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  1. CR91

    Peyton breaks down the Pascal TD

    That was great! Thank you
  2. CR91

    Skip Clueless Prescot > Luck

    Ugh. I couldn't listen for 2 mins. Straight garbage.
  4. This is more to recognize those that are getting overshadowed by Leonard and Autry Hooker- I'll be the first to admit, Hooker has looked slow getting to the ball, but the fact that we're not getting beat over the top has a lot to do with him imo which was something we were giving up a lot I believe last year or two years ago. QBs are not able to get it downfield and instead have to take the checkdown. Sheard- While he only has 5.5 sacks, Sheard has been a big reason for our recent success stopping the run. Hes has done a great job setting the edge on the run and not allowing runs to go outside. Moore- Moore is in no way a shut down corner, but the guy is physical and will come up and hit you. Reminds me a lot of Marlin Jackson Geathers- While he does have faults and gets criticized like crazy on here, He is third on the team in tackles. Yes his coverage isn't the greatest, but for how we utilize him and play to his strengths, he does make plays when the play breaks down. Walker- Imo the most underrated player on the team. Walker would be the getting on the praise if Leonard wasn't excelling so much. Hes second on the team in tackles, very good in coverage, and makes all the calls on defense. Leonard has even praised him as the reason hes excelling so quickly in his rookie year.
  5. A tie would benefit the steelers a lot more then us. We need them or the ravens to lose.
  6. Yes I know im getting banned from the I love you peyton fan club for even considering rooting for the pats, however If we win vs the cowboys and the steelers lose vs the pats, we'll be 8-6 and the steelers will be 7-6-1. we'll move up to the 6th seed regardless if the ravens win or lose and their playing the bucs which is likely a win
  7. CR91

    I Ran into some Colts

    Ill be like Luck, "MY FAULT. MY FAULT. MY FAULT"
  8. CR91

    I Ran into some Colts

    Can you name something else other then the playoff run that Morris did in his career? You can't just hold your claim that he wouldnt have been a bust after the 2006 season because he got hurt when through 2001-2006, he was considered a major bust and waste of a first pick. Its not like reggie where he struggled for the first few years and then the light turned on.
  9. CR91

    I Ran into some Colts

    So because he had a few good games, he gets a pass on being a first round bust? So why doesnt trent richardson get credit for gaining over 1000 yards and 11 tds as a rookie?
  10. CR91

    I Ran into some Colts

    you realized Booger had a very good career with the bucs before he had to retire
  11. CR91

    I Ran into some Colts

    but thats one part of the season. what did Morris accomplish after that? Nothing
  12. CR91

    I Ran into some Colts

    Booger retired. Thats not the same
  13. anyone else think Jonathan Joesph is sick of getting burned by Hilton