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  1. I said Smith is an exception. He wasn't even supposed to play RT and now he's one of the best.
  2. And the bills and browns? Terrible franchises for a long time and both Allen and Mayfield have playoff wins.
  3. All I'm saying it's worth exploring. Measurements don't matter when you have talent.
  4. Stafford is a stat QB not a winning QB. He still hasn't won a playoff game
  5. And Clark and his long arms couldn't stop a ten year old. Smith has proven he's one of the best young linemen. There's always exception.
  6. I still think we can move Smith to LT and we can just draft a RT in the second. DE we'd just have to re-sign Houston and hope Turay is finally healthy.
  7. Well I'd assume we'd re-sign Rivers. As far as DE goes, someone like Lattimore gives the Dline more time to get home which works for us since we don't blitz much. I mean imagine Lattimore, Rhodes, Moore with Rock and Tell to develop.
  8. I don't know. That move could put this defense over the top imo.
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