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  1. Andrew out for warm ups. Id say thats a good sign
  2. Despite the amorphous timeline, the signal-caller isn't fretting. Luck told Peter King for his Football Morning in America column on Sunday he's not concerned about being ready for Week 1. "No," Luck told King when asked if he was worried about not being ready for the season opener. "I certainly believe I will [be ready]. That's certainly the goal."
  3. Andrew said hes playing week one. That's all I care about
  4. Rock is looking like another Ballard steal. Wow the pick was nuts
  5. CR91

    TC day 13

    Their blocking a unit that didnt allow a single 100 yard rusher
  6. CR91

    TC day 13

    Id wait til the oline is together abd blocking someone else
  7. CR91

    TC day 13

    Colts signed a corner and rock missed practice. I hope its nothing serious
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