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  2. The more I think about this is they know how much practice Luck needs. They aren’t going to put him in a practice until the last minute.
  3. I was thinking, after the draft, that this message board was quiet. We had (seemingly) another great draft. We had a healthy Luck, and others coming back from IR. We added a couple nice vets. .....: And CRICKETS around here. Then i realized..... this forum NEEDS drama and turmoil....like oxygen. The bulk of posters around here seem to thrive on it. Its kinda funny.... and a little sad too. But mostly funny.
  4. .......... yeah, they are "tossing" it around......PLAYING MADDEN !
  5. Can’t underestimate how important having mr dependable Jack Doyle back no matter who plays. The plays we have seen from DF our of the slot will allow for some rhythm plays also.
  6. "Plays with oily hips and slippery feet" From his draft profile OILY HIPS????? What the heck is that?
  7. I think we have a decent chance with JB in at QB for game 1 The Chargers have some important folks out. and others may be out Not a lock and the Vegas odds will be against us, but short passes, no mistakes, and we have a chance to hang
  8. Should be a interesting game one.
  9. Today
  10. You crack me up with your negativity. When he plays on opening day, please laugh along with me
  11. They will carry 3 QBs I think.
  12. Then they may need to shut him down for half the season or more. This could give him more thought about retirement and enjoying the good life with his family.
  13. Not if they leave Kelly unprotected...are they really that stupid and incompetent?
  14. Yep. Brissett. And what do we do after he fails to get any Ws?
  15. They are setting us up for a Brissett start in Game 1.
  16. I wonder what Zeke is going to think about this. Another guy they are paying early but Zeke is still waiting. More drama.
  17. Whomever wears the shoe on the first day of the regular season, I will be rooting for!
  18. After 2 preseason games; I've noticed Taylor in a positive way in both games. It looks like I'm in the minority liking Farley more than Odum. I like Tell more than Hairston. Wilson's poor tackling, poor coverage and poor effort is visible. I think Ya Sin starts week 1. EDIT: I really like Khari Willis too. But, what do I know honestly....
  19. a lot slower. 4.58 vs 4.38
  20. LOL. Check this out. Bill O’Brien talking about a injured player. Imagine if Reich or Ballard handled it this bad with Luck.
  21. This guy looks like a clone of Nyheem, except a tad slower. Very productive out of the backfield and seems to run with a bit of authority. I suppose with Hill and the Mercale guy there in KC he was REALLY redundant. At least this gives us an option for a versatile option like Himes if he were to get hurt. Plus he's got a cool nickname.....lol https://www.nfl.com/prospects/james-williams?id=32195749-4c03-6341-6f6c-c94b1b156f32
  22. Isn't that a personal decision? If a player decides not to practice and play, at the risk of not being paid, why does that decision need to be judged?
  23. Renegotiations are fine but should you not practice and play until you come to a renegotiation?
  24. After reading Reichs comments about bringing in all of these RB's doesn't make me feel any better about that group. I would feel better if they would just trade for a no. 2 that has proven he is durable and can play.
  25. It still will look bad. When it was working even in the run game last year. Luck is 30. We can’t mess things up where it takes a year or two to fix it. When your as close as as the colts are messing things up for even a year is going to look very bad. Hopefully we will see all five play together SAT. Reich did mention also today they aren’t doing any scheming with the oline which does effect what we are seeing.
  26. Do you recognize that people and businesses renegotiate contracts all the time?
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