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  2. Next Month will start Movie Quotes all of October!

  3. A song that I have always loved....just wanted to share with my Brother...



    1. southwest1


      Thanks man. I could listen to this classic on a nonstop feedback loop & never get tired of it.


      This track gets better & better every single time I hear it. The tempo, the smoothness of it, it's most definitely my jam baby. Hades yeah brother. Timeless whatever era a cat grew up in. :scoregood:

    2. southwest1


      Checkout Amanda Brown laying down a Chris Cornell classic @RustonRifle#7:



      This cover gives me goosebumps man. The brass section, the beautiful tribute to the legend, & women getting their grove on always makes me smile. :D


      Plus, I was in both band & chorus in school so, I know how hard it is to pull this track off & sound polished. Amazing!

    3. TheRustonRifle#7


      The Who, whom are my favorite, always tested the waters with different musical genres.....I like this!  I appreciate uniqueness and is so lost on today's micro feed world.  I appreciate you Brother as you are unique....hence, why you are my friend!

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  5. Solid TEAM Win !!

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  7. Finally made it home!  A delay and a flight cancellation but I made it home.

  8. @crazycolt1@BR-549@lollygagger8@southwest1


    Please critique.....



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    2. lollygagger8


      The 3rd video says Jimi, but it's actually the SRV version. That person who said it was Jimi should be ashamed! 

    3. lollygagger8


      I agree with y'all. 


      Jimi was the innovator, and SRV was influenced heavily by him. Not sure the student can be better than the master, but he's damn close! 


      I think Jimi was waaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of his time. He was the reason I started playing, so I have to tip my hat to him. The sheer power/volume, effects, the way he played, was all a first of it's kind. He's getting those high notes on a right handed guitar upside down which is absolutely astonishing. Plus to do what he did while being on the drugs he was on while playing is a feat in itself! lol 


      That said, SRV was a much cleaner player, and I feel more blues based. His tone was perfectly honed and people strive for it to this day. I think he took the blues/rock/Jimi thing to the next level as far as sound/ability/tone. He was next level as a player, and a great showman in his own right. 


    4. lollygagger8


      I agree with many excellent guitar players out there. All different styles. 

      Jimi, SRV, Eric Clapton, Eric Johnson, Joe Stariani, Steve Vai, Dimebag Darrell (Pantera) ....I could be here all day!  


      I've seen Bonamassa live, and he's absolutely amazing. I taped this front row of his concert here in Fort Wayne....he was somehow better live than on studio recordings! 


      Dude did all that on an acoustic! lol 


      I've been getting into Doyle Bramhall II lately. He's written alot for Eric Clapton. He's not amazing guitar player, but he's good and a heckuva a song writer. 

      He's got a new album coming out, and Clapton is on this song: 


      Here's some of his older stuff (Jimi inspired!) : 


      This is one of my favorite's of his: 


  9. @lollygagger8 @BR-549 as well...I just can't get this song out of my did I not appreciate it more back in the day????????


    The intro just kicks butt...………..and then gets better!



    1. southwest1


      SRV is bleeping superb no matter what the man does. Why must legends die early well before the world is willing to let them go? It always bothers me. At any rate, tremendous selection RR7! :thmup:


      Appreciate the insights from CC1 & Lolly8 as always too. 


      Thanks Lolly8 for the Bonamassa live clip BTW. Jesus! He's magical when he teams up with Beth Hart on stage as well. That's a long time to hold your cell phone up. Thanks for the sacrifice so the rest of us can marvel at his musicianship. :banana:



  12. Darn, losing makes the long trip back home even longer!

    1. southwest1


      I'm glad you returned home safely DD & yes, INDY loses do indeed blow. Hang in there my man.

  13. Going to Colts/Pats with my husband next month. LOL should I cover my eyes during the game or can an upset happen? Luck looks fine IMO, but Brady is some sort of freak ageless wonder that even makes Lebron James jealous.

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    2. teganslaw


      You mentioned that your husband is a Red Sox fan; is he also a Patriots fan? That would make for an interesting relationship if he were. haha Anyway, enjoy the game and I hope the Colts can pull out a victory. 

    3. Jules


      Yeah I try to hide he is a Boston sports fan here but I think the cat is out of the bag. haha My husband is from Worcester, MA. He's one of the nice ones though and actually likes Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck.


      I had told some people a while ago here too I live in New England. We moved here when I was a very young. I was born and raised in Indy though.


      Only team I kept with me from moving was the Colts and I will never give up the Colts. He knows this. haha I kinda like the Pacers but never got hard into them. I only kept the Colts as my childhood team. I have not been to Indy since 2007.


      But with the Patriots, I think it's more like his third team or something. He is more into the Red Sox and Celtics.


      I adopted the Celtics with him last summer and it was real easy. I always was into Brad Stevens going back to his Butler days. We kinda do the Celtics thing together hardcore.


      The first picture he ever saw of me btw was me with a Colts scarf around my neck. It was a pic of me and my cousin Erin. Erin's husband Rich showed Mark (my husband) me and said "You should meet Erin's cousin."

    4. southwest1


      Your husband sounds pretty cool Jules. Did he just say he likes Peyton Manning & Andrew Luck as part of the courtship phase of your relationship though? No guy is completely honest in that phase as we tend to do a number of things to impress our partner or win brownie points vs truly believe what we say at that juncture.


      It's fine. I'm not here to make waves. If he makes you happy, nothing else matters in the grand scheme of things. Enjoy the game regardless of the final score. I hope you have good seats.

