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  1. Moosejawcolt

    Positional Value

    I don't necessarily disagree with drafting Nelson......Just an interesting read. I do think that the Colts front office does have receivers and corners as positions of lesser value.
  2. Moosejawcolt

    Positional Value Good read. Do most people agree with his rankings? We all have our own views on how to build a team. I know a lot of people were not high on Nelson at #6. Article kind of reinforces the guard as a position of lesser value. Just wondering what people think.
  3. Moosejawcolt

    How much time does Ballard realistically have?

    I said at the beginning of the year I expected this team to b 4 and 12. I knew they would lose a lot of games but it is how they looked wen they lost those games. That would tell me if they were improving as a group. Wen they were 1 and 4, I was still pretty up beat and enthused. I have used a bench mark of 9 games to truly assess if his team is trending up wards. Would the O line be gelling? Would our draft picks be contributing? Would Luck b working himself back to his previous form? Would there b some hidden gems that were establishing themselves? I really expected the D to b trash at the beginning of the season. The Jets game threw me for a loop as we had 10 days off and the loss was disturbing. I just had to remeber this is a long process and it is only one game. If we come out and lay an egg against the Raiders and Bills , I will b wondering if this team has the right leadership. Until then I am buying into Ballard and Riech's vison. I just expect us to b competitive with teams that have the same level of talent as us.
  4. Moosejawcolt

    Bradley Chubb

    Still rather have Nelson, Smith and Jets 2nd round pick in 2019
  5. Moosejawcolt

    Again I will say, Ballard is not impressing me

    I agree with u on this point about pass rusher vs guard. However it was not that simple. They got a guard at #6 and another starting guard in the 2nd round plus the Jets 2nd round in 2019. I could b wrong but I think in the end that will Trump Chubb's value. Plus...... Browns got generational D end in Garrett and how is that working for them? In football u need a complete team to win.
  6. Moosejawcolt

    Again I will say, Ballard is not impressing me

    U say a game changer. Chubb had 3 sacks.....did Denver win or lose???
  7. Moosejawcolt

    We knew this

    I agree with u. However I think the Jets game set people back a bit. U got 10 days rest and playing against a rookie qb. It was not a good look for the coaches and the players to lose like they did. Just a lot of frustration by the fans. GM and coach's want us to b patient. I will b positive and patient. That being said if we play Buffalo and Raiders like we did the Jets and lose......there will b a lot of people questioning the direction of this organization
  8. Moosejawcolt

    You're the GM

    Everyone has been critical of Ballard and his lack of acquiring free agents this off season and the draft. What free agents would u have re signed and/or signed and who would u have drafted?
  9. Moosejawcolt

    OL gave Luck time and made room for Mack

    Honestly I am not trying to b negative......but!!!!! When they tried and had to run in the first half, they couldn't get a running game going. In the second half they got some nice runs. Now was that because the Jets had a good lead and were playing the pass? Was the offensive line starting to gel and opening holes? Mayb a combination of both. Buffalo is a good defence and honestly I want....I mean I need this line full of high draft picks to totally humiliate and obliterate them. Time to man up. I said by week 9 this line will gel. We r quickly getting to the targeted date.
  10. Moosejawcolt

    did anyone hear Polian ? chill people

    I think u offer some really good points. However, I am not sure bout your stance on the FS. Earl Thomas and Eric Berry, when healthy, had a great impact on their defense. Some would say they were the D's most valuable players
  11. Moosejawcolt

    Raiders wanting to trade Cooper? [Merge]

    I agree Mack was an elite player wen they traded him; Cooper is not. He's not a proven young player. He basically had one good year and has under whelmed since then. If u want him that bad wait till end of season as he will probably b cut.
  12. Moosejawcolt

    Raiders wanting to trade Cooper? [Merge]

    So why does it make sense? A team that is mayb worse than us and looks to re building wants to get rid of a top 4 pick. R we not rebuilding and why do we want a player that a team is wanting to get rid of? If he was an elite player they would keep him.....hes not
  13. Moosejawcolt

    How much time does Ballard realistically have?

    Your posts r very well thought out and well written. Wish I could write the way I think haha. There is a direct correlation between our wins and losses and the amount of injuries we r currently dealing with. Plus, has anyone actually looked at our roster and looked at what is the average round our players were drafted in and the average age of our starting players??? There is a reason we r 1 and 5. New coaches....young players...turned over roster.....and not a lot of players who r high picks. I forget wat coach said it; I think it was Parcells or Levy. For every rookie starting u lose a game. These players r fighting hard and seem like a close group. No finger pointing and they all know they need to play better.
  14. Moosejawcolt

    How did the Colts offensive line do?

    Week 9 .....i keep saying it. If this group can stay healthy and together u will see dominance. I am trying to b positive but I do believe it
  15. Moosejawcolt

    How much time does Ballard realistically have?

    Chubb has showed up for one game and he has Von Miller playing on the other side. O line takes time to gel. I keep saying it. If they r injury free and have their starters u will c a very good O line by week 9. Oh and Denver still lost the game because all their game changers on D