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  1. NorthernBlue

    Jihad Ward Video

    I like how the other guy looks at him, then looks back to see if anyone else saw
  2. NorthernBlue

    Is this for real?

    Lets not act like Basketball is suddenly European Soccer where in a 20 team league only like 4-6 teams are any good. The Warriors are dominant. They were straight trash 10 years ago. They developed a culture and a system that's far and away better than any other NBA team has, maybe ever. Yes, KD signing there suddenly made them a dynasty, but they still had a championship before hand. And while it's true that going over the luxury tax helped them secure KD, it's not like he couldn't get mad money from a New York or LA at the time. And what about Cousins? Literally signed for 5 million because the culture is perfect for him to succeed in. The Knicks, Heat, Lakers all have mad money. How are they doing right now? Poorly run, bad cultures, stars don't wanna play there, they don't develop talent = bad (well maybe not Miami, but it's true for the other two). The Spurs are the third biggest market in their state. San Antonio isn't some juggernaut market. Yet they have an amazing coach and develop young players nobody has heard of into gems. They built their culture. Money is a huge advantage in the NBA. But stars doesn't equal titles. You need the right coach, culture, system, organization, everything. Just ask the Timberwolves.
  3. NorthernBlue

    Big Q coming out of his shell...

    Big Q > Cardi B
  4. Heck the colts got veterans Mike Adams and Dwight Lowery and they came in and did fine for a few years
  5. Off topic but am I the only one who noticed this thread is called ‘free agency agency’?
  6. I don't actually think Tannehill is that much worse than Mariota. Which pretty much makes the Titans better since Mariota misses like 5 games a year at least, and Tannehill can probably step in and still be decent for em. Yeah they're still gonna be like 9-7 and not make the playoffs.
  7. NorthernBlue

    Spending Unwisely like the Packers

    As you said, For the sake of not detailing this thread, I’ll try to keep this short. But as bad as the recieving core was, Luck was bad too. He had a bad game. Doesn’t matter how bad everyone else was. He was bad too. The L wasn’t his fault, and I know full well that Luck will rebound, but you can’t pin that loss on just 1 unit.
  8. So pretty much Landon Collins?
  9. Imagine going from Antonio Brown to Donte Moncrief.
  10. Don't we already have Nate Hairston as a backup too? I know he had a down year but he was pretty solid as a rookie. Maybe he can rebound?
  11. Or against Jacksonville when we got into the red zone like 3 times and came away with 0 points, including two 4th and 1 situations. Reich knows him from Philly. He'll know how and when to use him, if they decide to sign him
  12. NorthernBlue

    Colts sign Devin Funchess (Merge)

    Ballard has always been about competition. Let Funchess, Cain, a draft pick and maybe Inman battle it out for the number 2 wideout spot. I believe that's what we tried doing last year with guys like Rogers, Grant and Cain, but the latter got injured and the former two just aren't good enough to be NFL number 2s. But the four I listed above (assuming we draft someone and resign Inman), would all either have experience (Inman), upside (draft pick and Cain), or both (Funchess). So lets see how it goes.
  13. Isn't that the guy that dropped the wide open touchdown against the Colts?
  14. NorthernBlue

    Spending Unwisely like the Packers

    Andrew Luck was bad that game too. So was our entire elite offensive line. In fact, the few players that DID play good, were Ballards FA and draft gems. Autry, Moore, Leonard, heck even Najee Goode made plays that game.
  15. NorthernBlue

    Official complaints about Free Agency thread (merge)

    That is a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep forum reference