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Well you have to give credit to Reich for creative thinking Knowing Brissett's arm and mobility. Good defense but Went had too much time and that needs to be fixed.  TDs instead of FGs from now on. All in all not bad for game three. Houston is next at Indy. 
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I've seen a lot of differing view points here today, but I'd like to dive deeper into the struggles on offense.
1. Was it the playcalling? I know we had some suspect calls throughout the game, but was that the biggest issue all day? 
2. Was it sticking to an ineffective run game? 
3. Was it the offensive line?
4. Was it the receivers not getting separation?
5. Was it Luck making poor choices and being inaccurate?
6. Did the weather have any affect?
Not looking for everybody to answer all of these, just wanted to throw out questions that are on my mind to try to spark conversation and hopefully ease my mind, because I'm very nervous after watching this game. 
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