser

    Respectfully... I’d love to tell Eberflus that if he can’t tell 1-10 with this group then the Colts have a serious, serious problem. That’s not good!
  26. ColtsBlueFL

    Chris Ballard Presser

    IMHO, anyone <85% should start camp on the PUP until they get nearer to 95-100%, just in case. Why? You can come off it at any time! But if they practice at camp at all, even for only one minute, they are ineligible to be put on the PUP should things go sour at some point. As for our LB's, I heard Eberflus mention this as they broke for summer vacation- “I said, ‘Hey, we have 10 guys in here. One through 10. We have no idea who is 1 and we have no idea who is 10.' So the competition is up in the air.” That position is wide open.
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