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  1. They looked really good Thursday, like they’re hitting their stride on offense. Watt on AC’s backup is on going to be pretty.
  2. I’ve also watched them since the draft. I think they adopted Patmon, lol.
  3. Worst part of Thanksgiving - seeing that the Texans are looking really good. The playoffs start Sunday.
  4. Unfortunately this is now part of the game. For what it’s worth, I’d rather have a player out for this than an injury.
  5. He’s stoic and mature. Not down on anyone. He mentioned the short talk he had with Leonard. I didn’t know he stirred that pot on the McAfee show. If you go to Pats YouTube channel they break up the video in short sections. Rodgers is a cool dude.
  6. People love to talk about their predictions...when they’re right. So I’m going to blow my own horn. I posted this before the season started. (okay, I was talking about the rookies singing....lol!)
  7. You probably already know that Rodgers talks to Pat McAfee every week. He’s funny and candid. This is them talking about the Colts Pack game, as well as a bunch of other things. The big reveal was that Aaron hardly throws in the off season.
  8. I can’t lose. We only face 4 different teams this year.
  9. But I’m not the only one.
  10. The great thing about Reich's offense is that the D can't concentrate on taking anyone away. There are so many players they can feature. I like featuring Taylor in the fourth Q when we try to wear down their D. If the D that played in the second half last Sunday shows up, we should take them. You're right, it's a huge game, basically for the division. And we still have all tough games to go. The Raiders are looking good, Steelers, obviously. And Watson can win games by himself. But, like we all said at the beginning of the season, we'll roll Jacksonvill
  11. So true, lol. Dream scenario - we have the division and our playoff spot wrapped up by that game. So they let Jacoby play the 2nd Q and Eason play the second half. Hey, if we're allowed to have another thread about predictions, then I'm allowed to dream, right?
  12. I think that there are only 4 teams in the entire NFL that can beat the Colts this year! I'd be willing to bet the house on that. (Passive aggressive response to another 'predictions' thread)
  13. Imagine Eason’s our QB, it’s easy if you look no need for Fields or Lawrence don’t even mention Book. Imagine Lucas Oil hosting playoffs every year. Woo Hoo! (sorry John)
  14. No, I agree with @chad72 for that game especially. That defense that played in the first half wasn't the same one that showed up for the second (except for that last Packer's drive when they went to a poor prevent). Yes, Rodgers is a first ballot HoFer, so we should expect him to have success. But it was too easy for him at the beginning of that game. But I do agree with you about the league being built for offense. Saban said it in college, and it applies to the NFL. The days of a team winning with a great defense are over. The rules are slanted for an offensive g
  15. They can call holding or pass interference on just about every play. I don't have the All 22 anymore but when I did it was easy to see how many fouls are committed on every play. I used to wonder why D linemen didn't complain when they were being held most of the time, but it's just part of the game to them. Usually if it didn't affect the play or wasn't totally egregious, the refs let them go.
  16. I predict no one will care about anyone else's predictions. (I get this prediction right every week. But no one cares...)
  17. I’d hate for the NFL to turn into the NBA when it comes to penalties. In that league, it depends on the time of the game and the player involved if the ref will call the foul. The NBA is unwatchable for me because of that. Those were good calls, but like everyone has said, they can call holding (and pass interference) on just about every play if they wanted.
  18. The players union agreed to it and they can start as early as 21 or as late as 23. I don’t think it’s been decided as of yet. If so, I missed it.
  19. So they elevated three players to the active roster. Who are the three out?
  20. The injuries on the offensive side hurt, but that's part of the game. I just keep thinking that with a healthy Mack and Campbell, not to mention healthy TEs, this offense would be very dynamic. But, like I said, it's part of the game. The only issue I have with the defense is that Flus always seems to start the game out with a conservative approach. And they seem to go right down the field on us. @chad72 said it best a few posts ago. Almost all games have ebbs and flows, and which ever team adjusts the best is usually the winner. I'd like to see Flus be more aggressive, but i
  21. Totally agree with the bolded. However, I think if we lose this game (along with the Ravens game) tells us a heck of a lot. We had the Ravens when they were at their weakest with injuries and Covid. Yes, we've had our own too. But let's face it, they owned the second half of the game. Only time (especially the next two games) will tell if we're a contender or just another middle of the road team.
  22. IMO, GMFB is the best sports show on TV. They're entertaining and knowledgeable. I do think that if the Colts lose this game, the most you'll be hearing about them on national sports radio are one or two minute segments. Even if they win the division. Can't argue with that. Jax and Cincy proved that case.
  23. It was competitive in the first half. They owned us in the second half. I agree with what you said about offenses. The NFL has changed so much that there will never be another dominant defense like the Ravens had 20 years ago. A great offense and a good defense is what teams are striving for now. And as important - time of possession. Nice slow methodical drives that, even if they only result in a FG, wear out the defenses. The Pack don't have the best D but they may have the best triplets in the league. They're getting Lazard back too.
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