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    Asking people sarcastic questions like this one:
    Do you know why adults always ask little kids what do you wanna be when they grow up? They are looking for ideas about possible career choices themselves. HA! HA!

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  1. You good bro? Where you been??


  2. Miami is one of the worst squads this yr & bad teams love to play spoiler. Like many have already stated, INDY should prevail this weekend. 24-17.
  3. I think I get what your driving at. Part of being an established athlete with clout means that they are protected when they go through slumps or a drought period where consistency fluctuates. Your overall point is valid though. No athlete is untouchable & if your performance dips long enough; anybody is replaceable just look at Cam Newton in Carolina or Marcus Mariota in Tennessee. It always boils down to production & tolerance. If your production slips, tolerance among the coaching staff & ownership flies out the window. I always have to remind myself that an athlete is paid or kept around based on what can you do for a franchise moving forward now not what accolades you generated for the organization in the past. That's why Cam Newton is about to be released soon. His 2015 SB appearance feels like ancient history now in 2019. Translation: Every athlete has a shelf life & sooner or later even elite NFL studs like AV get decommissioned from service.
  4. No need to bring Moncrief back. That ship has sailed.
  5. Isn't it a fire sale over there in Miami right now? All talented players on the auction block. INDY should take care of business fairly easily on the ground with MACK just like MPStack so wisely said.
  6. That is great news. Thank God. Let's just say Hoyer ain't my guy & leave it at that.
  7. Very true. I didn't find this article all that compelling, controversial, or wave making actually. Like you said in an earlier post, I didn't find it odd or peculiar either. Not much else to say. I feel bad for Cain & yes, I know rehabbing blows, but I'm with you on this one. I didn't get much out of this update personally.
  8. What bothers me most about Antonio Cromartie's case is this: You can't just show up to work, defy your boss's wishes, & go you know what? My head coach told me not to kneel during the NATL. Anthem. Ah screw him, I'm gonna exercise my freedom of choice, embarrass my organization, & then wonder they now refuse to pay me. Your job Antonio was to play football & intercept passes. You can protest whatever injustice you want on the weekend or your day off. You can't just go over your boss's head, refuse to follow their firmly worded suggestion, & not expect repercussions man. SMH. And another thing--If you make the decision to create 14 children, you better plan ahead & be in a position to provide for them sir. Use protection perhaps or inquire about a vasectomy in order to put a lid on future defendants. Eventually, you knew you'd have to pay the piper man. Get real dude. Being responsible for that many children is a massive undertaking. It might have been fun bringing them into the world, but at the end of the day, you need to grow up, be a man, & figure this out already. The time for deflection & excuses is over sir.
  9. You do make a compelling case with this last sentence NMFE. Adam gets paid handsomely to close out tight games for INDY & he'd be the first to say that he came up short vs Pittsburgh & didn't get it done. I dislike it when someone inevitably says football is a team sport not tennis or golf. It's a true statement sure, but it's like you said in your original entry, Adam was in a position to get us a W & along with the glory when the Colts win comes the heat when a NFL specialist fails. Excellent point. Well said. The only thing that shields Adam from constructive criticism right now are his 4 SB rings on his resume. We all know this.
  10. @NFLfan, You're welcome. I figured you'd wanna see your Purple People Eaters play tonight. Happy to help & make your evening TV watching go a bit more smoothly. Uh huh. Cris Collinsworth has 2 infatuation blindspots: The Patriots & the Cowboys. He can't be objective about either franchise whatsoever. Thank you so much for confirming to me that Dallas doesn't exactly stir your drink or trip your trigger either. My respect for you just skyrocketed over that. No worries. The Vikings know what time it is. I'm confident that Minnesota will emerge victorious my friend. Glad I was able to make you chuckle.
  11. Yeah, you rarely see that happen in football. I was rooting for the cat to be bad voodoo for Dallas too. Oh well. I'm surprised that Whiskers didn't drop this Janet track before making it's SNF debut though. Entrance means everything you know. Gotta leave a lasting impression ya know... Cats tend to do their own thing though so, I shouldn't be surprised I guess. @Jules, would have had a field day with this football occurrence since posting cool cat pictures is more or less her forte & favorite pastime on the forum. I missed the appearance on TV initially, but caught it when NFL Network re-aired the game later that night.
  12. Yes, both of you are correct. Booing your favorite team never solves anything in the long run. I've always perceived it as childish & tacky personally. The other side of the coin justifying booing as an act of passion against substandard play & execution reminds me of an article Rob Parker wrote below: https://theshadowleague.com/sports-fans-have-the-right-to-boo/ I don't subscribe to this point of view. I'm just playing devil's advocate for balance I guess. The interesting thing is this: There's a huge gulf between a bad season or two versus say a bad decade where your team has been in the doldrums for yrs AKA the Cleveland Browns. Boycotting a squad as a fan is vastly different than missing the playoffs occasionally over time.
  13. Trust me Lolly. I've known you for awhile now & I respect you as a regular poster & writer on the forum. I automatically knew how difficult it was to say what you said about Adam--Going in a different direction next yr without Mr. V. I have a ton of respect for you especially anyone courageous enough to be the first to say that this situation isn't working & letting go of such a well liked clutch kicker is exceptionally hard. That takes balls to say that & wait for the potential backlash to roll in brother. Kudos man. Of course, had that happened...People clamoring for your head & out for blood metaphorically speaking naturally...I would have been right there to defend you. You're a good man Lolly; I will always have your back brother. Always remember that.
  14. Your Vikings should with the NFC North as smoothly as silk IMO. Zimmer never gets enough recognition for his coaching prowess in my estimation. I have a ton of respect for your team & organization. Hades, I still miss Denny Green man. A very nice man & good coach God rest his soul. To this day, it still bothers me how Green's NFL legacy gets reduced to the "crown" rant when he was the HC in AZ. That's not right in my book. Without Denny, their is no SB Champion Tony Dungy head coach in INDY period. Denny was awesome! Come on Cousins, don't disappoint me. Please take Dallas to school & show em who is boss. I'm pulling for Minnesota like crazy this weekend. Also, Cris Collinsworth gushes on endlessly about the Cowboys like a Barry White seduction song you know what I'm saying? Get a room already. Sheesh. LOL! BTW: The Vikings vs Chiefs game will be airing on NFL Network tonight at 11 PM CST. Thanks for the invitation & your kind words of encouragement as always. You're a good friend. Thank you. I'll drop you a forum line soon. Take Care.
  15. I really do appreciate your humor. You're quite funny @2006Coltsbestever. It just irritates me that the Cowboys gets so much praise from NFL booth pundits on TV. Can Dallas at least play in an NFC Championship Game in this century first? LOL! Yes, you guys do cover all the bases in this thread don't you?
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