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  1. Shive

    Marcus Johnson to IR, Inman Signed

    If anything is going to derail a thread, I think Queen is the most acceptable reason.
  2. Inman was a guy a lot of us wanted as a FA and it looks like we'll get to see that happen now. Hopefully he lives up to what we thought he could be.
  3. Shive

    Amari Cooper

    I'd be all for Cooper. He was on fire his first 2 seasons before Carr's nasty injury. He's got the talent to be a WR1 and for us a perfect compliment to TY.
  4. Shive

    Unlucky Interceptions

    The pass to Pascal was low, and he still caught it, but was popped up by the CB before he could bring it in. A low pass plus an amazing play by the CB is all it was.
  5. I really liked William's coming out of Arkansas, even more than Alex Collins. He would have most likely been a mid to high 2nd rd pick if it wasn't for the season ending foot injury, which is one that makes teams really nervous. If he looks anywhere near his college form, he could be a huge signing for us. I'm excited to get him working with Rathman.
  6. Shive

    Pass Rush

    Landry isn't showing up on the stat sheet, but he's been consistently getting pressure. I liked him and was shocked we didn't draft him in the 2nd, but I do like what I've seen from Turay so far.
  7. Shive

    Final Play Call

    100%. Making a call like that tells your players that you believe in them. It tells the offense that you believe in them to convert and it tells your defense that if the O can't convert, you believe in them to hold their ground with precarious field position. They didn't execute on either side of the ball, but they at least respect their coach for the ballsy play call. Lets be honest, we're no championship caliber team this season. The goal is to develop our team and get a few wins along the way. Next season we should be taking names and cracking skulls.
  8. Shive

    Brissett With The Hail Mary!!

    I definitely read brisket instead of Brissett. Apparently I'm starving....
  9. Shive

    Will Leonard get Player of the Month honors?

    Keep in mind that DPOW is generally done for each conference. Leonard was the AFC DPOW last week and he very well could be again this week since Mack is in the NFC.
  10. Shive

    Marlon Mack

    You do realize AC was one of the top run blocking OT's in the league last year and was solid in pass protection (only allowed 3 QB hits and 28 pressures last season)? He was also rated in PFF's top 25 OLinemen (#17). As for his salary, his average pay ranks #15 for LT's. So ranked as the 17th best OL, including C's, G's, and RT's, and gets paid as the 15th best LT. Such a bum....
  11. Shive

    Siriani time?

    We're a young team, coaches included. We'll have stumbles along the way and some gameplans just won't work out. The biggest thing we need to look at is how our staff reacts moving forward and if they can learn and improve as they go. As nice as it would be, we're not Super Bowl contenders this season. Our goals should be to develop the players we have and improve as a coaching staff. We want to set ourselves up for a dominant season next year, while winning as many games as possible along the way. It sucks to lose, but it's going to take patience for us this season and just look for the positives in the losses to build on moving forward.
  12. My hometown ODU with the HUGE upset over VA Tech!! Zach Pascal is probably losing his mind tonight!
  13. From the interviews I've heard, he seems like a really nice, goofy guy from SC. I really like him from everything I've seen/listened to.
  14. Shive

    Today's Tryouts

    Don't know anything about them though.
  15. Shive

    Colts @ Redskins Game Day Thread

    Btw, 17 tackles (16 solo), a sack, and a forced fumble. Insane..