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  1. Does it matter. For the last 2 years this team has shown it cannot beat play off teams. Sure they will beat the Texans and maybe make a run with lesser opponents. This team needs an infusion of talent in the defense.
  2. Can u say welcome DeShawn Watson? Thats some serious fire power ro use to sway the Texans.
  3. He previously made a 43 yarder. Yes it sucks. I gotcha. This whole season in on Ballard's ability to draft defensive talent for this scheme. It sucks. He has no one besides Buckner who is elite up front. His linebackers cannot cover. His secondary is a mess. His safeties cannot cover.
  4. Wentz gets sacked and takes u put of field goal range. U make the point that the kicker was injured. Well this offensive line is basically back ups due to injuries. He played it safe and put it in his players hand and it did not work out. If Wentz got sacked i bet everyone would have said he should have played it safe. Damned if u do and damned if u don't.
  5. Wentz is also injured and had a fantastic game. Got to fight thru it.
  6. I also think Reich did want this game going into over time. He saw the Ravens cong back and rook a chance
  7. Flus back end is a mess. They can't cover and were injured. I forget the corner who went in for Rhoades. He got burned on a big play. Bam.....scored in seconds. I think that has happened to Flus numerous times as D coordinator. I truly believe he does not trust his back end. Who can blame him. No pressure up front and they get picked apart. The success or failure of this D is tied to the pressure the front 4 puts on the qb. No pressure and qb has all day to pick apart this secondary. It's quite simple actually
  8. U see this is where it is hard for Frank. He usually goes for the jugular and goes for it and fans and media go after him. Now he plays conservative for the supposed easy field goal and gets crucified. If he would have been more aggressive and Wentz gets sacked taking us put of field goal range or an int, he would have been crucified. I had no problem with the call
  9. But Ballard is an awe shucks kind of guy. I said before the season I would have franchised Leonard or traded him. I got torched. I made the comparison of Leonard and a running back. He had high sack numbers before this year. He plays at 215 and I felt all that contact would have an effect on him and possibly lead to him wearing down or having injuries. Plus I don't place high value on the position.So one of our highest paid D players is a linebacker and our soon to be 20 million guard will be our second highest paid on offense. Don't people see a problem here??
  10. Actually this is a scheme that demands a lot of resources. U need at least 2 elite D line men. We have one. Think of Tamp when they had Sapp, Booger and Rice. I cannot recall their other starting D linemen. Think more recently of the 49ers. They were good but had a crap load of 1st rounders on the D line. Seattle also had a good D line but had a tremendous secondary. In order for this D to work , your front 4 must put on pressure. If they do not, the opposing qb picks the secondary apart as there are holes in the zones. U blitz and play man and the corners get burned. They don't have elite traits at corner. That is why teams march up and down the field when the front 4 is not getting thru. Then Flus blitzes or plays man and long play. I think in a lot of ways Flus is screwed. I don't like his style of defense. However, I don't think Ballard has provided with the talent to run this scheme effectively. Ballard is more of the problem then Flus. U give Flus an elite front 4 and some secondary help and things could be different.
  11. It's because we run a simple and out dated defence and we lack talent. Put those three reasons together and u have a crappy defense. This defense has not improved 4 years later under Ballard. He's an ah shucks guy but I have said it over and over that he is over rated but people think he is the beat thing since slice bread.
  12. U r correct and all the high priced talent is on the injury list. Makes u think eh??
  13. Darn it. Somebody finally calling on Ballard for his crappy drafting. He needs to be gone.
  14. I find this forum so funny. Everyone calls out Reich and Flus but for some reason Ballard flies under the radar. Reich has played with 4 different qbs since he has been here. He is not perfect but I truly don't believe he is the problem. The problem is Ballard and Flus. Ballard drafted the defensive talent and Flus is from that stupid cover 2 blah blah scheme. They both need to go. This team is what it is. Criticize Grigson all u want but he had a better record. Yes he had Luck. We had a franchise type performance tonight by Wentz and it was was wasted by this pathetic defense. I get called out but do people actually believe this defense is going in the right direction after 4 years under Ballard's drafting and Flus' coaching? I actually think they are regressing. They offer nothing complex. Every qb that plays them ends up having a career year. I have said it many times that this team needs corners badly.
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