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  1. So based on PFF's findings and Paye' college stats. How does he look to do in the future? I have also read that tackles for loss is a huge factor in predicting a college players success in the NFL.
  2. Makes u wonder if Rodgers had some inside info on being the next Jeopardy host.
  3. He was drafted 12th overall. He will b starting
  4. If he is, then I will b the 1st to say pay Nelson what he wants. If they go this route!, the Colts have faith that they can plug a lesser player at LT and Nelson will b able to hide their short comings.
  5. Lawrence was sitting there at #1 and the Colts made no attempts to move up. There, I give them an F-.....lol.
  6. Ballard told us in this draft what he personally thinks of his own drafting regarding Dlinemen. He drafted 2 early Dlinemen because he has not done well in the past. I compliment Ballard for doing that. He is able to put his ego aside and basically admit his mistakes. Bellichek drafted 2 tight ends last year. He signed 2 free agent tight ends this year. He made a mistake but moves on. A mark of a great decision maker. Admit your mistake and move on.
  7. Could u imagine if Rodgers would have had thr support like Manning, Brady, Brees and Big Ben had? We r talking multiple championships.
  8. Rodgers is the rare case where I kind of side with him. Not one 1st rounder has been spent on an offensive player during his tenure. They continually draft 1st rounders on defense with no results. He goes into the playoffs and it is all on him. At least Manning was afforded numerous 1st rounders. The only 1st rounder they pick is a qb and that is after going 13 and 3. They never consulted him. U go 13 and 3 and u add players that can help u win now. If that is Trevor Lawrence sliding and u trade up for him in the 1st round, I get it. Yes I was exaggerating. Last I said Love was a 2nd rounder
  9. I think the real reason wants out of Texas is because of all these allegations. I think Watson knew it was going to blow up; he knew thee allegations were coming. It had to as he was being serviced by like 40 women.Sure, he gets traded to another team he still has to deal with all the crap. That being said. He probably thought it would be easier to deal with in Denver. The whole state of Texans probably wants Watson gone. He goes to Denver and they don't care about his crap. They just think superbowls. Just win baby that's what it is all about.
  10. Basham was drafted for a different scheme. Correct. He did nothing in the previous scheme Turay has been injured. Correct. He was also injured in college. Lewis was drafted to play DT and he played Dend in college. It has worked out so well he was moved back to D end where he cannot secure a starting position. Banagou. Well enuff said.
  11. K....I caught my breathe. I really hope these guys pan out. However, if we go on history and the way Ballard evaluates Dlinemen, I am a little scared. Basham, Turay, Banagou and Lewis. Not one starter out of those 4 players. 3 2nd round picks and a 3rd rounder. Now he has invested another 1st and 2nd in the D line thru the draft. That makes 4 2nd rounders and a 3rd and 1st rounder. That's 6 drafted Dlinemen!!!! If these 2 don't pan out, Ballard needs to be held accountable. They r picking based on the traits he covets in Dlinmen. My brother inlaw is a Titan fan and he wanted Paye.
  12. Blackmon isn't a hit. He started off playing very well and ended the season playing not so well. That is an average player not a hall of fame. He was a rookies one expects up and downs.
  13. People find me amusing because of some of my views regarding Ballard and his picks. Check back. I wanted Simmons and wanted a trade up. I thought it was a mistake to bypass Sweat. I badly wanted Farly this year; check my posts. Imagine....Simmons....Sweat and if Farley pans out. That could be 3 players to build around. Paye just seems like another athlete and a project. Ballard has missed big time on his Dline picks. I am not overly enthused about Paye.
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