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  1. I want to know the amount of penalties that were waived off or reversed for every team!? Or how many that were missed per team! Or the amount of times teams were cheated from a crap call!
  2. Bronko nagurski umqresa poosisauto another easy but funny one... Sircut RAPEnIT
  3. Just for s&g’s, what would the Colts have to give up to get Jeaux Beaureaux?
  4. Thomas will fn break Marvins record by halftime if this keeps up!
  5. Wait a minute, dont the Colts get a participation trophy? Or maybe they should hang a mediocre looking banner in the rafters!
  6. Hooker was five yards behind the play! He was in a lucky position! Im not giving him credit for that int! Just plain luck!
  7. Whatdoyaknow Hooker beaten on that whole pathetic possession!
  8. No he is not! I dont understand all the love for this guy! Its not that qbs are avoiding him, Even if they are, he still should be able to get involved in plays! Im done with his *!
  9. Bridgewater wouldnt be bad, but the guy I’d take a look at from N.O. Is Taysom Hill! Good things seem to happen whenever that guy touches the ball! Granted he’s only used as a trick play/running qb, he would be worth a good look at!
  10. Sounds like GODdell is a little drunk!
  11. Colts! Masters of trading out of the 1st round!!! Uuughuuuuhh! seriously, who needs a 1st round talent!psshh
  12. There will be 10 minutes of commercials when Colts are on the clock probly!
  13. Raiders should go brown or metcalf this pick after losing cooper and jordy
  14. I thought we had a backup QB that was worthy of a 1st round trade!?
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