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  1. This is from an article at CBSsports that reviewed all the teams defenses to guess if they'd be ranked in the top 10. The Colts got a "Not Likely", which I think is fair. Also, I don't think a top ranked defense is that important in todays NFL. I'd much rather have a top 10 offense and a middle of the road defense. "The Colts are another one of those defenses that seemingly just has a low ceiling. Unless Laiatu Latu has a Will Anderson Jr.-like impact on the pass rush, the secondary doesn't seem strong enough to get this unit into the top 10. The Colts are counting on players like Julius Brents (who was pretty good as a rookie) and Dallis Flowers as foundational pieces of the defensive backfield, and that seems like a shaky proposition if you want to be an elite defense."
  2. I’d still feel a lot better if they picked up a veteran FS. I hope Scott or Cross are the future, but we haven’t seen much from either of them to really know. Bring in a vet and let one of them beat him out. Competition is always the best way for the cream to rise to the top.
  3. Usually the sticking point is offset money.
  4. That was hilarious! I hope no one pulled a muscle...or a real gun...
  5. Just want no injuries. Are they wearing shells or just working on installs?
  6. Pennix should be a good blocker and a very good receiver since he played a lot of TE and some RB. From what I read he’s another high character guy who was underutilized at NC ST. If Shane installs a FB into the O, he could be a real asset. Otherwise, I’m rooting for him, but I think the odds are against him unless there’s an injury. Looks like he’d fit right in on STs! https://www.espn.com/video/clip/_/id/39200176
  7. It is a factor. Players hate the Thursday night games because a lot of the time their bodies are just recovering from the last game. Kind of explains why those games are usually bad football. Selfishly, I’d like to have a game on every day, lol!
  8. Some of it has to do with how long the season is, and it’s probably going to get longer with 18 games in the future. We’ll have injuries to major players, every team does. It’s good to have someone on the roster who can fill in at multiple spots. Always better than bringing in someone not familiar with the play book. On another note, the NFL is going to have to expand both the regular roster and game day roster. The NFLPA will only go along with moving up lower paid PS players for so long.
  9. The only thing that’s concerning is that AD has never had a lot of catches in college. I’m not sure what that means, other than he was never the #1 receiver at either school. Yes, he scored in big games, and he’s confident in his abilities. I’m sure Shane will put him in position to get the best out of him.
  10. For comparison - The Chiefs are the favorite to win the SB with a 11.5% chance. 85.4% chance to make the playoffs.
  11. Queue the Dumb and Dumber meme! This is according to the Athletics NFL Projection Model: "The model forecasts the quality of each team and then simulates each game of the regular season and playoffs until a Super Bowl champion emerges. That process is repeated 100,000 times to provide a realistic measure of how likely a team is to make the playoffs and win the Super Bowl."
  12. Hotspot shield. It’s a little tricky to install on some devices but they have good support to help out.
  13. True, and he probably would have made the difference. But he's not a FS. I'm not sure we have one on the roster, unless they're counting on a rookie.
  14. I’m hoping we have a vet FS by game one. We don’t want a repeat of our last game.
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