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  1. Shive

    PFF's Top 5 Graded Colts 2018 - Offense

    His blocking grade was really good if I recall, but his receiving grade wasn't. The issue with PFF's overall grades is that you don't get the details of how that number came to be. If you listen to their podcasts, you get a good feel for the in depth grading, why some things weigh heavier than others, and what stats are actually reliable. A simple number doesn't do any justice for the complex statistics behind it.
  2. One of the most underappreciated guys on our defense is Mathias Farley. If he was healthy this year, we would have had very solid Safety depth and I think would have improved the overall play of our defense. He's not a pro bowler or a game changer, but he's one of those dependable guys that will at the very least execute consistently and make a good play every now and then.
  3. I wouldn't even say he didn't sell the fake route. There were a few runs where he looked like he didn't want to block at all and his man made the tackle down the field. When he gave effort to block, he did a solid job. I wonder if it's effort or ability. At the very least, he could potentially learn from Pascal, who is one of the better blocking WR's in the league, if we resign him.
  4. Shive

    January Mock 2019

    I don't see us going ILB in the 1st Rd. Walker has been fantastic as the QB of the defense and did really well considering this was essentially his rookie year. I'd look for a DT or DE in the 1st. Also, Brissett isn't getting traded for a 3rd. Ballard said someone would have to blow him away for him to trade Brissett and a 3rd isn't that, especially since I recall the supposed 2nd round offer last season. It would have to be a solid package of picks or a 1st to make Ballard let Brissett go.
  5. 100%. I wasn't a big fan of his leading up to the draft. I just didn't see anything that stood out to me about him. Nothing has changed since he was drafted and I don't see it changing, even with a change of scenery.
  6. Shive

    Trust Ballard

    You obviously haven't been paying attention.
  7. What I gathered from his post is that this, those 2 moves seemed shocking and didn't make sense initially, but in the long run, we saw that they were the right moves to make. He thinks this one is in that same light and he just trusts our staff to make the right decisions.
  8. Shive

    Antonio Brown? Doubt it.

    <-- Boom. This gives a little insight into AB: Culture is what helped us go 9-1 after starting 1-5. We also weren't "supposed to" be in the playoffs either. KC was just the better team. We absolutely need more talent, but it can't be at the detriment of your locker room culture. One thing the guys on our team cited time after time as being the single most impactful reason we were winning was the overall mindset that each player had. They knew nobody was above the team and trusted each other to play team ball. Baggage isn't the issue. Mindset and attitude are what Ballard is looking for. AB isn't a team guy and isn't someone that would help this team in the long run.
  9. Shive

    Free Agent Radar

    I don't see Richardson leaving Minnesota. He loves it there, playing for Zimmer.
  10. Shive

    Free Agent Radar

    That would never happen. Jones is one of the most dominant DT's in the league right now. They're going to lock him up for a long time.
  11. Shive

    Excited for Deon Cain's Return

    He had a 2nd round grade and fell because of failed drug tests years ago and a down season due to DeSean Watson leaving for the NFL. The spot he was drafted doesn't represent the potential he has and an ACL injury isn't a kiss of death anymore. He has the talent and seemed to be putting it on display at TC. There's always the possibility of busting, but he has way less of a chance than your typical 6th round WR.
  12. I've been thinking that with all of these comments about our OL. Their pass rush is legit and I think some of their changes at CB have been big for them. Took the 2 over the hill CB's out for a pair of young guys that started looking solid the past few KC games. That's why I hate hearing season long stats. Week 1 I irrelevant at this point. How have they been over the last 4 or 5 games?
  13. Absolutely. A dominant 3tech and/or DE would do wonders. Hopefully Turay and Lewis improve over the offseason and can be big for us next season. I wouldn't be against drafting another of either if they're BPA..