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  1. Nadine

    Andrew Luck

    What started as a positive thread was derailed more than once. Quite a few personal shots have been removed. Closing
  2. Nadine

    Colts @ Redskins Game Day Thread

    use this link to report
  3. Nadine

    Colts @ Redskins Game Day Thread

    That was a little tricky
  4. Nadine

    Colts @ Redskins Game Day Thread

    I've asked someone from the Colts to report that
  5. Nadine

    Colts @ Redskins Game Day Thread

    It should be if you are in Germany
  6. thread preview is like clicking on the 'who reacted to this', it locks the browser up Unfortunately, the issue here is a conflict between NFL and IP and we are currently in queue with the NFL to address it. No ETA yet I think though if you avoid those things, you should be ok. Unless you are saying that clicking on the page numbers does the same thing?
  7. Nadine

    Colts Inactives vs Bengals

    message me as to what your issue is and I'll take a look make sure you tell me what email address is associated with your account or if you joined with facebook or twitter
  8. Follow this link to enter the drawing for two tickets to Texans @ Colts You must be logged in to enter the contests. Joining the forum is free.
  9. It should always have been limited to 30 minutes. The reason is, people post, then people reply to the post. If the original post gets changed, then the conversation can make no sense In addition, sometimes people make baiting posts, which causes people to take the bait. If they change the original post, then moderators cannot tell what happened. So, the idea is, that there is a window to correct typos.
  10. The edit link should be there for 30 minutes after you post. Are you saying that it sometimes is not there in the 30 minutes after you post?
  11. I don't feel like I am. Right now where I live almost everyone is white. Where I used to live that wasn't the case. Never had any problems except one time when my daughter was a crossing guard a black mom yelled at her that she couldn't tell her son to follow her instructions. She was telling him to walk on the sidewalk and NOT in the street. I thought it was pretty inappropriate for a mom to do that to a kid. the next day that same kid was hit by a car. I don't think she was racist so much as she was stupid. He broke his arm.
  12. I was picking up some stuff from menards the other day and the guy checking me and and out of the lumber yard had a really bad stutter. He made a joke about it. I thought to myself, there's something that I've never had to deal with. Walk a mile in another persons shoes is what we would all benefit from. it is
  13. Yeah, intolerance and superiority and not listening or caring about things that don't affect us personally