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  1. Smonroe

    Colts fans around the World

    What a great thread! Props to @coltsfeva I had no idea so many of you were out of the states. I’m boring by comparison. Live in Bama (but I’m in Grenada right now). Havent missed a game in about 20 years. Mostly Sunday Ticket, but a long time ago we had the big dish and got everything.
  2. TY is a mommas boy? We need more mommas boys!
  3. Smonroe

    Andrew recruiting at the Pro Bowl

    And I can't blame them for it. Their next play could be their last, their next contract could be their last. IMO, you're worth what someone is willing to pay you. My point was that we know Ballard was turned down by some FAs (at least partially) because they didn't know if Luck would play again. That ship has sailed. I'm sure Ballard will use the same scrutiny when making offers. He's not going to go hog wild with the contracts. But I think he'll have more takers this year.
  4. Smonroe

    Andrew recruiting at the Pro Bowl

    Showing that he’s once again a top QB in the league, and that the Colts are on the doorsteps of being elite, is all the recruiting we need. Last year we heard that some FAs turned us down because they weren’t sure if Luck would play. This year Ballard will have a lot more options if he chooses.
  5. Smonroe

    Marcus Johnson

    Not sure if you're joking, but 'knows the system' is a huge advantage over someone coming in cold.
  6. Smonroe

    Ballard continues to lay the blueprint

    I honestly believe he’ll take the BPA no matter which position, minus QB. That sounds obvious and trite, but except for QB there’s not one position on the team that couldn’t use an upgrade.
  7. Me too, but that ship has sailed.
  8. Smonroe

    What can we learn from the pats??

    Simple formula: 1. Get first downs. They’re only ten yards and you have at least three chances. 2. Hold on every pass play. The refs won’t call them all. 3. Head coach and QB sell their souls to the devil. The third one is where you really have to commit.
  9. Smonroe

    Quenton Nelson Played With 2 Bulging Disc

    Yeah! I’ve watched several games with pulled hamstrings.
  10. Smonroe

    Talent vs Scheme Fit

    Not doubting you, but I always said the talent difference between about 80% of the players at any position is minuscule. For those guys, it’s coaching and scheme. It’s kind of reflected in salary disperses, maybe not exactly but most teams salaries have top heavy guys eating up big chunks. While about 80% of the rest earn the same as the top 20%.
  11. Smonroe

    Talent vs Scheme Fit

    Andrew Norwell was undrafted. Sometimes guys need time to develop, coaching, or just a chance.
  12. Smonroe

    Is defense the biggest need or offense?

    Youre preaching to the saved brother. I’ve been saying that all year.
  13. Smonroe

    Is defense the biggest need or offense?

    If you listened to Ballard, we may already have him on the team. They really wanted Williams. Probably won’t know until the preseason if he’s the answer.
  14. Smonroe

    Is defense the biggest need or offense?

    Contributing, sure. But it’s pretty common for them to take a year to excel. Guys like Moss and Megatron are rare. We’re any of the top 20 WRs rookies? (Wasn’t a great WR class, so that’s not a good example) But we’re not looking for a #1, just someone that can win a one on one when T.Y. and Ebron are doubled, like Ballard said. There are several in this draft that can do that. Maybe Cain too, but I wouldn’t count on him.
  15. Smonroe

    Is defense the biggest need or offense?

    One of the other things Ballard said was that he was happy with the RBs. Of course that doesn’t mean he’ll stick with them, time will tell. I really don’t think Bell is even an option from what he said about high paid FAs and the locker room. He also talked about Williams and how they tried to get him several times. I won’t be surprised if the four are our RBs this season and that Williams has the Turbin role.