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  2. I am in trouble if championships are the only measuring stick of success
  3. Super bowls are not the only way to measure success.
  4. Hey at least we were all on the same page. . . . a very very obvious page .
  5. The Colts had a GM that thought he knew everything and played in the same division as the Dolphins and Bills
  6. You sound like Jets and Vikings fans. But the Colts have had lots of success since 1967.
  7. Harris played well 3 for 3 on targets 29 yards in debut I hope we see a lot more of him, Taylor had a solid day 5 yards per carry, found holes and ran people over was 4 for 4 on targets 115 yards from scrimmage...Burton 59 yards from scrimmage and 2 tds if he can stay healthy once MAC comes back nice we are sitting pretty at TE.
  8. My feelings as well. We can take care of Titans ourselves.
  9. Four quarters. Not three or two or one but four. For those that cannot read 4.
  10. Been with the ups and downs since 1967. It can be tough.
  11. I was hoping the Titans would lose, but I do like the fact that the Texans are just a couple of losses from, basically, being eliminated.
  12. You're not even close to the biggest Debbie Downer here. We have a couple posters who can't help them selves here & in Chat week in & week out, They pop in when we are stinkin up the place just to tell us how much we suck. Then when the team starts to turn things around they are nowhere to be found.
  13. It’s a statement game for Rivers. I can still win a game with my arm when we’re down big. I think it’s big for his confidence. Also showing some rhythm and chemistry with WRs now. One thing that stands out to me: Hilton’s play. Definitely diminished. He had a big TD get called back for a nonsense call by the refs, but aside from that he’s been pretty invisible; you might even say GHOSTly.
  14. Well it wasn't a pretty game, started out bad. But thanks to Blackmon for closing it out for us. Glad we have a bye coming up, we definitely need it to get everyone healthy.
  15. Mo Alie-Cox did, can't wait to have him back. Another thing accomplished that people said couldn't be done: we won even though Philip had 40+ passing attempts.
  16. No excuse for that defense in the first half. Marcus Johnson provides a nice deep threat. This Harris kid added something in the slot we have been missing also.
  17. Him and Johnson have chemistry. I don’t think anyone else on offense besides Campbell had that with him.
  18. It was - good thing his pick didn't really cost us anything but time but he did a few things today that alot folks said he couldn't anymore: threw downfield with zip & accuracy, brought the team back from more than 2 scores down, directed yet another 4th Quarter comeback to win and he once again has more TD passes than interceptions, even with his late pick.
  19. I was hoping they would lose. They have been opportunistic this year. I hope the Colts will beat them. Hope you and the family are well.
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