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  1. LBer's in this style of D are notoriously under weight. Thats why thry are very susceptible to the run. Their front 7 is light.
  2. https://clutchpoints.com/colts-darius-leonard-opens-up-about-playing-undersized/
  3. https://clutchpoints.com/colts-darius-leonard-opens-up-about-playing-undersized/ Read article.... https://clutchpoints.com/colts-darius-leonard-opens-up-about-playing-undersized/
  4. Lighter D line men like the Colts. He mixes up and disguises coverages way more than the Colts and uses his safeties all over. The Colts run a basic zone cover D. Teams that run the same D are the Falcons, Seahawks, Chargers and Jags.
  5. "Spagnuolo uses a 4–3 base defense with a heavy emphasis on multiple blitz packages, including corner and safety blitzes. While defensive coordinator of the New York Giants, he often used a smaller defensive line, with three or even four defensive ends to further pressure the quarterback." Correct me if if I am wrong. That is quite opposite of what the Colts run.
  6. Hmmmmm.....not at all. I thought their O line played with more aggression under their former O line coach. That's not a troll statement. Their former O line coach was known to b a hard ...Even Nelson was upset by his departure. Read a little and study some film before making comments.
  7. Hmmmm.......i would argue their O line took a step back last year
  8. They failed as they could not apply pressure. They failed because they play a basic system and very good to great qbs will destroy it. Now if they play more man, I am not sure they have the dbs to be successful. Time will tell.
  9. I agree, they should b better. However, experience does not matter much if u r not physically able to play a certain scheme.
  10. They never really went smaller. Thats the scheme. Light up front. Penetrate....go for the qb. If u manage to tackle the rb on the way to the qb......bonus.
  11. Actually he ranks around 25th all time in career field goal percentage. So out of say 7 billion people in the world I am the only one? Wow.
  12. Whats changed? This D has even been worse than the Dungy/Meeks era. Leonard is not great in the run game. Hes 215 and gets man handled a lot
  13. I think he broke his finger signing the contract and blew out his knee getting up from the table. Will start the the season on injured reserve.
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