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  2. I was at that one too...it was great!
  3. The return of Peyton game was probably my favorite when he came in as a Bronco and Colts upset them. I was end zone side where Mathis sacked Peyton.
  4. The DL coach (Baker) said this week he'll start out at DE not to overwhelm him, but the long term plan is to move him inside. See tweet at the bottom of the OP.
  5. We might be seeing a lot of going for it on 4th down instead of longer field goals.
  6. The plans for Dayo at DE aren’t long term? I have no idea what that means, but we’ll just play this out as it does. Nothing you and I say could possibly change a thing….
  7. With no pass rush and an injury depleted secondary the Colts will probably still get carved up through the air in the middle of the friggin cyclone. Jimmy G just needs to throw in the vicinity of those “no coverage” zones. Lol.
  8. Maybe, but if he's cheating outside, that creates a larger B gap (and less help from the OG), and Bosa has great spin moves back to the inside. And if Q is gimpy, his help may be limited. And like I said, Jones is no pushover so if he's hitting the A gap hard, Q may be helping Kelly. Jones is grading in the 70s IIRC.
  9. Wouldn't write Glow off just yet. He's been playing next to musical chairs at RT since after week 1, and Kelly has had a very down year. He/Glow had a bad game in week 2 vs the Ram's interior DL / Donald (most teams do). And he's only given up 1 sack and zero penalties. Keep in mind Glow was graded the best Colts player overall vs Baltimore... Not the best OL, the best player. And Reed had the luxury of not starting off with bad grades vs LAR... Both are 30. Both are FAs. Reed is cheaper though. Glow about 7M, Reed about 1.3M. Given we've got a ton of extensions coming up, it'll likely be about cost. Reed I'm sure will have interest from other teams since he's doing well, and I'm sure would want a healthy raise and more than a one year. Glow would likely be willing to take a pay cut to stay (just my opinion). So might end up being a reverse auction lol.
  10. I felt pretty good about the Colts chances until the T.Y. downgraded to out news. Colts don’t usually win when T.Y. is not on the field. I’m leaning towards the 9ers winning this one now. 6 out of first 7 games missed. Makes you wonder if it was really worth resigning him. I hope he is more reliable going down the stretch. We need him on the field.
  11. 2012 Packer’s “Chuckstrong” game.
  12. I could not say it better.
  13. Yea all I’m saying is he wasn’t game ready. He had what 2 practices and then played in a game. Nobodies fault just bad luck I guess. I agree with Mack there.
  14. 2004 Colts Broncos Wild Card game. Manning was about perfect in that game.
  15. All those guys were dirty I agree. Also Lyle Alzado
  16. If fish knows he can only go outside that should make it a little easier. Boss is an elite talent. Hope the weather cancels some of that out though too
  17. My post has plenty of value, many agree with me lol. I just can't prove it.
  18. Oh 2nd was AFC Championship vs Jets at Lucas...sat next to Jerico Cattrys (Jets receiver) wife and family
  19. And Seau, who was tough as nails and a better player than romanowski, did have cte but did not play dirty. I think romanowski was all steroid rage and/or just mental health issues of another sort. Classless jerk.
  20. I'm sure Q will make a difference (if he's healthy) on Bosa's attempts to go inside, but outside, nope. Q if not 100% might have his hands full with DJ Jones, who is pretty decent.
  21. Gale Warning from SUN 5:00 AM PDT until SUN 9:00 PM PDT. Issued By San Francisco/Monterey - CA, US, National Weather Service Affected Area San Pablo Bay, Suisun Bay, the West Delta and the San Francisco Bay north of the Bay Bridge Description ...GALE WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT FROM 5 AM TO 9 PM PDT SUNDAY... WHAT...South winds 15 to 25 kt with gusts up to 45 kt expected. WHERE...San Pablo Bay, Suisun Bay, the West Delta and the San Francisco Bay north of the Bay Bridge. WHEN...From 5 AM to 9 PM PDT Sunday.
  22. By far...AFC Championship game vs Patriots 2007. Lost my voice and my mind.
  23. "No way to prove it" sums up the value in your post.
  24. Probably 95, last game of the regular season. Colts picked Bledsoe like 3 times to go 9-7 and into the playoffs. The after party was lit.
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