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  1. Chucklez

    TE Group

    If I had to guess I'd say Swoope and Travis dont make the 53 man, assuming everyone else is 100% healthy and they bring Hewitt back. Ebron fulfils the passing threat TE role Doyle / Allie-Cox are great dual blockers / receiving threats Hewitt played a good role as the blocker / fullback specialist - Travis has potential, but doesn’t block as well as Allie-Cox nor pose as much of a receiving threat as Ebron. - Swoope is a good receiving threat, but doesn’t really do much else and Ebron fills that role already. Just my 2 cents.
  2. With the erratic use of grammar in this post, I was imagining you sitting there with a joint in one hand and a bag of chips in the other and sounding reaaaaal high.
  3. Chucklez

    [PFF] Highest graded QBs in the NFL in 2018

    Nonsense, he’s caught many screen passes or slants and taken them down the field this year. You sir are misremembering.
  4. Chucklez

    Jets draft pick

    Id be willing to bet the farm that darnold will be vastly more succesful than Sanchez in the long run. He was injured before and have you seen any of his play in December? He will make a jump next year I think. dont forget, he’s very young still.
  5. Chucklez

    Pro Bowl Selections/Snubs (Merge)

    Nick Shook is a Browns fan.
  6. Chucklez

    Pro Bowl Selections/Snubs (Merge)

    No Kelly is shocking as well....
  7. Chucklez

    Our sudden DEPTH at UT

    The way this defence is playing right now, if we could add a solid CB and someone to scream in off the edge for pass rush.... look out!
  8. Chucklez

    Please, no more........

    For all of those very reasons.... It was probably the last thing they would have expected. He was open too.... a slightly better thrown ball or a slightly better executed route from Luck and that would've been 6.
  9. Chucklez

    TDN rates Colts 2018 Draft Class #2

    They are currently drafting 4th... and I cant see them getting much lower in the drafting order. They'll be letting Bowles walk soon and from there on they will be actively looking to bust out for as high as a pick as possible for the next head coach / GM if they decide to completely clean house.
  10. Chucklez

    Colts playoff chance thread

    Is this meant to be a - so what, we'll just lose to a "good" team post? Gotta beat the best to be the best my man.... You should only be facing good teams in the playoffs.... that's kind of the point.
  11. Chucklez

    Final Injury Report vs Jacksonville Jaguars

    We can probably afford 1 more loss for a wildcard spot. 10 - 6 would almost certainly be enough to get the 6th seed in the AFC. Still a tough ask.
  12. Chucklez

    Top Rated Rookie LB's (Mid Season)

    PFF takes missed games heavily into account, which hurts Leonard’s ranking, which is ridiculous
  13. Chucklez

    Wed injury report

    We're 1 - 5, so don't take this too seriously.... But we're only two games behind in the South and the other teams have looked just as inconsistent as we have.... it's not out of the question that we can get back into this division. In pretty much every loss we have looked frisky. It's not likely, but it's possible we aren't out yet.
  14. Chucklez

    Margus Hunt ruled Out vs Jets

    Losing Farley to IR hurts... a lot.