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  1. The good doesn’t outweigh the bad, and the in-between isn’t enough above average to suffer the effects of all of this.
  2. Our pride won’t return today, and is already questionable for next week.
  3. Nah. I’m done with this nonesense. It doesn’t matter who is playing or not. This is inexcusable.
  4. From now on we should just carry them to the end zone and save everyone some trouble.
  5. Even when we’re primed for a letdown it doesn’t make it any easier.
  6. Why does it look like we’re just hoping they drop passes rather than defending them?
  7. He’s not a superstar stud WR. But he’s not bad, either. I wouldn’t be upset seeing the Colts take a chance on him.
  8. Can we just ban this thread once and for all and never have to deal with it again? If I get a warning because I point out how much Reich loves to run on second and long surely there’s room to create a rule for this very topic.
  9. That was fun. Let’s never do it again.
  10. The play I’m referencing took place before halftime, I believe on the drive before the Packers made it 28-14. The lanes opened up nicely, Taylor showed some nice patience letting them open, and then just shuffled straight into the back of the blocker in front of him.
  11. That was not the play I was talking about. I remember that play now, and that was unfortunate, but hardly all the fault of Taylor. Lots of bodies in a tight space, sometimes crap happens. Crap happened on that play. But that wasn’t the play in question...
  12. Don’t believe so. There was no rocking on this play. There were two perfectly open lanes on each side of a blocker, and there was plenty of daylight to the outside. Wouldn’t have been a huge gain, but probably an easy 5-7 yards. But instead he just ran straight into the back of the blocker and everyone kind of fell down like a lazy ending to a game of ring around the rosy for no gain. It was a plenty disappointing play.
  13. The missed 50 yarder was unfortunate, especially for my fantasy team, but I was actually surprised he missed it. I didn’t think range was much of an issue with him. Maybe he just didn’t get all of it on that one. Either way, I like the kid and I’m glad he’s here.
  14. Way more to take into consideration than just today’s result. That is a decision that should be made until well after the season when we have a better idea of what the long term plan is.
  15. Overall a decent game. There was one real ugly spot where he just flat out ignored open running lanes to plow into a blocker ahead of him. But for the most part he had a decent day.
  16. You know, his dad wasn’t ever real favorable of us, either. Just saying.
  17. How does today’s game rank against the other all time great Colts game? I think this one was an instant classic. That was like some straight out of a movie stuff that happened before our eyes today.
  18. Nah it’s ok. You can do that, we’re still paying him.
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