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  1. I haven't payed a lot of attention to CBs yet, but Trill seems to check almost all of the boxes for what we look for in a corner (haven't seen any arm length figures yet, but length is a common positive I've seen for him, so im3 assuming he hits the marks). I'm really intrigued and need to check out some more film of him.
  2. Agreed and I think the bolded is absolutely correct. I don't see the value of these two considering the contracts they'll get and the composition of our roster. Hines occupies the same role that Johnson would play and Martin would be a great addition to the OL, but he'd most likely be a backup unless he could beat out Glow. That would still be way too much money at RG.
  3. I keep seeing him mocked in the 2nd, but it just doesn't make sense to me. It could just be that its a very deep OT draft, but he's a solid plug and play LT. Those don't fall but so far. I can honestly see a run on OT's and him going in the mid-late 1st.
  4. I've seen him mocked to us in the 1st, but it's a hard pass from me. Way too many red flags with the injuries and very little college experience for me to justify drafting him in the first 2 rounds.
  5. I think the biggest issue with this mock is it is assuming that filling spots on the OL is as simple as just that. We have a void at LT, so we trade our starting center to then draft one. Then we use another draft pick to get a new center. On paper, that fills the needs, but OL is so much more than that. This isn't Madden where you can insert any G with comparable skills and gets the same result. Chemistry is one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle for an OL and that's not plug and play. If you have members of your OL playing at a high level, you don't trade them away, because you're not just
  6. He's such a wildcard. An explosive playmaker, but he's missed most of the past few seasons. You hope he's going to be as good as you think he can be, but with his size and limited play time, you really have no way of knowing.
  7. That's easier said than done. If an edge prospect is extremely athletic, but lacks technical prowess, we call him "raw. If he's got technical prowess, but lacks athleticism, he's usually a "high floor, low ceiling" guy. If he's athletic and has technical prowess, he's a top 5-10 draft pick. If we're drafting an edge rusher, there's going to be some give either way. Most teams tend to lean towards drafting the guy with the physical tools with the mindset that you can teach technique, but you can't teach the athletic traits. I don't think there's anything wrong with taking an edge ru
  8. Unless big moves are made in FA or the draft, I could see Patmon (provided the staff think he's ready) with a big role in our offense. His size, wingspan, and speed make him an ideal deep threat for a gunslinger like Wentz and while he needed refinement in his route running and some of the technical nuances, I think Wentz gives him value on the roster where a weaker-armed Rivers did not.
  9. He is/was being investigated for domestic violence. The injury plus the looming investigation should be enough to scare most teams away, and I think it completely takes us out of any potential pursuit.
  10. If this is what was happening with Wentz and the Eagles, I can definitely understand the issues, because I am 100% this type of person. If there's organizational changes, as long as you communicate the why, I'm good. I may not agree with it, but I understand the reason for the change. If you say "this is what we're doing now, because I said so" you've completely lost my buy-in and I tend to get pretty frustrated and defiant.
  11. They may have to wait until the new league year to be able to officially put anything out.
  12. I figured this would be the case. I would imagine he would want to get a "fresh start" so a new # would be in order.
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