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  2. Salary. He has a $10m roster bonus and a $500k workout bonus. His total cap hit to a new team would be $20m in 2021. Assuming he doesn't get a new deal.
  3. In general most pass plays have at least one vertical option, right? Doesn't mean the vertical route is the first read, or that you have to wait for the vertical route to develop before someone else is open.
  4. I did read Stafford was only being paid 9.5 Mill next year though. That is by Spotrac.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if Watson is traded pretty quickly now. Pick up all of those picks now so the new coach and GM can start planning the rebuild. Remove the drama asap. I'm guessing SF.
  6. you could be on to something. He has already made so much money though I have a feeling if he has options he will choose to go somewhere where he could win. That could be us
  7. I am not one of the believers that our coaching was bad, I think Gannon is a huge loss and means we probably won't get rhodes back because he came here for Gannon. He was also the clear replacement for Eberflus, so now if Eberflus leaves to the texans, who knows who will replace him. I just hope we have somewhere to replenish our position coaches that leave
  8. Their contracts are basically the same for the next two years. Wentz is several years younger, so in theory you could sustain something with him on your roster. Stafford is higher on my list, though.
  9. well man out of the 8 plays you show, there are 12 verts. That’s a lot. I don’t know why you’d run mesh without a clear out. I wasn’t aware that was done.
  10. Let’s see. Colts have cap space and good team around Stafford. One of Ballard’s best friends is now in the lions front office. Get it done Chris.
  11. Tough to call because a team might be in love with Jones instead of the other 2 and take him early. Never know about these GM's.
  12. Seeing as Ballard, who unlike any of us has seen him play in practice, said he has to prove he can be a BACK UP I’d rather not.
  13. If Stafford is highly regarded as one of the top QBs in the NFL...then with so many teams in need of a QB...there is going to be a huge bidding war to trade for him...which makes the idea less attractve imo.
  14. Maybe he can, I have been hard on him, can't lie but I just don't want him here. I would take Stafford over him all day + Wentz's contract is another reason why I don't want him here.
  15. There is a Ballard connection in the lions front office now.
  16. I think they were always keeping Wentz, once Pederson was fired. I don't agree with the Wentz bashing, though. He can still play.
  17. I can see Mac Jones being there at 21 but maybe not? Hard to tell. Tough to call where Lance, Wilson, or Jones will go. I see Lawrence going #1 and Fields top 5 at worse.
  18. I'm with you as in ideally we'd like to get a QB in the draft, but going the Stafford route is an excellent option too. I'm sure Ballard will have his threshold of what he is willing to give up. Assuming he will have to offer the 2021 first round draft pick, I think the 2021 second route pick will be very hard for him to part with. Maybe the 2022 second route pick as part of the deal, but this year there are some good options at T and DE in the second round that Ballard would like to have the chance to draft. I'd expect us to be able to add more talent with Stafford. It
  19. This is probably for the good because like a few other posters mentioned, they will keep Wentz now in all likely hood.
  20. They kind of need a quarterback also. If the first round pick will fill that need, it sounds like a good idea to me. The Notre Dame offensive tackle was listed as a second- or third-round pick on at least one draft site. I think we could find a good one in the second round. Smith has done well as a second-round pick.
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