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  1. He limped into that game. Don't even think he practiced once this week
  2. Please dont say that. We were saying the same thing about the raiders
  3. Regardless of who wins in pats vs ravens, helps us. We need to take care of business vs the broncos though. Their a wounded animal now after getting embarrassed
  4. Pounded the soul out of the chiefs one week and an aerial assault the next. An ever changing offense taken advantage of the team's weaknesses. So simple and yet its brilliant and hard to stop. With the issues this team has at times, QB is the least of our worries
  5. Desir is active along with carl davis
  6. And what exactly did peyton do in the playoffs? He didnt win his first playoff game til his 6th year. Gone one and done 9 times. Andrew only went one and done once and that was his rookie year
  7. Andrew took a trash roster to an AFC championship game in only his third year. You really think if andrew had tbe line and running game we have now, he wouldnt get to a super bowl?
  8. Jared Goff has looked terrible without the offense running through Gurley. As far as Brisett goes, too early to tell, but he is capable of winning games
  9. Andrew no question. No one did more with such little talent. Peyton twice had above average oline, hof wrs and rbs and talented wrs in Thomas, welker, and Decker
  10. Officially hes doubtful, but the chances of him playing slim
  11. If we're gonna do that, we need Leonard to mirror Watson
  12. He kinda did, but we limited his possessions.
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