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  1. NorthernBlue

    Is it time we started thanking Josh McDaniels?

    Team never quit at 1-5. Now we don’t know what McD would be like if he was our coach, but I doubt we’d see such a brotherhood being developed here.
  2. NorthernBlue

    Notes On #12

    Unless he implodes the last six games, Luck should win CPOY. He can get into the MVP discussion only if he finishes top 3-5 in most major QB stat lines whilst also leading us to a playoff berth. Even then Brees would need to slow down considerably.
  3. NorthernBlue

    I take full credit for the colts recent success

    Undefeated when I DON'T watch the game with my dad. I haven't seen him on a Sunday for like a month
  4. NorthernBlue

    The final 6 games

    You know your losing streak is gonna end when you lose games you should have won, and you know your win streak is gonna end when you win games you should have lost. We were losing games we should have won when we were 1-5. It's starting to turn now. Meanwhile for Houston? This 7 game win streak is damn impressive. But they've escaped twice in OT (largely due to decisions by the other teams head coach), were gifted a dub against Buffalo (thanks Peterman), escaped Denver with a dub when McManus missed a FG, and barely hung on to a Washington team that had moments earlier lost their Quarterback to a gruesome injury. Like we were due a victory after the Jets game, the Texans are due a loss. And we only need them to lose once in order for the Colts to have a chance to tie it up with em.
  5. NorthernBlue

    How do we beat the titans

    How do we beat the Titans? Pretty easily apparently Great team win. Hopefully we don't let Miami become a trap game. I trust Reich will have the squad prepared.
  6. NorthernBlue

    A wonderful Feel Good Story....

    Saw this on the star a few days ago, really enjoyable read. I love hearing about the background roles around a pro sports team. Also as a current Computer Science major, it’s good to know I still got a shot at the nfl
  7. NorthernBlue

    Hooker downgraded

    That's bad Like really bad
  8. NorthernBlue

    How do we beat the titans

    What's up, glad we got a visitor on our board. Hope ya enjoy the forum. Tennessee is insanely hot, and are clicking on all cylinders. Your team SHOULD be confident coming into this match up. But we're confident too. For once, we got an Oline, and we're seeing what Andrew Luck is doing when he gets good protection. 17 TDs, 6 ints for about 270 YPG and a 67 % completion (and keep in mind, 4 of those 7 picks were directly off Colts players drops). Our run game is a threat, and even when they got shut down, we were still able to torch the number 1 ranked pass defense in Jacksonville last week. Frank Reich and Nick Sirriani are doing a splendid job scheming guys open and creating mismatches. Dean Pees better have his defense ready and disciplined or else we might see some blown coverage like the Jaguars last week. Our defense is our Achilles heel surprise surprise. Expect Mariota to complete a ton of his passes with the soft zone implemented. Some of us are complaining about the lack of disguises and coverages, but we really don't have the talent to run anything overzealous. If Malik Hooker can't play, we're in trouble. Even with the soft zone, we haven't really been beat deep down the middle, EXCEPT against Oakland, when Hooker was out. If he's not playing, Corey Davis might just be too much. We gotta get pressure on Mariota, which won't be easy considering 1) He's elusive 2) You guys got a good Oline too. Time + Plus soft zone = lots of completions, which is what happened last week. Colts gotta swarm better against Tennessee than they did J'Ville though. Our game against Washington, Alex Smith completed 71 % of his passes, yet we kept em to 9 points because we got pressure, forcing short throws, and we came up and made the tackles. Dion Lewis' performance will be key towards the outcome of this game I think. Anyways, enjoy the forum, and good luck this Sunday. Hope your team loses though
  9. NorthernBlue

    Hooker probably won't play

  10. NorthernBlue

    Blue on Blue Uniforms

    At least one or two home games a year definitely
  11. NorthernBlue

    Another awesome Brian Baldinger breakdown

    I just love the fact that we have an Oline with HIGHLIGHTS so beautiful
  12. NorthernBlue

    Colts work out Jalen Collins

    That would have cost us a pick
  13. NorthernBlue

    Albert Breer on Cowherd Talking about the Colts

    Definitely need depth for offense. Personally I think Grant and Rogers are fine as a 3rd and 4th option, but 1) who knows if either is back next year 2) they'll struggle anytime they need to move up (like now). With how good the TEs work in this scheme though, I wonder how much importance Ballard puts at WR this off season. Still got Ebron and Doyle locked up for another season. I wouldn't be opposed to taking an Olinemen with a mid round pick every year or so just to build up really good depth, even if we have 5 good starters across the board. And a QB to develop if we end up trading Brissett away. Although that's a lot of resources allocated whilst we still need about half a defense.
  14. NorthernBlue

    Albert Breer on Cowherd Talking about the Colts

    Offensively, we're nearly set I think. A solid WR2 (who we might have in building if Cain turns into the stud we all think he can be), along with some careful planning for the future as AC and TY hit the other side of 30 is all we really gotta worry about this off season in terms of the offense. Defensively though, we still need an edge rusher, another piece on the Dline, a starting corner, and perhaps another safety. And that's just starters. Need depth all across the board and it's unrealistic to expect it all in one draft/FA class.
  15. NorthernBlue

    247 Sports just moved Colts

    I like where our team is headed but even I think that’s too high. The Defense isn’t playing nearly at the level of a top 15 team. I like where Harrison (NFL.COM) has us, 18th (ahead of the Eagles). Room for improvement but if we get the dub vs Tennessee, I expect a huge jump.