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  1. I’ve gotta say, I’m surprised by his decision. I expected him to hang around and see if we brought him back before making the decision. I did not have “Phil moves first” on my list of outcomes.
  2. I mean we just did that with Brissett, and we do have the cap space to do it if they decide that’s the gamble they want to take, so I’m not terribly gun-shy to the idea. I just want them to be able to see and admit defeat like they did with Jacoby if that is indeed the way they go with it. And since they’ve already shown their not afraid to do that... Its definitely a gamble, but if that does happen to be the gamble Ballard takes I’ll ride the train as far as it goes. He’s earned at least that much from me.
  3. Darnold is an interesting option. It’s a gamble for sure. If his ceiling is what we’ve seen with the Jets then it would be the Jacoby season all over again, if not worse. Honestly, I think the best bet for Darnold was to sit a year behind a guy like Phil. A vet who can help him do a hard reset on everything he’s done so far and set an example of success for him to follow. Then they could work him into games periodically like they did Brissett to really get a safe look at whether there’s anything there worth pursuing, or if the Jets just plain ruined him.
  4. If the Lions were to release Stafford I’d be fine with it. I’m gonna need to see what a trade would look like before I get on board with that, though.
  5. Well, that takes one of the biggest unknowns out of the equation. Of course a new one slides right into that spot, but at least we know which direction we’re supposed to head in now. A little clarity even with new clouds of uncertainty. Thanks, Phil. Best of luck!
  6. Oh no. If he leaves who will... uh, do whatever he does for us? What does he do? Remember all those years Caldwell was our QB coach, and his job actually consisted of making sure Peyton didn’t want a water on the sidelines? Maybe that’s what Frank makes Nick do...
  7. Seeing Brady go to a Super Bowl would be the ultimate from me. Please. For the love of all that is good and holy don’t let this happen.
  8. You seem to have a real weird issue going on, dude...
  9. Boy. Eason didn’t come out of this one looking good. I’ve said I think they want to make him the stalwart backup, but it looks like he’s still got a lot of work to do to get even to that point, so there’s one less possibility for 2021...
  10. Between that and potentially drafting another Tony Ugoh... Send Nelson out.
  11. In house. They’re going to move Nelson over, IMO. Probably the best option.
  12. Why did the Jets bring in Gase after the results in Miami? Why did we bring in Rhodes after it looked like he was washed up with the Vikings? Teams take chances on guys they think can help them win. If Jeff Laurie sat down with Wentz yesterday morning and said “what do we need to do to get your career back on track?” And Wentz answered “the only thing that can fix me is Frank” would Laurie have laughed in his face and told him to have a good day? Absolutely not. Which is why this scenario is at least possible, even though highly unlikely. Laurie would likely a
  13. I’d be willing to try another year with someone else in charge of the offense and calling plays. The team seems to love Frank, and Frank is a genuinely good guy that every organization benefits from having in its culture. So if we can structure things differently and make it work great. But we’ve seen it before, literally to a painful level: being a great human being that the players love to play for doesn’t equal being a good coach. I’m afraid that’s what we’ve got with Frank. Lots of people will try to balk at that, but go watch those same people’s reactions out in the wi
  14. I do wonder if Pederson doesn’t get another HC gig if Reich will bring him in in some kind of offensive capacity... Seems natural Frank would offer to help him out.
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