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  1. Last week
  2. I'm still optimistic it will work out, but it's hard not to think - if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  3. It'll be sad to see us lose some good TE's. Can't keep them all and they won't make it through waivers.
  4. I agree. Ballard has to find a way to keep him because he will lose Brissett anyway. How fast Luck recovers could be key on the final cutdown day. It's a long season. He might decide to play it safe and keep three. I think he will lose Kelly if he exposes him.
  5. I would not be surprised if Hentges makes the team and continues the streak. It would be Travis or Coz I guess.
  6. You think someone is going to trade for a undrafted FA. Maybe Travis I guess. Ebron and Doyle are not going anywhere. I don’t seem them trading Coz.
  7. Our TE's looked great. One of them is going to get traded.
  8. Having Doyle back is going to be huge for luck getting that rust off.
  9. I'd like to see Kelly with the second unit instead of Walker.
  10. Everytime Rogers touches the ball I hold my breath because I’m at a point with him that I just expect him to screw up.
  11. was at the game and I just don't see how Kelly doesn't beat out Walker hes just a better player period.
  12. He hasn't played in either preseason game. Is Wilkins even practicing?
  13. I guess he might luck out if Wilkins or Williams aren't right by week 1, not even sure what's going on with Wilkins.
  14. Pretty sure everyone already knows that. We are just expressing a preference to Kelly over Walker
  15. Next week the starters will probably play a half. Will be a test for that oline against the bears D.
  16. Kelly isn’t going to make the team. He is suspended. He will have to go on the PS.
  17. This o-line is gonna regress and the credit goes to Frank for firing the guy that helped fix it stupidity at its finest.
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