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  1. I honestly think that's the point of this visit. I'm not convinced that is the case. I think there's a ton of pressure and criticism in the wake of not addressing LT in the draft and he has to publicly commit to the guy that is slotted in at LT1 at the moment. His statements about Tevi have been followed by "but we'll continue to scour the market", which tells me that they're not sold on him at all and will sign a FA if they can get an upgrade over Tevi.
  2. That doesn't make sense at all. We have Braden Smith, who has been one of the top RT's in the league and needs a new contract. He's not taking a lesser contract to kick inside to RG and it wouldn't make sense to have a RG making RT money. With bringing in O'Neill, that would mean you have 2 high $$ RT's and playing one at RG. I think our replacement at RG is already on the roster (Pinter or Reed). I don't see us making a move for O'Neill and despite salary cap concerns, I don't see them letting O'Neill get away, as he's far and away the best player on their OL. If he hits FA, he'll
  3. I'm wondering if this maybe signals that we plan on completely redshirting Dayo this season. Ballard mentioned regretting bringing Turay back too soon and him not being 100% to where he needed a 2nd surgery. He may want to play it safe with Dayo to make sure he starts his career at 100%. Who really knows at this point though.
  4. I see this as a usual "low risk/high upside" signing for us.
  5. I remember him in the draft a few years back. He was pretty decent at Texas and went in the 3rd round, but was more of a height/weight/speed guy. Not a good sign that he's been on multiple NFL teams already, but sometimes the right fit is all you need? Here's his draft profile from NFL.com to get some insight: https://www.nfl.com/prospects/malik-jefferson/32004a45-4627-9624-44c2-044356333a2d If I remember correctly, he's extremely athletic, but had terrible instincts and vision. He's at his best when he's not having to read and react, just attack, so our scheme may
  6. This was the worst one I saw as far as effort off the line: Never actually got into his stance and was the last one off the line, then just threw his shoulder into the lineman. That looks to be 100% from being exhausted. I'm not worried either. I think he'll thrive within our defense and benefit from the extra attention guys like Buckner command, as well as the NFL level strength and conditioning program.
  7. I wouldn't consider Hooker a starter in 2020, since he was injured for a large majority of it.
  8. If I had to bet, they're bringing Fisher in to get an idea of where he is in the rehab process and how it's going. They're also bringing him in to show that Leno isn't the only option on the table for us, which helps with contract leverage with Leno. I'm leaning towards Leno as well, because you at least know what you're getting in him. Fisher may give you a higher level of play, but could also regress due to the injury.
  9. I can agree with the quoted poster that there were plays at times where Dayo wasn't in full on pursuit mode. If a run made it past the line, he often seemed to just jog along, but usually wasn't actively pursuing. It seemed like if he thought a teammate was making the tackle, he was ok with being a bystander instead of ensuring the play was made. At some points, it looked like he was just gassed, which the constant double-teams probably didn't help (also why he may look slow off the line at times). It could be more of a conditioning issue than effort, especially since he was consis
  10. Thanks for the thread edit

  11. I can agree on the need for expediency, but with Fisher, you may not end up signing him until he's further along in the rehab process. Even if you sign him soon, he's most likely not starting day 1, we wouldn't know when he actually would be able to start, and there's always the possibility that he's not as good as he was before the injury. With Leno, we could sign him soon, he's starting day 1, he already has familiarity with the OL coaches (I think much more important than Ballard's familiarity with Fisher) so he already has the established relationships and knows the technique t
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