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  1. That’s correct. We already have JB if the idea is to give a rookie QB a redshirt year. Besides, Brady and Rivers aren’t exactly the ‘mentor’ types. You’d really want a journeyman type if that was Ballards intent.
  2. I'm just hoping he's not going for any of the band aid fixes, like Rivers or Brady. I'd rather get a prospect to sit behind Jacoby for a year. It could push JB, and if he shows anything, he'd at least have some trade value. I don't expect Ballard (or anyone in the Colts organization) to say anything even slightly informative prior to the draft. No smart GM is going to do that.
  3. Grigson ruined the career of one of the best prospects in decades, mainly because h was too stubborn to protect him. It’s fitting that the Browns hired him...again. Perfect fit, worst owner in the league, And the worst city. He fits right in.
  4. Smonroe

    Malik Hooker

    I'm a Buckeye and I want him to be the player we all thought he could be. But that just hasn't happened yet. Could be a combination of injury and scheme.
  5. Smonroe

    Malik Hooker

    People want to judge him based on expectations for a high 1st round pick. That’s all well and good, but we really just need to judge him as a player. Once you’re in the NFL, where you we drafted has no bearing on your play on the field. As you said, his main issue has been with injuries. He didn’t have a particularly good year, but none of us are privy to his responsibilities in the scheme. All that said, he’s been a serviceable S, probably grades out to a C or C+ in MHO.
  6. Agree. We probably won’t move up though, and the top 4 QBs will be gone before we pick.
  7. I think you’re going to be correct. As much as we want the next franchise QB, Ballard is going to take the BPA on HIS draft board. And I suspect he has at least one DT rated higher than the 3rd or 4th QB that will be available at 13. (Burrow and Tua will be gone)
  8. So was the NFL.com page. Weird they should have different numbers. Whatever. Your point was still valid. Reich made it a mission to be a top running team. Now he said they need to improve the pass game. Anything would be an improvement.
  9. I see them ranked 7th, but I get your point. 30th in passing yards. http://www.nfl.com/stats/categorystats?archive=false&conference=null&role=TM&offensiveStatisticCategory=RUSHING&defensiveStatisticCategory=null&season=2019&seasonType=REG&tabSeq=2&qualified=false&Submit=Go
  10. Right, he said he made a mistake by not having more senior leadership too. I hope that means he won’t shy away from some more veteran FAs.
  11. Take away Rodgers, Watson, Mahomes or Brees. Would any of those teams finished with 7 wins?
  12. Titans played pretty much flawlessly, while the Ravens made a ton of mistakes. The results for just about any two NFL teams that perform that way would likely be the same. what I’m saying that just power running works when the other team is constantly messing up. That game would have been a lot different if the Ravens played their normal game. But that’s the NFL.
  13. I hope Picasso and Pitts make the team. I can only imagine the word play.
  14. Definitely need a DT, or two. I'm hoping CB is finally active in free agency too, but that may be another pipe dream. Who did you have in mind for QB? Tua? I'll surprised if he makes it past the late 20s in the first round.
  15. You could be right, but the Jags figured out they didn't have to worry about the pass offense, so they sold out on run defense in the second half. As for an earlier draft pick - I'm not sure that's going to help us. There may be as many as six teams who are QB needy drafting before us. You know Ballard isn't going to take the 5th, 6th, or worse QB on his board to fill a need. He'll go BPA, or trade the pick. I think the only way we draft a QB is if we can move up at least six slots. And that ain't happening IMHO.
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