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  1. While the colts have had a number of good additions for the 2020 colts team, there are still a number of questions that might not even be answered this year. Who will be the future of the colts QB I have stayed on the side that was against signing Rivers. I can understand why the colts did it with the lack of an off-season most likely being a strong reason behind it, however I'm concerned if this does become a multiple year thing with Rivers. Don't get me wrong, I will root for Rivers, however I can not see him being the reason the colts will win this year. I think the run game and defense will be the driving force which is leaving me to wonder who will be the future franchise QB. 2021 free agents While I know we are projected to have another large cap for 2021, we have 8 starters in 2020 hitting the market. Also big contracts looming for Leonard, Smith, and possibly Turay. Oline depth This truly scares me as I am not confident the line can hold up if anyone gets hurt especially with Rivers as the QB. Clark, O'Donnell, Patterson, Green, Eldrenkamp, and Pinter will most likely be the depth and that does not make me excited. Pinter and O'Donnell are rookies, Patterson is basically a rookie, and Clark has never proven to be a viable option. Our young pass rushers The colts not re-signing Sheard tells me the colts wanna see what they have in Turay and Benogu. Lewis imo will be traded. I just don't think the colts see him as part of the future. I think Turay and Benogu have shown very good potential and the colts have also added Kendall Coleman who can be a sneaky good pass rusher depth. Autry has been mentioned as moving to DE which I can see, however I'm not sure how well he could set that edge. Leonard, Moore, and Buckner I will start by saying that is three great players to run the cover 2, however what I'm wondering is how much different of an approach we will take when it comes to running our defense now. I feel with the talent we have on the dline now, we can actually play more man and put it on our dline to get home. I feel corner has more questions which is why I'd rather we put it on our dline to help the secondary.
  2. Guess we'll have to see what happens.
  3. Kinda have to because the Bucs don't have the run game or defense the Patriots had to carry Brady like last year You would hope so, but quick passes have never been Arians game rather in Pittsburgh, Arizona, or with us.
  4. How much can you really modify a 50 throw, chucking it deep, getting hit every two throws offense? That's completely ill suited for Brady.
  5. I honestly can't see how Brady will thrive in Arians offense. His offense is a lot of 7 step drops and long forming routes and that's not Brady's game. His game is a lot of quick passes. Not sure how that will work.
  6. How exactly? You think a 42 year old Brady can really take another team to a Superbowl? In all honesty, I wouldn't be surprised if the Bucs finish 8-8
  7. So did the browns. How did that turn out
  8. Anyone else think the Bucs are getting overhyped? I mean come on 6th
  9. I'm not a fan of Rivers either, but he's always been known to get the ball out quick. He's not gonna hold on to it long like Brissett
  10. Should be a permanent thing
  11. Probably saying duh, but if you recall last year he didn't even make the list which was the most ridiculous think I've ever seen.
  12. @Nadine I know my other thread was closed so I'm not sure if this is ok.
  13. I think their were referring to his QBR allowed not his overall ranking
  14. Imo, much harder covering the slot then outside.
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