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  1. Why am I not surprised that YOU of all people wants the one prospect that's being hyped up the most on social media (and it's mostly cause that one instagram picture). Listen if DK turns into a beast, I'll eat all the crow in the world. But a dude who can barely get open isn't someone I think will last in the NFL.
  2. No real easy stretches like last season when we had a really light weeks 6-10
  3. I feel like it's less of a ref thing and more of a rulebook thing. It's a problem in the NHL, the NFL and even the NBA. So many rules with not enough clarity that it becomes a judgement call. Perfect example: Pass interference and what is and isn't a catch. Solution: Dumb it down. Keep it simple. Call less stuff and have less rules for penalties. Have refs only call OBVIOUS stuff. Yes, I get that we have a lot of these rules for player safety and that's important, but, and as much as I hate to say this, it's football. Guys are gonna get hurt. There has to be a better way to help with player safety that doesn't involve Quenton Nelson getting fined for dishing out a clean block or Joe Haden getting called for PI fo playing defense,. It's becoming unwatchable in big games.
  4. NCF I want you know that you my boy and one of my favourite posters here but just so you know, lots of young people use 'Facts' as a slang term for when we agree with something
  5. Road schedule is BRUTAL. But the home schedule only has one 2018 playoff team on it. They can geniunely go 8-0. But lets see. I'd say: HOME: Wins: Houston, Jags, Falcons, Panthers, Broncos, Dolphins, Raiders Loss: Tennessee (Think they finally bag one) ROAD: Wins: Jags, Titans, Chargers, Steelers Losses: Texans, Chiefs, Saints, Bucs (I have a feeling this year that Bruce and Jamies is gonna work). So 11-5. Most years thats a 3rd seed. At least it should be a home playoff game. If they're lucky it could be a 2 seed.
  6. Saying he's about to get two rings this year huh?
  7. I mean if year one of the rebuild results in 10-6 and a playoff win, then I'm down Honestly, just in general with sports, I don't like it when teams throw in these arbitrary timelines for when the team would/could/should be good. It just adds pressure. Because lets say everyone buys into this '3 year rebuild' and by 2020, the fans, the media, the FO and all them expect to be SB or bust. Well that 2020 thing is gonna be set in stone no matter what happens to the roster from now till then. Everything can go wrong in the drafts and injuries can hit and FAs can bust and people will still expect the Colts to be SB contenders in 2020 since thats the timeline the team gave. Just in general the team should never stop building. Keep adding talent, being smart with your money, and have a culture that can grow its own, because the NFL is crazy and rosters change fast. I've said this before a bunch and I'll say it again. I'd rather the Colts compete in 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and so on rather than just 2019. Lets do that by constantly drafting our own players, coaching them into solid NFL guys, and being smart with our money.
  8. I hope the Colts don't draft him just so we can avoid whatever the heck is going on in this thread right now
  9. Exactly. The speed, the quickness, the explosiveness, it's all there. Sure, he can bulk up and needs time to polish, but that's what your coaching is for. Draft the best players for tomorrow, not today.
  10. The Avengers theme literally makes everything sound epic
  11. Interesting that he has safety at 7 while there's been reports that the Colts really like the safety class.
  12. I like Inman a lot, and I appreciate what he brought to the team last season when we were being assaulted by injuries. But to be honest, I won't be too upset if he signs elsewhere.
  13. Andrew Luck has done more with less his whole career. We always wondered what it would be like if he had the defense and run game Russ had, or the weapons Big Ben had, or the coaching Brady and Brees have etc etc. This roster is far from elite, but the Colts have a solid run game, an elite Oline, great (and getting better) coaching, and a defense that plays better than you would think. The pressure will be on. But I have utmost confidence that he'll handle it.
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