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  1. Did you watch any part of the jags defense in 2017 and the early parts of 2018 or do you just like to troll
  2. Could always swap the 2nd I used on Gordon for Carr. He would atleast make us a playoff team.
  3. Well at that point, I think 6 QBs will be taken Burrow, Tua, Herbert, Love, Fromm, and Eason so we need to make a play. Gordon has potential, but needs time to develop.
  4. Wouldn't hurt I guess, but doesn't fix anything
  5. So he needs to be on the field on run downs for his snaps not to be limited. Got it thanks.
  6. That was not the only play he made. Getting sacks is not the only category, it's just the most glamorous. Hurries, pressure per rush, hits, those are real stats.
  7. Well I did watch Turay and along with Houston, they applied a lot of pressure on Mahomes to get him off his spot.
  8. So your excuses when he was applying pressure on Mahomes vs Andrew Schwaltz is what exactly?
  9. Turay was a terror before his injury and the stats back it up
  10. The chiefs can just tag him for 15 mil which is much less then what he'd get on the market. He's not going anywhere
  11. For example? The only one Ballard might not do is Yannick, but that's to fix the d-line which Ballard his stressed since day one. Gordon has talent, but he's not ready to play. He's gonna need time to develop.
  12. I actually thought it was a cheap deal compared to another top backs who make 12-14 mil. Unfortunately, to build our line, that's the best I can do at QB Thank you. I think so as well.
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