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  1. southwest1

    Andrew Luck's comparison to Matthew Stafford

    This is gonna sound terrible, but when I saw that cover for the first time, I thought of that "Shrinkage" [Jerry] Seinfeld episode on TV. There's definitely a trade off to too much steroid usage. While one part of a person's anatomy may grow, another may not. Enough said. Yes, I know there are men & women who build their muscle mass the right way through diet & proper supplement regiments. Brady Quinn just looked more like a LB than a QB as you were alluding correctly too.
  2. southwest1

    Andrew Luck's comparison to Matthew Stafford

    Cute line there. Reminds me of the old Hanz & Franz SNL comedy skit mocking Arnold Schwarzenegger. We must "Pump You Up." LOL! I do recall seeing this magazine cover about Quinn back in the day too. The fact that the title of the periodical is "Muscle & Fitness" adds credibility to your roid argument as well.
  3. southwest1

    Andrew Luck's comparison to Matthew Stafford

    All top notch points as always brother. I just don't get how Stafford had Megatron for all those yrs & you can't even land a Wildcard spot not even once? Minnesota wasn't always coached by Mike Zimmer & Chicago even under Coach John Fox wasn't really that much of a threat since 2006. I do respect DC Vic Fangio though. I will admit that GB with a healthy Discount Double Check is formidable, but still. Yeah, Luck is leaps & bounds above Stafford who are we kidding?
  4. southwest1

    Andrew Luck's comparison to Matthew Stafford

    No need to apologize CBE. You didn't do anything wrong brother trust me. I value your take on all sports not just football. You're even well versed in professional tennis man. Exactly, you'd think by now that Stafford would have 1 post season win. I don't dislike Matthew perse. I just don't agree with the side by side comparison. Rob Parker on FS1 always slams Stafford for not having one signature win & even on that small sample size Luck has Stafford beat just on that Chiefs comeback playoff victory alone. You're right man. That is a fantastic word & very underutilized today. Plus, it sounds dirty without actually being inappropriate in society. A win; win baby. Darn good point TSQ. You don't get accustom to #18 greatness & then settle for a less than stellar succession plan with Matthew. The highest standard of excellence has already been established. Well said. I couldn't agree more.
  5. A song that I have always loved....just wanted to share with my Brother...



    1. southwest1


      Thanks man. I could listen to this classic on a nonstop feedback loop & never get tired of it.


      This track gets better & better every single time I hear it. The tempo, the smoothness of it, it's most definitely my jam baby. Hades yeah brother. Timeless whatever era a cat grew up in. :scoregood:

    2. southwest1


      Checkout Amanda Brown laying down a Chris Cornell classic @RustonRifle#7:



      This cover gives me goosebumps man. The brass section, the beautiful tribute to the legend, & women getting their grove on always makes me smile. :D


      Plus, I was in both band & chorus in school so, I know how hard it is to pull this track off & sound polished. Amazing!

    3. TheRustonRifle#7


      The Who, whom are my favorite, always tested the waters with different musical genres.....I like this!  I appreciate uniqueness and is so lost on today's micro feed world.  I appreciate you Brother as you are unique....hence, why you are my friend!

  6. southwest1

    The NFL has to get rid of ties

    I realize your post was designed for sarcastic comic relief for effect BB87 & I did find it amusing. However, the best humor has a grain of truth in it. Nobody wants to sit through any event over 2 hours long with no resolution in the end. Maybe cell phones, Twitter, & FaceBook have killed the art of nuance & subtle small signs of gradual improvement I don't know. Ties...Oh, the humanity! Just Kidding. Ties feel like when your wife or girlfriend drags you to a chick flick & you just really wanted to see something cool get blown up on the giant multi plex screen in front of you. Okay, I'm done now. Thanks for your patience. Carry on...
  7. southwest1

    The NFL has to get rid of ties

    This is probably the best argument in favor of them--Scarcity. If people like them & get a kick out of them, I don't wanna rain on anybody's parade. I would caution folks though because we've already had 2 ties this yr & since referees are cracking down harder on LB & DE hits on the QB more frequently now, that possibility of ties with high octane offenses will rise up slightly now. Remember, several yrs ago when Tom Coughlin was still the HC of the NY Giants & I don't remember if it was Justin Tuck, JPP, or who it was, but they let up on the opposing field general in the 2nd half of a regular season game because they were so afraid of a 15 yrd penalty that they literally pulled up & stopped because they were so confused about what a legal sack was now? It's happening again. Look, I get the league doesn't want concussions or knees blown out with tackling, but you gotta let defensive guys earn a living too. I do agree Myles. I can swallow ties against my will if it means guys leave the field with less injuries. I'll learn to grit my teeth & accept ties eventually. My main thing is this: Please let the defense play ball & not dwindle away their paychecks with lame league fines. Thank you.
  8. southwest1

