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  1. As the cap goes up so do other players expectations in terms of increased salaries
  2. U missed my point. There r other options to letting them walk such as a trade....franchise tag.
  3. So what is the most,annually, you would give to Nelson and Leonard?
  4. K. I will ask u a question. What is the most annually u would pay for Nelson and Leonard??
  5. There r other options then letting them walk. Find out what their contract demand and then make decsion bout their future.
  6. Honestly, if i am going to trade up, I am going big time. Let the Rivers scenario play out. We can sign him to modest contracts for as long as he plays and keep our core talent. Let's say it is 2022 and Rivers is done and team is willing to move on. I am all for going all in on drafting a qb. I totally for moving up into the top 10 and getting that guy. I do not favour a scenario that people are supporting such as moving up into the 1st and getting a guy in the late 20's or end of the 1st round. To many warts. I want to do it Philly style. Target a legit stud and go all in. Now mayb Reich believes he is a qb whisper and can draft a guy Like Gordon and make him a star. They seemed to think they could convert Brissett into a starter but that failed, so they are 0 for 1 so far.
  7. I don't think it is feasible to trade up and build around Rivers. Our 2nd round picks and 3r rounder can b uses to draft at least 1 te and a wr. We have to find TYs replacement. He is in a contract year and I am not signing him to an extension based on his last couple of years of production
  8. My wife is actually the stubborn one. She thinks I am a push over. Being serious. We shall end it and I will admit I am wrong. Night
  9. Now if Leonnard can hit like that coach, I woukd give him 20 million a year hahaha
  10. Who is Andy and Gary?? Plus anyone who ranks Vander Each as a top 4 linebacker loses all credibility. Thats frim 2019.
  11. I never said that. I just don't see it this year as they have already traded their #13 pick. Plus, I think they r going to build this team around Rivers for the next 2 years or so. I just want them to continue to build and when Rivers hits the wall, then draft a young qb surrounded by talent.
  12. http://subscribers.footballguys.com/2006/06bramel_tampa2.php
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