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According to this article on NFL.com, Darius Leonard is one of the best defenders in the NFL against the pass, and is THE best LB in coverage.  He comes in as the #10 ranked defender in the NFL against the pass.  And he is the ONLY LB on the list, the rest are all DBs.
Now we already knew Leonard was one of the best run-defenders in the NFL, putting up some insane tackle numbers and awesome forced fumble highlights his first few seasons.  The only knock some people seemed to be able to come up with was that he wasn't great in coverage.  So what did he do in 2019?
Oh, and...
Keuchly retired. Wagner turns 30 on Saturday.  Leonard could set himself apart as THE BEST off-the-ball linebacker in the NFL this year.  
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........I know we have but.......In 31 games (regular season & post season) we are 25-6.  Is this the team we have the worst record against?
I have been watching random games on youtube just to past the time & the Steeler games are depressing.
Bert Jones was a great QB but didn't play well against the Steelers. A crucial INT here & killer penalty on the 3 yard line
driving for what would have been a winning score were just a couple of the ones I remember. I'm looking for the time 
when we can run off several victories versus the Steelers.
                                                                  Just ranting, don't mind the old man here........
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After watching 4-5 2018 games of Rivers and 4-5 games of Luck, I think Rivers has a quicker release and read. Part of this is due to the offensive line and his decision process. Luck holds on to the ball longer because he can. Luck had a better OL and he can take hits and run with the ball.
When I look at Frank's overall game plan, I think Rivers is better match.  Short quick passes and gashing runs with his RPO. Rivers can throw downfield and when he does his releases are quicker, however his accuracy is not as good as Luck's.  Rivers definitely makes his receivers fight for the catch. 
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Bill Polian on the 2011 season
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