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    Home; Family; Football; Refinishing, repurposing, reclaiming; Gardening, my kitties;
    Books & movies: fiction, comedy, drama, you name it
    Lots of different kinds of music
    that's all I can think of right now

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  1. I think $1000 rather than a gift cert for merch. Also a selfie with Tom Brady and the record setting ball.
  2. Nadine


    it is mind boggling
  3. Having the chicken on your side is key!
  4. Already been discussed with poor outcomes
  5. Is it festivus already? https://festivusweb.com/festivus-airing-of-grievances.php
  6. I don't agree that his opinion is shrugged off. Look at the reaction he got here What he accomplished is NOT being silent. Fans who want him to be silent are critical and personally insulting toward him on his website. The rest of us are happy Our divide isn't greater It's the same More people need to speak out in favor of vaccinations
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