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  2. crazycolt1

    Last Years Draft

    His own scouts? The scouts are the same one who have been with the Colts for years. A couple of them have been on with the Colts for 19 years.
  3. NewColtsFan

    Last Years Draft

    For a guy who tries to claim you like Ballard your true colors surface from time to time. Like here. This post. By the way, you were one of the biggest complainers about the 18 draft. The draft that most everyone thinks is an absolute home run. How does your criticism look now? You continue to fool no one... no one but you. As for 17.... we acquired a fair amount of talent. But we were without some guy named Luck. Perhaps you’ve heard of him? And Brissett, as talented as he is, was not ready for prime time. That contributed heavily to a 4-win season. It’s not like this hasn’t been discussed for nearly a year now. So why you pretend not to understand is curious... unless you’re making an anti-Ballard argument, which you are.
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  5. Narcosys

    Le'Veon Bell

    So you agree, he will get $40M guaranteed?
  6. shastamasta

    Last Years Draft

    Yep. Here’s the thing. If you are drafting with a lame duck HC and uncertainty regarding the future defensive makes far more sense to put a bit more focus on offense...because they will transition better. Passing on all of that RB talent still irks me. And I would have been fine with WR on Day Two as well. Passing on Kittle was also very disappointing...because he was so obviously going to be a steal...and many Colts fans wanted him. But honestly, just give me Hunt or Kamara and my outlook on that draft is signicantly different. And give me one of those two + Kittle...and I am pleased as could be.
  7. shastamasta

    Last Years Draft

    How is that almost identical?
  8. shastamasta

    Last Years Draft

    Kamara or Mixon > Wilson or Hunt > Basham isn’t really least for me. I thought Kamara was the best RB in that class...and Hunt was not too far behind (and seemed like the majority of Colts fans wanted Hunt as well). Ballard passed over three Pro Bowl caliber RBs to draft two bad players. He did this prior to Reich being hired and implementing a RBBC. If Mack is a considered a good pick...then passing on better players has to also be considered a bad move...because they were great picks. It was a phenomenal RB class...and this team was in dire need of one. So to only walk away with Mack is disappointing. If Ballard had waited on RB to draft other positions AND hit on those earlier might be different. But he didn’ it sort of backfired. But that’s the risk you run when you target positions...and when it doesn’t work or the Colts miss out on great players...that’s on the GM. As for other players he could have drafted...Jourdan Lewis and Cooper Kupp were both popular Colts mock draft picks...and guys that I really liked. I get that he can’t be expected to hit every pick...but I do think some criticism is fair.
  9. NewColtsFan

    A wonderful Feel Good Story....

    This is a story about someone none of us has ever heard of. Until now. The man is Parks Frazier. He's 26 and he's Frank Reich's personal assistant. His job: Do anything and everything Frank Reich needs. And then do more. And he's doing a great job, 16-18 hours a day. His story is compelling. The type of underdog story that makes you want to root for the guy! You will enjoy every sentence! Have fun! Read and enjoy!
  10. Colts_Fan12

    The 2019 NEEDS........

    Where would CJ Mosley fit in our D? would he be worth a look? With the ravens being awful and possibly looking at a rebuild they may let him walk was just curious.
  11. Colts_Fan12

    Last Years Draft

    There are 31 other teams in the nfl to be a fan of if all you're gonna do is whine about Ballard everyday. He has done nothing but fix the o line that had been a problem for 5 seasons and get us promising young talent on D for the first time in god knows how long. we are headed in the right direction sorry it's not as fast as you and others want. The players you wanted in FA last year were all prolly getting way more money than they are worth. Ballard did the right thing keeping our money weather you think so or not
  12. LJpalmbeacher2

    Last Years Draft

    I haven't checked out the over 200 players that were drafted. Only the ones we drafted I guess. I think according to you, it was a terrible draft class overall and no team had a good draft. Is that what your implying? Well then isn't a GM's job, especially a genius like ballard to know the '17 draft class is weak AND SHOULD get talent through trades and FA? Bottom line is this team Did Not add much talent in '17 offseason. Your narrative is now jusifying a not so good '17 colt draft class by saying the entire class was not so good and ballard did as well or better as most other GM's. Lol. We won 4 games following that offseason.
  13. LucasOilStadium

    Colts Vs. Titans Game Day Thread

    Hi, Colts fans! Our 4-5 Indianapolis Colts have an opportunity later this afternoon to even their record to 5-5, and win their fourth straight regular season game, since their 2014 AFC South Division Championship season, when the improved Tennessee Titans come to Downtown Indianapolis, and a win by the Colts would also leave both teams even at .500 and 5-5. Colts have already won three straight regular season games for the first time since their 2015 NFL Season. A win by the visiting Titans would be their fourth straight win since achieving it twice in the same 2014 NFL season. That year the Colts had a five game and four game seperate winning streaks, on their way to win the AFC South Title. Another oddity in the Colts remaining schedule is that the Titans is the third and last AFC South divisional opponent to visit and play at the real Lucas Oil Stadium this season. Indianapolis in two weeks will finally play all three of their AFC South divisional road games in December, at Jacksonville, Houston, and Tennessee. Also in December, Colts also have yet to play NFC East interdivisional opponent, until the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants play consecutive games at LOS. Colts host one more AFC opponent, the Miami Dolphins at LOS. LOS's retractable roof is closed for this afternoon's 1:05PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, because cloudy skies at 41 degrees, feels like 37 degrees, is the local game forecast, along with 15% precipitation, 84% humidity, and northern winds at 7 miles per hour. Head Linesman John Hussey leads his NFL Officiating Crew to supervise the game action between the Colts and Titans. Also my Happy Thanksgiving to Indianapolis Colts fans with your family, relatives, and close friends, here on the Colts Fan Forum and Colts fans everywhere! NO injuries to the Colts players, Dismember The Titans , Go Blue Nation, Win Your Fourth Straight Game, And LET'S GO COLTS!!!!! 2018 Colts Vs. Titans NFL Game Preview, Live NFL Game Center, Team Injury Reports, And NFL On CBS Early Single Header Game In Sky Blue:
  14. Yeah the Hawks are bad but it's nice to see the Pacers get a couple of wins when Vic is not scoring.
  15. Lucky Colts Fan