  14. I have Stevie Ray in my head!


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    2. lollygagger8


      SRV's version of Little Wing is actually better than the original in my book. 


      But Gypsy Eyes is still my favorite song in the world. Jimi was the innovator, and the reason I started playing. I heard it on my mom's record, and I said, that's it......I want to do that! 

    3. crazycolt1


      My favorite Jimi song is Power To Love off the Band Of Gypsy's album. I also like all of his covers of the Dylan songs too.

    4. southwest1


      Darn man, even sound check/rehearsal stuff sounds good. That's how you know SRV is special, his improv, goofing around shenanigans  could qualify as a multi-platinum album just on the fly.

  15. Happy Birthday to me

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    2. coltsfansince65
    3. DillyDilly


      Happy Birthday!

    4. southwest1


      I'm late to the party here PT, but happy belated B-Day my friend!


      If you wanted cake, I hope you got it or if you wanted a quiet gathering of only your closest friends & family; I hope you received that which ever you prefer buddy.


      Since SW1 tends to be music man enthusiast by nature, I will leave you with AC/DC cover by 1 of my favorite contemporary singers Lzzy Hale..."Fire! For those about to Rock, we sa-lute you" PrincetonTiger.



      You're a good dude man.


      Not every vocalist can pull off raspy signature sounds either, but Lzzy sure can.



    1. JPPT1974
    2. JPPT1974


      Remembering the late great Queen of Soul

    3. southwest1


      Cool video montages there JPPT. :banana:


      I like seeing Aretha as a younger woman because most of us are accustom to seeing her in her later yrs as opposed to an up & coming Motown star. Nice.


      Sidenote: I liked singer Smokey Robinson's final farewell to Miss Franklin too. Smokey still has a beautiful voice even now & he's one hades of a storyteller too. That guy knows how to work a room & put you in a palm of his hand.

  17. WR depth worries me.

    1. southwest1


      It's not depth that bothers me. It's more a lack of separation that concerns me excluding Hilton & Doyle of course.


      In the meantime, I will keep the faith & trust Frank & his coaching staff to work out the kinks.

  18. Prayers to the Watt and Gasaway Fsmilies

    1. southwest1


      I just googled this since I don't live in Indiana PT. Whoa, it so sad to hear that 2 well respected softball teammates perished so suddenly with an impaired driver that hit them & tragedy resulted.


      Losing a child in a senseless way is like no other pain in the world to a grieving mother, father, relative, or close friend. My sincerest condolences to both families & teammates who were tight with these 2 men.

    2. PrincetonTiger



         Taught both in school and went to school with their parents

    3. southwest1




      I can see why such devastating strikes so close to home in this case. As an educator of young minds & future adults, we all wanna witness their success in life down the road. We never wanna see that promising potential cut short far too early.


      When a person has a direct connection to both parents as well, it cuts right through your heart & straight to the bone. Whenever no words can suffice in a situation such as one like this, all anyone can do is just hug them.


      I wouldn't wish this level of agony on anyone. So sorry for your loss PT. Death notifications of upstanding students/close knit family members is the worst feeling in the world.


      I never wanna tell anyone how to grieve. I am truly sorry to hear such melancholy news my friend.

  19. Could you sent me the league ID for our league in 

     I didn't make the live draft due to an emergency in the family.  I guess I will go see what a mess I have? :D

  20. We already have the top 3 plays of the year, and they happened consecutively. The 3 grabs in a row I just saw in the Washington/Auburn game were just incredible

  21. Started to pack for my journey to Indy.

    1. southwest1


      Have a nice trip DD. I expect pictures & a full report when you return BTW. Just Joking buddy. :hat:


      Can you do a slide show? Nobody does those anymore man. No, not a powerpoint presentation or computer laptop program. I mean an old school slide show straight out the 60's or 70's when you had the tripod pull down screen & slides that made a sound when you pushed the button & the next photo came up.


      I'm just messing with you. haha

    2. DillyDilly


      SW1, Slide show from the 60’s and 70’s?  Are you talking 1860 and 1870?

    3. southwest1


      Bah! Ha! Ha! You sneaky devil; You got me good on that one. :spit:


      You're lucky I didn't request a sequence of glass plate photographs just to throw in an extra wrinkle. Just kidding!


  23. Colts in Motion coming to Tigertown 

  24. Had a dream er nightmare (?) the next SB was Patriots/Cowboys. Don't know who won. 

    1. Nadine
    2. southwest1


      In your dream scenario, I doubt the Cowboys pull off the confetti drop Jules. Prescott is darn good yes, but next to Brady, he is chicken feed.


      Anything is possible I guess. Right? I'm not ready for Dallas Lombardi Reunion Tour yet. Let em suffer for another 5 yrs at least. A tad bit harsh sure, but it's where I'm at. LOL!


  26. Hell might freeze over.   I took Brady AND Gronk in my fantasy fb draft tonight.  :facepalm:

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      You both have Brown, that is excellent. I am stuck with Hopkins LOL, Hopkins Is great though but he isn't Brown.

    3. teganslaw


      I play daily fantasy football, (fanduel) and always have Antonio Brown on my teams. I've found that one can't be sentimental with players or teams. The main thing is to win and get points. Sometimes you just have to give in and draft players from teams you don't like. 

    4. southwest1


      Good luck to all my friends as they engage in fantasy football selections this year. I hope you all win some serious money or bragging rights along the way.

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