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  1. CR91

    Colts Training Camp 8/17/2018

    AC Nelson Kelly Slauson Smith Anyone?
  2. Trust me I have. Nice highlights, but not the whole story
  3. Neither would man to man coverage work especially if theres no spy. He'll just run as to death. Id rather blitz him with a spy following pursuit in case he escapes with zone coverage behind it
  4. Hes not at the level where you can call him an advanced passer. Hes far from polished
  5. The browns have currently lost 17 straight games. If they lose 10 more games, they will break the record of the 75-76 bucs for most consecutive losses which can happen. Here are their next 10 games 1.Steelers 2.Saints 3.Jets 4.Raiders 5.Ravens 6.Chargers 7.Bucs 8.Steelers 9.Chiefs 10.Falcons The only possible wins I see are the Jets and Bucs
  6. same way you attack Vick, you go after him
  7. CR91

    Stock Up, Stock Down - Kevin Bowen

    Which can happen, but its not like Slauson is 35. All im saying is we can keep the line intact for a few years If Slauson and Smith perform
  8. CR91

    Stock Up, Stock Down - Kevin Bowen

    Ok I did take a long and yes it has been terrible, but the argument is still there that we need to help Hilton. Maybe not with a first round wr, but we need to take pressure off of him
  9. CR91

    Stock Up, Stock Down - Kevin Bowen

    I was referring to if Smith does become our RT and Slauson plays well
  10. CR91

    Stock Up, Stock Down - Kevin Bowen

    Slauson is up there yes, but we could get a good 3 years from him so signing him to a two year extension would not be too bad. Yes you can find WRs in any round, but you can also miss. I get the whole Dorsett thing was a bust, but so were 90 percent of Grigs picks.
  11. CR91

    Stock Up, Stock Down - Kevin Bowen

    Well if Smith can play T and Slauson excels. we can resign Slauson and focus on other needs in the draft. I'm gonna get heat for this, but I think we should go WR in the first to get Hilton some help. Nothing against Grant or Rogers, but their not gonna take attention away from Hilton
  12. Luck was not healthy in 2015 or 2016. He was basically playing with a bum shoulder and god knows what other injuries and the Jags are far from balance. They are a run first team with lackluster weapons on the outside. Fournette is gonna be bottled up with all the 9 man fronts hes gonna see
  13. We didn't split with the titans or jags. We beat the 49ers, browns, and texans twice
  14. Yes I know everyone will say the jags, but honestly I don't think their the most talented team and no I don't think its us either. Lets look at each team and their strengths and weaknesses Jaguars Jaguars are an old school type of team which is no surprise since their run by Tom Coughlin. They want to run the ball and play great defense especially when their passing game is subpar at best. While the Jags defense is still in tact, their offense especially at WR took a huge hit when they lost the allen brothers. Yes I know they didnt have Robinson and Hurns got hurt often, however this was a team that took the league by surprise, that won't happen again. Fournette is gonna get the Gurley treatment from year 2 which means Bortles will need to be more of a factor and I can't see that happening when his weapons are Moncrief, Lee, and Jenkins. Texans Texans are really a wild factor when it comes to the division because you're really not sure what you're getting. If you believe in Watson from his brief 7 games where he was just going wild in the league, then their the team to beat, but if he regresses and is not completely healed from tearing his knee, then they might take a step back. Their defense is also getting back their two best players in Watt and Merclius. Titans If I were to say what team worries me the most, its the titans. Their an underdog team that no one is talking about even though they won a playoff game last year. Mariota imo is a top 10 maybe just a couple spots outside QB and honestly he gets it done with subpar WRs. You now have Henry and Lewis which imo will be a heck of a tandem to add to Mariota's running ability which will cause problems. Not to mention the titans have always had a middle of the pack defense. I just think this team has a lot less questions marks then the Jags and Texans, maybe not as talented, but probably a more complete team.
  15. CR91

    Jalen Ramsey Comments...

    oh let Ramsey talk. If im him, id be more worried about that offense. No one is scared of a starting lineup of Moncrief, Lee, and Jenkins not to mention sophomore RBs always struggle especially when their gonna face 9 man boxes because their QB sucks ala Gurley