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    • You’re right.  The Packers have to make a decision on Love’s 5th year option by May 1st right after the draft.  If they invoke it he is guaranteed around 20m for 2024.  That’s a big number.   They might be open to trading him before or during the draft and drafting a quarterback this draft.  I would be surprised if they don’t play him more before the season ends.  I think we definitely have an opportunity here.
    • no one wants to blame matt ryan but he is a issue .   tons of the colts sacks and pressure are on blitzs  that are not picked up .   also matt has been very indecisive and holds the ball .  watching his film study on youtube its clear he is missing guys wide open and going through his progression slow .  many of the sacks i sit there and count over 4 seconds , he just doesnt have the confidence to throw guys open anymore  .  he doesnt keep his eyes down field when there is slight pressure he gets happy feet .   he is out of his prime and his skill set and ability is no where near what is was and it seems like matt realizes it and that is why he is holding the ball scared to pull the trigger .   its not even just blitzes that matt cant adjust to its coverages he is throwing the ball into double coverage many times 'when guys are wide open .    the one game against the jags matt played like his old self making quick judgements and guess what no sacks and we score 34 .     if we had a consistent QB  this offense is not bad we got taylor pittman pierce cambell who when healthy is pretty good  along with woods and mo .    we just need find a answer at two positions on the line and need a QB and this team would look so good .   imagine with a top ten QB  teams couldnt stack the box and taylor is going off and so is pierce and pittman .
    • I’m gonna eat some crow here. I was all for letting Jacoby go. Man In hindsight, I was wrong. Should have kept him. Even as a starter. 
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