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  1. With a good vinny and healthy JB/Hilton we would in all likelihood be 10-3 for sure, possibly 11-2.
  2. Winston is the reason they won today and dang near the reason they lost today.
  3. Lol! Hard to pick any one spot that cost us today but as much as the defense got 4 turnovers they also gave up way too much so it’s on the defense IMO
  4. Now it’s on our offense to just go get the win
  5. Rock was not injured he just got his feelings hurt on that play and needed someone to come out and tell him it’s going to be ok
  6. There it is Tampa turned it over again lol!!
  7. I was talking the run Mack had before Hines
  8. Mack tried to do too much on that run
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