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  1. Smonroe

    Chubb vs the Maniac

    I haven't watch Denver but isn't Chubb mainly a situational pass rush specialist? They're both LBs in name but not in responsibility. Leonard is an all around LB, and he's excellent. But Chubb may be a better pass rusher.
  2. Smonroe

    Chubb vs the Maniac

    I like Leonard, but that's really not a fair comparison is it?
  3. Smonroe

    Empty Stadium Seats

    Wish I knew you guys were there, I would have stopped over. There did seem to be a lot of empties in the upper decks.
  4. Smonroe

    Pass Rush

    I don’t think I can rewatch the game, too painful. But being there, the only time I thought they made Watson uncomfortable was when there was a coverage sack. It seemed like he had all day to throw. Maybe that was the plan, keep him in the pocket to make him prove he had the accuracy? He did.
  5. Smonroe

    Dropped Passes

    How many dropped passes were there? I was at the game and haven’t seen the stats, but I think I counted 6 drops.
  6. Smonroe

    I'm liking where the D is going

    I agreed, until this week. Hardly any pressure unless it was a cover sack. Guys wide open too many times. They’re young, but I thought this was a step backwards.
  7. Smonroe

    Our RB attack this week

    “Attack” doesn’t belong as an adjective when describing the running game.
  8. Smonroe

    Brandon Graham

    Countdown to Good being injured again...10..9..8.. Is Haeg injured? I thought he went back in the game.
  9. Smonroe

    Texans predictions

    IMHO, prediction threads are useless, but I hope you're all having fun. This game should scare everyone. A team that many predicted should make the playoffs coming in 0-3 is like facing a wounded animal. They're desperate. I haven't watched their games, but it appears that Watson is getting better each game. They have two WRs that are outstanding. And, I hate to say this...but...I have to wonder if the Colts aren't looking ahead to the following Thursday?
  10. Smonroe

    I vote Mr. Nyheim 100 yds this weekend.

    8 carries, 14 yards. 6 receptions, 22 yards. Over or under on total yards?
  11. Smonroe

    When will the light turn on?

    True. Definitely no Edge on this team. He legitimized the run game and was a great receiver. Only one great WR. And the O line, although much improved, still doesn't compare to the 03-06 line. One plus for this team is having a QB who's always a threat to run for the first down.
  12. Smonroe

    9-7 this year bet your savings on it

    You’re still not saying what that 100% guarantee gets me!
  13. No doubt. Since Saturday, Lilja and Scott. Unfortunately, we don't have a Glenn.
  14. ??? Not sure what you're saying. The article was from August 13, basically a fluff piece. It's proving to be true though, they played very well last Sunday even without AC. If he and Good turn out to be the OTs, then it means we have very good depth when you add in Smith too.
  15. Smonroe

    Playing possum

    I have it on good authority that they've been saving the Statue of Liberty play just for the Eagles. ...okay, maybe I dreamt it. But it was a good authority dream...