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  1. I remember a lot of folks on here really wanted to draft him. I was never a big fan of his style, since he's the size of a power back but doesn't play like one. I saw him as a guy that looked good on paper, but would be very average on game day, so I wasn't on board with drafting him. I'm absolutely on board with claiming him off waivers though. Very low risk with a potentially solid return. I think we have the culture and leadership for him to thrive. Hopefully he can realize his potential and help improve our RB room, even if it's just as depth.
  2. I think we need either Al Woods back or someone to man that spot. I think 3T will have a very solid rotation between Lewis, Autry, and a healthy Ward. Part of me understands the value of developing young talent and not putting aging vets in front of them that tend to stunt their growth, but the other part really wants Eric Berry. He's a fantastic leader and when healthy, he's a game changer. With his leadership, he may actually elevate the other guys in the safety room too, so it may be worth it.
  3. I just don't see it with Joe Jackson. He had solid size and some talent, but he just doesn't seem like a Ballard puck to me. There's nothing that necessarily stands out about him. On the other hand, a guy like Nelson has insane length, great athleticism (especially for a guy his size), and a solid set of pass rush tools. He just seems to fit the type of guy Ballard goes after.
  4. I'm lukewarm with Rock, just because it remains to be seen how he'll adjust to our scheme and how he fits. No doubt a high character guy with solid tangibles. I'll trust Ballard on this one. I was really dumbfounded (borderline *) with the Banogu pick last night, especially thinking of him as a pass rushing DE. After hearing Ballard explain where they see him fit in ar SAM and a pass rush chess piece, I'm WAY more excited. He'll have an adjustment, but I don't think it'll take as long as some may think. I wasn't for Parris Campbell pre-draft, because I really wanted AJ Brown and didn't think Campbell brought what I thought we were missing at WR. Thinking more about it, I believe Funchess fills the role that I envisioned for AJ Brown and a guy like Campbell could really help on the short to intermediate routes. I'm excited to see what he can do. Imagine him, TY, Cain, and Hines on the field at the same time. That speed!!! Okereke is an intriguing pick, but one that I think allows us to have another athletic LB, who I think may also be able to play some of what Geathers has been asked to do in certain sub-packages. Given a night to sleep on day 2, I'm way more optimistic with the guys we drafted and think there's still a lot of talent left on the board going into the 4th round.
  5. After hearing Banogu would be playing SAM with some pass rushing and drafting Okereke, I don't see us going after another LB. I would like to see us grab Anthony Nelson though. Great pass rush potential and has some time to learn.
  6. I'm still a bit unsure about the Banogu pick, but I'll hold any criticism until we get a better idea of how they plan on using him. Otherwise, I really like what we did so far.
  7. I like Mattison and think he'll be the perfect compliment to Cook. A scouting overview on him: "Alexander Mattison is an intriguing all-around threat out of the backfield. Mattison runs with good power, terrific violence/urgency, shows some admirable vision pressing the line of scrimmage and offers some modest pass receiving skills. Mattison isn't going to be a player who wins a lot of footraces, but that isn't his game anyway. He's much more effective and dynamic between the tackles and slashing through the point of attack."
  8. He honestly looks more like a safety than a LB. I wonder if they see him as a hybrid type guy.
  9. I could make out that Pat was talking in the background, but that was irritating.
  10. I don't like that at all.... He's very much a NE type of guy too.
  11. Thornhill gone to KC. DK finally to Seattle.
  12. Not really the same route tree. DK ran a lot of deep routes exclusively while Parris ran a lot of screens, slants, etc. DK also has almost no lateral agility and Campbell's is outstanding. I don't see any comparison between the 2 outside of the fast 40 times.
  13. Whelp @krunk, looks like we'll see what Campbell can do. I hope you're right about him.
  14. He was projected around the 3rd by most and at this rate, he could fall to the 4th unless there's a run on WR's.
  15. Come on man....... I wasn't a huge fan of Banogu and especially not that high. I trust Ballard, but I definitely don't understand the pick.
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