    Last Years Draft

    Because there's a difference between picking between two diamonds and two dog turds... How much better could the Colts 2017 draft have really been? Even if Ballard had a crystal ball and knew who was going to bust and who was going to be good, could he have had a "good" draft, according to your standard?
  16. The Peytonator

    Big Q Scouting Breakdown

    He cited the return of Castonzo but I tend to agree with him about guards being more important than tackles in today's NFL. Keep in mind, Castonzo's return coincided with Glowinski and Smith being inserted into the starting lineup and when the offense really started to take off. The unit as a whole has been tremendous the last few games. It's unreal as Colts fans seeing our Oline being rated so highly by PFF, having a video made about it by Brett Kollmann, and hearing the national media hype it up so much.
  17. LJpalmbeacher2

    Last Years Draft

    What does other teams drafts have to do with our team?? The goal in the draft (and entire offseason) is to add as much talent as possible, not compare with other teams hits/missses in draft. Besides, most other teams rosters have more talent than us AND and probably added talent in Free Agency. Something ballard is against doing. We can't afford to miss on draft classes as much as other teams since were behind in talent and don't look to supplement in FA as much as other teams.
  18. Sampson might have been the most disappointing hiring by any sports team in the state of Indiana for me. Miller coaches D and understands the importance of recruiting the state I think we are on the right path. There won't ever be another Robert Montgomery Kinight but IU bball is back That place was rocking vs Marquette hasn't seen it like that in many moons
  19. Lucky Colts Fan

    I Wonder??

    Me think you think you Colt coach. Me hope you know you not. (me couldn't help it, me sorry)
  20. Renfrow suffered what looked like a bad concussion today. We have to keep an eye on it.
  21. chad72

    Denver (+7) at San Diego (11-18-18)

    I agree, the Broncos lose a lot of close games but close, they do keep it. Hence I expect them to lose by less than 7, again. Broncos' pass rush has played well vs Rivers in the past, I don't expect it to be any different this time. Broncos had that 2 game bad stretch where they gave 200 plus yards rushing to both the Jets and Rams. Outside those 2 games, in the other 6 games, they are a top 5 run D, if I am not mistaken. 2 games can really skew things and that is why I feel the Broncos will do better off a bye than people expect them to. Plus, home games for Chargers are not truly home games, they don't feel like it for sure.
  22. chad72

    Minnesota (+2.5) at Bears (11-18-18)

    This is a Tarik Cohen type of game where the Vikings' LBs weaknesses vs covering RBs like Cohen, Kamara etc. get exposed. If I am the Vikings, I focus on Cohen and play man coverage on their WRs and force Trubisky to thread the needle. The Bears, if they run the ball traditionally well, will actually surprise the Vikings and give Trubisky the leeway he needs in the passing game. Vikings force a lot of FGs - hence the Bears need to stay patient and take the points when they can and play defense.
  23. Benny's Snell, RB, Kentucky. 5'10" 220lb. He is a power back and would be a good compliment to Mack and Hines. Another rd4 type.
  24. I'm mostly with you on this post. Mostly, but not entirely. After we trade Brissett, we're going to have 5 picks in the first 2 days... I'm predicting the following... A DE or DT in the first round. A DT or DE in the 2nd round, whatever we don't take in the first. A mostly developmental OL with our other 2nd round pick. I don't think Ballard ever wants to be cut short on the OL again. In the third round, I have us taking a safety and a corner. (The Brissett pick is here...) The 4th round, I've lovingly dubbed "Toys for Andrew"... I think we take a WR and (here's where we differ) another RB. Having only 3 RB's leaves no margin for error. I think we take another. Lose even one RB for any reason, and we'd have only two. Not enough. The pick replaces Turbin on the roster) Ballard has shown he can find 4th/5th round RB's. He does it again. Fifth round, here's where we take another LB hoping we find another Anthony Walker level backer. Sixth round.... best player available. If a developmental QB is here, like the Washington State kid, Minchew, I'd personally grab him. Otherwise, I'm open to anything. Seventh round.... again, BPA with no preference of position. I think my other picks will match up with the BPA philosophy as the draft unfolds. I don't think we'd have to reach in any round to take the picks I project. Again, just my opinion....
  25. chad72

    Pittsburgh (-5.5) at Jacksonville (11-18-18)

    Pittsburgh wins by double digits, IMO mainly because the Steelers' strength is stopping the run which is also the Jaguars' offensive strength they rely on. Unless Bortles lights it up, which I doubt happens against the Blitzburgh pressure, I expect the Steelers to get ahead and stay ahead and take the running game out as a factor.
  26. chad72

    How do we beat the titans

    Troy Polamalu anyone???
  27. Jared Cisneros

    Last Years Draft

    It's passable, and I understand the circumstances he was in. When seeing the 2018 draft, it comforts me to know 1.) He learned to correct his mistakes from the 2017 draft, and 2.) He has his own scouts and is drafting for coach Reich and his scheme now. Instead of taking random BPA guys, Ballard is taking specific scheme fits that he sees as starters for this team, even if he has to reach a bit. As long as the results come close again to last year, I'm all for it.
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