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  1. He seems to have inherited Grigson’s struggles with the WR position...
  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Patriots didn’t give us a ring about him at this point.
  3. I always liked Dalton coming out of college. But years of being stuck under Marvin Lewis have corrupted him as a QB. Lots of bad habits developed and plenty of development left on the table. Never wanted either of them for this team.
  4. I bet Hilton goes without a catch...
  5. Deebo is where he needs to be. Deebo in Indy under Reich isn’t Deebo in SF under Shanahan. He’s the kind of player that a gadget-heavy guy like Shanahan can maximize the production for. Reich... Well... No. He can’t even figure out how to play two of his three highly valued RBs at the same time and create a little advantage for us with it. No way he could scheme up the things that have helped Deebo’s production. That said, however, I think Aiyuk is going to become a bigger deal to that offense than Deebo over the long-haul.
  6. I think at the end of the day he’s a pretty average player. Sometimes he’s good, sometimes he’s not good. He’s like Rivers. He’ll flash just enough to keep you hopeful, but ultimately just average, or worse if the bounces don’t go your way. I definitely don’t want to see a long-term commitment to him at this point.
  7. I really try not to think about passing on Brown. It stings.
  8. I think they need to change his role in the offense. He can’t be that guy who takes the top off the defense anymore. Put him in a different role. At least try.
  9. Taylor wasn’t known for catching passes out of the backfield in college. But he can do it. Really well. To the point he honestly makes Hines’ strength irrelevant. So far he’s shown he can catch and run with most anything thrown his way. And he may not be as fast as Hines, but he’s still a better runner than Hines. Hines probably has a better chance to catch passes longer than 10 yards, but how often is that a designed part of our offense? It just baffles me that they don’t try to capitalize on that and operate more of the offense through him. Whether it was intentional or not it happ
  10. The more he plays the better he gets and the more he taxes the opposing defense. We just don’t take advantage of that. He’s JAG in our offense. He isn’t as important to our offense as any of the top RBs in the league are to theirs. And that may be something that is actually holding us back. I absolutely abhor the way Reich uses our RBs. Terrible management. There’s no reason Taylor shouldn’t get 80+% of the carries on offense. None. Wilkins should only see the field once a game unless he’s in there WITH Taylor. Hines should get no more than 20% of the carries in a game.
  11. Not bad. But how consistently can he produce? That’s where we are struggling.
  12. Yes. Where have I not made it clear, crystal clear, that I don’t like Rivers? I even said that and still, somehow, here we are. I can’t wait until this Rivers experiment is over. I hate Phillip Rivers. Now, where is the disconnect?
  13. Boo hoo. On the list of problems it’s plenty low enough.
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