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  1. Houston just handed Titans the division! Anyone watchn that crap? They went for 2 when they coulda went for 1 to go up 8! Titans mow right down the field and tie it up now goin to ot!
  2. Every big play ty has had, theres been a flag! STILL 0 flags on Cinci!
  3. TY gettn held bigtime! Is walt anderson/coleman out there?
  4. All defensive coaches need to be fired! Frank needs a new OC to call the plays, need all new Wrs, etc... I got a feeling we will not do anything at the trade deadline, which will be a mistake. Oh and btw, the schedule will only get tougher from here on out! But if nothing is changed and the coaches keep doing the same ole nonsense, we wont win another game!
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