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  1. southwest1

    The Official Ballard IS Impressing Me Thread

    Yeah, you're a darn fine poster yourself Jared. You're very smart & you always make me laugh. Just remember to vote & buy a lottery ticket too because I always wanted to say I knew somebody who won billions. I won't even ask ya for a small loan either. Just Kidding!
  2. southwest1

    The Official Ballard IS Impressing Me Thread

    Hey there @Jared Cisneros, Thank you for being concerned about my welfare. I was sidelined with an illness for awhile. Plus, I also pride myself on paying attention to what my elected public servants are doing in my state. Suffice to say, you'll probably see me around more once the midterm election dust settles. I won't elaborate any further since I have no desire to violate Forum rules regarding civic or political discussions. At any rate, I appreciate your kind words. I hope life is treating you alright as well brother.
  3. southwest1

    Stampede Blue on Ballard's lack of spending

    Okay, I will admit that I have been absent from the Forum for awhile & I certainly don't want to restrict anyone's freedom to express themselves without fear of backlash or ridicule. However, why would we give up Jacoby for Cooper? Are you serious? When Dallas picked him up, I roared with laughter. Cooper is decent, but he's no game changer & far from clutch when you really need to move the chains. JMO. Besides, Brissett is an excellent backup. Why give that up?
  4. southwest1

    The Official Ballard IS Impressing Me Thread

    Just to echo similar sentiments by other regulars in this thread, nice write up @Trueman. Clearly, you put a considerable amount of time into this thread, you articulated your praise of our GM via the draft & other roster moves thoroughly, & you deserve to be commended for that. Well done. Carry on...
  5. southwest1

    The Official Ballard IS Impressing Me Thread

    You said essentially what I was gonna say probably better than I would have said it Lolly. In one word: Consistency or directness if you prefer. What you see is what you get. What I loved best is this: When he was at that press conference & said "The rivalry is back on" regarding Josh McDaniels decision to revoke our city as the next HC, here's what he meant: Your refusal to come to INDY won't crush us & even though the Pats/Colts rivalry isn't competitive right now; it will be eventually & there will come a time when you will regret rejecting our organization. Enough said. What's that slogan? Of yes, I can forgive, but I never forget. Chris has a quiet confidence about him that fosters loyalty on a grand scale.
  6. southwest1

    Colts "Mount Rushmore" - NFL Network

    Yes, you're right BC. Rodgers doesn't belong there. I honestly thought he would have been to another SB by now. I must admit as it stands now that Brett Favre is better than Aaron. I will own that now. I place a premium on SB appearances more than I probably should...But, Brett was more clutch than Aaron is...Facts are facts. I was wrong. I stand corrected.
  7. southwest1

    Colts "Mount Rushmore" - NFL Network

    I would say yes. The Oilers & the Titans go hand in hand. Man, I loved watching Warren Moon play in the old school uniforms with the rig on their helmets. Just awesome. Warren doesn't get enough credit for how truly great he was as a field general. Darn, he threw a beautiful ball with the prettiest spiral you ever saw. Amazing, but I digress...LOL!
  8. southwest1

    Colts "Mount Rushmore" - NFL Network

    Nice entry here Smoke317. I like your Mt. Rushmores in both cities that you named in both cities. I personally don't hate Baltimore, but I understand why some fans do & I never hold it against anybody. Marvin did have great hands no question. I do miss Dwight Freeney in his prime. Jesus, in his heyday, the human tornado was unstoppable. The dude was a beast. No question. Anyway, good list.
  9. southwest1

    Is Reich on the Hot Seat?

    I realize our record isn't what any INDY fan wants, but who in their right mind would fire a first yr head coach coming off a successful SB run with the Philadelphia Eagles? Take a deep breath & chill. We will be just fine. Go listen to GNR's "Patience," put your feet up, open your favorite beverage, & get ready to enjoy tomorrow's Bills game. INDY should play well on Sunday.
  10. southwest1

    The NFL has to get rid of ties

    Hey there Yehoodi, Sorry for my delay in getting back to you. I apologize. Yes, ties are a part of the NFL landscape I guess here to stay whether we like them or not. Life goes on. Your Pats look solid BTW. I knew Brady would be fine once he got Julian Edalman back. Plus, you guys have a deep threat now with Josh Gordon in the mix. Congrats on your victory over INDY as well. I'm just glad Andrew Luck looks like he can still sling the football again like I remember before his shoulder injury. You're a good dude Yehoodi. The Colts Vs Pats rivalry is far from the battle it once was under Peyton Manning, but slowly be surely, it will return: the competitiveness or gap will close sooner or later.
  11. southwest1

    The NFL has to get rid of ties

    Priceless BHC. Just priceless. Your reply is hysterical primarily because of it's universal truth & pinpoint accuracy. Never lose your funny bone my Scottish brother from another mother. It's your greatest asset.
  12. southwest1

    Andrew Luck's comparison to Matthew Stafford

    This is gonna sound terrible, but when I saw that cover for the first time, I thought of that "Shrinkage" [Jerry] Seinfeld episode on TV. There's definitely a trade off to too much steroid usage. While one part of a person's anatomy may grow, another may not. Enough said. Yes, I know there are men & women who build their muscle mass the right way through diet & proper supplement regiments. Brady Quinn just looked more like a LB than a QB as you were alluding correctly too.
  13. southwest1

    Andrew Luck's comparison to Matthew Stafford

    Cute line there. Reminds me of the old Hanz & Franz SNL comedy skit mocking Arnold Schwarzenegger. We must "Pump You Up." LOL! I do recall seeing this magazine cover about Quinn back in the day too. The fact that the title of the periodical is "Muscle & Fitness" adds credibility to your roid argument as well.
  14. southwest1

    Andrew Luck's comparison to Matthew Stafford

    All top notch points as always brother. I just don't get how Stafford had Megatron for all those yrs & you can't even land a Wildcard spot not even once? Minnesota wasn't always coached by Mike Zimmer & Chicago even under Coach John Fox wasn't really that much of a threat since 2006. I do respect DC Vic Fangio though. I will admit that GB with a healthy Discount Double Check is formidable, but still. Yeah, Luck is leaps & bounds above Stafford who are we kidding?
  15. southwest1

    Andrew Luck's comparison to Matthew Stafford

    No need to apologize CBE. You didn't do anything wrong brother trust me. I value your take on all sports not just football. You're even well versed in professional tennis man. Exactly, you'd think by now that Stafford would have 1 post season win. I don't dislike Matthew perse. I just don't agree with the side by side comparison. Rob Parker on FS1 always slams Stafford for not having one signature win & even on that small sample size Luck has Stafford beat just on that Chiefs comeback playoff victory alone. You're right man. That is a fantastic word & very underutilized today. Plus, it sounds dirty without actually being inappropriate in society. A win; win baby. Darn good point TSQ. You don't get accustom to #18 greatness & then settle for a less than stellar succession plan with Matthew. The highest standard of excellence has already been established. Well said. I couldn't agree more.