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  1. Last week
  2. ESPN has 49ers with 67.4%. Vegas has SF as 3.5-4.5 favorites. Overall I think the teams are kinda equal overall, but in opposite areas. I'm confident in our O scoring enough against what is a pretty good D. I think it will likely come down to how well our D plays, or how well their O can play. To me, home is worth 2-3pts. Opposite coast trip another couple points. So them being about even, +5 for us traveling across the US is about where we are at. Now lets just hope Cali doesn't send our unvaccinated players back home lol.
  3. I give us a 55% chance of winning which isn't overwhelming but ok. I base that on I think we are slightly better but it is at SF.
  4. I think the bye will be good for them. If it's Jimmy, he can dink/dunk well enough to hurt our zone. If it's Lance, he has dual threat talents. Neither is good, but our pass D is bad. Their two RBs both AVG over 4, so I'm not really going to dismiss them. Not really worried about their O, but our pass D is just worrisome in general. Their D is good. If our LT holds, I'm optimistic about our chances.
  5. they have injuries on offense lance got hurt so did jimmy g , either way whoever starts is coming off a injury . they lost their running back for the year also . the bye week could hurt them also in being rusty plus jimmy g hasnt played in 3 weeks by the time our game is . i feel much better going against a bad offensive team than a elite QB with the way our defense has played .
  6. He just made a FG prior to the blocked one. This is going nowhere, it is cool though.
  7. Sorry... The same injured kicker that missed it, is so hurt, we signed another kicker who kicked today.... I'm not creating a debate. It was a horrible decision, which is the point, and which Reich even admitted.
  8. Yep, Ravens 34 Chargers 6. Some people in here haven't even acknowledge that. They just pile on us when we lose to a very good team. Vikings won too, congrats.
  9. Congrats on the win! Didn't get to see any football today. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Looks like the team you almost beat last week demolished this week's opponent.
  10. I never said Reich didn't go too conservative, you are creating a debate that isn't even there. My Point is injured or not you should make a 35 yard FG if you are able to kick which he was. I can see missing a 47 yarder.
  11. you know your QB has been lighting them up all night you know your kicker is hurt you know your kicker missed an XP already Even Reich said he was too conservative late on O. Not sure you really believe what you're saying, or just being purposefully obtuse just to fluff Reich, who even admitted he screwed up.
  12. Their O is their weak spot. They have two weeks to game plan against our D, which is our weak spot. A can see their rook QB improving. Not sure I see our pass D improving. Our O is our strength, and SF's D is theirs. And they'll have two weeks too. As far as GB lighting them up. I mean, they have a guy called Aaron Rodgers... he did good, but only had 261 yards. It was close all 2H and it took a last minute FG from GB to win that game.
  13. It's a 35 yard FG and he just made one. I get that he was hurt but I would send you in to make a 35 yard kick.
  14. If you know you're kicker is hurt, you don't purposefully take your foot off the gas. It's pretty simple.
  15. the seahawks game was a garbage touchdown late in the 4th they were getting bullied most of the game they made it look close at the end . green bay light them up also . they are good but not great we have the same story as them basically playing good teams tight for the most part beating bad teams. their offense is their weakness without kittle they dont have tons of fire power . its a winnable game if the colts come to play
  16. He just made a FG prior to the blocked one. No reason to think why he couldn't make a 35 yard FG. The 47 yard one, yeah that was iffy.
  17. He was hurt. We were 2/4 on FGs and 1/2 on XPs. If the guy is missing XPs because he's hurt, he shouldn't really be kicking FGs. And if you know he's missed an XP, you really shouldn't take your foot off the gas and play for the FG.
  18. 7th in total yards allowed, 10th in passing yards allowed, And their 3 losses were to GB, Seattle, and Cards, and all by a score or less. They held the Cards, who average 31+ points per game, to 17. Might be better than solid. And they have a week off to focus on our film.... You think they notice Fisher? lol. I'm sure Bosa, who is 5th-ish in sacks did.
  19. I guess you can say the Ravens made a great play but how often does a chip shot FG get blocked? Most kickers can go 30 kicks without one getting blocked % wise is my guess.
  20. Missing kicks with a hurt kicker isn't really luck in my book. And the missed FG was a product of taking the foot off the gas.
  21. they have a solid defense but it has regressed from the best in the nfl in 2019 . they are not a top ten defense right now looking at the rankings . frank said he expects both smith and nelson back . plus the 49ers offense has been terrible with either jimmy g or lance .
  22. Dungy could run this D because we had 2 Hall of Fame DE's, we don't now. With this D if you have little pressure on the QB he will torch it if he is good.
  23. Barring another ill-advised lap dance, I think Khan lets Meyer at least finish the season, and get at least 1 year of coaching before he eats the rest of that hefty contract.
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