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  1. CR91

    DE Chris McCain Update

    I don't see the harm in keeping him while his legal situation gets resolved. Worse case scenario, the league suspends him
  2. I gave a projection. Doesnt mean it will happen. You want me to predict he'll be a bust and be cut within 3 years?
  3. I said lewis would have 1.5 sacks, cain and fountain would combine for 650 yards and 8 tds, and adams and franklin would get 30 tackles. How is that the best?
  4. CR91

    Can the Colts win Now ?

    Guess we'll just have to wait and see. Atleast this time around, we actually have pieces to grow instead of just signing vets just to savage a team imo
  5. CR91

    Can the Colts win Now ?

    More like because Lucks 6 comeback victories. I get where youre coming from, but that 2012 was successful mostly because of Luck. If that was Collins or Painter for another year, it would have been another bad year.
  6. My stats dont say their gonna be the best draft class
  7. CR91

    Can the Colts win Now ?

    Not exactly. This team actually has a good mix of young players and vets. Nelson and kelly have AC slauson and howard. Basham and Turay have sheard and Simon. LBers and secondary are young yes, but overall this team compared to the other teams are rather the same talent wise. Just more younger
  8. CR91

    Can the Colts win Now ?

    that defense didnt exactly have a lot of talent. you had freeney and mathis playing LB for the first time in their career, the dline consist of moala and antiono johnson, davis was hurt and/or inconsistent and powers was meh not to mention justin king and cassius vaughn werent any better, and lets not forget the great tom zibowski ugh
  9. CR91

    Can the Colts win Now ?

    Of course, but the 2012 team was basically rookies starting everywhere
  10. does peanut butter go with jelly? does macaroni go with cheese? does natella go with oreos?......ok maybe that last one was just me
  11. CR91

    Can the Colts win Now ?

    The talent on the team currently is no more or less talented then the three playoff teams Luck put on his back so I don't see why not
  12. Based on what exactly? We havent seen them play a single down
  13. We dont even know what we have yet from this draft class. Im glad you have high expectations for this draft class and I hope youre right, but its unrealistic
  14. Wow shooting for the moon there buddy
  15. Ive read plenty and its the same thing. Cain can be a steal. Thats all fine and good, but all I hear is he made a big play in the back in the end zone. Look I have nothibg against Cain, but the amount of disrespect Fountain gets is laughable. Again the contract thing will get settle. Leonard has no grounds to argue that.