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  1. Winner: Mike Hart Runner up: Roy Hall Honorable Mention: Tim Fugger
  2. At least since you’ve started posting. Whats your buddy at LOS say about this one?
  3. Sure thing. You know what else I’m a fan of? Reading comprehension and common sense. In this case I must say I find the lack of which disturbing.
  4. I’m inclined to agree with this.
  5. Certainly not awful. Today had a lot more of that 2017 feel to it. That indecisiveness, holding the ball too long, the delay in reading the defense... all that stuff that wasn’t really coaching and scheme oriented. It’s fundamental. That’s the kind of stuff that’s going to determine his glass ceiling much more than scheme or coaching.
  6. I’m not willing to take a chance and find out the answer to that question is a “no”.
  7. The team gets the day after a win off. When Adam says they’ll see him tomorrow he’s saying he’ll be in to put in work. He’s not retiring after two games when there’s not really any better options out there, and we’re not cutting him.
  8. So... is it time to go ahead and shelve the top 10 defense thing, or nah?
  9. Boy. Leonard is still trying to get it together out there...
  10. The Tyquan Lewis answer is curious. May be a little more to that situation...
  11. I’m just taking it one step at a time right now. He’s better than Donald Brown. Next stop: Joe Addai.
  12. That really was an ugly play on his part. Even if the pass hadn’t been complete it would have been clear interference, he was making contact the whole way trying to stay stuck to Allen. And then somehow ended up behind Allen as he caught the pass. Just a really ugly sequence.
  13. Bad day to be a collar bone.
  14. Yeah I kept waiting for a deep ball off play action and..... Well... I’m still waiting.
  15. You woke up and ate a bowl of stupid for breakfast, didn’t you?
  16. So we just gonna ignore the fact that Austin Ekeler made our defense look like a bunch of jabronis for a large part of the game?
  17. Cody Parkey is available. We can bring him back.
  18. I’m curious... they’ve bragged about how intense practices have been in training camp, but there sure were some bad angles and attempts at tackles out there today...
  19. I’ve been very vocal about my hesitation to buy into Brissett as a long-term answer at QB. I’m still not totally sold, but he earned a whole lot of salt with me today. Very good game from him. Made great throws, good reads, took care of the ball, and did the kinds of things that you want to see your QB do. His play action sells are especially good, and he was world class when handing off and selling that he hadn’t. Most QBs hand off and just lay out of the play. He continued to drop back and do the footwork and even a few pump fakes. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more now.
  20. You know, he wasn’t the only one out there today. Some pretty ugly defense plenty of times on our end out there today as well... if we’re gonna hand out blame Adam gets 70% at best. The defense takes the other 30.
  21. You can literally watch her take change from post to post to post. It’s tiring to try to keep up with.
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