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  2. Sorry Coffeedrinker. This is my fault. I forgot to add /sarcasm. I really was just joking.
  3. I guess Ballard didn't read this first: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2865363-each-nfl-teams-player-whose-best-days-are-behind-him#slide1 ...... but seriously, i'm glad we locked up Doyle for a few more years, he's a serviceable player. (wait, that sounds like he's in jail)
  4. some on this forum think love is the next manning and we will be super bowl bound if we draft him, i dont see it
  5. This is my first time doing a poll, so sorry if it is awkward
  6. yea, but going back to the Houston game, where some holiday deviled eggs were being made, Brissett has 129 yards to Watson's 298, Hilton w/18 yrds. and a couple contested dropped passes and the no call fumble recovery at the end.... that game would / could have given us the big mo going back home for the Titans. I really think things hinged on that high-stakes game because of how poorly we played against our AFC conference foes leading up to that nationally televised showdown. And yea, you DID put that politely!
  7. i agree any college qb would be compared to luck and manning, a lot of pressure for them, and this is a poor qb draft
  8. I decided to watch this Oregon game tonight. Herbert is not that good. I am confused what everyone sees in him. Two of the big passing plays were to wide open WR. One was in traffic. Everything else is screen plays and run plays. That is probably because the school he goes to.
  9. most of the people who love love are on this forum, sports media is not so excited about him
  10. A great FA signing. The only reason some might not be so excited is that we signed him from the Colts.
  11. argh....the steelers making the playoffs is going to be so irritating!!! Mainly due to the fact that I have friends who are Steelers fans and they will remind me of it all the way to 2020 training camp. They continually mention how they are doing it without Brown, Bell, & Rothlisberger and that there is no rebuilding in Pittsburgh, just winning. blah blah.
  12. WOW this fanbase has turned cutthroat.
  13. The guy has made a lot of kicks for the colts The animosity toward him is odd.
  14. man child in that conf very physical i typically like wr like this you can get them in the later rounds and they could have a huge impact should be fun to watch at the combine.
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  16. ... a picture is worth a thousand words. Especially in your case
  17. he's a football player we need play makers and people to stretch the field wonder if he will be graded like Flowers from USF
  18. Boo freakin Hoo! I swear all you do on here is whine! You sound like that drunk at the bar that sits there and complains about his ex-wife all night! Seriously, MOVE ON!!
  19. Just pass the baton and be done with it. They have coddled him long enough. They keep letting him embarrass himself. Talk about feeding his big ego. What a way to go out.
  20. until the QB situation is fixed, your just digging holes in the rain trying to solve a mosquito problem.
  21. Neither do I.... I could be wrong but I think it could make for some less than ideal team chemistry. If he were to decide to come back in 2020 I would prefer we trade his rights... at least salvage back a couple draft picks out of it?
  22. Ebron was checked out in my opinion when Luck retired. Doyle was blocking more so he wasn’t getting many targets. Now he gets more because we don’t have to worry about Ebron. I would’ve rather have ten Doyle’s then one erratic Ebron who can be a head case when things aren’t going his way. Nobody is going to change my mind how I feel about this.
  23. The deal is fine I'm sure. I would wager that the contract does not have much if anything guaranteed in the 3rd year. The guy gets paid 14 million for 2 years is probably the real deal. As you say , nothing problematic here. IMO it's kind of "ho-hum" stuff.
  24. Just watched it.. meh... looked like congested area and perhaps his feet got tied up with one his OL. Regardless, the pocket was held well for at least 3 secs, and looks like JB held the ball for at least 5.... Not great optics, but not a failure by Nelson.
  25. Both have been plenty open and have had good separation. Doyle is actually averaging the second highest separation of all WRs and TEs in the league. #2! Ebron is in the top 30 as well, which is pretty good in general given we're looking at all WRs, RBs, and TEs across the league. To put in perspective, you typically have 4 pass catchers on the field, if not 5 counting the RB. So out of 128 to 160 players, we have one in the top 2%, another in the top 25%. TY was a few spots in back of Ebron. But all three WELL above average. This also leads us back to the QB conversation like you said. We have 3 guys in the top 1/4 of the league in separation, and still can't get the ball to them.
  26. Some guy called in to The Pat McAfee show said Luck will become the Las Vegas Raiders QB.
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