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  1. lollygagger8

    [Lombardi] Deon Cain's injury might be season-ending

    Goes against everything Ballard has said.
  2. lollygagger8

    Colts Training Camp 8/13/2018

    Glowinski needs to be goneski
  3. lollygagger8

    Colts Training Camp 8/13/2018

    Thank God Woods is ok...whew!
  4. lollygagger8

    My Colts Tattoo

    That looks amazing! Congrats! Well executed. Tell your artist great job!
  5. lollygagger8

    Marlon Mack

    I love Turbo, but would've liked to see more Wilkins as well. I knew Mack was quick, but he looked faster than most everyone out there. He needs to work on his in between the tackle runs, but he did good for the most part.
  6. lollygagger8

    Andrew Luck

    Holy Moly, That clip at :13 (I believe it's Hilton) his feet are so fast it looks like the video is buffering!
  7. lollygagger8

    The new is SLICK!!!/Questions and problems (merge)

    Ok, thanks. I'll probably just close it out and come back later.
  8. lollygagger8

    Chris Ballard’s Message to Fans

    Ballard is my GM!
  9. lollygagger8

    Hard core coaching

    Pagano probably just clapped when players did something wrong.
  10. lollygagger8

    Slot WR?

    Learn more positions, and make yourself more versatile and you'll get more playing time.
  11. lollygagger8

    The new is SLICK!!!/Questions and problems (merge)

    It was when I would click on (or try to click on) threads, but whatever you did, seems to be working today. Thanks Nadine!!!
  12. lollygagger8

    The new is SLICK!!!/Questions and problems (merge)

    Newest version of Google Chrome here....... This forum sticks, and freezes multiple times every time I open it. It worked at first when you changed it to the current format, and now it doesn't. Extremely frustrating.
  13. lollygagger8

    Who is leading the WR race? Obviously TY Hilton and

    Here as well: