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  1. I truly believe the front office and Reich do want him to succeed. They would love a guy with is character and leadership to pilot this franchise for the next 10+ years. Sadly, I think he has reached his ceiling and I think the Colts org privately know it as well.
  2. If the season ended today they would b picking round 17th. There r possibly 8 teams ahead of them that could b looking at a qb. They will have to trade up to most likely get the guy they covet. Chargers Dolphins Raiders Jags Tampa Denver Carolina and Bengals. There will b some coaching changes and we all know the coach wants to bring in his own guy. I know it sounds stupid but Dak maybe on a short leash. He bet on himself and it appears to have blown up in his face. Say a Lincoln Riley goes to Dallas next year. He will want his own guy. Should make for an interesting draft
  3. Alabama really didnt miss a beat offensively without him. He basically has a legit O line and possibly all 3 receivers will go in the 1st round
  4. I listen to GM shuffle podcast with Lombardi. I quite like his views on the NFL. He said the Colts have a problem.....they need a qb. Brissett has no anticipation and as the game goes on, it becomes quite obvious. He said the big indicator is that he cannot make enuff explosive plays.
  5. I have a feeling that they won't go after a qb. I bet they take most of their resources and spend them on offence. Give Brissett one more year. I am not sure the Colts can use all of their draft capital on a qb next year. They need play makers on offence. Stock the offense next year and see if Brissett can make it work. If he doesn't then go after a qb in 2021 when u have built talent around him.
  6. Honestly, I use to detest the Pats. However, that has grown into admiration over the last few years. I actually almost want them to win cause I think it puts more pressure other orgs. They basically pick in the back end of each round every year, but they have one 6 Superbowl. That is something to admire and respect. Sure, they may push the envelope,but they mayb the best sports org ever based the salary cap era and their titles.
  7. Honestly,it's not a bad season. Luck retired and left this organization reeling. This season is really showing what we need to address in the draft and free agency. New qb, kicker, wr with speed and 2 DTs. The defence has exceeded my expectations and the running game has arrived.
  8. I think they will say his shoulder is out of bounds before he had control
  9. The most puzzling thing for me the last 2 years is why doesn't Wilkins get the ball more.? He had really good vision and is a north south runner
  10. They have absolutely no speed on offence. Need huge upgrade on O with regards to play makers. Brady is struggling this year for the same reason and how is considered the GOAT
  11. I doubt Mack gets extension. He is injured far to often. I also think the philosophy of this team is running back by committe.
  12. Campbell.....injured.....cant be.....!!! Yes I'm being sarcastic. Minds well shut him, TY and Funchess down for the year. Let's go with 3 tight end sets a full back and Williams the rest of the year and bring new meaning to the phrase ground and pound. Just a thought
  13. We have Campbell for the future and he is very raw. Funchess, based on history, is average. I fear that TY is on the way out. Over 30 and the injuries r mounting. They have to be taking a toll and the wheels will most likely fall off soon
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