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    • I went ahead and submitted the trade.
    • Unless things starts to get better and we go on a win streak, which at the moment isn't likely, though we have a pretty "easy" schedule for the rest of the season.    There is one thing we could hope for this, besides a miracle, is to finish with a worse record than the Giants, and pick before them in the 2019 draft.   Why?   They need a QB to replace Eli.  Other teams that could be interested in a QB would be Denver Broncos,  maybe the Oakland Raiders and possibly Jacksonville Jaguars and Tampa Bay.   As of right now, only Justin Herbert - QB from Oregon and Drew Lock from Missouri are valued as potential 1st round picks, which makes this draft very thin for the QB class.   So by finishing worse than the Giants, the Colts could sit with a strong hand come draft time, IF - and that's a big IF, two teams would wan't to go into a bidding war for Justin Herbert and make a trade to get him.   Of course I wan't the colts to win, and win now, but I'd rather have a top pick, and preferably more picks than finish with a better record, say 5-11 or 6-10 and sit at a position in the draft, where we have no leverage in a possible trade scenario.    The Giants will be the one team to watch, compared to our own record this season, If such a scenario should play out.   Regarding the Raiders, Broncos and Jaguars, I'm not sure they would necessarily pick a QB as the Giants would, If they were to finish with a worse record than us, and I don't think that either of the Broncos and Jaguars will finish below the Colts.   Yes it's early and still 10 games to go, but whats your take on this?  
    • Pretty confident, Anderson will look like, Brady this week.   whether we win or not is another story.......   cant wait for the game though, go Colts!!
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