    The NFL has to get rid of ties

    Good post @Yehoodi as always. Yeah, like Jvan & CsPR, astutely stated, ties are extremely rare so complaining about them makes me or anybody else who complains about them look foolish. I totally agree & yet every time I watch a game that ends in one [Browns vs Steelers or Packers Vs Vikings] I feel not upset but adrift because I like closure. Somebody won; Somebody lost. It's the same reason Westerns are probably my favorite genre in cinema too. Somebody ticked the wrong guy off & as a result, death will eventually follow. Do you think Big Ben or Tyrod Taylor feel happy about the outcome? Not really. I know that Cousins & Rodgers played well too & yet that outcome feels empty to me. I'm still not happy about that Clay Matthews roughing the passing call either, but I digress. Hey @NFLfan, Kirk Cousins played great BTW & his contract looks like money well spent right now. Tiebreakers scenarioes [Sic] can have some appeal with playoff positioning as the season progresses I suppose Yehoodi. Ties are like a Christmas present you really didn't want but you have to pretend it's the best present ever just to not hurt your relative's feelings. I truly believe that.
  9. southwest1

    The NFL has to get rid of ties

    I gotta give it up to ya NM your line was pretty clever & one I did not expect. Cute. Look on a serious note, the longer guys play past regulation the higher the likelihood key injuries to starting players happen & I never wanna see that on any teams roster. Ties in football are like participation ribbons in school sports. It cheapens the outcome because fans can't feel good that they won or express brief regret that they lost. You're in purgatory limbo. The worst feeling in the world. Okay sure, it's not a tragedy or life changing event like a tornado, flood, fire, hurricane, or passing of a loved one, but it's 3 hours as a viewer you'll never get back either unfulfilled enthusiasm or stocic trepidation. Ties are fine as a youth, but they leave a bad taste in your mouth as an adult in professional sports. JMO.
  10. southwest1

    Ryan Fitzpatrick

    Touche, but somehow this time feels different just for this season alone. Yeah I know, expectations can change everything, but Tampa has sucked since 2002, they need respectability as an organization again. It's time.
  11. southwest1

    Ryan Fitzpatrick

    Ah huh, Fitz is on fire right now no question. "The chest hair is mine. that's it." No matter how many times I hear Ryan say that, I break out laughing man. The dude is funny & Ivy League graduates aren't known for that usually. Kiss your starting gig in Tampa goodbye Jameis Winston.
  12. southwest1

    Unrest in Steel City?

    Actually, if by some miracle Antonio Brown did become available for us & the numbers worked out financially, our locker room is strong enough to accept AB into the blue horseshoe fold. Plus, AB knows Luck can sling the rock so he'd get his touches & AB knows where & when to lay down in soft zones for easy completions under QB pressure. Not saying we'd ever land him. Just that this experiment would work & pay dividants.
  13. southwest1

    Unrest in Steel City?

    Hey there GP, You know how much I respect you man, but I need to ask you a serious question: BB wasn't looked upon fondly when he was losing games in Cleveland until he landed in Massachusetts & started winning games with Bledsoe & Brady. Doesn't either approach, a strict one or a relaxed fall on deaf ears if your team is still losing & in the doldrums? Like I always tell ya bro, I have the ut most respect for what Bill did in NY as the DC. I will never slam the guy or his football IQ. I'm a little worried about his defensive prowess taking a slight hit after the Philly SB though. I'm not saying BB is done, just this: When your calling card is defense & that facet of your game isn't what it once was--Admirers of his previous SBs notice that's all.
  14. southwest1

    Unrest in Steel City?

    I like HC Mike Tomlin & I don't think he's lost the locker room yet, but Antonio Brown needs to be reigned in a little bit. Look, I get that today's WRs prefer self promotion & a social media brand name so they have career options after football is over, but Mike has got to remind the men he commands what their goal is: Beating NE so they can win another Lombardi Trophy. Any distraction can derail that. I'm still stunned that the Steelers locker room went after Bell publicly regarding his money/contract. What the hades? You never criticize a teammate over money. Pittsburgh is usually a focused franchise & they look fractured right now.
  15. southwest1

    Hilarious Phillip Dorsett article

    You're exactly right @GoPats. A lot of us in INDY did moan & groan about Pagano's coaching myself included. NE is clearly getting more out of Dorsett then we ever did. Like WR Reggie Wayne said when he wore the Pats uniform briefly in Boston, the coaching in Foxboro is next level. BB is a mad scientist who gets the most out of castoffs & traded players usually. Don't fret over the Jags loss BTW, you guys will still win your division & make a deep playoff run like always. Hope the family is doing well & keep rock climbing with your kids man.