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  1. Smonroe

    Are we well positioned?

    Geathers is signed, but even with Houston our D could use upgrades. We have a lot of “if’s”. If Geathers stays healthy, if last years Dline rookies continue to develop, if the corner play improves, etc. The O is looking solid, and if Cain comes back as we hope, there’s another weapon. I’d like to see a short yardage back. He may already be on the team. As always, injuries change everything but the depth is pretty solid. Yes, we’re in better shape than at least 25 teams, if not more, but plenty of room for improvement. Going to to be a great, fun year!
  2. Smonroe

    Colts Corner trade rumours

    I was out there (SD) on a business trip about 30 years ago and they had three. I was in a restaurant for the final and biggest at 4.5. I remember seeing the walls “ripple” but no damage. I asked the the waitress if that was normal. She was obviously scared and shakily said no. It was my first business trip there and I got a true California experience!
  3. This may be a dumb question, but that’s never stopped me. Is there a way to listen to it as a podcast? If I listen to it on YouTube I have to keep the app open.
  4. Smonroe

    Current Salary Cap Status

    Ballard will have the cash to sign our own FAs in the years to come if they deserve it. Paying your own builds the locker room and encourages the younger guys. For those complaining, no one can say Ballard hasn’t been honest in his process.
  5. Smonroe

    Free Agent Visits

    Did it say he was there for NFL teams or just visiting the cities? Sight seeing!
  6. Smonroe

    Jay Glazer on the Herd

    You mean - actively letting guys go?
  7. Smonroe

    Free Agent Visits

    And with his injury history, he'd be a very reasonably priced pickup. I've wanted a Turbin like, short yardage guy for a while. I was hoping Williams was the answer but I've never seen him play. We know Ajayi has the experience, we're just not sure if he still has the talent or durability.
  8. Smonroe

    Jalen Collins

    I know they think he has the potential, but I must have missed the interviews where they raved about him. They thought enough about him to elevate him to the 53 so people couldn't steal him off the PS, so we know they like him a lot. This is what I remember them saying about him: Matt Eberflus called him “a work in progress,” before elaborating on what he's seen from Collins in practice thus far. “Yeah, I do see the talent there,” Eberflus explained. “Now, what he has to learn to do is practice the way we practice. The way we practice is full-out. There is walk-through, and then full speed. Then, once you learn to play full speed all the time, that’s practicing our way. I think he’s learning to do that. He’s not there yet, relative to that. But we have a style in which we play, and each player is held to that standard. When he does that, we will see where he is.”
  9. Smonroe

    Culture over talent

    Interesting article. He never really makes a statement about Gettleman's decision making though. It is perplexing, giving OBJ the big bonus and then trading him.
  10. Smonroe


    Loved the contested catches in that video. I know they were just his highlights but it shows his ability to use his big body and fight for the ball. i got away with taking Luck in the fifth round of my fantasy draft last year. I’ll probaby have to take him in the third this year. The redzone looks even better with Bunches of Funchess.
  11. I wouldn't mind Coleman, but I think they're pretty satisfied with the four on the roster. I'm sure they'll bring in a few UDFA's for the preseason, but barring injury I'll be surprised if anyone new makes the team. Always room for improvement though.
  12. From listening to Ballard, I don't think he considers RB a position of need. Certainly not a position where there's a need to bring in a high paid RB.
  13. Smonroe

    CB Situation

    I think that's what they're counting on, but if that's all they do it's pretty risky. Neither Wilson nor Collins have proven anything yet. Personally, I hope we keep Mitchell just for his leadership. I like Desir. He's not great but he has had some really good games. We need the depth, starters will be injured.
  14. Smonroe

    Ballard's one year deals

    I agree about Hines. It's obvious they had more confidence in him as the season went on. It seemed he gained confidence in himself after his fumble issues in the preseason. He's a weapon. I know they like Williams, from what Ballard and Reich said about him. I'm hoping he turns into that 3rd and 1 bruiser back.
  15. Smonroe

    Cain comeback video part 1

    Good stuff. I’m really rooting for this young man.
  16. Smonroe

    So much for free agency...

    Or even officially started.
  17. Smonroe

    So much for free agency...

    Lol! You do know who our GM is, right? He’s not going to overpay unless the guy is clearly a key piece. Patience....
  18. Yeah, he is. I figured Parris would be gone by our pick.
  19. To be fair, they have to cover 32 teams...which tells me they know very little about any of them! Some of the mocks have been ridiculous. It’s obvious they don’t listen to Ballard.
  20. Here are a few more factual statements: ”He could land in the XFL.” “He could join brown in Oakland.” “He could retire.” So far, the Colts have been mentioned for every non-QB FA.
  21. While I think we all agree we need a playmaker opposite T.Y., I’d rather get him as a FA. T Williams, Tate, even a guy like John Brown, all experienced. Pick up a rookie like McLauren in the 3rd. Cant wait for the next couple weeks, the conversations are going to be changing!
  22. Not that he’ll be available, but I think Metcalf is way overrated. Great straight line speed, but not much else. Plus an injury history. But I’d love to get his running mate, Brown, in the second round. And this is me being a homer, Terry McLaurin is exactly what the Colts want in a player. Great team guy, fast and physical.
  23. He’ll be a perfect Raider. Cost a fortune, will complain about not getting the ball, and be out of the league next year.
  24. Smonroe

    Benny Snell Jr

    I think you’re mostly correct. Sort of reminds me of Ron Dayne, but not quite as big.
  25. Smonroe

    Best Position Group - Pre-FA and Pre-Draft

    I eliminated QB, that’s obviously complete. To me, it came down to Oline or TE. I took Oline because of the TE group has a lot of “if’s”. If Doyle is healthy, if MAC continues to develop, if Travis can get healthy, etc. What’s really shown here is that except for QB, we really should take the BPA for just about every draft pick, regardless of position.