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  1. NorthernBlue

    Colts place multiple players on PUP list

    Let’s hope the annual tradition of colts losing some important players to injury in training camp ends this year. *knocks heavily on wood*
  2. NorthernBlue

    It’s Happening!!!

    Someone’s eager, I thought veterans weren’t supposed to report till Wednesday?
  3. NorthernBlue

    Colts @ Seahawks (preseason week 1)

    Dang, late night football? Gonna be weird. The first preseason game is always funny. It's been so long since you watched football that you get excited just to see your team out there again. Then midway through the 2nd quarter you realize "oh yeah that's why everyone hates preseason" I am looking forward to the 3rd preseason game, and how Luck looks playing probably around a half or more again.
  4. NorthernBlue

    Homework on the colts was actually done by NFLN

    Nick Wrong being dumb as usual. No surprises here.
  5. NorthernBlue

    USA Today Writer releases predictions

    Predictions are predictions and when you predict the whole league, someone’s gotta finish last. but 2-14? That’s crazy. But forget the colts for a second, some of these OTHER predictions are flat crazy. Jags go 12-4 with the first seed? You don’t win first seed when you have the worst QB in a division. Seahawks 4-12? Russel Wilson is too good for that. He’s never gone worse than 9-7. No way AZ with an injury prone Bradford finish higher. Broncos 9-7? Who’s playing QB? Keenum isn’t on a stacked Vikes squad no more. Jeez.
  6. NorthernBlue

    Cowherd AFC south predictions

    I been hesitant on the Jags ALL offseason. I'll eat crow if I'm wrong but man I do NOT believe in them this year. At all. They have an amazing defense and great run game. Awesome. Their QB still sucks. They swept Indy and Houston last year. They aren't gonna do that again this year, since Luck and DW are back. They have a first place schedule now. Gotta play Pittsburgh, and NE, and Philly, and KC, and an improved AFC south. They're a good football team, but their schedule and the fact that they have the worst QB in the division just seeps of letdown year to me. My prediction Houston 11-5 Indy 9-7 Titans 8-8 Jags 7-9
  7. Raptor fan here. Love DD and I’m gonna miss him but I think our team saw it’s ceiling last season with this core. Leonard is an amazing player and we’ve never had a guy of that caliber before. But man. He doesn’t want to play here at all eh? Drake better get on that and convince this man to stay .
  8. NorthernBlue

    10 Days

    Even better!
  9. NorthernBlue

    Does a Franchise QB improve the win total?

    Without Luck, I say we go 5-11. With Luck, I genuinely think we hit 9-7 this season, with the possibility of the playoffs depending on how the afc goes.
  10. NorthernBlue

    Assuming Luck is ready to go week one...

    The wide receivers
  11. NorthernBlue

    Assuming Luck is ready to go week one...

    30-35 he threw 31 with a bust shoulder. I expect some rust but once he’s back, he’ll be awesome.
  12. NorthernBlue

    Nelson at RT?

    I like this comment very much. It’s my new favourite comment.
  13. NorthernBlue

    Colts Projected OL Rankings PFF

    17th eh? Maybe my expectations are a wee bit too high but honestly I think the Colts O line can legitimately crack the top 10 (if healthy). AC is gonna be solid, if not spectacular, but still a good piece. Nelson is pretty much plug and play. Every rookie will go through rookie motions, but once he gets it down, he'll be awesome. Kelly is a great C, just gotta stay healthy. Meanwhile the right side isn't quite a sure thing, but there is enough competition there with Mewhort, Slauson, Good, Howard, Smith etc, that we should be confident that whoever is starting is the best possible option for the team. Maybe top 10 is too ambitious but certainly top half of the league is within the realm of possibility? Remember, as bad as the Line was last season, a lot of that had to do with a injuries.
  14. NorthernBlue

    No love for Colts In the top 100

    Not surprised. The only player on the 2018 colts who deserved to be on it was TY. But like, he EASILY should be on it. You can’t tell me there is 100 NFL players better than TY Hilton. 3 of the games we won last year were directly because of him.
  15. NorthernBlue

    Colts Madden 19 Ratings

    Agreed. EA is the worst triple A developer like ever. Madden games have been trash for the longest time. I literally only play it once in a while when a friend is over. Its essentially a $ 60 party game.