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  1. Shive

    Pro Bowl Snubs

    It's because he's technically an OLB and with how the Pro Bowl categorizes players, 3-4 OLBs are included as well. If they did EDGE for 4-3 DEs and 3-4 OLBs, he would be make it no problem. Plus, it's all a silly popularity contest with the fan vote included.
  2. Shive

    More likely to happen

    Ballard is a strong EOTY candidate and Reich is a strong COTY candidate, but Nagy will most likely win, barring a deep playoff run by us and a blunder by the Bears. Reid is also getting a lot of buzz as well since KC has been an offensive juggernaut. If the season ended today, it would be Ballard and Nagy (his GM Pace is also a strong contender for EOTY too). For those dinging Reich for the early losing streak, the way they came out of that and have become a potential playoff team speaks volumes to a high quality coach. It's easy to ride a way of positivity and a win streak. It's not so easy to get your new team to stay bought in after going 1-5 and come back like they have.
  3. I put this in the Leonard DPOY thread, but I figured it would go here too: The Pro-Bowl never really bodes well for 4-3 OLBs, since they do just a general OLB spot. Honestly, I think they need to do an EDGE position like they do at the combine so pass rushers are grouped with other pass rushers and off-ball OLBs aren't snubbed.
  4. The Pro-Bowl never really bodes well for 4-3 OLBs, since they do just a general OLB spot. Honestly, I think they need to do an EDGE position like they do at the combine so pass rushers are grouped with other pass rushers and off-ball OLBs aren't snubbed. The only player I see potentially beating him out for DPOY is Derwin James, because he's been a force at the Safety position.
  5. Shive

    Peyton breaks down the Pascal TD

    Yes. One thing that excites me is that he's one of the better blocking WRs in the league and getting him more involved in the passing game would help not telegraph run plays as much. At some points this season, if Pascal was on the field, it was a run. Hopefully they try to get him more involved.
  6. Shive

    Unsung heros on the defense

    Turay - He doesn't have too many sacks, but he is consistently creating pressure. Desir - He's been one of the top rated DB's vs the run all season, and while he's not the best in coverage, he's not a liability. Form tackler every time though.
  7. Shive


    I've made it known I'm a Pascal homer, so I agree with the above sentiment.
  8. Shive

    Anthony Walker Jr.

    I like Walker a lot. From what the other LBs have said, he watches a TON of film, takes detailed notes and gives them to the other LBs to help their preparation.
  9. Shive


    That's the Zach Pascal I watched at ODU! I was so amped seeing him take advantage of the increased snaps and make some big plays. With the INT, it looked like he was getting hit/draped by the CB as the ball was hitting his hands. That's the kind of play where you're surprised if he made that catch. They happen and the important part is that he made up for it.
  10. Shive

    I'm taking one for the team.

    I didn't pick him for my Fan Duel team this week either. Solidarity brother.
  11. Collins has starting experience and has the ability to stay on the practice squad until he's ready. He would absolutely take up a spot on the 53 man roster, but he'd be ready to contribute immediately. Benjamin has a 35% catch rate. He's not any better than any other WR, especially since he rarely actually catches the ball. Pascal and Roger's have added ST value as well, which KB wouldn't bring to the table either. Eberflus said he's still learning how to practice how they practice as a team (full speed), so it sounds like he's not quite there yet.
  12. Collins has practice squad eligibility and can be brought along without wasting a spot on the 53 man roster. I don't see how Collins and Benjamin's situations are remotely similar.
  13. Shive


    In Eberflus' press conference, he was asked about Hooker's lack of stats. His response was that Hooker did exactly what he was supposed to do and was in the places he was supposed to be all game. Ballard said at the roundtable that Hooker looks to be hitting his stride and looks way more comfortable physically (in returning from his ACL tear). He said that the timetable is generally 9 months, but it can take a year and a half or 2 years to get back 100%. He too seems to be happy with where Hooker is.
  14. That's what I'm saying. I wouldn't bring a player like Benjamin in at this point in the season, with a potential playoff spot on the line. He'd be taking up a vital roster spot while not being able to contribute anything for at least a few weeks. He needs an entire offseason with a new team, not a week or 2.
  15. The downside is giving up an active roster spot for a guy that most likely wouldn't be able to contribute for another 2 or 3 weeks (at best) while he learns the playbook. Based on his prior work ethic, it could take longer. He may be a guy that would be worth trying on the 90 man roster, but not the 53.