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  2. In today’s NFL, it’s almost impossible to be a championship caliber team without a top 10 QB. Of course it’s not the only position that matters. They all matter. But, better or worse, the game has become so much about the ability to move the ball in large chunks. And not all QBs can make that happen as well as the game requires. And getting a QB of that caliber is hard. And I would argue that it even involves some measure of good luck - like a 6th round pick out of Michigan ending up with 6 rings...or a guy like Mahomes falling to where he did in the draft. Even ge
  3. but can he win a SB with 2 different teams
  4. Nervous on this one but we are the better team .colts 27 lions 20
  5. I would not give up more than a sixth rounder but a flyer on A J green would be nice .
  6. Ballard doing great job overall,losing luck the way we lost him was devastating.He will get us there eventually but luck was quite a setback ,obviously.
  7. Or how about, "the QB is the most important player on the team, and we will do whatever we can to protect him and build around him in order to give ourselves the best chance to win the SB." Would that of been so hard?
  8. Imagine the outcry if Ballard would have said - This team is all about 1 guy and that is Luck. It doesn't matter what we put around him because it's all about luck.
  9. Well, this is true of course. But it's also true that it still ultimately rests on his shoulds - fair or unfair. I think it's totally okay to give him a sort of pass for a year, or even a few years. But at some point... Hope Eason is the guy, but I wasn't a huge fan pre-draft. We'll see how it goes, though. Still, we traded our first and I think it's fair to assume that's because Ballard didn't see any value in moving up or at least taking a QB in the first (or maybe he just saw more value in Buckner?). Burrow was probably out of reach but Herbert was within range and he's stolen t
  10. Today
  11. and if anyone says otherwise I will snap my fingers and say deal with him, The baddest bald headed man on the planet.
  12. Gladly give up a 4th this year and maybe next year for LT Riley Reiff so Anthony can retire and get a few years out of Reiff while we continue to build up our WR/TE and defense in Rounds 1-3.
  13. I am going with the Falcons . What the heck
  14. TNF tonight lets get those picks in folks
  15. There's no telling what it would have cost to trade up for Herbert most likely 21' 1st and more. I am just glad Ballard realized this and realized the talent at 13 and beyond wasn't much to be excited so he made the trade for Buckner. I'm glad Herbert is succeeding but it doesn't change my views on Ballard. He made a fantastic trade for the better of the team and guess what... it helped. We still have a 21' 1 and could possibly improve team again. There's always hope just keep your head up buddy Why did Bill have to leave?
  16. I believe Houston has a franchise quarterback. Seems like he could use a team around him.
  17. E is a great edition to the site but he can be stubborn at times like you and I. He thinks he is always right but so do many. You both have my respect along with many others. Superman usually never has any bad posts.
  18. I only wish I could get a cut of the popcorn concessions!!
  19. All you're doing now Jared is projecting. You're taking your views and putting them on Ballard and Irsay. Ballard always keeps Irsay in the loop. Nothing Ballard has done has caught Irsay off guard. As long as Ballard is competitive and spending wisely, Irsay will likely be fine with him. Irsay knows Ballard inherited a mess. Irsay knows Ballard was going to need time, especially after he asked CB to keep Pagano and his staff around for another year. Unless something shocking comes up unexpectedly, Ballard should have Irsays complete faith and patience. As I la
  20. I don't put Ballard on mountain but losing Luck was a bad blow. If you are a GM and lose a QB like that, that is bad.
  21. Alright, I'm out of this conversation. Nobody likes an analyst that breaks things down. If you guys want to believe Ballard is the "messiah", go ahead. I like him, but I don't worship him as @EastStreet would say. Thanks for the bro talk @2006Coltsbestever!
  22. He said that because he was trying to make the whole team feel just as important as Luck, that is called being a team. That is what great GM's do. Losing Luck hurt but so far Rivers is 4-2 so lets see what happens bro. The only loss that bothers me is the Jags game, crap happens. I had a bad feeling about the Browns game and crap did happen . If we beat the Lions and get to 5-2, no way we miss the playoffs with Rivers.
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