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This is a thread to talk about the realities of finding, developing, and sustaining good QB play for the Colts. I know there is a vast array of opinions on how this is to be done, and I believe that the combination of our Head Coach and GM, is the right pair to get that done.
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Let me start off by saying I support Chris Ballard and his approach thus far.
Ballard's philosophy has often been seen as quantity over quality. He's dealt with this 2x now in past drafts and has shown pretty good success. 
I'm not sure the exact # yet but I believe 80% or more of Ballard's draftees are still active. 
That stat alone is the main reason even with the trade downs each year that I support him.
His slow methodical approach on building the Colts is certainly trending in the right direction right now but I am really hoping he takes the next step with solving the QB crisis in 21'.
What are your thoughts on Ballard?
Do you like him?
Do you hate him?
What do you wanna see different from him?
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