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I friggin love this.
We definitely have the "Reich" guy as HC.
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I had a couple thoughts going into the offseason that I wanted to share and discuss with everybody.

1. At WR- Ideally, I'd love to keep TY, Inman, and Cain, and upgrade the remaining 2 or 3 spots. Whether that's taking a WR early in the draft and signing someone like Tyrell Williams, or drafting 2 new guys, I think we have to get Luck some better weapons. The Chiefs beat us with tight man coverage. If we tried that on the Chiefs, Tyreek and Kelce would have 150 yards each. We needs weapons at that level as well. It'll open the run game up more too, when defenses are scared of playing man.

2. At TE- I know we are loaded at TE, and will likely not make any moves here, but...man, I kinda wish we had a major, well rounded TE like Kelce or Gronk. I think that could take this offense to another level. Jack is an excellent blocker, but he's not an explosive playmaker in the passing game, although he's solid. Ebron is a really good playmaker, but an inconsistent blocker. Cox is still somewhat unknown, but more in the mold of Jack. Again, not a major priority by any means, just something that is in the back of my mind.

3. At OL- I'm honestly really unsure of how to handle this. I think we keep Boehm and Haeg for depth, but we need a developmental tackle in the draft, because I just dont see a ton of upside with Clark. That also begs the question, do we keep Braden at RT? Move him back to Guard and have Glow as his backup, while drafting a new RT? This is one decision by the staff that I'll be really interested in. My guess is he stays at RT, but we'll see.

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Colts have fired OL coach Dave DeGuglielmo
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