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  2. I think 8-8 or 9-7 would be fairly accurate. Looking at the stats, overall it seems like JB comes in around 22-24 if ranking them. If I factor in my "eye test" I put him around 26. Nothing scientific, just how I form my opinion.
  3. Carried away = saying he is the worst starter in the league. So yeah I think saying "carried away" was accurate.
  4. Carried away? Not at all, brutally honest.
  5. Yep, as I mentioned, we hung on to Vinny to long, and it cost us.
  6. We also had the worst kicking game in the league, A kicker can be a QB's best friend or his worst enemy. He can actually be the difference between a 6-10 season or a 10-6 season.
  7. I responded like I did because you said JB wasn't better than any other starter in the league. That is your opinion but I disagree. All the guys I named above would be lucky if they went 8-8 this season with our team. Yeah our Line is good but our defense gives up a ton of points and our WR core has been injured. Even TY missed 6 games. JB isn't the answer but lets not get carried away.
  8. No hate pipe here brother, just stating the obvious. With our Oline any of the QB'S you just mentioned would give us a better chance at winning then JB. It's just not missing receivers down field, it's his inability to read the field, the ability to read his options, his touch, aka 200 mph screen passes. I respect your opinion, but after watching this season, sticking with JB is a big mistake. On a side note, JB is not the first pro athlete who performs lights out in practice, but cannot handle real game pressure.
  9. I am already on record saying we should draft another QB. It is irrelevant but I can name 12 QB's or more that JB has been better than or just as good as. It is not like you can't make an argument for JB not being just as good if not better than these guys this year = Darnold, Fitzpatrick, Foles/Minshew, Mariota, Flacco, Mayfield, Dalton, Eli, Trubisky, Winston, whatever crap they have had in Carolina and in Washington. Put down your hate pipe for a minute and realize a lot of teams have average QB's and even worse than JB and have bad one's. If you break out the all 22 you will see all the QB's I named miss WR's down the field a lot.
  10. You have said this several times this season " I rank Jacoby average, to ABOVE average". For the life of me, I cannot name a starting NFL QB that JB is better then? This has been a very disappointing season, ending with an embarrassing loss. We hung on to Vinny to long, costing us several wins, and Franks infatuation with JB, pretty much sealed the deal for this team. If they trot out JB as our starting QB next season, game tickets will be plentiful, and dirt cheap.
  11. Lost and gave up 38 to a team that hasn't scored more than 12 the last month fitting way for this team to end the year trash so for the backlash I got for saying Brissett is a bum well a week later he is still a bum.
  12. I'd pay him we are the team with the most cap arent we? atleast one of them I thought it was #1 tho. he is fantastic.
  13. $$$ Massive pay coming. He rejected this extension earlier this year- Last time we won, I was there with my wife (EverBank Field then) in 2014 and Chad Henne started for the Jags whiles the Colts jumped out to big first half lead. Blake Bortles came in after halftime, out ran Bjorn Werner's pursuit nearly every play and played the Colts quite well in second half. They've had our number there ever since.
  14. I really think Frank is the least of our problems. Eventhough I still maintain that JB doesn't suck, he is average to above average so that is what we seen this year. He was 7-7 in the games he started and finished. He isn't a Luck so after watching Luck, JB will look like garbage to many. Understandable. I still like my Mock = first 3 picks as in: Love QB Gallimore DT Gandy-Golden WR
  15. I dont think JB is long term answer either. I think he can play better, but the accuracy thing scares me. As far as Kelly, if coaching thought he was better option, he’d be in. I’m not big on “how do you know if you dont try” attitudes. It tends to follow along with desperation. just my opinion.
  16. Perhaps team ownership wants Brissett to be the QB.
  17. Yep, I noticed that about Reich weeks ago, a laid back, arm chair coach that's just not a good coach to me....I think it's time for changes in the coaching ranks......This team under perform despite Brissett's and the whole bunch ineffectiveness..
  18. Ok fellow fans, this has been a rough season for us... When it rained, poured. Luck's retirement, AV's strugles, key injuries...too much to overcome. I don1t know what next season holds for Colts, but I'm not optimistic. Without a franchise QB this team won't go far next season either. There's a lot to improve/mend.
  19. KC was the best win, JB's best game was the Texans 1st game. Hey those were sweet
  20. I’ve tried to be very patient with Brissett, giving him the benefit of the doubt, especially given how woeful the receiving corps ended up being, buuuuuut ... If I am Irsay, I am sitting down with Ballard & Reich across my desk, telling them that “I understand it was a crappy hand we were dealt with Luck’s abrupt retirement and all of the injuries, but that you should be on notice that I the owner view the QB position as now being a problem, and outside of the running game, the offensive production as a whole was hugely disappointing. Also, although the defence showed flashes, the defence was disappointing as well. I expect to see appreciable progress in all aspects of the team next year.” Any questions?
  21. I need to cleanse this by re-watching one of our wins. What was best? Kc?
  22. There ya go think positive. Now lets draft the right QB
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