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  1. Mod Note: If you want to talk about Claypool or Daniel Jones, make or post in threads about those topics.
  2. You mean Evan Engram? If so, his injuries and drops (leads the league with 4) aren't too inspiring and he hasn't really produced as a pro.
  3. That's very much what I did. We went to the botanical gardens in Richmond, VA (about an hour from us) for their holiday lights. Their theme was scenes from different fables and stories. The Giving Tree is one of her favorites and I proposed under the lit up "Giving Tree". I waited until there were minimal people around, because she's not a huge "spectacle" person, and it definitely made her suspicious that we were just kind of hanging out around the tree...lol. We got to it way sooner than I realized and because I waiting so long, we moved on. Luckily, my brother's g/f sneakily navigated us ba
  4. I can absolutely agree with this.
  5. I definitely get that. I don't share much of anything on social media, but I had my brother and his girlfriend with us when I proposed. It was nice to have a picture of the moment and honestly, having them there made it more casual, so she didn't suspect a thing. I don't think it was any less romantic and since my brother's g/f made the picture into an xmas ornament (I proposed in early Dec), we get to be reminded of that moment year after year when we put up the tree. I'd imagine for a couple that puts a lot of their personal lives out in the open via social media and kind of chr
  6. I want to believe Patmon just because they're such good buddies.
  7. For anyone that follows their YT channel, you probably said the same thing I did out loud. About time!
  8. Ouch! I remember seeing Landry crawl off the field, but assumed he probably got the wind knocked out of him.
  9. Just to make sure I'm clear, you're saying that Luck was afraid of losing the starting QB job to Brissett?
  10. Mod Note: I know the topics can intertwine, but please try to keep any Brissett discussion in the Brissett thread:
  11. I think that'll probably be the role JB will see in the future. The journeyman QB that teams will bring in to be a bridge QB or just a backup. He'll probably get starting gigs, but they won't be with intent of him being the long-term answer.
  12. Once we get Pittman back, I can definitely see him running mostly out of the slot again. Agreed. I think it was Leonard giving the D a talk on the sideline, but I could be wrong. Whoever it was, it made all the difference and they came out fighting that next drive. I've been a bit perplexed at Johnson not getting more playtime when it seems like he has pretty solid chemistry with Rivers on the deep ball, which is what we're desperately needing. Hopefully yesterday's performance earns him some more PT after the bye. So much better! 100
  13. To start, I'm definitely a fan of JT and think he's already a solid RB with potential to be a top RB. You definitely see where his vision still comes an issue, which I think will just come with time and working with our OL a bit more. One thing I keep noticing is on the outside runs to the left where he gets to the secondary, he consistently runs into the back of the WR blocking for him near the left sideline (Pittman a few times and today I think it was Johnson). I'm not sure if he's just trying to maximize yardage with the S/LB's in pursuit, but running into the back of your bloc
  14. I don't recall that. His ball skills and were generally viewed as a strength of his.
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