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What a complete disaster against a 2 win team who played with more desire. 2 games to clinch a spot and nothing to show for it. Frank with not having the team ready and the QB he desperately wanted.
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After watching this team get handled in every aspect of the game in Jacksonville, I am not convinced that this team, as it stands, can become a championship team.  
I hate to say it but I feel like Wentz has regressed in both his ability and decision making.  Losing next years 1st rounder is going to hurt.
What changes do you think this team needs to make to become a championship caliber team?
I may be in the minority, but this what I think the team needs to do:
- New QB Carson takes way too long in the pocket and makes way too many bone headed decisions.  Not to mention, his accuracy is suspect at times as well. His greatest strength is probably his athleticism, but I feel like that is already on the decline
- A true no. 1 WR. Pittman is a quality receiver but he is not a true game changer that defenses need to game plan against.  We need someone who get open often and be a go to threat at all times.
- Defense:  without a pass rush this defense can make too many mediocre QBs look like Joe Montana.  If you do not have a strong four man rush the cover 2 will always be a liability.
I love this team and will always be a fan, but I just think we are a few pieces away still.
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