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  1. John Waylon

    Rashaan Melvin is surprisingly available

    I have never been a huge Gruden lover either, but he has his system. He’s a guy who has proven he knows what he wants to do, he’s not just throwing stuff at the wall hoping something sticks. As as far as Mack goes I really feel like what led him to pulling the trigger is off the field. Maybe they just didn’t get along, maybe he wanted to root out Mack’s attitude and build an atmosphere like the Steelers have where it comes to holdouts and contracts. I don’t think he wanted to trade Mack from a production standpoint, but in the bigger picture it might have been a move to set a precedent. Being signed for the 10 years I think he wants to set out and build a certain culture with the team and I see the Mack trade going more towards that than anything else. But he’s still building something, and getting flack for it where everyone else is getting leiniency. There’s a heavy double standard going on. It also happened last week with Beckham and the dehydration issue. Literally the same week that went down NASCAR driver Kasey Khane was forced to retire early from the sport because of hydration issues in the car during races. There’s no way he should be dealing with hydration issues because drivers have a drinking system at all times during a race to keep them from facing those issues, and in spite of that he was still getting too dehydrated to drive the car safely. When the Beckham issue popped up people were just dumping on him “oh he needs to drink more” “there’s always water available on the sidelines” ETC, but it’s just not always that black and white.
  2. John Waylon

    Rashaan Melvin is surprisingly available

    It humors me to see all the venom directed at Gruden this season. He has come in and taken over the team and started the process of molding it into what he wants it to be, whatever it is that may be. And people are just losing their minds, flying out of their way to criticize and pronounce it DOA. All the while acknowledging “Ballard’s X year plan” and “Reich can’t turn the team into what he wants in 6 games” and saying the same thing about other spots around the league. Somehow everyone else doing it is ok, but Gruden doing it isn’t.
  3. John Waylon

    Rashaan Melvin is surprisingly available

    Eh. If they release him and he wants to come back on a decent deal maybe. I dont really want to trade anything for a guy who we just went through what we did with him. He didn’t want to put the effort into another year of earning a good deal. He’s struggled to live up to the cheap deal he did with the Raiders.
  4. John Waylon

    How about this trade. Brisett for Dorsett

    Jokes are supposed to have punchlines. Comedy 101.
  5. Its not exactly that, they don’t have a complete breakdown of his tendencies within the offense. Not only will they struggle to stop it, they’ll have no real idea what’s coming when they try. Defensive gameplans are made in the spring. They break down QBs very scientifically, dissecting every part of their game. That’s why when guys who aren’t supposed to be out there get thrown out there (and aren’t just pure junk like Peterman) they usually get away with a lot more than they normally would. Anderson’s own time with the Browns is a great example. Yes, Dak Prescott. We are you, too.
  6. I think Anderson starting hurts our chances, honestly. The only preparation we’ll have for him is this week. Which is nothibg becsuse there is no kind of scoutinf report on him with the Bills of any kind. History shows these situstjons favor the QBs.
  7. John Waylon

    Raiders wanting to trade Cooper? [Merge]

    Cooper struggles with drops, too. Just at a higher price.
  8. John Waylon

    Bruce Arians on the Call

    How does one keep it internal? My neighbors would like to know.
  9. John Waylon

    The Bills are not a cupcake team

    Who wins in a battle? Peterman trying to throw a pick on 3rd and 3, or our DBs playing 7 yards off on 3rd and 3? Should be an entertaining bout.
  10. John Waylon

    The Culture Of This Team

    I've never once attributed the strength and conditioning program to injuries in any way. I never would, because I honestly don't believe a bit of it. I know plenty of pro wrestlers who don't have any kind of conditioning program they use outside the ring who take elevated risks in the ring and never suffer more than the usual bruises and strains that come with the territory. I think this season in particular the practice intensity has something to do with it. The human body is like any other tool in the shed: the more and the harder you use it the more wear and tear is an issue. I'm not saying we should go back to Pagano's leisurely practice style because those obviously didn't help us win a whole lot, but there's a definite curiosity to wonder if maybe we've pushed a little too hard.
  11. John Waylon

    The Culture Of This Team

    Let's go back to the replay. Again. Because we very obviously have to. Italicised for emphasis. You know, like posters. As in plural. Unnamed. But since you identified.... It also couldn't possibly be an issue that's been going on around here since even before the last 22 games, I suppose. I've only been a member here for 12 years, what have I seen and what would I know? I was saying...
  12. John Waylon

    Colts Need to Pull a Ravens in the Offseason

    I think Grant could be a good 3 underneath with a second really good wideout helping spread the defense. As a #2? Nope. He can’t take the top off the defense and run routes well enough to run himself open. He needs to be the kind of guy that Luck can look to when defenses are focused too much on covering outside.
  13. John Waylon

    The Culture Of This Team

    If anyone wonders why there’s a fraction of the activity around here that there used to be, and next to nothing from 10 years ago it’s because of posters like this who have absolutely 0 respect for opinions beside their own.
  14. John Waylon

    The Culture Of This Team

    Ok. No correlation from the same same kind of struggles we’ve seen over time. My bad. Glad you’re here to correct me.