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Looks like we will get both back Sunday. With all the WR injuries I am excited to watch Campbell the last four games and see what he does. He should get lots of opportunities.
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Bobby Okereke
352 total snaps
30 solo tackles 13 assist total of 43 tackles
2 Tackle for Loss 1 sack 2 forced fumbles 1 fumble recoveries
2 Pass deflections 0 int
Devin Bush
697 snaps
54 solo 32 assists total of 86 tackles
6 tackle for loss 1 sack 1 forced fumbles 4 fumble recoveries
4 Pass Reflections 2 ints
Ballard ended up getting yet another steal in the 3rd round. Okereke has been playing really well of late and it's showing. Bush is this year's top LB by the media and Okereke just has about the same stats wise because Okereke has played half the total snaps as Bush. I hope come next year Okerek gets the starting Mike. I like Walker dont get me wrong but Okereke is looking really good.
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So I wanted to lay this out for the forum in regards to drafting a QB and moving forward from Brissett. I think we can all agree that Brissett is not elite but he could be a very good starter in the NFL. I know we argue that trying to find the next franchise QB is very difficult so should we not try. I am a known Brissett fan but that aside, look at some the teams trying to find their next great quarterback and how long it can take to even find one that could go to the playoffs. 
Below is the team and their last great quarterback (in parentheses next to the last great QB is the year they retired. The next number is the year the next somewhat okay QB was drafted or acquired)
49ers- Young (99)- Garcia (99)- Garapollo(17)
Broncos- Elway (98)- Manning(12)- still looking
Redskins-Theismann (85)- RG3(12)- still looking
Bears-McMahon (88)- Grossman(03)- Trubisky(17)
Browns-Kosar (93)- Mayfield(18)
Steelers-Bradshaw (83)- O’Donnell(90)- Roethlisberger(04)
Cowboys-Aikmen (00)- Romo (03)- Prescott(16)
Giants-Simms (93)- Manning(04)- Jones(19)
Buffalo-Kelly (96)- Bledsoe(02)- Allen(18)
Miami-Marino (99)- Tannehill(12)- still looking
Tennessee-McNair (05)- Young (06)- Mariota(15)- still looking
Also just look at the list of QB drafted that were bust recently
Ponder, Locker,Manuel, Russell, Losman, Couch, Manziel, Quinn, Boller, Leftwich, Leinart, Beck, Frye, Harrington, Kizer, Rosen, Mariota, Winston, Lynch
This is all to saw, we as Colts fan were blessed to go from Manning to Luck but that very rarely happens. We might want to consider we have a good QB and could have a great team around him. We are currently 19th in offense (with a huge lack of player makers on offense) and 13th in defense. If we aren’t careful, we could end up in the QB wasteland. 
Just saying. 
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Colts claim K Chase McLaughlin (Niners)
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Enter drawing for 2 tickets to Panthers @ Colts WEEK 16 · Sun 12/22 · 1:00 PM EST
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