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  1. Pretty odd case at the end of it there. He went from the presumed training camp starter to being benched to keep him from starting to cut in a crazy amount of time. Just… what a weird one.
  2. Is there any evidence to suggest it? I haven’t seen any.
  3. It took me a minute but I found him.
  4. Folks. Really. Ballard isn’t going to allow Reich to hold Wentz out with the intention of doing the Eagles dirty on the pick. That wouldn’t just be un-Ballardlike, it would be entirely unprecedented. If we pulled some % like that who would ever want to trade with us again? How are the players, that you want to entice to wanting to come and play here, react to that? Send them the first round pick now and just be done with it. We got what we paid for, and this organization isn’t going to step into a pile of % that would reach knee-deep when they can just take the simple and easy step right over the top of it instead.
  5. It’s not against the rules to do both well in the same half. I swear it’s not. I looked.
  6. Just another reason why I didn’t get carried away celebrating the Titans loss to the Jets. Win our games. That’s all we can do at this point.
  7. The Titans win certainly overshadows this one in the end. Yesterday was great. Now go do it again.
  8. Ijs. I wanted it to be done by now. I’m gonna be salty if they come out of tonight with a win somehow.
  9. I was hoping to see Buffalo have it put away by now. I wish they’d get it done.
  10. Yesterday was the blueprint. We saw what this team can do. What they can be. Now do more of it. Do it regularly. Taylor is a beast. He needs to be getting 15 carries a game right now. Bare minimum. Make defenses stop him. Because when they commit to stopping him, you’re going to be able to hit those big throws we saw yesterday. Don’t pull Taylor and leave him on the sidelines for Hines or Mack for a drive. In fact, like I’ve said for weeks now, forget about Mack. That horse has left the barn. Great starter for us there for a couple years. It was a fun run, many thanks, best of luck in your future endeavors, but it’s over. It’s time to move on. If we signed him for depth then let him sit until depth is needed. We don’t need depth right now. We’re just working against ourselves taking Taylor off the field. Hines has his uses. But use him with Taylor. Not instead of. Don’t just put him in and call the same plays that you would for Taylor. They’re different players, and they have different strengths. The majority of Hines snaps should come with Taylor also on the field because that’s going to open up even more opportunities for both of those guys. Someone on the defense is gonna have to account for each of them, so you’ve got one less set of eyes and hands on whoever does get ball. Hines can be used and create an advantage for us. If we start doing that in conjunction with those things we did well yesterday this is a much more potent offense. I just hope we see more of it moving forward.
  11. I’ll have to come back to this thread after I’ve had a good smoke.
  12. He’s got to be better. End of story. We have to decide whether we are going to pay him to stick around in a couple short months from now and as we sit here today the answer to that should honestly be a no. He’s not been Davenport bad, but is this the guy we want for the foreseeable future at the left tackle spot?
  13. Nothing is obvious. Listed as a foot and he was done at half.
  14. He’s gonna need more injuries to see time anytime soon. With Campbell and Pascal out he’ll get a couple plays a game.
  15. Just pay the bill and let’s go. We’re getting what we paid for. He’s a difference maker. He’s the right dude for the job. lfg
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