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  1. If you’re still not worried about his status for week 1 you’re out of your mind.
  2. The Chargers will have to forfeit because they didn’t show up. It’s the most brilliant plan we’ve ever seen orchestrated. Flawless.
  3. He’s been amputated at the belly button. The guy in camp is a stunt double. When we go to SD in week 1 they’ll wheel him out on a two-wheel cart. At the snap Nelson will wheel him back behind the line and he’ll make passes from there. We’re just being coy and trying to catch the Chargers off guard in Week 1. Pretty brilliant when you think about it...
  4. Has anyone actually seen him lately and made sure his leg hasn’t fallen clean off Because at this point ruling anything out is foolish.
  5. Boy boy boy. This situation continues to trend in a bad direction...
  6. The more I see and hear of Hentges the more I think he makes the team.
  7. I’m just wondering if our first round pick in 2027 is as good as Peyton Manning. If not, I mean, what is the point of even drafting him? Trade the pick to the Titans for a backup long snapper and get something out of it.
  8. Brandon Marshall? Roy Hall must not have answered his phone.
  9. Well, if worse comes to worst we’ll be saved by Phillip Walker...
  10. Unblocked to check my suspicions... Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes.
  11. Sure. 18 months later.
  12. Yeah kind of like that time he was going to be right back from the shoulder surgery. And then wasn’t.
  13. In all my years here I’ve blocked like 4 people, and only 2 on this newer platform. And one within the last 12 months. The other one was a troll that I’m pretty sure got banned that day, so I’m pretty sure I know the certain poster in question....
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