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  1. I’ve been somewhere on the defense of rivers but I mean come on dude, two terrible decisions under pressure that resulted in turnovers. Ugh!!
  2. Taylor will become the staple of our team for years to come IMO.
  3. Rivers is a great QB. He’s had crap or less than stellar offensive lines throughout the majority of his career. He’s going to do well for us through this year and I do think he will come back next year.
  4. The bears have not faced a defense like ours. I see this as a relatively easy win, somewhere like 24-10
  5. They should make Blankenship the spokesperson for all Motorcycle insurances. Riding down the road on a hog with those glasses and a full colts uniform.
  6. Because he IS a good runner. Maybe you get lucky and on a cheap deal he manages to stay healthy and you get value out of having him on the team. If he doesn't you just cut him and not lose much.
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