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  2. Yea, after only 2 QBs in a long while. And pretty good ones at that. Now we seem to be following the old Browns model. Haha. We didnt know how good we had it!
  3. Kelly never had over 20 teams “courting” him.
  4. Competition! We truly have it at all positions. Well, except perhaps kicker and punter..... and mascot.
  5. If Mack and Hines had a child, it might be this kid. I see some of both of them in him. Our RB room should be stacked. Can’t wait.
  6. I also said we kept 7 LBers last year.
  7. I mentioned four players and you talk about one of them. It’s almost as if the other three don’t even exist.... (poof!). Ok... whatever...
  8. Jefferson is a camp body imo. He can't stick with a team. Keep in mind we did keep 7 LBers last year.
  9. Jake Arrieta has thrown two no hitters in a Cubs uniform by himself. One in 2015 and one in 2016. He had a 2 season stretch where he ranked up there with the all-time greats with the two no hitters, winning NL CY Young in 2015, and his record was 40-14 with an era of 2.38 in those combine seasons of 2015 and 2016. He also was 2-0 in the WS vs the Indians in 2016 = Clutch.
  10. Butler would have to be better at LB than one of... Speed, Adams or Franklin. That’s who he’s competing against. And now you can add the newly signed FA, Jackson. The odds of Butler being better than Glasgow at ST’s are very, very small.
  11. Lots of Mets pitchers have had 1-hitters. I was at a game in which Tom Glavine had not given up a hit. Some no-name player broke up the no-hitter in the top of the 8th or 9th inn. I also attended one when Matt Harvey had a one-hitter going into the 7th. His was broken up in the 7th, I believe.
  12. True, but Glasgow is limited to just that STs. Butler imo can actually play LBer. Course we have to see if he can do it at the pro level, but if he can and looks good on STs then he can get his spot.
  13. Glasgow isn’t on the team for his ability as a linebacker. He’s on the team because he’s a Special Teams ace. Ballard got a tip about Glasgow when the kid was a freshman. Kept his eye on him for four years. We used a 6 on him. Our last pick of the 2020 season but it was a 6. In other words, we really, really like him. And he had a very good rookie year. So if Butler is beating out Glasgow, he’s going to have to do it on ST’s, not as a LB.
  14. Gooden did pitch two 1 hitters in a Mets uni but never a no hitter.
  15. Four no-hitters so far this year. There were several last year too, right? There was a time when the Mets and the Padres were the only teams never to have a pitcher throw a no-hitter. The Mets were known for their pitching and had many pitchers who went on to throw no-hitters for other teams (Seaver, Nolan Ryan, Gooden, David Cone...) but never with the Mets. Johan Santana pitched the lone no-hitter by a pitcher in a Mets uniform. The Padres finally had one this year.
  16. He better be great on STs to have any chance. There were very few highlights were he was actually blocked, so it’s hard to tell if he can play LB at this level. I wish him luck and hope he can show enough to make the PS.
  17. Everyone talking about Deon Jackson, but don't sleep on this kid. He can beat out Glasgow.
  18. Nobody is saying Leno is great but he is average to above average and healthy. He would be an upgrade at LT compared to we have now that is for sure. Can't be picky.
  19. All games are now complete as of May 7th in the NL Central. Here are your standings heading into Saturday 1. Cards 19-14 2. Brewers 17-16 (2 back) 3. Cubs 16-16 (2.5 back) 3. Reds 15-15 (2.5 back), tied with the Cubs 5. Pirates 13-18 (5 back) -Brewers have lost 6 in a row lol.
  20. @RollerColt and you thought it was going to be a tough series Wade Miley with the second no hitter in two days, second time Cleveland has been no hit this season. First vs White Sox and Rondon.
  21. Have you seen Leno play much? I have seen him a lot and he’s not all that great. The Bears don’t think so either since they let him walk and drafted his replacement and put all their eggs on the rookie.
  22. I haven't valued polian's opinion since he made is rest starters in 2009
  23. So there are OTS’s the last week if May, the first week of June and the second week of June. Will be interesting to see if these even happen? The NFLOA and the owners are currently fighting. The players don’t want to attend any OTA’s. Ownership obviously wants the players there. Currently, roughly 10 teams have voted not to participate. More teams could still vote that way. The owners position that it is legal not to pay players who get hurt while training away from the team facility is not helping matters. It’s pouring gasoline on a fire. This is worth keepi
  24. Yea between him and Pittmans old teammate
  25. He’s actually the UDFA who I think has the best chance to make the team. They were willing to pay him 45k to sign with us over 20 other offers. They must have made a strong case to convince him to sign. Let’s face it Mack is going to have to prove he has fully recovered. He is not guaranteed a spot. And although I like Wilkins he is at the end of the depth chart and could be traded at cut down day. So if he shows well during preseason I think he will have a good chance to make the team. Another position group to keep an eye on.
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