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  1. I just realized this was Laulu and not Latu. 🤦‍♂️ Also: Confirmed.
  2. I don't know why someone edited it, but his actual IG post shows 97.
  3. A proper pass rusher number.
  4. The horseshoe isn't red. If it's real, that would be an outline only tattoo and the skin is just red from being freshly tattooed. It's not ideal for a fresh tattoo to be in the sun like that either..
  5. I could see Slovis challenging Ehlinger for QB3. He's more athletic than Ehlinger and showed flashes of a potential 1st round QB prospect as a freshman at USC. Some stability and a chance to reset might be exactly what he needs. His upside is WAY higher than Ehlinger's and we've already seen him do it. It's just a matter of if he can get back to that level of play.
  6. I don't know why, but I like 9 for him. I've been looking out for the new numbers way more often than I'd like and even settled for looking through other teams' new numbers just to scratch the itch.
  7. An uncharacteristically small safety build for Ballard, but definitely a smaller FS that has CB experience and can play nickel.
  8. Dime linebacker, definitely not a nickel. He's a straight-line athlete with tight hips, so he can definitely fly when triggering downhill, but he lacks the lateral agility to play nickel.
  9. Didn't love him as a pick at safety, but as a coverage LB convert, I'm all for it. Probably means Ulofoshio isn't in the cards.
  10. That's the only reason I feel like a receiving back isn't in the cards, because that's definitely the role Hull fills.
  11. I like Laube. Also wouldn't mind Tyrone Tracy for a receiving back or Kimani Vidal for a bruising short yardage guy.
  12. I've had The Beast open on my phone and laptop for the past couple of weeks. Definitely fell asleep at night reading it more times that I care to count. 🤣
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