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  1. To be fair... To be fair, jabroni is a term that pre-dates The Rock. It was a term coined decades back when the use of carny speak was still dominant in the world of professional wrestling. It’s a term used to describe a jobber: someone who’s only purpose is to lose to, and make others look good, and not gain any kind of popularity or momentum of their own. The Rock just started using the old term in the 90s because it had been replaced almost entirely by the term jobber instead. And that concludes today’s lesson in pro wrestling. Tomorrow’s lesson will be about the art of cheap heat, and we will round out the week with a history lesson on the time the 80 year old Mae Young gave Bob Holly the business for not wanting to clothesline her as hard as he could.
  2. The Rams paid way too much for this jabroni. Now it’s up to the Jags to make good on those picks. Here’s hoping they keep with tradition.
  3. No. They won’t try to stop him. They’re going to let him run free every play and have a good ol’ time out there. I bet if he asks nicely they’ll even pick up up and carry him to the end zone once or twice. Surely they wouldn’t want him to get tired.
  4. Not a good day for him today. He didn’t complete a single pass.
  5. I hope they have him mic’d up when Ballard releases him next week since we only signed him to beat the Chiefs and we’ve done that now. That’ll be an interesting conversation for sure.
  6. At first he was like And then he was like
  7. He was bowling them over like he was Al Bundy out there last night. Steee-rike!
  8. He can? Based on what? His best season was only 63 catches for 840 yards in 2017. You’re betting the upside here. But saying he’s a good enough receiver that he’s suddenly going to open up the secondary and catch everything thrown his way is a real stretch.
  9. So if he kept up that pace that 6 catches for 60 yards. I can go back and find weeks where Chester Rodgers had the same production in a half as a starter. It doesn’t mean it’s the answer to a problem.
  10. I really don’t see Funchess being the key to making a big improvement. Just 6 months ago people were wondering why we signed him or who else we were going to sign at WR. It’s not even like he set the world on fire in the one game he did play. When it comes to raising the ceiling for Brissett it’s going to take more than Devin Funchess. Probably a lot more. He has a good floor. He’ll never Nathan Peterman you. But conversely, he’ll never Tom Brady you.
  11. He didn’t get spanked, and he didn’t give up a TD. At this point we take it one step at a time with him, and this one was, at the least, not a negative step. It could have been worse. It could have been much, much worse.
  12. Which just leaves me wondering why they didn’t try to run more. It was clear before the half that it wasn’t going to be the spectacular air raid that many expected. But we weren’t blowing them out of the water and putting them in a situation where they couldn’t run. They just.... didn’t. Even after Mahomes was hobbled and clearly in pain they made it a point not to take some of the stress and pressure of him by running the ball. Just another one of those Andy Reid moments where the lights are on but nobody is home. Like I said, it’s been a while. This one was the first of the Mahomes era. There’s definitely some tough questions he should have to be answering this morning.
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