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  1. player hold outs don’t really bother me as much. I used to think it was selfish but at the end of the day, a man is allowed to do whatever he thinks is in his best interest regarding his career. Do i I agree with it? No. Does it make Zeke a bad character for holding out? I don’t think so. That being said, it brings poor attention to the team, and me personally, I’d rather my team be low key in terms of media controversy. The longer hold outs last, the worse it gets for both player and team.
  2. And so is Andrew Luck. Yet this fan base freaks out and calls the team dishonest when he suffers a setback. Would you not freak out if a star colt receiver wasn’t practising two weeks before the season started because of a helmet?
  3. Lmao I’m sorry but according to you Zeke: been in trouble w the police multiple times, suspensions, currently holding out - he’s cool AB: threatens to retire from football over a helmet causing his current team to question if he’s a part of them or not - he’s cool Ramsey: Talks noise - nah that’s too far To each his own I guess
  4. I’m glad we got depth at corner but I’d hesitate to trade or cut Quincy, even if he has lagged behind. Even if he is the 3rd or 4th CB right now m, What happens if Desir gets injured, and Ya-Sin goes through a rookie struggle? We’d need him.
  5. Facts, especially since 3 of em are Houston, KC and LA
  6. Both. This place gets rowdy this time of year (if you couldn't already tell )
  7. I’m sure there’s some tiny correlation, but that’s about as trivial a preseason stat that I’ve ever seen.
  8. Loved the prospect in college. Obviously he’s been injured and struggling in Houston. Not expecting much but have to admit, the potential gain here is pretty exciting.
  9. I have high expectations for the rest of the team. So if that turns out to be JBs stat line, we’re winning at least 10
  10. Quincy, who I still really like, but I won't be surprised if that changes by mid season.
  11. They’ve shut out our offence in 12 out of 16 quarters the last 4 games we’ve played em. That defence is still insanely talented, and Nick Foles isn’t Blake Bortles. I think the colts are better. But the jaguars are really talented and we haven’t exactly owned them the way we used to recently.
  12. It’s gonna be Luck vs Mahomes for the next few years too, with some cameos from Baker, Sam and Deshaun. That’s my prediction.
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