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Colts Game Day Thread
All posting during Colts game time that is about the game, must either be in the game day thread or in chat.

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    • 1. Bengals - Joe Burrow QB LSU   While there are rumors the dolphins want to trade up to get Burrow, I can not see the Bengals skipping out in getting their next franchise QB   2. Redskins - Tua Tagovailoa QB Alabama   Haskins imo is not the future of the Redskins and with reports saying Tua is healthy, I can't see the redskins passing on him. As for Haskins, I can see him either moved and kept to develop as trade bait.   3. Lions - Chase Young DE Ohio State   Lions are licking their chops to have Young fall to them. Along with Flowers, the lions have a nice pass rush duo.   TRADE!   4. Chargers - Jordan Love QB Utah State   This could be either the Dolphins chasing Herbert or Love or the chargers, but I am convinced if a team trades up, its for the hype that is Jordan Love's "Mahomes" like arm.   5. Dolphins - Justin Herbert QB Oregon   The QB run continues and the dolphins get their franchise QB   6. Giants - Jerry Jeudy WR Alabama   Giants have been pegged with OL, but I think the teams wants to find a replacement for Beckham and Jeudy is one good replacement.   7. Panthers - Isaiah Simmons OLB Clemson   Panthers need to boost their LBer corp after losing Kuechly to retirement.   TRADE!   8. Jets - Ceedee Lamb WR Oklahoma   Cards need to add draft picks and the Jets avoid the risk of losing Lamb to the Jags. Darnold finally gets a legit receiving weapon.   9. Jags - Jeff Okudah CB Ohio State   Jags get a steal and replace Ramsey   10. Browns - Tristan Wirfs OT Iowa   Browns signed Conklin on one side and now they get Wirfs to play RT   TRADE!   11. Dolphins - Henry Ruggs WR Alabama   Dolphins want to get their WR before the Raiders and the 49ers. Give Herbert a nice compliment to Parker.   12. Raiders - Derek Brown DT Auburn   Raiders lose out on Ruggs and go BPA to help booster their pass rush.   13. 49ers - Javon Kinlaw DT South Carolina   49ers couldn't get one of the three wrs so they replace Buckner.   14. Bucs - Jedrick Wills OT Alabama   Bucs give Brady some protection   15. Broncos - Mekhi Becton OT Louisville    Drew Lock seems to be their future and they need to protect him   16. Falcons - Kenneth Murray LB Oklahoma   Falcons get a great replacement for Vic Beasly and really good compliment to Deion Jones   17. Cowboys - CJ Henderson CB Florida   Cowboys need to replace Bryan Jones   18. Cards - Andrew Thomas OT Georgia   Cards are able to add draft picks and still get Murray protection.   19. Raiders - Jalen Reagor WR TCU   This is prototypical raiders. They take the fastest WR in the draft.   20. Jags - Ross Blacklock DT TCU   Jags need to fix the middle of their defense as they were just gashed repeatedly last year.   21. Eagles - Xavier Mckinnely S Alabama   Eagles just lost Jenkins and need to add to their secondary.   TRADE!   22. Ravens - Patrick Queen LB LSU   Ravens jump ahead of the Pats to get their next great MLB.   TRADE!   23. Bengals - Justin Jefferson WR LSU   Yes I know I am doing a lot of trades, but I do feel the Pats will trade down with this pick and the bengals want to make Burrow happy so they get his favorite target and jump ahead of the saints who would have likely taken him.   24. Saints - Trevon Diggs CB Alabama   Payton can do a lot with Diggs rather thats pair him with Lattimore or put him on offense with Thomas.   25.Vikings - Kristian Fulton CB LSU   Vikings lost both Rhodes and Waynes and need to address their corners   26. Dolphins - Josh Jones OT Houston   Dolphins get their QB, WR, and now protection for Herbert.   27. Seahawks - K'Lavon Chaisson Penn State   Seahawks are still in limbo with Clowney, but if they do re-sign him, they still need more pass rushers.   28. Vikings - Yetur Gross-Matos EDGE Penn State   Vikings lost Griffin and need to add a pass rusher.   29. Titans - A.J Epenesa EDGE Iowa   Titans have been pursing Clowney, however they can't pass up Epenesa falling this far.   30. Packers - Denzel Mims WR Baylor   Packers need to find someone to pair with Adams and take pressure away from coverage.   31. 49ers - Tee Higgins WR Clemson   49ers still get their WR as Higgins falls right into their lap.   32. Chiefs - Jon Taylor RB Wisconsin   Another weapon to their already loaded offense and a lot more speed at RB.   33. Pats - Zack Baun LB Wisconsin   Pats love their LBers and after missing out on Murray and Queen, its a good trade down for them.   34. Colts - Cesar Ruiz C/G Michigan   Ok before everyone kills me, just hear me out. Yes I know I am contradicting myself from my previous mock and you're probably saying why on earth are we drafting a C while I have a couple of reasons. First Ruiz has the size and strength to play G. Imo, I think we need to upgrade Glow and Ruiz can step in day one and be a huge asset to our line. Second, Kelly is going to be a free agent next year and there are a lot of starters that need to be re-signed like Mack, Walker, Hilton and then we have looming contracts for Leonard and potentially Turay the following year. Third, we need DEPTH! There is no one currently on the roster I have confidence in to start if any one of our starters get hurt.
    • The thing is no one is saying he is a great or a franchise QB. But this saying he is trash, no good and a bum is pure horse dung. Then to keep harping on it over and over is childish. For those who think his injury and the lack of receivers didn't have a negative effect on him are just looking for a scape goat.  He did play well enough to have at least two or three more wins if AV just hit easy field goals. 
    • I predicted an o lineman and edge rusher with the first 2 picks before the Buckner trade so I will stay with that. 
    • I seriously hope we give Kelly a fair chance if drafting a QB in the 3rd or 4th is our plan for our future QB the mid and late round QBs in this draft dont impress me at all
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