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  1. I’m never gonna complain about my sports teams being unlucky ever again (at least as long as we win the WS). I want the Yankees. Houston’s starters can actually keep up with ours.
  2. Quarterback - Obviously OT - Protect the Franchise DE - I feel like along with QB and OT, it should be a default. Every defense is better with a superstar pass rusher FS - Dome teams like us benefit from a fast style of play. A rangy safety that can make plays (like Hooker) would be invaluable. CB - It adds an extra element to a teams secondary if they just have a guy on defense you can rely on to shut any opposing WR down. Remember Davis in his prime? TE - Quarterbacks benefit from having reliable tight ends that can make plays in big spots. OG - Sure why not. Maybe I’m boosting because of Nelson, but if you have an elite OG and an elite OT you basically have an elite line. Pair that with an elite QB and you can’t go wrong.
  3. Top team in the NFC with GB and NO close behind. That being said, there’s like 6 teams in the NFC that you can make the argument are the best.
  4. Well it’s good that the guy we did take turned out to be pretty good too
  5. Don’t sleep on em. They’re 2 game winning kicks away from being 3-1.
  6. Yeah it's annoying but to be honest whenever he starts rambling I just tune him out and then tune back in when the play starts
  7. Chiefs will crush Houston. I’m confident now in saying that the pats and colts are really the only teams that can beat the chiefs in arrowhead. Houston can match their fire power, but I feel like they need to be at home to beat kc.
  8. Cause it’s not that easy to pull off. The colts pressured with just their front 4. You need a stacked Dline to do that. You need sound tackling. You need creative coverages.
  9. People hate Collinsworth basically because he hypes up the other team. Dudes hilarious, and yes, sometimes he says something kinda stupid, but him and Al are still the best prime time calling crew in the biz.
  10. Misdirection is a key part of the colts run game. Remember the 4th and 1 Pascal converted on a reverse? I bet the conversation would be the exact same if he got stuffed.
  11. Run the Damn Ball and 1-0 is gonna become this teams brand
  12. 13. Before that it was 26. Unreal team defense. The pass rush was insane. The tackling was sound. Made big plays when they needed to (and had some more that got called back ). They did all that against the same dude who put up 51, 31 and 40 against last years super bowl finalists.
  13. I knew they wouldn't go down without a fight. Still thought we were gonna lose. I expected KC to start pouring it on after half to be honest. But that pass rush man. Vicious. Goes to show even the best Quarterbacks can be stifled if you can get to them quick enough.
  14. I remember when Hasselbeck came in and they went like 4-0. Mostly beating trash AFCS teams like the Jags and Texans, but they also beat Matt Ryan in Atlanta. That was pretty funny.
  15. Maybe we can prevent Mahomes from even touching the ball by onside kicking every single kickoff
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