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  2. It’s completely biased, but I think Peyton is at the top. Changed the game, from a passing and leadership standpoint. He was literally a field general in that he was an offensive coordinator. His ability to read defenses was unparalleled. I really liked Marino too though.
  3. He wasn't talking about desire to improve... more about desire to play physical and get his hands dirty and competitive drive. Cosell himself said that he hates saying things like that because they are usually somewhat nebulous and very damning when attached to a player(and I don't think I've ever heard him call out another player like that), but he said you could very obviously see it in his film. Anyways, I guess I will get to watch him at some point before the draft and form my own opinion. Cheers and thanks for the feedback
  4. I feel like the need at left defensive end is under rated. The options that we have in Autry, Lewis and Muhammad are uninspiring to be honest. I'd say the starter is Autry but he was playing at 290lbs last year which is too heavy. He could go back to his 2018 weight I suppose, but he needs to be able to be effective at tackle too. Lewis hasn't been a good draft pick so far, I'm not sure has he the upside to be a decent starter in this league. He has limitations athletically . Muhammad is a solid rotational piece. Not a great year to draft an end either. I reckon Gross-Matos will drop out of the 1st round but no further than #40. Obviously Clowney is still in the market, but I doubt Ballard signs him. Ballard's drafting at defensive end so far hasn't been great imo. With the exception of some flashes from Turay, we have got very limited return from Turay, Lewis and Banogu while Basham is long gone.
  5. The only place I’ve seen people criticize the Rivers signing has been Get Up. Other than that every thing bout he and Buckner been positive. The things I see all the time being talked or written about in good terms is the offensive line and Darius Leonard.
  6. http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/leraven-clark?id=2555202 This says he worked out at the combine. He had a time for the 40 and a number for the benchpress and his regular anthropometric measurements done at the combine.
  7. With the 92nd pick in the 2020 Gavin Mock Draft, the Baltimore Ravens select: Damien Lewis, G, LSU They need interior line help, and Lewis can come in as a potential third round day 1 starter! @chad72 and the Titans are on the clock!
  8. I'm not sure where the site got his information because he did not perform those drills at the combine nor his proday. But when you watch Clark movement and Cleveland's movement they are nearly identical.
  9. Maybe a few years down the road, maybe if Jackson completely falls off next year. Hard to see that happening though. Burrow has proven to be a winner at least, so I won’t write him completely off.
  10. It's hard to see Belichick tanking. Somehow I think he's going to trade a 5th round pick for Deshaun Watson. And Bill O'Brian is going to give it to him because he's Bill O'Brian. Watson will be good for another 4 Belichick SB's minimum.
  11. One correction needed in the GM list: Raiders (Oakland--> Las Vegas) needs to be updated to my name. So, I have Rams, Chiefs and Raiders. I think @RNGDShobby and @DiogoZ are unavailable so I think I got these two teams (Rams and Raiders), if not mistaken. CrazyColt gave Chiefs to me.
  12. Lol! I thought you were gonna say the Colts version of 2011.
  13. Only if Winston bombed. But they have a very good QB coach, so it's a good risk..
  14. And signing Winston. The Bengals need a lot, they can get a lot for the #1 pick. Like 2 #1's this year and a #2 pick as well as a #1 and #2 next year. Winston is a very good QB, and if he can be coached up he can be the #1 pick value he was selected to be. The 2 #1 picks could be 2 impact players and the 2 2nd round pick could be quality players as well. This would be the kind of move that can bring Cincy back to competition, or get the GM fired..
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  16. That is tough to tell from watching the games. I will say this, he did not seem like a finisher, once he thought the play was by him he would coast and there were times he seemed lazy if the play was not coming to his size. As far as competitive drive or desire to improve I cannot tell them from watching the game and I would question anyone who claims to be able to do that.
  17. Was it just me or didn't Glow have a bunch of penalties too. I'm not saying that he is priority #1 to replace at all. But he's the weak link in the OL.
  18. Marino The stats he put up where so far ahead of his contemporaries.
  19. No there is a problem with him besides injuries. He's got to be a locker room cancer or something. He has great talent, has been in the league 5 years and has been with 3 different teams in that time and wants out of his 3rd team to go to a 4th team. No one with that kind of talent gets traded that much without there being an underlying reason.
  20. My goodness, he would make us electric!! With TY on one side and Paris in the slot the defense would have heart failure. Get a quality TE and we'd be freaking unstoppable. He's the speed guy that takes the top off and can really open things up for TY and Paris, and Rivers would have a filed day.. I wonder what the Rams would want? They gave up a #1, and he's a quality player. I'd offer out 3rd and see if they bite..
  21. Yep he was. That would be one heck of a rotation.
  22. I may have went top WR at 34 and a CB in the third... overall nice mock.
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