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  1. New scheme. If this running game fails, it is all on Reich. He made a coaching change. It sometimes takes a good half of a season for a D and/or and O to get use to a new scheme. Let's c what happens
  2. Yah think??? I remember the posters were saying he was worth a second or even a 1st. I would keep Kelly over him
  3. I don't think they will take a step back. They may have a worse record than last year, but that could b attributed to their schedule this year and qbs they will b up against.
  4. Ha?? They lose players and coaches every year and keep ticking along. This Colts team has done nothing. They won 9 games in a row and turned their season around. During that stretch, they played some very mediocre qbs and got man handled in KC. There will b no hiding this year as they got a very tough schedule against good qbs
  5. I will say one thing bout Luck. I am not sure how many of the greats would have accomplished what he did in the 1st 6 years of his career given what he had to work with. Do u think Montana, Brady , Manning, Marino and Elway would have flourished if they would have been in Luck's situation?? I think Luck has a chance to b one of the greats. It looks like he has stable coaching and a front office. Now cut down on those interception and he will take that next step.
  6. I rated him a 5 because in those 2 super bowl victories, Peyton was not a key contributor.
  7. I totally disagree. U say that that Polian is to blame for not drafting a defense. That basically supports my assessment of Peyton in the playoffs. We drafted numerous high picks on the offensive side of the ball. The defense really didn't play all thay bad in the play offs if u consider the money and draft capital spent on that side of the baĺll. Now the offense on the other hand. They and Peyton put up star war numbers in the regular season only to fall on their faces in the playoffs. U cannot argue that and u cannot put the blame on Polian or the defense.
  8. No arguing Peyton is one if not the greatest regular season qbs thia of all time. When u compare his regular season performances to his play off performances, he under whelms. He is a 9.5 to a 10 in the regular season and mayb a 5 in the playoffs and that maybe being generous.
  9. Did u watch the game?
  10. We played some pretty poor offensive teams last year. This year will really tell us how good our D truly is. No hiding it
  11. They r usually picking at the end of the 1st round. That also makes it tough to draft elite players which have a better chance of becoming a hall of famer
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