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  1. Both second round picks. OSU had Zeke and Samuels in Thomas’s last year so he wasn’t featured like Pittman. Saints got a steal. I’m hoping we did too.
  2. We can't have no football! If we do, the terrorists win.
  3. They should add “for people who don’t follow the Colts”. I think everyone here knows how valuable he is.
  4. I was so starved for football I watched the first four weeks of the season. They do some odd things, like Hines starting and taking most of the snaps in week 2. But I enjoyed it.
  5. I don’t care where people rate him. We all know our defense really fell apart when he went down. Not the only reason, but a big part of it.
  6. I don't even want to speculate on who was with him. I will say this, we know that Leonard has done a lot for his community. We've seen what kind of person he is in the close up videos that the Colts did on him last year. Sure, we don't really know all there is about him, or his family. But if he feels he was targeted because he's black, I'm taking his word for it until it's proven otherwise. I feel for him, and any other person who feels they are treated differently because of their race, or creed.
  7. Seen it several times. Recently the NFL Network replayed the game. When I watch it I can almost hear Peyton talking about the plays. How he described the way Fletcher wanted to call plays was classic.
  8. When I saw that the first thing I thought was - I'm happy it wasn't in Indy. (Or in Bama, where I live) He's a good guy, does a lot for his community. I hate when stuff like this happens.
  9. Well, he is the all time Colts leader for average yards per carry...so there’s that.
  10. Sort of. Teams will still have a 53 man roster but can bring up to two guys from the PS each week. Here are the new roster changes: "Teams can designate an additional player to return from injured reserve each year (three instead of two). Two practice-squad players each week can be elevated to the team's active roster, and a team doesn't have to replace the player on the practice squad. Active game-day rosters increased from 46 to 48 players. Practice squads expanded from 10 to 12 players in 2020-2021, then to 14 players starting in 2022 (including between two and four players with unlimited accrued seasons per team)" https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfls-new-cba-explained-heres-a-look-at-all-the-season-roster-and-salary-changes/
  11. My logic is that we expect Taylor to be the #1 in 21, and Mack will probably get a better contract elsewhere than we can offer. Wilkins would be signed at a reasonable. He'd be a solid #2, and he has the experience. And I doubt Ballard would want to spend even a mid round draft pick for another RB. Plus, we can expect injuries, as usual, and as long as Wilkins isn't one of them, he's a good sub.
  12. Is that true this season? I thought they only changed PS sizes.
  13. Or even #4. I love what Pascal does for us, but I have the feeling we've seen his ceiling. However, besides being a clutch receiver, Pascal's also a good blocker, so he's the incumbent. I'm thinking they may keep four RBs and the FB, which may mean only five WRs (and likely three TE's). Fountain, Tulin, Johnson, and Patmon are probably competing for one spot. That's going to be a fun position to watch in the preseason (if we have one).
  14. Yeah, the D went downhill after Moore went down and Turay wan't there. I'm not sure we'll see Blackmon until at least the middle of the season but we're pretty well set on S. We have to expect Rock will improve, he's driven. And we have to hope that Tell continues to learn the position. I guess Rhodes is the biggest question. I confess to not knowing a lot about him and why he's regressed the last few years.
  15. I’m also enjoying the off season, as much as is possible given our circumstances. I’m just not going to get hyped about being a great team until we’re a great team.
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