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  1. Ooooooooo.............my dream of the Hooker / Willis duo is getting closer!
  2. Yeah, that's the Colts the last couple of years. They would show up for one half of the football game (usually the 2nd half)
  3. You got it. He used to call everyone Jabroni back in the day
  4. Ramsey's a headcase and totally not worth that. Rams are nuts. If I was Mario (the owner of Jags) I would've made that trade too.
  5. Praying that the concussions subside for Leonard. I hope he tries some different helmets! I think gaining back some of the weight he lost would help him as well. (not with concussions so much, but when you lose weight you lose strength)
  6. Well, Big Q of course. QB runs/sneaks every play. Who's going to stop him?
  7. I say roll with Willis and Odum again. I do want to see a Hooker/Willis duo at some point for sure as well. Leave Ya-Sin instead of Wilson, and put Desir on Hopkins again. Play more man (esp on 3rd down) and Blitz Moore!
  8. 1) Big Q Nelson 2) Big Q clone 3) Big Q twin 4) Big Q copy 5) Big Q stunt double 6) Big Q triplet 7) Big Q's fumanchu (still stronger than most players) I think if you had 7 Big Q's on your team, you could pretty much impose your will to a 16-0 season.
  9. I think Dan Marino was the best. He did so much with so little. Plus, he put up star wars numbers when WR's didn't have the rules they have now. You know, back when they actually let em play. Plus Idc what anyone says, Brady is a product of Belechick. Hoodie could've done what he's done with any QB.
  10. I thought for sure it was just going to be the entire Colts O-line in that pic before I opened this thread.
  11. These refs can't be that bad. Sure seems like more and more games are fixed.
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