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  2. Favorites: Nelson, Smith.....we needed help on that o-line Least Favorite: RYS (never heard of him) and Lewis because of previous injuries in College. I'm hoping RYS turns in a solid year at the worst this year, and I hope Lewis continues his upwards trend.
  3. It never reached Rocky Horror in cult status. But it was so campy it was one of those midnight movies they'd show at colleges, etc. Maybe more of a favorite for those who partook of some medicinal herbs?
  4. Yeah the UDFA streak this year is pretty much From or bust.... Extremely outside chance for Vaughn's or maybe a DB.... We did sign a DB no?
  5. The perception of what the Colts are in the national media/NFL is different than what us fans think. I think we're closer to the truth than the national media (there's teams they force us to follow who aren't as entertaining), but the fall off post Peyton isn't hard to notice. The Colts brand isn't interesting to the country at large. And the late bye's aren't awesome, but I'd rather go last, than first in a vacuum. Oh well. I like Sunday's @1 tbh.
  6. What does a fan favorite of the movies even means here?
  7. Though, as Ricky Bobby's daddy would say, "If you're not first, you're last!". Second place is just first place loser.
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  9. Only the Jets and Atlanta re the big market teams on that bye weeks negated list. Maybe Houston too. I think that plays into it. JMO.
  10. So we got an extra home game, which is nice. We play 11 indoor games, which is nice. We don't have to travel to Seattle or Foxborough late in the season. We do have a tough 3-game stretch of away games against Tenn, Mia, and then Balt weeks 3-5, and a late bye in week 14, but some of our tougher opponents like the Rams and Bucs will be home games, while some of the easier opponents like Mia and Ari will be away games. It could be better, but it could be a lot worse. There's really only 4 games I have concerns about: @Tenn, @Balt, @Buff, and TB. The Tenn game might be hot, so
  11. Is there anything the Colts and Irsay can do to about this. It’s getting ridiculous at this point.
  12. Is it that he knows how to play against Wentz or is it that he knows how to force pressure against Philly''s OLine? I would argue Wentz will get better pass pro from our line than he had in Philly. Also a bit better run game than he had in Philly. Carroll has also not faced us since 2017 (with JB under center). I'm inclined to throw out most of Wentz' history against Seattle come week one. Just my opinion...
  13. I think i have to watch that again. I remember seeing it at the theater and them giving out novelty erasers or something.
  14. Yeah, he's a great kid, and we already support him for his adversity.
  15. how can the favorite be anyone other than the maniac. A second round pick performing like a top 10 pick. edt: just saw the (at the time of the draft). forget my nonsense above.
  16. Favorite: Malik Hooker thought he’d be a stud here and his injuries were behind him sucks what happened the following years. I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Quinton Nelson: No brainer was dominate at Notre Dame, is dominate in the NFL Michael Pittman Jr: I really liked this pick he’s not elite at one area but he could potentially be good at most. Nice hands, and size. Could really excel in the intermediate passes and red zone. I also like the truck play’s Reich gave him and hope to see more. Like Reggie Wayne he doesn’t have to rely on his speed if he greatly imp
  17. Was going nto post the same thing but instead on Patman I had Wilkins. Lets include all four if they want.
  18. first team to go 17-0 and win the super bowl. 72 dolphins are thereafter forgotten.
  19. It's not skewed. You must include strong and weak teams in SoS.
  20. Call me optimistic but I’ll go with 13-4. D will be better with Paye and Dayo when he plays. Wentz is a huge upgrade. Taylor is gonna have a season to remember.
  21. November 14th, it is the extra game.
  22. Favourite was Q. I was sick of the sacks against and wanted a good line. Changed the culture of the team. Least was Eason. Felt they drafted a QB just to take one even though his skill set was clearly not gonna translate to an NFL starter.
  23. How are the Vikings playing the Chargers? I thought we (Vikes) were playing the AFC North. We start the year at Cincy, I believe. It must be that 17th game on the schedule that has us playing a team I was not expecting us to play. Now I have to find the Poptart they associate with the Vikes.
  24. I'm glad I'm not the only one showing my age, lol!
  25. That threw me off. I kept trying to think of when we signed Buster Crabbe. I never saw the 1980 movie. Gotta see it now.
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