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  1. A lot of people think Brissett won't bring back much in a trade. The fact that makes him so appealing is he is only going to make 2 million next year. Would u rather trade up in the draft or take a chance on a guy who has started in the league with mixed results for a very low price?
  2. Moosejawcolt

    Ballard continues to lay the blueprint

    I don't necessarily agree. I think our problem in the Manning years was the offence. Polian drafted heavily on the offensive side of the ball. They put up record setting numbers in the regular season. Then came the play offs and they did not play with the same efficiency. Not a lot of draft capital went into the D during the Polian years. I actually thought the D played well in the playoffs during the Manning/Polish era considering the talent on that side of the ball.
  3. I agree somewhat. Foles is a fools gold. The team that signs him will regret it by the 2nd game of the year. The one thing that is very appealing bout Brissett is that he has a year left on his contract. Foles will want big money that is why he is going for mayb a 3rd. The team that trades for him then has to sign him. U give up a pick for Brissett and c how the year plays out. If he plays well, you can always franchise him. So u essentially have him try out for 2 years at minimal cost
  4. Moosejawcolt

    What can we learn from the pats??

    Honestly it's quite easy. They run multiple schemes on D and O. No other team comes close to the Pats in their ability to inter change week to week. Every team runs a system and sticks to that system. The Pats don't. It's quite simple why they win so much.
  5. My fav Colts player of all time.
  6. Agreed. Getting pass rushers at the DE and DT position is hard. Even more difficult with where we r picking. They r usually found in the to 10. Hopefully we get lucky. For this D to win we need a pass rush. We have how this D operates without significant pressure. Blake Bortles looks hall of fame. I am not a big fan of this style of D.
  7. I think the KC game showed us that we're farther ahead than u may think. They scored at will and I believe t could have been worse, but I think they took their foot off the pedal. I say 2 drafts and a free agent pick up here and there.
  8. How bout Grady Jarrett DT and John Brown WR as our 2 free agent pick ups? Under the radar and fit our O and D schemes.
  9. I wouldn't b surprised to see Oliver fall. He is 276 and some feel he mayb lighter than that. A great college player but that seems pretty light for a DT. I just had flash backs of Dungy's DT's getting pushed around.
  10. Moosejawcolt

    Latest WalterFootball Mock

    I will stick to my earlier prediction. I wouldnt b surprised if our 1st 3 picks were on D.
  11. Moosejawcolt

    Article about Jacoby's future

    I dont think Gettelman has ever traded a draft pick.
  12. Moosejawcolt

    If they're available...

    He is an interesting talent. He looks good on tape, but 276 pounds in the NFL. Has there been a DT tackle who has excelled in the league at that weight? Kind of a boom or bust product. They compared to Donald, but I am not sure if I would pull the trigger on him
  13. Agreed. However, when the Broncos had Miller and Ware and went to the super bowl. It was their interior pressure made them unbelievable. Fly around the end and Brady stepped up in the pocket and DTs were there with a great push. I would rather have a great interior lineman then a around the corner D end. Qbs r getting rid of the ball so quickly.
  14. Moosejawcolt

    Lessons learned from Chiefs game

    I agree. I didnt think the coaches did a good job. I wanted Luck under center and basically let the chiefs know we were going to ram it down their throats or die trying. Hopefully a lesson was learned
  15. Moosejawcolt

    Is Brady the luckiest qb ever ?

    I use to on the Manning band wagon. That being said. If u have Brady and Manning on 2 equal teams in the playoffs, I would take Brady hands down.