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  1. John Waylon

    Colts Madden 19 Ratings

    I mean the examples are out there. A quick YouTube search brings up all kinds of ponderous stuff. I myself have many times experienced corners at the snap of the ball running toward the LOS or into the backfield right past their receiver giving up a pitch and catch TD. LBs in zone coverages watching passes zip right overhead not so much as lifting a finger to knock it down. Zone coverages where the defender never attempts to cover a man in his zone, even when the ball is in the air to him. The QB fumble problem, the pre-determined play action sack. Offensive linemen letting guys through the line entirely unblocked. Defensive players running right past the ball carrier. Right past a live fumbled ball. You have to put a serious pair of blinders on not to see the problems with Madden.
  2. John Waylon

    Luck close to throwing: Reich

    I’m just curious to see how “close” we can get. We’ve gotta be pushing the physical boundaries of possibility at this point. If we get any closer we’ll be behind it.
  3. Damnit, Chuck was just good people. I hate that it didn’t work out. Nothing but class, that guy.
  4. John Waylon

    Peyton talks Colts on NFL Network

    Well this thread is going well...
  5. John Waylon

    My theory on luck situation.

    Seems to me if he’d learn to throw with his left this would all be a moot point.
  6. Hate to be that guy, but yeah. We’ve spent some time at this fork in the road.
  7. John Waylon

    Culture Change

    It’s also funny that you claim Pagano took shots at Grigson (where? And do not bring up the 2015 “it’s been that way since he got here” comment because whether that was even an intentional dig is entirely debatable. It was an accurate, truthful assessment of the situation, and people tried to make more out of it than it really was) and that it “didn’t sit well with some players” when McAfee has come clean and painted the picture that he has of Grigson and that almost no one liked him. A sentiment that was pretty much affirmed by Grigson himself.
  8. John Waylon

    Culture Change

    Quincy Wilson? You mean Quincy Wilson who just last week admitted that he was out of shape last season, coasted at times, and was not mentally strong enough? That Quincy Wilson? Show me any documented case of players being unhappy under Pagano. When his contract was up players were publicly stating their support for him to remain. They never stopped showing that support for him. All I can point to is the public support of Pagano for evidence, whereas all you can do is make assumptions and theories and somehow I’m wrong and you’re right? Did I wake up in some kind of backwards alternate universe or something?
  9. John Waylon

    Culture Change

    Interesting. Very interesting. The players loved Pagano. They came in during the bye week after a win to keep practicing to get better. That’s not the behavior of a team who hates it’s coach or culture. I know we won’t get it, but I’d definitely like some elaboration on this quote.
  10. My meal was a little light on the fries.
  11. Nope. I beat him out of his stance and got right around him.
  12. Ballard has cut bait on higher draft picks than this guy. Zach Banner took my order at McDonalds this morning.
  13. John Waylon

    [Roster moves] Colts waive seven players

    RIP to the Matt Jones era. Totally underrated.
  14. John Waylon

    The big Nelson gamble

    Reading the OP was a gamble. We all lost.
  15. John Waylon

    Future of Colts Cornerback position

    Yeah. We have the cap space, and the price right now could probably be pretty low with his injury, and the fact that it’s caused issues with him landing anywhere else. Even Washington said they don’t want him back. Which is also a reason for concern. It’s kind of a risk signing him.