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  1. Moosejawcolt

    Oakland GM fired

    I doubt they pick 3 in the first round. They will most likely trade one of them and move back into the 2nd round . It would b a nightmare trying to sign them this year and into their 2nd contract if they all performed
  2. Moosejawcolt

    Running Back

    I was so against attempting to sign Bell. We have invested 3 later picks on the running back position and it is yielding good but not great results. Go get Bell in free agency. We have the cap and I imagine we could structure it so we get out of it when his wheels start to fall off. We have tons of cap space and pay him a lot up front. This draft is loaded on Defence. U get Bell and problem solved . Now focus on best player available in this year's draft
  3. Moosejawcolt

    Running Back

    I know we don't have a #1 back but I am more concerned we don't have that back we can go to when we need for those tough yards. I have more faith in Hines in those situations than Mack. I think Wilkins lack of playing time is because of his turnovers. I know we like the running back by committee model. I just don't see the back on the roster that says wow to me.
  4. Moosejawcolt

    Running Back

    13 games in. Do u think we have a #1 running back on this roster?
  5. Moosejawcolt

    Eberfluss (sp?) May actually be building the monster

    The bad thing bout our success on D? If it continues and say we make the playoffs or just miss out. Expect Eberfus' name to b a hot commodity. The price of fame
  6. I am not sure he will add a lot to the game plan. Dallas is not a sophisticated scheme. They r pretty basic on offense. I think they will play a or if zone as Dak likes to cough up the ball. I think they will play our offense the way they played Philly. Alot of man
  7. Moosejawcolt

    Reuben Foster

    Be careful wat u say on Twitter and/or forums. It will come out years from now and/or sooner and u will have to apologize endlessly and do 15 hail mary's before u r forgiven.
  8. Moosejawcolt

    Colts @ Texans Game Day Thread

    Yes Reich confuses me. He goes for it on 4th downs and the play in Houston where we lost. He preaches aggressiveness but seemed to play soft with the lead.
  9. Moosejawcolt

    Colts @ Texans Game Day Thread

    If they win this game it tells me a lot bout the character of the players and coaches. They were wooped last week. To come into Houston and perform in this manner speaks volumes
  10. Moosejawcolt

    Colts @ Texans Game Day Thread

    I disagree. They have still been able run on the Ravens. They r keeping Mahonnes in the pocket. I said awhile ago the Chiefs offence would slow down as season goes on. Keep Mahonnes in the pocket. Make him beat u in the pocket. Kelce is the target they can't lose.
  11. Moosejawcolt

    Colts @ Texans Game Day Thread

    Yeah high pass. I am watching the Chiefs game. Mahonnes threw 2 high passes to Kelce. Guess what, he came down with them. We all said next draft we focus on the D. I am not sure if I believe that anymore. We need receivers and I am on the Bell band wagon
  12. Moosejawcolt

    Colts @ Texans Game Day Thread

    Yes we did play some bad teams and it made us look good. However our offense is looking like the worst in the league. Every one was referring to Reich as a genius. This is where he earns his money and title.
  13. Moosejawcolt

    Colts @ Texans Game Day Thread

    I agree we don't have the weapons. That being said how is it that NE can reinvent itself weekly? I know we were all glad when we were on a roll that McDaniels bailed out. We cant keep using the excuses that we don't have weapons. Other teams r scoring with out weapons. They r being very creative.
  14. Moosejawcolt

    Matthew Adams Is Earning His Spot

    Could Adams convert to middle linebacker? Does he have the skill set? U sure notice him out on the field. He is very explosive