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  1. I think Frank and the OC knew his strengths and weaknesses and didn't put in too many plays that they knew Rivers would have a hard time executing. They did let him take a deep(ish) shot sometimes. I'm not sure they were overly conservative at all.
  2. Frank loves his TEs and knows Ertz, so it’s possible. But I’d be surprised if they cut Doyle. I had to laugh watching the Pack Bucs game. Rock has to be sitting at home saying “why can’t they let me play!” Ive never seen so many ignored PIs.
  3. Found it. Good evaluation. Ertz is 30 and you’re probably right. He wasn’t having a great year (probably due to the QB) and then got injured. I don’t know, at his age is he going for the money instead of the ring?
  4. I’m so tired of hearing that Stafford couldn’t lead the Lions to a playoff win. How many available QBs have led their teams to a playoff win? Do people want Cam, or Flacco? The only knock on the guy is his injury history, which he’s mostly played through. Good guy, never controversial, great in his community, and he still has the arm. Opportunities like this don’t come around often. The only question should be does Ballard think his cost is detrimental to the team’s future.
  5. Lol, the Eagles are so deep in cap heck, they may be trying to deal players to us just to dump salaries. Maybe we can get Ertz cheap.
  6. I hope they keep Doyle. He’s relatively cheap, a steady receiver, and between him and M A-C we have two really good blocking TEs. I think if we get anyone other than Stafford I’ll be very disappointed. But I’d rather have Darnold than drafting another QB. If we did that we’d still have to pick up a veteran. IMHO, Eason sitting behind Stafford for a year or two is the ideal situation. Find out if the guy can play.
  7. Personally, I want TY back, as you did in your write up. TY, Pittman, Campbell, Pascal, and probably Dulin, Patmon or Harris make the team. But, if they could afford it I’d love to get Robinson.
  8. Nice @w87r including the draft. Not sure we need Houston back and I’m not sure what Green has left. But I’d love that action. First though, please CB, make the deal!
  9. @NewColtsFan, where did you get the estimated cap number? I read it was projected to be around $176M (overthecap.com). I know they make adjustments based on the previous years spending, so that may account for the extra $$. What’s interesting is that about a third of the league is projected to be over the cap. Since teams have to be under by the start of the league year, there are going to be a lot of good players looking for jobs. Plenty of space for Stafford, sign some of our own FAs and to bring in one or two others that could put this team over the top.
  10. I was upset with Reich too, but then looked at his calls logically. Rivers misses an open receiver in the end zone when they went for it. A boink off the goal post on a relatively easy FG. And Turay making a truly bonehead play which amounted to 4 extra points. The loss wasn’t on Frank.
  11. IDK, wanting Julio reminds me of the old quote - Those who ignore Andre Johnson are condemned to repeat him. Or something to that effect.
  12. I think he's with the Chargers? He was a good OC. Frank is going to call the plays anyway.
  13. I'm shocked. I wish him good luck. I'm sure Frank gave him a glowing reference.
  14. Seriously though, I hope they bring TY back. He played like his old self at the end of the season. But it seemed like he and PR never had the chemistry.
  15. How do we know what you wrote isn't a clue too?
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