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    Family is the 1st ever family to receive Colts season tickets back in 1984! Got proof! Been a STH ever since!

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  1. How can this happen when they start 20-30yds behind the line of scrimmage???
  2. As a season ticket holder, the rest of this season is gonna suck going to home games if nothing is changed! Our tailgates have become the best part of the day! Its actually been like that for the last few years! Oh well!
  3. Our safety started 30yards behind the los on that last play!
  4. This loss will most definately put an end to our season!
  5. They call holding there and that wasnt even close! Baltimores been doing that all game!
  6. Thats the 5th time a raven OL tackled a defender on the back with no fkn call!
  7. Thats what being too damn conservative will do to you! Now we will probly lose this!
  8. Someone tell Eberfluss there’s an opening in Vegas!
  9. Can we fire eberfluss yet??? The injuries are no excuse!
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