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  1. Schedule is brutal, but it’s effectively as brutal for the other teams in our division (minus two games). IMO, a slow start hurts us for playoff standings if we get that far. As as it was every year since 2012, the team’s fate is directly related to Andrews health. I’ll take the zen approach and enjoy every minute of it, no matter how it goes.
  2. Let's say we keep 6 CBs. The last two will mostly be on STs. Barring injury, Desir, Moore, Wilson and Ya-Sin are the first four. That leaves Hairston, Collins, Milton and Tell going for maybe 2 spots. Going to be interesting.
  3. When you say "injury front", I assume you're talking about Luck? Besides Sheard there have been no major injuries. Remember the first preseason game last year? We lost Cain for the year and I think Lewis was injured then too. A few others, like Mack tweaked various things and were out for a while (AC too?). We're going to have injuries, every team does. My only concern at this point is if Andrew can get some real time with the new WRs. But even that isn't too much of a problem. How long did it take for him to connect with Inman?
  4. That whole argument about not giving anything away during the preseason is mostly garbage. You want to execute your base offense (and defense). Sure, you don't want to show any gadget plays. During the Peyton years, we ran the same offense continuously. Everyone knew it, it was just so well executed it could hardly be stopped. We just didn't look sharp. Some teams, like the Bills, Browns, Pats, and a few others, looked like they were ahead of us. That will change as the preseason goes on.
  5. I didn't notice that MA-C struggled in run blocking. Probably because the entire first team line was bad. Yes, I understand that two starters were out. Still, to a man, the Colts O line was owned last night. Agree about Turray, I was expecting so much more.
  6. Yes. That stinks. I’m watching on gamepass.
  7. Nothing ever good comes from that thing. Earlier this year I used mine to go into the future so I could watch the Colts OTAs and I accidentally bumped into Andrew’s calf. He was doing great until then...
  8. I kind of like it that the sports networks don't know we exist, and most can't name two Colts after Luck. BTW, you can get a 7 day free trial of NFL Game Pass and watch tonight. (If you have Direct TV, the game is on live on channel 212-1).
  9. I'm liking this "Vet Day" thing. I may have to start taking them too.
  10. Yes, also if you happen to live in a foreign country NFL Gamepass (Europe) gives you all of the regular season games live too. On a completely unrelated note, using a VPN is a smart way to protect your cyber identity.
  11. The Direct TV listing for Thursday 6pm CST (7pm Indy time) is showing the Colts Buffalo game on 212-1. The -1 channels are alternates. You may have several of them for your local channels (we do in Bama). I think they're also showing the -1 channel for TBS. As @bertjones7 pointed out, they do a lot of alternative channels for the B1G or SEC network games. BTW, when I asked about streaming, I was talking about the legal streaming. I believe the local Indy channel streamed the preseason games last year. Another BTW, you can get NFL Gamepass for a free trial during the preseason.
  12. Obviously, this is for those of us outside of the Indy or Buffalo area. I have Direct TV and they're showing the game being on the NFL channel 212-1. They will also replay it later in the week. I know you can watch it if you get the NFL game pass. Does anyone one know if the game will be streamed? I think they were last year.
  13. @Chloe6124 Thanks for all the updates every day. I can't check twitter while I'm at work and I doubt if I follow some of the people you're quoting. Appreciate your effort!
  14. Hilarious. I like “They’re playing 4D chess while we can’t even open the checkers box.” That’s one of the few comments that can be quoted here.
  15. Hey, it’s the same thing we all were thinking at some point in the last weeks.
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