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  2. I think Ballard has done a great job. We don’t win the game against CIN with Justin Houston. He is an unsung hero on this team. He brought the defense together and spoke to everyone. Ballard bringing that type of leadership should go unquestioned. We also have depth on our roster. This was something I’ve been preaching about since 2016.
  3. No, that's a quote from Reich. You can listen to him say it in this press conference. Correct, here's the injury report for today. Cox practiced (limited) and Leonard was a full participant.
  4. I wish you guys would have picked him. Now I have to deal with him twice a year with the Steelers !
  5. Peyton's resume = 5 League MVP's - world record, 1 SB MVP, 2 SB wins with 2 different teams/2 different coaches, over 70,000 yards passing for his career, has the record in 1 season with 55 TD's passes. I put the 2nd one in bold because I know deep down he wants to be the only one that has accomplished that. I don't think the Bucs will win it all but they will come close, like NFC Title Game IMO. Brady is that great.
  6. And the point being? I brought up his name to show a time bucket. The years labeled Grigson. You got all triggered up and went into a diatribe about comparing GMs just because you read the name and didn't bother to understand the context. Again, the standard YOU used to show that we are getting good mileage out of the draft picks was to say that "if we had Luck we would be a playoff team" Forget the name Grigson if you can, because you get all trolled up and triggered. By that standard, then this roster is no different than at any time in the past 7 years
  7. I’m not sure this move will help that much, but it’s a low risk, decent reward scenario. From what I saw , he couldn’t get separation from DB’s in Dallas a couple of years ago, even before his injury. I guess that is why he is on the practice squad.
  8. He must definitely does and he’s educated himself on the parts he wasn’t there for. I can understand why people in Baltimore don’t like the Irsays but make no mistake Jim is not his father and takes his role in making sure the whole history is remembered very seriously. Rest assured as long as Jim’s around the Baltimore Colts will never been forgotten. In way they get celebrated twice because Jim will honor them as Colts and the Ravens will honor them as part of the football history in Baltimore.
  9. I agree, but to be fair, the Pats' only healthy receivers on the 53 right now are Damiere Byrd, Gunner Olszewski, and Jakobi Meyers.
  10. Another great Baltimore Colt has passed. There was a very nice article in the Baltimore Sun about Jimmy’s passing. I’m glad Jimmy was able to retire as a Super Bowl Champion in 1970, but as some of you have pointed out , Orr is best remembered for the pass that wasn’t , in Super Bowl 3. He was a great receiver , who had great chemistry with Unitas. The Super Bowl 3 loss should have never happened with that 15-1 team. One of the best teams of all time had the worst day , mainly because Morrall was just awful that particular day. I’m not sure Jim Irsay remembered Orrsville , as his dad did
  11. It’s clear from all the talking Peyton has done even though he’s legit friends with Tom he’s still upset about them cheating and why shouldn’t he be?
  12. I don't know about that. It wouldn't be a high pick. I remember a few years back when we signed veteran WR Dontrelle Inman mid season and I said to myself really? And it turned out to be a great signing and he contributed significantly. Tate would require a trade but his acquisition might have the same result and help us reach the playoffs and then anything can happen. Sometimes acquiring a veteran can get you over the top.
  13. Read Turay isn’t expected to play this week because he has to get in game shape but that’s just an opinion from a sports writer. Who knows if it’s true or not but I would believe it to be true. sounds like Pittman will be out there Sunday hopefully he will help the passing game to keep getting better. Saw Kelly was out today with a knee injury that might not be good.
  14. Fans not to make unrealistic trade ideas and then get upset when they don’t happen.
  15. Based on this year? Not really. I didn’t bring up Grigson you did. You brought him into this conversation when it had nothing to do with my point to you that Ballard has lead to the Colts getting good mileage out of their draft picks. The only way that’s even related to what I was saying is if you are wanting to compare him. If not it’s a distraction tactic and since you are just refusing to back up your point that the Colts aren’t getting good mileage out of their draft picks your exposing it for what it was. You had a bad take which you can’t back up. If you could you would
  16. Ok, give them a healthy franchise QB and they'll be right back where they were any time they had one in the past 20 years. Oops, does that statement mean I'm doing a "Polian comparison" now? TY and Doyle have certainly tailed off this year. I was thinking of Nelson and Leonard in the top 6. Forgot about Buckner. Mack, Bobby O and Walker are laughable.
  17. A freaking men. Watson is the absolute king of empty stats. Look no further than last week against GB. In the first half when the outcome of the game was actually being determined? He is nowhere to be found. Cannot so much as lead his team to a field goal. Once the game is out of reach and the defense calls off the dogs and becomes more lax, that's when he suddenly produces. You want alot of passing yards and TD passes from the 2 yard line (Watson leads the universe in TD passes from within the five yard line when most teams use their stable of running backs) whe
  18. Well, you have me by a few years. I was a kid for SB3 and the GGEP was before my time. I did watch the color version they put together on ESPN a few years ago. And, of course, I knew the key answer from the movie Diner! (The millennials have no idea what we're talking about)
  19. Give them a franchise QB like they had in Luck they are right there. Also I would say TY and Doyle are not four of their top six players on the team. I think Houston, Buckner, Leonard, Smith, Nelson, Rhodes, and Blackman are all better. You could make a case for Mack, Bobby O and Walker too.
  20. I wasn't "comparing things under him". I was showing you an inconsistent application of your standard. You just got excited because it involved Grigson's name. BTW, considering that AC, TY, Kelly, and Doyle may be 4 of our top 6 players (close for sure), how close are we to being a SB team from the AFC? Keeping in mind that 3 of them may have to be replaced soon just to keep level set.
  21. Then why even bring Grigson up if you didn’t want to compare things under him? Oh that’s right you were spinning to get away from your bad take that Ballard wasn’t getting much Mileage out of his draft picks and you can’t just say okay maybe I was wrong and they are getting better mileage than I first thought. Instead you tried to twist it into something about Grigson which I didn’t even bring up. Grigson had nothing to do with my first replay to you, My point which you clearly missed is that this team has a lot of talent because of Ballard’s drafting over the past four years. S
  22. Back to the intent of the thread...........no one answered this question....so I'll answer myself to the most honest of my abilities. Of this list, the only QB's that I would consider franchise possibles, were..... Bledsoe - 48 starts Fitzpatrick - 53 starts So, that means 101 starts by a franchise caliber QB in 20 years out of a total 304 starts. that is just shy of 33% of the time.
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  24. Huh? I never said that they were one of the best teams under Grigson. And that's not same thing as agreeing they weren't. Obviously you've gotten your circuits in a loop because of the thought that Ballard cannot separate from Grison is any of the ways you have measured so far. How about this as a standard? Instead of gauging Ballard's roster by assuming what he would do with Luck (which has already been accomplished), why not simply see what he does without Luck? You know, reality
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