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  1. Right! I mean LT isn’t super easy to fill but pass rushers are absolutely the most difficult after QB at least IMO
  2. My gut feeling is that perhaps the Colts plans were to draft a tackle but the right one didn’t fall to them and thus they felt no pressure to trade up to ensure they got one because they believe they can snag fisher and fill the void that way. I’d be fine with that call if they end up signing him but that’s my opinion which isn’t as valuable as ballards, wait mine is far more valuable I know everything!
  3. I think that only the people who complain here are like serious madden gamers. They get all bent out of shape cause in madden they drafted the top 7 out of 7 players and know how easy it is to draft the best players. You know you just simulate the draft and write down all the best players and then restart the draft and trade your mid level crappy players for top picks cause it’s so easy to do. I mean duh Ballard doesn’t know how easy it is to draft players??
  4. Ten beers before noon I’d say
  5. A safety could knock us all on our *
  6. A BYU fan here and someone who has spent a lot of time watching them Christensen I believe will be a very solid player at LT in the NFL. I think he needs a year or so to acclimate to the pace and skill he will face at the next level but I think he has all the tangibles to do so. I don’t think he makes it past the 3rd round so unless we trade up probably won’t get him.
  7. I’m with the majority confused by the pick, but maybe the the powers that be figure he’s ready for the playoffs, assuming we make the playoffs
  8. An excellent watch about our new player. https://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-360-the-powerful-story-behind-kwity-paye-s-name
  9. I posted a thread about this a week or so ago, good read on the thread. Mental health degradation in my opinion is a direct result of the fast paced world we live in. In my opinion everything needs to slow down and cut back EXCEPT for when it comes to medical field. Cut back on football, cut back on work, cut back on cramming our kids brains full of responsibility from the second they empty the womb, cut back on responsibilities and stresses. Slow things down, that’s what the world needs IMO to greatly reduce mental health issues.
  10. I really enjoyed the video. It’s a bunch of wealthy guys out having a good time and appearing as if there isn’t a care in the world for them. I’d wish that for anyone. The people of the world need more fun and less responsibilities IMO. No I am not saying that these guys have little responsibility, it’s just a generalized opinion.
  11. https://www.nfl.com/news/colts-initiative-aims-to-help-end-stigma-around-mental-health-issues I admire Mr. Irsay, he’s publicly disgraced himself a handful of times but he owned up to it every time. Mental Health has no bounds, doesn’t care if your rich or poor, young or old, strong or weak. It will come for whomever. God bless all of us who struggle with such ailments.
  12. I feel it’s worth it. QB is the most important position on the field.
  13. I would have traded up with the Jets at #2 for a ransom and grab Zach Wilson from BYU, that kid is going to be an absolute baller in the NFL
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