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  1. CR91

    Observations and thoughts on the season so far.

    The colts honestly are not a bad team. its just been very unfortunate dealing with so many injuries on top of being a very young team that is still learning how to win. its going to take some time before we're really a contender. I think Ballard has this team going in the right direction, but we need to weather the storm for now. Its just a shame this rebuilding project is being done during Luck's prime
  2. CR91

    Top 5 draft Pick in 2019

    I think he means doyle
  3. CR91

    Wed injury report thank god Hilton is back. I cant stand all the drops. Also geathers practice fully which is great to see.
  4. CR91

    Please dont overreact

    We're a young team with a ton of injuries without key players like Hilton, Geathers, Hunt, Doyle, a bunch of olinemen and unfortunately as great as andrew is, that is too much for even him to overcome
  5. CR91

    Margus Hunt ruled Out vs Jets

    These injuries are becoming a joke. We're falling like flies
  6. CR91

    Mathias Farley to IR; More Injury News

    I might need a program for those who are actually playing this weekend
  7. CR91

    Frank Reich Presser

    its a real shame about Geathers. I really do like what he brings to the defense. A lot of physical play and toughness. I wish him well
  8. CR91

    Braden Smith named starting RG

    Real shame Slauson got hurt, but here is Smith's chance to secure a spot on the line. Now the question is who starts at RT? Clark or Good
  9. Honestly the colts aren't too far off. When you're missing more then half your defense and missing key players on your offense, you're not gonna win. What has impressed me is how much tougher this team is and the fight they have. Doesn't matter if we're down 21-3, their gonna keep coming. Are we a finished product? heck no, but we're gonna be a really good football team in a year or two.
  10. CR91

    Celebration after Interception

    Im just happy the defense did anything. They were a walking wound. We had Desir milton and some scrub off the streets starting and then we lost geathers walker and Autry. Ryan Leaf could have shredded us.
  11. CR91

    Great game by Ebron

    9 catches 105 yards and two tds. Way to step up with so many weapons out. Also great fantasy day for me
  12. On the bright side, our schedule gets easier. We play the jets bills and raiders
  13. What do you expect? We were already missing a bunch of starters and then we lose two more
  14. Not surprising. Basham hardly played the first 4 games and Turay is progressing much faster then him. Still think he can be a good rotation rusher.
  15. CR91

    Colts huge underdogs versus patriots

    Hard to take that spread with history against us