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  1. Meh, it is what it is. Had grigson done his job and made a much better effort to protect luck we probably wouldn’t be having this discussion right now. Sure his injury wasn’t caused by grigson, but I’m saying all the whoopings luck took on the field for those years really did do some damage to his body. Some of which may be manifesting itself now but who really knows. I just want to blame someone cause that’s what we are supposed to do here right??
  2. Wow, I didn’t think he would actually do it this year. Definitely a sad day for patriots fans I’d say.
  3. This is silly. We have the same “Luck” every year.
  4. I thought that this exact thing is what madden is for. Sign and trade for all the guys you want then get yourself into cap hell and then edit your guys and drop their salary to half all while telling yourself that your madden team is so good that “these guys” all agreed to restructured contracts “for the better of the team” while trouncing your way to 10 straight super bowl wins. am I right or am I right ?
  5. I'm with you...I don't have the time nor the care to follow it closely at all. I just wait for the draft and will always be fairly content whomever the colts select...I'm sure they know well better than I do that is for sure. Just frustrating only when you know we need certain player positions filled and then they take players we are already deep at you know ?
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