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  1. Probably getting a raise. Most of us would leave for a better opportunity. Coaching is a brutal profession. Got to strike while the iron is hot.
  2. The only problem is this. U r paying at least a 1st rounder for Matt. They will probably want the Colts second and maybe more. Colts r kind of at the mercy of teams as they only have Eason under contract
  3. Agreed. I would also have an easier time paying huge money as a LT than at the guard position.
  4. Was listening to a previous GM this aft. He said because of the cap and each teams qb situations. There are only 3 teams in the Stafford hunt. Indy, NE and Denver. They feel that Detroit may tru to accomodate him. If I was Stafford would probably be the best choice.
  5. Oh its just not him. He can take this defensive philosophy with him.
  6. Lol. I agree Houston has made some head scratcher moves under O'Brien. However, his motivation was to win it all. You r liable to make some good and some bad moves.
  7. Yeah I, I feel something is coming. He has not had a lot of play off success. That being said, the success of GB can b attributed to Rodgers.
  8. Well they have won a lot of games over the last few years. So if they r not smart whay does that make the Colts??
  9. I just listended to some of Rodgers post game interview. He kind of sounds like a guy who may shock people and retire or ask for a trade. Just a gut feeling. I dont think he is happy to this day with the head coach and the decision to draft Love.
  10. Thanks and I live in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Canada so that would b one hell of a ride. Now thats being thoughtful lol
  11. Yup. U have to think outside the box. That being said, I dont think a lot of teams value Leonard as much as the Colts due. He is a typical under sized Tampa 2 line backer. Plus, he is going to want some big money
  12. If the only hold uo is Eberflus being able to get a ride to Houston. I will pick him up and I wont even charge him for gas!!!!
  13. I was a Stafford fan early in his career. I soured on him as he got older. I am fine with moving forward with Eason unless Reich has no confidence in him. Cannon arm and more mobile than people give him credit for. Love his physical traits and he was apparently working his butt off. Willing to give Ballard and Reich a pass if they do and Eason fails. Its time this year to roll with Eason and then if the Colts say finish 5 and 11, they r in much better situation to get their guy in the 2022 draft.
  14. I agree the more I think bout it. I think Detroit is going to want at least a 1st for a guy they dont want. Even though the Colts went 11 and 5, they have holes to fill
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