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  1. If this happens you gotta wonder if Ballard is asleep at the wheel.
  2. The AAF launched in need of the NFL to step in as an angel investor to save it. They had an ugly TV deal that likely wasn’t to their benefit in any way. It was dead on arrival. The original XFL was literally run by Vince and members of his wrestling creative team who wanted less than nothing to do with the league. Vince wanted his fingerprints all over the league the same way he does with the wrestling product. That’s why we saw all the ridiculous gimmickry. Scripted skits, cheerleader locker room cameras, the sort of content that has no place on a football broadcast. There were no actual football people involved. By the time NBC pulled the plug it was clear that to fix the broken foundation that he had laid it was going to take a lot of effort and money. And quite frankly at that time, even as rich as he was, that was a much loftier investment than Vince could realistically commit to. Vince is literally a billionaire now. Need another $500,000,000 to find a few more years? No problem it’ll be done by the end of the day. Literally that easy for him. People really discount how much he is worth, how much he’ll be willing to spend, and just how much more authority he has in the world of television and entertainment. He’s learned from the last attempt at starting this league and he’s got a team full of actual football people in charge. Will it work? Who knows. But this won’t be the here today gone tomorrow efforts of the AAF and XFL2000.
  3. Vince McMahon has sold enough of his WWE stock that it will be. We’re talking significant 9 figures here. And he’s still got a bunch I’m sure he’s willing to dump to fund it. It also looks like he’s about to make a significant cash in by selling the rights to their PPV events to a major streaming service. This isn’t Charlie Ebersol and his empty pocketbook launching something that was dead in the water before the paint was ever even on the field. I really do believe that Vince will fund this project for no less than 5 years before he ever considers pulling the plug. He’s got the TV clout to get broadcast deals that are beneficial to him. Vince is a baron of the TV industry. He’s not gonna get bullied around and stymied into bad TV deals by networks and executives. A lot of this doubt being cast on this league and Vince are misguided this time around. Vince is a much more business savvy man now than he was 20 years ago, and he’s maintaining his focus on the business side where he belongs and letting the football people handle the football. He’s also a hell of a lot richer now than he was 20 years ago, and he’s not afraid to spend.
  4. I really wouldn’t be surprised to see him take some kind of administrative role with the XFL in the coming years. I mean who wouldn’t want to work with their dad running a football league?
  5. I don’t buy this at all. My work building overlooks the landing strip too, and I saw Johnny Unitas getting off the Colts jet. They were sizing him up to see what size jersey he wears on the runway, and asking what number he wanted to wear. See how easy that was?
  6. He’s not available yet. They’ve just announced that they won’t be re-signing him, so he will go through the free agency process. At least in theory. We can’t sign him until mid-March when the new league year begins.
  7. Peter King put a single line blurb in his column this morning in the things he thinks section. He said he thinks Rivers and us make a sound marriage. Now, it’s not surprising that he is being let go, but at the time the article was written and published is was also not a given. Obviously King has all kinds of great reliable sources. Did King, who has always had a bit of a flare for Rivers, know this was coming? My guess is yes. He knew well before the rest of us. The fact that he mentioned us, and in such a low-key way makes me wonder what else he knows that we don’t. He didn’t expand on the thought, he just casually floated it as a one sentence bullet point and moved on, almost like he was leaving more to write about the idea down the road. I dunno. At first I didn’t buy it. But now I’m starting to think it may have some legs.
  8. Probably don’t actually have to move up for him. He’s also probably not worth moving up for.
  9. I mean to be fair... to be fair Jim this is a little less innocent than just accidental use of capitals...
  10. I’ve been an outspoke critic of the XFL since it was announced it was coming back. I’ve been a very outspoken critic of Vince McMahon for over a decade now. That said, I have to give credit where it’s due: The XFL has its ducks in a row. The AAF was dead in the water before they were even in the water. They started out shooting from behind the 8 ball and needed a litany of lucky breaks to have even a minuscule chance of survival. You could almost even argue that the AAF was an exercise in fraud. It was dead on arrival. The XFL originally stunk of a PR stunt. It was during the height of the protest bashing, and here comes Vince talking about a league where that sort of thing won’t be tolerated. Ok, sure. But all along this journey McMahon has done the right thing. There’s a podcast about the original XFL that is simply fantastic. If you want to get almost a first hand experience of what it was and why it went as wrong as it did it is MUST LISTEN material. It’s from one of the guys who was Vince’s right hand man at that time, Bruce Prichard. It’s episode 28 of his podcast “Something to Wrestle”. Bruce goes into amazing detail about what really went on, and you’ll be amazed at what you learn from what he has to say. All of those mistakes he made that time around he is avoiding this time. He’s got a great mind in Oliver Luck as commissioner. They have a very solid business plan in place. But most of all they have the money in place. Vince knows he’s going to have to lose money to ever make it back. And he’s prepared for that. He sold off a ton of his WWE stock, to the tune of almost 300 million dollars to begin funding this. He’s not walking into this needing multiple life-saving investors the way the AAF did. Vince also walks in with a crazy good TV deal in place. These games are getting major network coverage. Every week. The AAF had a date with CBS and then went dark. The XFL has games on ABC, Fox, or ESPN every week. And Vince is a veteran of TV deals, so you can bet he got great terms on those deals. The other big thing that you may wind up seeing is players skirting the NCAA and going from high school to the XFL to play until they are NFL eligible. The NCAA doesn’t want to pay the players, the XFL does. This iteration of the XFL is, by far, the most well rounded attempt at a spring league that has ever taken place. And Vince isn’t going to just abandon it like he did last time after a season. I think he’s going to run this league for at least 5 years sinking whatever kind of money into it that it takes to do so. (And he can. That 300 million I mentioned earlier is just startup change. Vince will throw another 500 at it no questions asked.) Will it ultimately be successful? I honestly can see it being so if it becomes an alternative to the NCAA. Players leave high school and go to the XFL, play three years, and declare for the NFL draft. That’s not to say I don’t see it failing like all the rest. That is the likely outcome. But this attempt right here at starting an alternative league has the best shot at succeeding than any before it, and probably any we’ll ever see again.
  11. Oof. Listing WR as a need when we just drafted Campbell last year...
  12. Kind of a waste with our current QB situation. Just another guy he can’t/won’t throw to.
  13. I say drafted him over Brown because if he went into the draft thinking WR was a need (and he absolutely should have) I think he took the wrong WR of the two. And maybe if the three in discussion here. I’m indifferent to Metcalf to be honest. He had a nice game Sunday and a couple of nice plays during the season, but definitely not enough to warrant a whole post about how we screwed the pooch by taking Campbell instead. And probably still not even Brown yet, but I think ultimately in the end it will be a discussion we do have, and one we won’t have fondly.
  14. Not when it comes to top 10 active franchise QBs. Which I think you’ll find Irsay wants to have as they market the team to the public.
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