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  1. I was in marching band on high school and played in the RCA Dome 3 times. I played a 40 pound bass drum strapped to my chest. It was the worst place I ever played hands down. I could barely hear my own drum as I hit it. It was impossible to hear much of anything in there down on the field because of the way the air circulated and the echoes created. It was always State Finals when we played in there, and I absolutely hated that all of our hard work and perfecting our show from June to late October came down to a crapshoot in that bundling where we were just trying to hold on and get through it as best we could.
  2. Benoit’s grade was a little extreme, but his logic was sound. In fact, he overhyped Wilson.
  3. Because teams don’t design stadiums, and stadiums aren’t designed for teams. They are designed for a multitude of events. Monster Jams, Motocross, concerts, marching band competitions... Stadiums are built with noise suppressing technology to lure these events to town, and fans to them.
  4. John Waylon

    Swoope Waived Again

    He gone.
  5. Look, I know you’ve been around here after a loss. I know you’ve seen the dumpster fires that spring up. You know now why that happens? First and foremost because people care. That’s why they’re here. They form an emotional bond with the team as a fan and they care. And that’s great. But you you know the other big reason? Because they likely built up an expectation in their own mind, and the team fell short. They expected a win. When that doesn’t happen they get frustrated and express that frustration. Expecting something within probability is fine. Like expecting the Colts to win this Sunday. Totally logical. Expecting us to score 100 points is not, and it’s really not fine to expect it. The people expecting us to be locks for the playoffs to the point of trying to position ourselves for a certain spot are going to be disappointed when we don’t make it. They are expecting something that the odds are not in our favor for. But instead of admitting that we are in a bad spot and the only thing we should worry about right now is getting out of this weekend with the win we need they are putting the cart before the horse. And if (and even more likely WHEN) we miss the playoffs in a couple weeks there are going to be disappointed people who were too busy looking ahead at stuff like this that the reality of the situation got lost on them. I’m not here trying to prevent a sea of dumpster fire posts and threads for my own well-being when that happens, I’m doing it for us all.
  6. Way to go. I’m not setting lofty expectations that will end in disappointment. We will play Dallas. We will win, or we will lose. We will play the Giants. We will win, or we will lose. These things WILL happen, barring the aforementioned meteor destroying the planet. Guaranteed. There is no guarantee we will make the playoffs at all, be it as division champs or a wild card seed. We have 0 control over that at this point. So planning (and advanced planning like trying to gain some kind of edge with seeding) for it like we do is a wasted effort. It’s premature, and the odds are against it. In this situation the best thing we can do is hold our speculation to what will happen.
  7. But it does. It changes your expectations. If you convince yourself that we are going to win every game we play until the end of time you’re going to be disappointed when it doesn’t happen. You set yourself up for an expectation that fell short and now you’re going to be dissatisfied, and express that dissatisfaction despite the fact that it was wrongly built to begin with. The cold hard facts of this situation are that there are nearly an infinite amount of variables that will influence how our season ends, and most of them beyond our control as fans and as a team. There is simply too much that can go on between now and then to put any real stock into these outlooks and forecasts.
  8. Exactly. I think we pull out a win vs. Dallas, but it’s the Giants or Titans game I’m weary of because both of those games are ones this team would come out flat in. Our run defense has been good, but Barkley has proven to be a shifty one.
  9. As is posting in a thread that could be entirely pointless with the bounce of a single ball. We aren’t even in control of our own destiny. We win out and the Ravens win out it doesn’t matter, we’re out they’re in. Win this week. That’s all we can do. The rest is going to have to fall into place on it’s own regardless of the hopes, speculations, and expectations. Control what you are in control of.
  10. Fine. I would rather a meteor not hit the planet and destroy all life today. What a fun game this is.
  11. Dealing in hypotheticals like this sets potentially unrealistic expectations. Does anyone remember just a couple weeks ago we were all “rah rah rah we’re going to trounce the Jags 35-4”? What happened? We came out and got hit in the mouth. We got a lot of lucky breaks that it didn’t leave us worse off than it did. People get carried away and let their dreams start dreaming them. The task of winning the next game is vexing enough that playing future builder in this situation is pointless. One loss wrecks the whole thing. Looking ahead is pointless because we didn’t take care of business enough to afford the luxury of looking ahead.
  12. We’re on to Dallas. That’s the only game that matters.
  13. John Waylon

    Deon Cain

    Hype is cheap. I remember all the hype for Duron Carter and Dorsett. Neither panned out. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.
  14. John Waylon

    5 teams, 3 spots

    Yo this is a developing story worth watching.