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  1. Even though I think he should step up to the plate on this one, I just don't see Ballard getting into a bidding war with other teams for Stafford Who are the other teams? If I had to guess: Washington Broncos Steelers Pats
  2. I've been conditioned to not like Brady for so long, so I can't root for Bucs. KC fans are a bunch of bandwagon jumpers and love to talk smack (my neighbor is obnoxious and hails from KC so that helps me hate on KC fans lol) Plus I'm sick and tired of State farm commercials with Mahomes and Rodgers lol. Plus, Weeknd is going to be the halftime show? puke I probably won't even watch it tbh
  3. Too bad he would've dropped those too lol
  4. Congrats Marcus!! Maybe Reich can call the first half, and Brady can call the 2nd!
  5. TY Hilton: 2 yrs / $17M - after him, Colts need help @ WR (I'm not sold on Campbell staying healthy) Marlon Mack: vet min - 1yr prove it deal Justin Houston: 1 yr / $7M - unless they can somehow get another pass rusher in FA Denico Autry: 1yr / $4M - he's good, Xavier Rhodes: 3yr / $25M - need to keep him Anthony Walker Jr: Undecided, but I'm ok if he walks Malik Hooker: vet min - but he'll find money somewhere else and walk Jacoby Brissett: Do not sign unless he gives half the money from last year back lol Zach Pascal: 1yr / $2M - excellent bloc
  6. I say draft an OT, but also get one FA for this year as a stop gap. Leave Nelson at guard!
  7. I hated the idea of Rivers coming here when it was first announced (ever since the RCA Dome incident) but over the course of the season, I realized he wasn't so bad. I appreciated he played better than I thought he would. Thanks for what you did for the Colts, Philip Rivers! Can't wait to see who's QB for Colts next season. Anyone but Brissett please!!
  8. Lunch apparently Dang, ok thanks for the update.
  9. I hope the Rhodes lead back to Indy!
  10. Man, remember when the Colts had Bradshaw and would run that throw play to him and score every time? That was money! Play calling becomes even more important the shorter the field gets.
  11. One of Reggie's best games was with those orange gloves for the game dedicated to Chuck!
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