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  1. Sad to see how little fanfare this thread got. But it’s indicative of big John’s legacy here. Mudd, Moore, Dungy, and Polian all get so much credit for the success during that golden era of Colts football, but Teerlinck absolutely deserves to be held in the same regard. I don’t think we’ll ever see a deadly pair like Freeney and Mathis under such an expert coach ever again in the NFL. It was just the perfect fit. Was really sad to see John leave the team, and definitely sad to hear this news. Thanks for everything, coach.
  2. Pretty sure he’d be at least the week 1 starter in New England if we release him. Bill knows it’s likely to happen and he’s just waiting.
  3. An exclusive look at how this post was made:
  4. You’re all wrong. We got something in return for Quincy Wilson. That’s the steal of the draft.
  5. We were trying to get him locked up long term earlier this off season. Wonder if something on that front prompted this move. Go take a look at Ballard’s work in the 5th. Clearly you don’t understand draft capital and why giving up a pick in a round where Ballard finds contributors annually is an odd move for a RB who may never be anything more than a timeshare with Mack depending on whether they keep him or not.
  6. It was a firm price. If Mack signs long term it becomes really steep. Becomes a high price to pay for a RB who won’t be the feature back.
  7. O...k. That was out of left field. Not a bad pick, just didn’t see it coming.
  8. He’s got some decent potential. I like it.
  9. Meh. Still hoping we go WR early because Johnson is little more than a prospect as a 3rd on the DC.
  10. Call up Bill O’Brien. He’s an easy swindle...
  11. I mean even if we draft a WR in the 2nd we’re still likely going to be pretty weak at the position this season... Although, at least in my opinion, that would have also been true with Funchess as well.
  12. We’ve been friends for many many years. My wife and I were going to his shows when there was less than 10 people in the crowd there to see him. We saw him one night out in Richmond, Indiana around 2014 on a Sunday night at a little mom and pop restaurant. They were supposed to play until 10:30. By 9:00 my wife and I were the only ones in the place. So they went ahead and started playing and rehearsing new stuff in front of us. I heard stuff that night that I’ve never heard since. About 9:30 the lady running the place came out and said she wanted to close and go home, and she’d give them 200 of the 300 dollars if they cut it short. Cody said “I’m sorry, we can’t do that. We need the full 300 to make it to the next gig.” 15 minutes later she came out and told them she’d give them the whole 300 to pack up and head out, and Cody asked us if it was ok to cut the show short. (Of course we said absolutely.) That’s just how good of a dude he is, and when our daughter was born in 2016 we named her Codie after him.
  13. Gallimore is an interesting prospect to me. Some risk/reward to him. He needs some work, but playing alongside Buckner could be just the ticket. What if he can become just 75% of the player Buckner is? He and Buckner could be an offensive line’s worst nightmare. I really don’t mind the idea, to be honest.
  14. Per multiple reports the Patriots are releasing Gostowski. Last time we needed a kicker and the Patriots released one...
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