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  1. Closed because I couldn't figure out what the discussion topic was
  2. Given Phillips retirement, we will no longer be merging qb prospect posts into this thread. Assuming the OP is a solid one
  3. Retitled, reframed the question and reopened the thread
  4. Of course But the name calling takes the focus off the team and puts it onto differences between fans It's not an interesting discussion and doesn't contribute the the quality of the posting here.
  5. Me too It's right up there with HOMERS for me It's just bait for fans to fight amongst themselves without having to make an actual point Some crow eating is fine and people or ok with it. But the nonstop calling out 'haters' for being negative is just as much of a problem as general negativity https://forums.colts.com/search/?q=haters&quick=1
  6. He ran for 253 yards
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