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  1. lollygagger8

    Late hit out of bounds on Johnson?

    These refs
  2. lollygagger8

    Why we should destroy the Bills.

    This is a tough one because the Colts have a history of making backup QB's look like pro bowlers.
  3. lollygagger8

    Wed injury report

    The Angry Estonian is back baby!
  4. lollygagger8

    2018 NFL TV Distribution Maps - Week 7

    I like when Rick Ventura calls Colts games. Get someone who knows about team calling it instead of people that are just reading off of stat sheets... ... or dummies that say "Frank Reich led the biggest comeback ever" or "Luck's shoulder blah blah". Tired of hearing the same stories over and over.
  5. lollygagger8

    Interesting Read About The Receivers

    These WR's are probably used to playing the Colts secondary in practice where they are wide open all the time and not worried about getting hit.
  6. lollygagger8

    Rashaan Melvin is surprisingly available

    I think Reggie Mckenzie is a good GM, and I feel sorry for him. I think he drafted some great players and had the team going in the right direction. Gruden sure is putting his stamp on the team, and I guess we'll have to wait a few years to see if he's making the right moves. As far as Melvin goes, Ballard doesn't seem like the type of guy to pursue someone again after they essentially told him no to his initial offer.
  7. Colts love making backup QB's look like all stars
  8. lollygagger8

    Marcus Johnson to IR, Inman Signed

    Since this is turning into a Queen thread lol:
  9. lollygagger8

    Marcus Johnson to IR, Inman Signed

    Inman to IR in 3...2...1...
  10. lollygagger8

    Unsung Hero!

    I've been a fan of Woods for awhile. He just puts his head down and puts in work. Dude's a beast. Him and Hunt have been great!
  11. lollygagger8

    How about this trade. Brisett for Dorsett

    Didn't this trade already happen ?
  12. lollygagger8

    I should be angry right?

    Other than being in the right place at the right on that first INT, not really.