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  1. Some of y’all mad they traded 13 yet you woulda peed yourself in glee had they used the pick on Kinlaw
  2. You know what’s so weird? Even down 2 in the 7th I wasn’t that nervous. I knew they still had the late comeback in them. It’s just what they do. When Rendon made it 2-1 i felt a killing blow would come quickly after. Kendrick delivered. Then like seemingly every other game this series, the nats turned a tense and close game into a blowout. Caps and Nats in an 18 month span? That’s insane. I actually can’t believe that’s real
  3. I’m never gonna complain about my sports teams being unlucky ever again (at least as long as we win the WS). I want the Yankees. Houston’s starters can actually keep up with ours.
  4. What a dub for the Nats! They looked like trash the whole game basically but Scherzer hung in there, Stras was too nasty and FINALLY they caught a lucky break. Anything is possible. On to the Dodgers
  5. What’s your outlook for the Mets this year? Think they can battle for the division?
  6. With the Corbin signing, I doubt Gio is gonna resign with us. Best of luck to him. He's a fine pitcher if he's your 3rd or 4th guy. If your Mets do sign him, get used to seeing good Gio and 7bad Gio (good as in he can get you 7 innings of 1 run ball, or bad, as in he'll get run out by the 3rd ). And regarding Harper, it's such a weird situation. After he rejected the 300 million dollar offer the Nats gave him, I've been expecting to pretty much to leave. And yet, here we are in Jan and him and Machado are just sitting there. Would I love for Harper to return? Sure. But
  7. If that’s the route we were taking, should have done it 3 weeks ago instead of saying we’re going all in
  8. aaaaaaaand the Nats lost another game via a walkoff homer! This team kills me. Appreciate the kind words yo. But y'all right, I can't be too mad. The Nats aren't trash. They're just so hit or miss this season (literally. We'd score 10 one game then score 4 the next 3 games combined ). Oh well. What can ya do. Maybe they'll turn it around. Maybe they won't. That's why we follow sports though right? Good luck to the Cubs and Mets the rest of the way. Although NFLfan, me and you prolly gotta start looking towards next season, eh
  9. Wow. I’m a Nats fan. I know most of y’all are Cubs fans. I just stopped by to say one thing. This one hurts GG tho
  10. I hope your Vikes get one too. The colts aren’t exactly contenders so if we don’t get it done this year, I’m all in on Minny. dont think I can say the same bout the Mets tho
  11. Yeah just so awesome. You and I both know a thing or two about long droughts and great teams that struggled in the playoffs, eh? Thank god the memes on us are gone. Gonna celebrate this for a bit. But then, lets hope the Colts can do something similar and the whole board can party. Can't wait for that day either.
  12. You called it last year! They’re the 06 colts! so fun going through this run with y’all. Didn’t know there was a hockey board here and it was fun to see some colts fans root the caps. Just so awesome. This is unreal.
  13. Omg this is so awesome. It’s unreal how similar this is to 2006 colts. Both those teams were weaker than previous years and no one gave em a shot and yet they shocked the world thanks guys. Never gonna forget this moment. This was awesome. Let’s hope Indy does something similar again, eh?
  14. Darn well better be. Gonna be tough, but I think if the caps can withstand vegas’s start, they should be okay. Just one win. They got this.
  15. Ovi ya better Peyton Manning the crap outta this. 1 win away. Finish em in 5. I am feeling emotions I have not felt since January 2007
  16. Series tied 1-1. What a wild start. but holy crap did you see that save Holtby made at the end? Unreal. I’m lost for words.
  17. Just like the 06 Colts, people are doubting this team for a reason or another before each matchup. vs KC - Can’t stop the run vs BAL - Can’t win tight defensive games vs NE - Can’t beat the Pats vs CHI - Can’t play in the elements vs CBJ - Can’t erase a deficit vs PIT - Can’t beat the Pens vs TB - Can’t win the big game 7 Now there’s one more. vs VGK - Can they beat MAF?
  18. THANKS Y'ALL! This don't even feel real! Seriously Supe, I ain't tryna jinx it or nothing, but I legit am getting those 2006 Colts vibes from this team Find me a single person that picked a Caps Vegas finals back in October. Sports are crazy man. Hopefully the Colts do something randomly crazy like this in a few months too! But till then, Go Caps!
  19. Well you were right about game 6. Hopefully you wrong about game 7! Come on, Caps Knights is SUCH a better storyline than Bolts Knights. Make it happen boys
  20. Well that sure as heck turned sour real fast. I don’t care. They’re still gonna win this thing. Caps in 7. Let’s go.
  21. This is fun. I don’t think I’ve ever said that in May
  22. Heck of a start. And without Backstrom. Tampa’s gonna come out guns blazing next game tho. Up to Holtby to stop the charge. I do NOT remember them looking this good past April
  23. So crazy to think last years team with MoJo, Williams, Shattenkirk, Schmidt and Alzner couldn’t beat an undermanned Pittsburgh. Yet this year, the Pens were full strength, the caps were weaker AND were hit by the injury bug and somehow got the dub. Hockeys crazy like that. Let’s see how Tampa goes. They need this extra few days of rest for Backy and Andre to heal up.
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