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    My issue with JB is that he's consistently shown the same thing in college, in 2017, and in 2019. I don't see anything changing with his willingness to throw deep and his accuracy to do so. I'm definitely not sold on Trubisky, but again, I really don't think Nagy is anywhere near the "offensive genius" he was touted to be and could be significantly stunting Mitch's development. If a move like this were to be made, I'd trust that Ballard and Reich think any deficiencies with Trubisky are coachable & correctable. I'd also be ok with it never happening, because that tells me the inverse.
  2. Shive


    Oh definitely. I still look at it from the perspective of what we got from JB is what we'll always get from JB and you've seen moments of greatness from Trubisky, with also moments of "wth". He still has way more upside though and I'd bet Reich could really help with his development. I still wish we would have seen Kelly in action the couple of weeks last season just to see what we have in him.
  3. Shive


    I've mentioned this on here before too. I don't love the idea, but I also don't think much of Nagy as a coach or offensive mind, so I think some of Mitch's issues could be due to bad coaching/development. He checked every box coming out of college aside from starting experience. For comparison: Brissett: |Year|GS|Cmp| Att|Cmp%| Yds |TD|Int|Rate| |2019|15| 272 |447| 60.9 |2942|18 | 6 | 88.0| Trubisky: |Year|GS|Cmp| Att|Cmp%| Yds |TD|Int|Rate| |2018|14| 289 |434| 66.6 |3223| 24| 12| 95.4| |2019|15| 326 |516| 63.2 |3138| 17| 10| 83.0| Allow Mitch to sit behind Rivers for a year or so, get real tutelage, and I think he could good.
  4. I can definitely see the bolded trade. I don't see us jumping too far up though. If we were going to make a move for Love, we would at least try to get into the bottom of the 1st to get the 5th year option vs just hopping to #33.
  5. Which simulator did you use? The Draft Network? I'm not sure that Love falls to 34 and Higgins to 44, but if they do, there's no way you pass them up. If we walked away with this draft haul, I'd be ecstatic. Awesome job for your first mock draft!
  6. I was struggling for a low end comp, but yep.....that's it right there.
  7. Love has been given Mahomes comps based on skill set and style, but nobody is saying Love is Mahomes 2.0. Keep in mind KC drafting him as high as they did was viewed as a reach and controversial at the time. Love has one of the (if not the) highest ceilings for QB's in this draft, but he also has a very low floor. He could be Mahomes 2.0 or he could be Bortles 2.0.
  8. His draft profile from NFL.com: http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/travis-carrie?id=2543838 Based off of that, he seems like he could be a good scheme fit and be at least solid depth.
  9. I was banging the table for AJ Brown and would have taken him in the 1st or every pick he was available after that. Killed me watching him do so well this past season. Would have given us the X we still need.
  10. And was an All-Pro in 2017
  11. He was a favorite of mine in the 2013 draft and I know he's had a couple of down years, but hopefully we can get him back in form. 7 years later and he's finally in Colts blue (definitely not still salty about Werner over Rhodes....definitely.....)
  12. Personally, I always look at him comments through the lens of "what does he have to gain". I see the Easter comments as him trying to leverage a holiday that is important to Christians as a reason to want to ease restrictions. I don't think it's any coincidence that as soon as his clubs were forced to close, he started talking about easing restrictions. Not to mention, the only thing he really had to hang his hat on was the "strong economy", which is currently in shambles, and we have an election approaching. He's not commanding people to go to church, but citing it as a reason to want to open things back up is asinine. At any Catholic church I've been to in my life, that's been the case. Everyone gets in line, sips out of the same communion cup (which gets wiped off with a cloth) and gets a Jesus wafer placed in their hand or mouth. I don't see why you hold someone that uses public transportation in such a terrible light, but to assume that someone that uses public transportation like the NYC subway is some kind of unhygienic cretin is bigoted and ignorant. I too am ready to just block you so I don't have to see your senseless drivel.
  13. Which is completely insane to me. Ease restrictions so people can jam into churches, share a single thing of wine, exploding the infection rate yet again, and completely starting this over again. I cannot fathom a doctor choosing between two patients based on risk and solely using age as a determining factor. It's a more holistic view of the patient's potential to recover.
  14. He's held out, but he's been far from a cancer, although he did have cancer, which is where all of this started. He noticed a growth on his head in 2013, informed the team doctor, and was told it wasn't anything to be worried about. Every time he raised concerns as it got bigger, he was told the same thing. It wasn't until 6 years later that they finally said, "you know, this could be a problem" and sent him to a specialist to have it checked out. He was diagnosed with Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans (DFSP), a rare form of cancer. He was informed that the cancer was a week or so away from spreading to his brain, which would have most likely killed him. If I were him, I would be * too. He also never aired grievances publicly and attempted to deal with the lack of trust in the Redskins organization professionally through his agent. He also is playing with no guaranteed money, which is the entire reason he was holding out. He doesn't trust the team doctor after his negligence almost caused Williams to lose his life. Why would you want to play for a team that you feel, if you get hurt won't provide proper care, with no guarantees that you will actually get paid?
  15. I don't think you understand what I was saying in my last post. They were essentially THE model for how to handle the initial outbreak, despite their tight environment and had amazing results. They thought they were in the clear and eased up on restrictions and saw in immediate resurgence of the virus.
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