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  1. I would love to see him back in a Colts uniform. He reminds me of Wayne when he catches the ball.
  2. lollygagger8

    Dumbest Post SB Issue Raised By The Media Today

    Highly Questionable is an absolute piece of garbage show and shouldn't even be on the air. /rant
  3. lollygagger8

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    I know it's said almost every year, and the always prove everyone wrong....but the Browns might actually be on the upswing. Dorsey is making moves over there.
  4. lollygagger8

    Marcus Johnson

    Dontrelle Inman would like to have a word with you.
  5. lollygagger8

    Matt Slauson is retiring

    I was referring to Slauson - who the thread is about. I would hope Mathis wouldn't leave, but you never know
  6. lollygagger8

    Details on the Glowinski Contract....

  7. lollygagger8

    Matt Slauson is retiring

    I think you're right. I also think he can see the potential this team has, and he stuck around and gave advice to the guys after he could've just collected his check and bounced. He would be smart (if a position was even offered) to stick around and coach these guys up. I don't know for sure, but I think they listened to him quite a bit.
  8. lollygagger8

    NFL.Com's Chad Reuter 3 Rd Mock

    Cmon April 25th
  9. lollygagger8

    Matt Slauson is retiring

    Dude's hard as nails. Would love to him be in a role similar to Mathis, but for the O-Line
  10. lollygagger8

    Darius Leonard vs Dwight Freeney

    Apples / Oranges and not really a fair comparison. Two different positions. Freeney will have more sacks, and Leonard will have more tackles.
  11. Article should be titled "Let's act like we know more than actual football GM's"
  12. lollygagger8

    Question About Mack

    Here's hoping
  13. lollygagger8

    Question About Mack

    I mean designed play (wheel routes) where the QB looks off the LB like he's going to pass to a WR, then the RB creeps out for a pass that was designed that way from the getgo. Not dump off passes. Like Ray Rice plays. Dude made a career out of that play.