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  1. I’m just glad Bernie Madoff was able to die having to personally hand over the crown for the most profitable scam in history when this one finally breaks. Madoff had to work so much harder to bilk his money, having to hand over the crown probably would have been enough to break his mind entirely.
  2. We’re collecting torn Achilles right now like the people who had to cheat their way through their high school Econ classes are collecting doge.
  3. The quality of content from the Star has been in a steep decline now for, well... let’s just say a long time. A looooooong time. As it continues to drop the Star finds ways to lose credible and talented writers to other outlets. Except Doyel. They’re going to have to physically remove him from the building after the Star has gone out of business. Like rodents in a crawl space. There’s the bottom of the barrel, and somewhere down underneath that resides Doyel. Don’t read anything he writes for the same exact reason you don’t pick up a dog turd an
  4. So then yes. We are waiving the white flag of surrender on Banogu. Is what it is, but still hate to see those second round picks go to waste. Let’s hope that’s the only one that leaves us with nothing worth having to show for it.
  5. I have a Chargers fan in our dynasty fantasy league. He made fun of us for signing him. It’s not fun to get made fun of by a Chargers fan. Ijs.
  6. What happens when you don’t take good care of your QB? But anyways, yeah. Can’t figure out why anyone would have doubts about not having a quality starter at the most important position on the offensive line. How silly, amirite?
  7. Irsay says Tevi can do a solid job at LT... I dunno, bruh. I’m not really excited to bet that pony.
  8. I like the concept. A more athletic guy that gives up some size in exchange for play making ability. He’s not a blocker so giving up some of that aforementioned size doesn’t bother me. I gotta say though, I get a little shook after the last few years around here when I hear there may be some issue with drops. Please god, no. Not anymore.
  9. So are we waiving the white flag on Banogu, or was this a second round depth pick? Either way we now have 2 seconds and 1 first round picks in the last 3 years competing for 2 spots. I know BPA and all, but if the BPA was a QB they certainly wouldn’t have drafted him. It might have been ok to swap out 1 and 2 to spread the resources a little more evenly. I can’t see this (injured) guy being so head and shoulders above the entire rest of the remaining field that they couldn’t have used the pick on a different position. If it’s an upgrade over Banogu then whatever.
  10. He told his mom after he was selected last night that she was retired. The more I see and hear from the guy the more I like him. Glad to have him on board.
  11. But that means there’s no trading back for the rest of this year and next. At least not for anything in the 3rd or above. We don’t have a first next year, and now we have no shot at one. (Barring a Wentz injury) So now we’ve gotta work with the picks we have until 2023 when we’ll be able to reasonably trade back and pick up any additional picks.
  12. Alright. To me this seems to signify that Ballard is altering his mindset now from “let’s stockpile picks and build something with the right pieces” to “let’s open it up full throttle and see what happens”. No way he trades down again at 2 with the T situation solved, and a 3 isn’t going to net him very much so we’re working with what we’ve got now. Time to take the training wheels off.
  13. Boy. What a turn this day, and the entire offseason has taken for Packers fans suddenly... yikes on bikes.
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