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  1. If Reich remains the coach, Rivers comes back. If by a Merry Christmas miracle the Colts move on from Reich like they should Rivers won’t come back. IMO
  2. Always a calculated decision. Keeping him could make us a worse team also. I do however think someone like Chris Petersen would be a good hire IMO. Maybe even Kyle Whittingham of Utah? I think there are a handful of college guys I’d rather go with than Reich, and a handful of guys in the NFL I’d rather see us go with. Vrabel would have I think been the better choice of Reich back then, I’d even venture to say Eberflus would be better at HC than Reich because I see him as someone smart enough to hire better coordinators around him. Again, if Reich wasn’t the offensive play caller maybe he would
  3. All I can hope for is that Irsay and Ballard decide to relieve Reich of being the head coach altogether. He has not proved to be what we need, we have too much talent on this team to have limped into the playoffs in the first place and then to lose this game in the manner in which we did is just on his inability to play to the teams strengths. I just really want a new head coach.
  4. I’m proud of our team, they made plays all day long enough to win this game, I don’t see how we can be disappointed with the team, but we should all be disappointed by Reich.
  5. Man, we should have had this game. I still put this on Reich. He cost us despite his team playing against him
  6. WTH?? Twice we’ve had the ball in the air and then the whistle blows ???
  7. Holy crap I can’t believe we got that whoa I mean WHOA!
  8. We haven’t had a call go our way all day long, don’t expect that to change here.
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