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    • If we get a top 6 pick maybe a chance we can move up to CHI spot. That would be epic but also means no first rounder for the next few years.    who would you hope is at 2? 
    • I would take Bryce Young. He is lightening fast and very accurate. His HT does concern me a bit only being 6'0 tall but Russell Wilson and Drew Brees are only 6'0 and have had great career's and neither have the speed Young has. Young has been coached by Saban so he has been coached by the best.
    • I assume that the difference between Young and Sam E is arm talent.  Young's superior speed is offset by his size which leads to durability questions for the NFL.   Since Stetson Bennett basically performs just as well as Young, why does one win the Heisman and spoken like a first round talent and the other isn't even in the picture as being draftable.  Hmmm.   Levis seems like he's got Wentz' head.  Got the tools though.   Max Duggan is getting some press.  I assume the difference between him and Sam E is, again, arm talent.  I like him, just not sure why he would be much of an upgrade over Sam.   The only two that I think could bring something materially different to the NFL Colts table is Stroud and McKee.
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