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  1. Thanks for the update. They're currently working on it. You'll notice we're missing our header for the tiem being. If you lose ability in IE 11 again, let me know
  2. Indians baseball. Chicago cubs, sox, bears
  3. We don't have any right now but we will. Stay tuned
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  5. Nadine

    Andrew got his wallet returned

    One time the guy ahead of me in the grocery store spilled the contents of his wallet all over the place. He picked it all up and left. When I got home, I found that I had his debit card in one of my bags. Knowing that he must be panicked, I tried calling the debit card company to let them know that I had it. But, I sat on that call for around 20 minutes and all it was was a tape playing ad after ad after ad. There was no way to reach a person. So, I went back to the service desk at the grocery and turned it in. I didn't really think that was the safest thing to do but, I couldn't think of what else to do
  6. This is what I see
  7. The text in posts isn't light blue. Are you using a theme with your browser?
  8. Nadine

    The Lovable Losers

    I love this story
  9. Nadine


    This thread is bringing out the worst in people so, I'm closing
  10. Sorry for that. IP has been working on your account and think they have it resolved. I'm pm your password to you. They'd like you to try to log in with it and let us know if it worked.
  11. Hi, Sorry this is happening. I tried resetting your password and logging in to your account but, it didn't work. I've asked IP to take a look at what's going on
  12. I hear you. With our old platform, we evolved with several versions of several browsers. But, what we have right now is a brand new platform and it focused on the most recent versions of the browsers. That's why older browsers now have trouble.
  13. I'm on a mac right now. I haven't had a problem with safari, firefox, or chrome but, I keep all of them updated. There is a way to find passwords in your key chain. At least in High Sierra there is. I had to do that recently, I cannot remember what password I was looking for but, I googled how to do it and it worked.
  14. you do have to remember your mac password for updating.