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  1. I'm not going back through all the responses, but the title of this post should have been: "Who will step up WHEN the Texans stop Hilton?" They're not stupid, they're going to give him double and triple coverage. Cain has been underwhelming, Campbell is hurt, Ebron has developed T-Rex arms, and the rest of the WRs and TEs are solid but not really playmakers. It may be time to put Hines in the slot.
  2. They worked out Shane Ray and a couple others too.
  3. Very good running game, one elite WR (who we’ve had success against), one very fast WR, and a QB who’s approaching elite status. If he’s not there already. Going to have to spy Watson on every play.
  4. Great game last week, but there are facts we have to face: Mahomes isn't near as good when he's not mobile - Watson won't have that problem. The Colts will have to spy him on every play. The Chiefs running game isn't much to speak of. The Texans have a pounder in Hyde and a receiving back in Duke. Neither of the Chiefs main threats at WR were on the field. The Colts have done a great job on Hopkins and Fuller in the past, that needs to continue. Before anyone says the Colts were also missing pieces on defense against the Chiefs, think about it like a chess match. Were the pieces the Chiefs lost on offense worth more than what the Colts lost on defense? Arguable, but probably even for the Colts at best. On the other side of the ball, the Texans appear to be without Roby and Joseph. I like our O line against their front seven. Going to be a great game - maybe for the division.
  5. Houston looks good. The Chiefs went out of their way to blow the game, bit the Texans look like a balanced team with a lot of weapons. If we can’t establish a running game against them it’s going to be a long day.
  6. I hope Kelly does well. But you’re basing your judgements on his play against second and thirds in meaningless preseason games. Your last sentence is incredibly subjective. You have the right to have your opinion. But you may as well say Kelly is better than Brady with the same evidence.
  7. Well said. Watson is clearly one of the best QBs in the league. We better hope that same defense shows up, and that we can run the ball.
  8. We won’t really know anything until next preseason. They’ll most likely give Kelly first team reps, and he may actually play against real NFL players. That’s the only way to evaluate him. But, the way the trend is going, we may not see any first team players on either side of the ball.
  9. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Steelers try to Steel (pun intended) him. I think he’s our #2 next season.
  10. Do we even know if he filed his retirement papers? We know Gronk hasn’t, there’s no hurry to do it. Even if he did: “To be reinstated, pretty much all Luck would have to do is send a letter to the commissioner declaring his intent to return and wait for the paperwork to process. ” Not going to happen, but if he wanted to come back there’s nothing stopping him.
  11. Exactly. We get to learn about our players as human beings, where they come from and a glimpse of what motivates them. The Colts media crew has done an awesome job. I don’t know if other teams are doing the same, but it’s a smart move.
  12. Agreed on both counts. Odum isn’t in the same league as Hooker. But he is available, and we all know that’s one of the most important abilities.
  13. Here’s my fantasy scenario: Week 10 and the Colts are in the hunt for the division. They’re playing solid D and the running game is strong. They look like a sure SB contender. Then tragedy strikes, Jacoby is injured and out for the year. The guys on the team convince Andrew to come back and “manage” the games for them. The team isn’t on his shoulders, but everyone thinks they can win the SB with him steering the ship. Hey, a guy can dream, right!
  14. Smonroe

    Deon Cain

    He’s good at drawing PI’s, that’s for sure!
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