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  1. Yep, transitive property proves colts are super bowl champions I did the math
  2. I'm ok with it is I get to go
  3. Lets say for now that his senior bowl is not current Does that help?
  4. This thread is about JB impressions now, not in the past. Also, please try to avoid reacting to posts about JB in the past. Neither makes for a civil thread. So, I've removed posts that did the above
  5. I removed some offensive posts from this thread and am locking it to prevent more of the same.
  6. I haven't watched the whole thing yet. What stood out to me is how he could compartmentalize things.......even being in jail. His home life sounded bad but his high school experience pretty good Also, I had never heard anything about the victim before. Very sad, he seemed like a nice young man.
  7. I cannot even imagine a universe in which this would happen. There's too much drama between pat and colts fans. If Brady came here, I think the forum might implode and suck us all into an alternate reality
  8. @Jared Cisneros Just don't go there. I took it all down. Proceed without that particular opinion.
  9. This thread has been cleaned up and I'm reopening. For the record, any thread about the colts qb is not fair game for bashing and complaining. It isn't. Please read and respond to the OP. if you only want to complain and vent, please use this thread for that In addition, if you feel someone is derailing the thread please report it or at a minimum, ignore it. But DO NOT derail the thread further with your complaints about complaining. And don't start taking personal shots at people because you disagree with them That's just as much of a problem. We aim to provide a place for everyone to say what they want to say but, there is a structure to discussions and we ask that you respect each other. If the topic is not for you, choose another.
  10. I liked having my hopes up Had fun watching this team until the Steelers game, at which point my fun-o-meter began it's death spiral.
  11. I saw that and thought to myself................trying to get the fans of both teams riled up
  12. Happy New Year. My resolution, be more thankful. And let people know you are thankful for them. I'm thankful for you guys, you keep things interesting and fun, and sometimes funny (which is my favorite).
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