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  1. It’ll be a vanilla run play up the gut / either side of center - or a quick slant type of throw.
  2. No Nate Hairston would surprise me. We wouldnt really have a backup nickel without him.
  3. If it was week 1 they are all on record saying he would be playing.... they are just being extra cautious with him now because hey can afford to be. Luck is fine, everybody calm down.
  4. The smart thing to do would be to trade him, seeing as he is definitely going elsewhere at the end of the year if he isn’t signing an extension. Let’s be real, if we get to the backend of the season and luck is out, as much as I like JB, we aren’t likely winning a SB with him. If we could get a 2nd or 3rd for him, that’d be great value... we all know what Ballard is doing with his 2nd and 3rd round draft picks. Who knows? Chad Kelly is showing great at camp right now...(early I know), but he could be the backup if he shows it preaseason.
  5. Being in England, I am good with any of them except the Sunday at 6pm ET as that would be an 11pm start on a Sunday before I have to go into work the next day.
  6. He has a certain Jeff Saturday look to him these day.
  7. I’ve never done a ppr league but am happy to do it.
  8. Yo, yep I’m in I’m UK based, so if possible a draft earlier in the afternoon for you guys on a weekend would be preferable when it comes to organising that, but I can be flexible.
  9. I agree, Turray could have something of a breakout year if he gets snaps in with Houston lined up on the other side. He'd be seeing plenty of one on ones and i think he could be a trouble maker right outta the gate.
  10. Where is this hating on Castonzo coming from? He has been an above average left tackle for us and we have had him on what can be considered a pretty decent deal compared to his output for quite some time now. Careful what you wish for, the grass isnt always greener. Not to mention.... some of you have the memory of a goldfish.... remember when AC was the best player on our O-line? It wasnt all that long ago.... Count your blessings to be complaining about him as the weak link.
  11. Lol what are you on? I didnt say any of that did I? I merely pointed out that you can have game breaking players at the position who CAN tangibly help you win you a Super Bowl. Troy polumalu and Ed Reed would agree too.
  12. Bob Sanders.... Case and point....
  13. Don't forget our other secret pass rush weapon, you know that defensive rookie of the year guy.... D. Leonard who had 7 sacks!
  14. I mean... if it has to be spent one way or the other.... I don't see why not bring in a player like Funchess for it? It'll be dead money either way. So the fact that it is just a 1 year $10m deal means it isnt really that big an issue. I get that it is probably more than Funchess deserved, but at this point with money that is probably being spent either way..... meh....
  15. My understanding was that we had a significant portion of our cap money to spend in 2019 as there are rules about how much can be continuously rolled over within a specific time period, or in 2020 it would just be distributed to the players on the team anyways?
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