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  1. Anyone else tired of this zone Defense crap? Every game I despise seeing our safeties 15-20 yrds behind the l.o.s., and our dbs/lbs standing place until the ball Is caught! Is this Eberfulss’s fault??? I dont know! Did he stay with this tampa 2 strategy because of the player personell, or Reich!??? If they are professional players, they shouldnt have to be that far back to start a play! Like Gump would say,... Im not a smart man, but Im not an indiot! FIRE FRANK!!!
  2. I dont100% agree that Rivers was the problem! Its the Coaching! Rivers does have a noodle arm, but he did prove that he can make a tough throw15-25yds down the field! He does have blame in the play calling! He can check to a different play based on what the D is doing, but those checkdowns are nonsense reich calls that dont do a danm thing! We need to rid of the danm wr/rb/te screen plays on 2nd And long! Only Hines needs to run those and not slow players like Burton!
  3. We dropped way too many passes today, but coaching was pathetic! Reich has been worse than Pablahno and Caldwell!
  4. wth is this offense doing??? This loss is totally on coaching! All this time you throw to short side of the field when other side was wide open to get into fg range! # Reich! Im done with him and Fluss! Total * job by our coaches!
  5. I dont understand why we bring so many db blitzes! We bring way more db blitzes than lb blitzes! Kenny Moore is good but he got burnt there!
  6. Is It Reich or Riech??? Is the i before the e, except after c??? This is what we get for havong a career backup as a head coach! Not worth it!!!
  7. Can someone explain to me why our Safeties are always 15-20yds behind the los? Nice challenge reich btw! This is the the only d i have ever seen that has safeties 15+ yrds behind the los and still gets beat by wrs!
  8. Doesnt help that every single call and break has gone Buffs way!
  9. Why was JT in on that rb screen? Why do we not have NH in there? There has been 1-2 plays every possession in which the Offense have have terrible play calls! Cant win if they keep doin this crap!
  10. Somethn tells me Fluss is already gone! Like a college coach in a final bowl game b4 being hired on by another school!
  11. Take the 3 points Reich! Yea, Pitt shoulda caught that! If the ball hits your hands, you better catch it! Reich gettn too cute once again! Take the effn points in a game like this 100%!
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