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  1. I re-read this again and realized you weren't saying what I initially thought you were. At this point, it seems like creative accounting with pushing money into a voidable 2nd year, so you weren't too far off. I guess it leaves the door open for another year if this one goes well for him.
  2. She was talking about possibly moving Moore to FS and Rodgers to NB. There was no mention of Tell....
  3. Mooney was picked in the 5th by the Bears, but projected by most as 7th Round/Priority UDFA.
  4. He's listed on their roster on their website and not on the PS, so I think he's on the 53.
  5. He was a big hitter in college, but I think wasn't consistent in technique and would go for the big hit too often, leading to missed tackles. He's on the Eagles.
  6. I can agree that we didn't do enough to help the safety depth. Unless we bomb the rest of the season, I don't see any way they shut down Wentz.
  7. I believe restructuring doesn't necessarily mean TY gave up any money or took a pay cut. It usually has to do with converting some of his salary to a bonus. He still gets the money, but that bonus portion doesn't count against the cap.
  8. Thread is no longer relevant and is going completely off-topic.
  9. His ability to learn the playbook isn't even relevant to what I'm saying. I'm talking more from Seattle's point of view. It surprises me that they put a waiver claim in for him considering he's a very different QB than Russell Wilson or Geno Smith.
  10. That's an odd one.... Eason doesn't seem like a fit in that offense or scheme.
  11. At this point, he's probably doing that, but trying to find DB's.
  12. I think it was more about us getting a deep threat (TY) back that keeps a defense from stacking the box constantly.
  13. He's had some really good seasons and a few not so good sprinkled in.
  14. Dennard is really good veteran depth! I feel like Skrine is more of a slot CB than outside. He's had moments where he looked really good, but I don't think he's ever been able to consistently string together strong outings over a sustained period of time.
  15. Dez is possibly coming back at the perfect time as well with Campbell going out.
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