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  2. I agree you cant have one player eating up all your cap space and be able to keep a good enough team that can compete year after year this deal almost certainly destroys any possibility of a long term chiefs dynasty.
  3. Dynasty is officially over with this massive deal.
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  5. It was used quite a bit in writing and film prior to the 60s
  6. I don't agree with the idea of an alternative song proposed as well but then the other thread posts got either merged with the George Floyd thread or got closed where I had voiced the same. However, let us keep this thread about Washington. The rest can be lumped into the George Floyd thread, for moderation sake.
  7. I didn’t say win a super bowl...I said he needs to win a playoff game first before I start buying into all the hype around him. He is unproven in the playoffs at this point. He is a very good player. Can he win when it really matters though? So far the answer has been...no. I also expect Baltimore to be favored when they play the Colts. However, I expect that the Colts will win that one. It’s just one of those unexplainable things that we usually find a way to beat that team. I like our chances at home.
  8. Another thing, since when does 13.4% of a particular section of American citizens get their own anthem? Just when did the "National Anthem" stop being good enough for "All Americans?"
  9. I agree with you (I might hang in there for a little while), but the irony of all this is; sports give us the opportunity to watch our teams and disregard totally the race of a player. Maybe not true equality in paychecks but in terms of rooting for players on my teams, color is irrelevant.
  10. I bet it gets restructured before 2030
  11. I'm almost finished with the NFL with all of these political actions of kneeling for the flag, crying about a franchises name and general self pitty about why one should feel like a victim in this country anymore. If people are going to use a sport and Sunday past time for their political agenda then I'm out....im f%#@ing out!
  12. The only thing I know is Redskinned mashed potatoes. Nothing offensive there.
  13. Has anyone ever heard the word Redskin used as pejorative or slur in any context beyond talking crap about the football team in their own daily life? I'm also confused as to why anyone would name their team after a person or group they hate.
  14. Isn't Ohio's state flower the Red Carnation? Just call it Cleveland Carnations and call it a day. Or use Drew Carey show "Cleveland Rocks" as the name? Cleveland Rocks coming to town to play the Yankees, haha!!!
  15. I really like the Redtails idea, but the logo should be simpler, As far as the Indians, change the logo to Gandhi and call it a day,
  16. I have no problem with the rankings. If they listed the Colts top 5 I'd be worried. But 12 is no problem for me. Gives them room to move up if they prove themselves. I think we'll lose to the Steelers because, as we saw last year, the Steelers can be dog$%&@ and we'll STILL lose to them. They just seem to have our number no matter what, especially in Pitt. Other than that, I think we can beat anybody else.
  17. All you have to do is watch the Colts-Chargers game last year in week 1. Why? Because it was the healthiest either team was last year. Rivers was under a LOT of pressure, and frequently had to get rid of the ball quickly. The Colts weren't exactly a juggernaut at QB pressure, so that should say something about his OL. However, despite being under the gun most plays he was able to get the ball to the right spot most of the time. Hooker made an unbelievable INT on one play in the endzone, but other than that he was on despite taking a beating. If this OL in Indy can give him just 1 more second of time on his throws, he will be lethal.
  18. Not if we have anything to say about it.
  19. I think this is good news for the Colts. I'm stretching a bit. Watson may be looking for a huge contract with Houston soon. He is singed for the next 2 seasons, but I bet he'll want an extension before that. Houston will have to pay big bucks to keep him and eat some cap space in a few years.
  20. That is why I called it a potential franchise killer The KC Brain Trust will need to make every DP count
  21. Ballard did it. Traded down a couple spots and picked up Nelson and Smith which turned the line around. I don't break down game film so I am a bit unsure, but maybe you folks can answer this. Knowing that a great O-line offers the coaches extra options, does Reich know how to use it to it's fullest? Of course it was hard to tell with JB at the helm. I think he had a good O-line in Philly, right?
  22. Not a big hit the first couple years. The deal seems to have been done very well for a $50 million contract. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/kansas-city-chiefs/patrick-mahomes-21751/
  23. I assume Skai Moore is on the chopping block. He hasn't had much opportunity in games, but he didn't show much in the games he played in. I was pulling for him because in college he had "a nose for the ball". Often that is hard to teach.
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