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  1. Smonroe

    Who is the team to beat in our division?

    The team to beat, in or out of our division, is the team we’re playing that week. That’s the only factual statement. If you’re asking which team(s) has the most talent, we have to rank last. If you’re asking which team has the best QB when healthy, I’d say it’s the Colts. And to me, since NFL talent isn’t hugely diverse when it comes to talent, that’s the biggest factor.
  2. Smonroe

    Braden Smith

    Playing RT by necessity due to injuries and did okay. Like the article said, he’s playing again some guys who won’t make the team, but he showed decent fundamentals. Hopefully Good comes back and/or Howard wakes up.
  3. Smonroe

    Colts sign DE Ryan DeLaire and waive S Sharmarko Thomas

    DeLaire hasn’t played for about a year and a half due to injuries. Looked like he had some potential when he was healthy.
  4. I think some people here spend too much time posting about the game rather than watching it. Turbin was clearly in mid season form. Whether any RB plays next season is always debatable.
  5. Smonroe

    Class Comments From Texans Radio On Luck

    I’ve never read or heard any respectable source disrespect Luck. And I never will.
  6. Smonroe

    Le'Veon Bell Lurking

    Can anyone really see Ballard paying a 6th year RB anywhere near what he wants? Especially the way we think Reich is going to use RBs, and their average career? Use that money to bring in three really good FAs to bolster the D. Bell should start eyeballing the Browns, they’re good for dumb moves like that.
  7. Smonroe

    My First Season Away - How Do I Watch

    That stinks. I guess a sports bar is your best option. There are some shady websites and other ways, but I’d avoid them. They really should have something for guys in the service.
  8. Smonroe

    My First Season Away - How Do I Watch

    I know it’s because the local advertisers want you to see their commercials. But you’d think if they offered a ‘one team’ package it would even out with away fans in different markets. It all comes down to the Benjamins.
  9. Smonroe

    My First Season Away - How Do I Watch

    That's interesting. It's unlikely the Colts were the local broadcast in SoCal. You'll have to let us know if it works for you this season. You're doing something right!
  10. Smonroe

    My First Season Away - How Do I Watch

    I believe you, and happy to hear it. Does your phone have an Indy number? My plan was to figure this out this year because I'm tired of DTV. You'd think the Sunday Ticket would offer a cheaper package so viewers could just follow their team if they didn't want all the games.
  11. Smonroe

    Erik Swoope a trade candidate?

    Absolutely. Right now we're probably strong on back up TE's and weak on back up OT's. That could and will change before the season starts. I don't know if Swoope is that far ahead of the other guys, but I know there was a lot of interest in him when he decided to play football. Coaches never forget...
  12. Smonroe

    My First Season Away - How Do I Watch

    Unless I'm misunderstanding you, I think you're wrong. I have the Verizon app and it would let me see the games being broadcast for my viewing area. Even though I selected the Colts as my team. I got the Sunday Ticket (for free after threatening to drop DTV) so I never pursued it any further. But I think if you use a VPN from Indy you may be able to get the Colts games. Please explain if I'm wrong. Thanks!
  13. Smonroe

    Erik Swoope a trade candidate?

    If he's not separating himself from the other backup TE's then I could see them trading him for a possible backup OT or G. But, as you pointed out, those trades are usually for bottom of the roster guys. And you have to find a partner who's really enthralled with his potential because he has virtually no real game experience.
  14. Smonroe

    Colts Training Camp 8/6/2018

    Good points. Not only that but Reich is on record saying they’re very conservative when it comes to resting or holding back players who get dinged. A lot of these injuries were seeing wouldn’t prevent guys from playing if it was the real season. At some point in the season everyone is dinged up.
  15. Smonroe

    Colts Training Camp 8/6/2018

    Going to be interesting to see who play LT in the preseason games.