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  1. Sure u can be like the Colts. Live in mediocrity.
  2. Agree. They were at #13 last year. They could have moved to #5 and gotten Herbert. Makes me question Ballards ability to scout qbs
  3. Im still waiting for Ballards drafts to produce success. 1 play off year and that was with Luck. This D sucks
  4. U questioning a Ballard decision?????? Blasphemy.....pure blasphemy!!!!
  5. Enuff wirh the Ballard rook over a decimated team. It has been 4 years. We r heading into year 5 and he have only one winning season under his belt. I agree, Luck set his plan back. However, he needs to get the qb position settled. Rivers, to me, a one year plan. They either find out if Eason is the guy or take a bold step next year. I almost thought they should have traded their # 13 pick for more picks so they could have moved up in the 2021 qb rich draft. Ballard was intent upon getting that 3 technique to run this crap scheme. To me that is Ballard's biggest failure. His total buy in to
  6. I dont think the Chiefs and Bills gave up a kings ransom. There is no way that Lawrence will b traded.
  7. Wentz is not struggling. He is the only thing keeping that team from imploding. Pederson is going to get him killed. He is on the same path as Luck. Great qb getting killed by his head coach
  8. U will need more than the farm. U will need the whole darn village
  9. U dont play on an island when u r a zone corner. Just ssying
  10. He hasnt got the speed so he clutches and grabs.
  11. I have been targeted. In today's political environment, you better be careful calling me out. I joke. At least people r thinking of me and that is comforting lol
  12. I am not sure his presence would have made much difference. The success of this D starts with the pressure the front 4 is able to put on the opposing offences.
  13. In whose world was this D line seen as the strength. Yes, Buckner is elite but Houston is getting old and the rest have shown little. Dont base your expectations on training camp.
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