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  2. I don't see Waddle leaving top 15. With teams loving his speed, looking at Hill and Ruggs. Plus the WR seems deep in the class, and some big names are going to be free agents if they actually hit the market. The player I love that is realistic in round 1 ( I plan on doing a post about him) Liam Eichenberg OT Notre Dame. The dude looks and plays like someone who can plug in at left tackle right away and have success
  3. The Bills need to beat Brady for the ultimate in satisfaction.
  4. Right now the Colts are missing one piece QB to win the SB. The Bills are rated as among the best in the NFL and the Colts played them one to one if not out played them all day but lost the game. They do not need a 5 Star QB just a skilled one that can move.
  5. To be clear, I am not a fan of Brissett as our QB or even our back up. I don’t want him back. At all but that’s how little I want Darnold or Wentz for that matter
  6. To be clear, I normally wouldn't advocate it, but when you have limited draft capital and IF they want to move up to take a qb, then hard evaluations like this must be done
  7. I say draft an OT, but also get one FA for this year as a stop gap. Leave Nelson at guard!
  8. Why do the colts need a "low cost solution" ?
  9. God bless Rivers. Loved watching him play. I wish him the best.
  10. Didn't mean he's only capable of doing one thing. I meant he doesn't have the ability to take it up a notch. At least, not that I've noticed.
  11. Played for, not with. Caldwell was easily the best coach he has had
  12. In Brady's case he wasn't developing, the footballs were getting lighter for him.
  13. Yeah, me too. I hope it comes down to the Packers and the Bills with the Bills winning. If the Packers win I wouldn't be upset though. I just hopes its a good game.
  14. Thanks for adding that necessary detail. Tells me everything I need to know. I think Ballard's words still ring true...until we see Eason LIVE in action where it counts, it is hard to make judgment on him. Jacoby may have looked great in practices but we all know how all that shook out when the bullets started flying.
  15. I think we should try and land Mariota he would be a cheap plug-in. We can save cap, develop Eason, and find another QB prospect in the mean time.
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  17. He attempted 8 passes for 17 yds. One of his passes went for 13 yds so 7 passes for 4 yds ?? I was referring to those plays where everyone just 'knew' that JB was going to run. With Frank being known as a gambler he never let JB go for anything but run for a first down.
  18. I definitely agree. What we do in FA will have much more of an impact on our draft strategy than it has in years past with the glaring holes at what tend to be the most important positions. I still don't see Ballard reaching for need, but I can't see us neglecting some of those positions if we don't address them in FA.
  19. You think Nelson will move over? Do you think he should? How good (gut feeling) do you think he'd be there?
  20. I do wonder if Ballard called their new GM to see what it would take to get Watson, even from a division rival. If they considered it in the ballpark of 3 1sts and Jacob Eason or Brissett I would jump all over that.
  21. Just a couple tight window throws. Jacoby looked good too lol. Reece looks really good. Too bad he didn’t get more of a chance. The throws were all to fountain during drills.
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