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  1. He’s a bad man. That’s the guy right there. That’s the guy. Lfg.
  2. Dear Santa, Please get us into the playoffs.
  3. When he gets the ball in his hands in space there’s always a chance. I’ll always be willing to bet that Hines can make a move and get away from a safety in a one-on-one situation. Hines is a weapon. We just don’t use him like one. Remember how dangerous Darren Sproles was in the Saints offense? Hines could be better. If used correctly. We’re still not seeing a real commitment to using him to his potential yet, but we’ve been seeing it more and more in the last couple weeks. Put Hines in the game wherever we can. The more you play him with Taylor (either in the backfield or split out wide or in the slot) the more pressure you’re putting on the defense to have their ducks in a row before the ball is ever even snapped because they absolutely have to account for both of them because they’re both guys who can make a catch and a house call on any down.
  4. All of them are. The AFC is definitely not knocking us out of the running entirely yet, but we can’t screw around now. We need to start stacking them quick. And go as high as we can.
  5. I mean if Rivers had tried to run that score in last night he’d still be running on his way today.
  6. The best? Ehhhhh… I’m not willing to go that far. Not yet. He’s an all pro who brings the intangibles by the truckload. Pay the man. He’s worth it.
  7. I have no real complaints after the last two weeks. I’ve seen what I’ve suspected we were capable of. Frank hasn’t left me ready to throw my remote through my TV once. He’s even playing Hines and Taylor at the same time now. That’s gonna pay off if we really start doing it right. Hines had the big drop last night. It happens. Is anyone less willing to throw him the ball again as a result? Shouldn’t be. 9 times out of 10 he makes that catch and the big play that would have went with it. I wish they would treat Hines as a different back. Quit just throwing him in there and calling the same plays you would call for Taylor in there, but hey, it’s not the end of the world and things are headed in a positive direction. I’ve felt this team was capable of this since the Wentz trade. I’m glad we’re finally seeing it, and I feel like it’s a reasonable expectation to see these things from this team on a weekly basis.
  8. The Titans have turned in to who we expected them to be. And maybe even come out a little better than we were expecting. The Jets game was an anomaly. Lots of you guffawed over that one, how’s that working out for you now? This team just needs to win every Sunday at this point. Regardless of who is on the other sideline. The only thing we can do to help ourselves is win. At this point the goal of this season is to wring as much value out of that 1st round pick we’re losing to Philly as we can. No higher than 16th.
  9. Rogers has 14 catches for 186 yards and a TD through 7 games. Sounds like he’s the same player he’s always been, so forgive me if I withhold my fury. Trey Burton? Wat? Burton had 28 catches for 250 yards and 3 TDs all last season. Through just 7 games this season Mo has 13 catches for 177 yards and 4 TDs. I dunno where Burton went, I just hope he stays there. “We let Sammy Watkins slide”? Should have been intentional, but if you wanna press the issue we’ll call it a happy accident and move on. You can argue on Houston if you want. That’s a real subjective move. We’ve spent lots of our own draft capital at the DE position (even BEFORE we picked two up in rounds 1 and 2 this year) so we had spent enough that we need to start getting returns on some of those. Or at least find out once and for all “we drafted these guys, they’re no good, and now we gotta figure something else out.” Autry… he’s not making a ton playing for the Titans. And he’s still playing well for them, the same way we came to expect of him here so if you really wanna argue one that’s gotta be the one.
  10. I don’t even know if we’ll move Mack. We’ll probably cut him after the deadline anyways so teams aren’t getting out their checkbooks to make a big run at him.
  11. Fisher had his struggles. But, I will say, that defensive front wasn’t just a bunch of pushovers. That was a great defensive unit they lined up against tonight.
  12. Can we do this regularly? If this can be the reasonable expectation then I’m thrilled.
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