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  1. CR91

    Favorite Play or Plays of the Seaon

    It was the dolphins. I still get goosebumps watching that play. Just amazing avoiding pressure and still looking downfield. The funny thing about that play, nelson is in the same spot with his defender the entire play
  2. CR91

    How good was Tarik Glenn

    He wasnt Jon Ogden or Orlando Pace, but he was dominate
  3. Really impressive concerning all the heat Ballard got for his picks.
  4. This I can actually get behind, but im not sure if he can play the SAM. Hes played his career as a ILB in a 3-4 and hes been injuried a lot
  5. So your only issue is I project two wrs back to back? We took two pass rushers back to back. I have us taking a third pass rusher early in the third along with 3 more D-linemen. I would like to believe I covered our needs.
  6. You didnt answer me. How would you improve getting Luck help
  7. So then what is the situation to get Luck help? Continue to go with undrafted WRs?
  8. So youre ok with Pascal and Rogers being our wrs? Inman is a free agent and Cain is an unknown
  9. I named other reasons to support my argument. The td thing was just another part of it. Thomas is done.
  10. That not exactly an excuse. Look at Fitzgerald. The best QBs hes had in his career were an old kurt Warner and an over the hill carson palmer and his numbers are ranked up there with some of the best ever. Even hilton was productive without luck
  11. I would love to hear that clip
  12. People liked our chances of resigning Melvin and moncrief. How did that workout? As I keep mentioning, Campbell isnt your traditional wr. Hes a weapon you can move around. Luck needs weapons
  13. Oh there was a rule change in 2017. My bad