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  1. This... It goes Record, then Head to Head, then Division Records, then Common Opponents. If Texans lose to Pats next week and we beat the Titans, we'll be in first place in the south... at least temporarily: - We'd both be 7-5. - We have split with them. - They would be 3-1 in the division, but we would be 4-1. So this is where we would at least temporarily be in first place. I would assume that the Texans have a better common opponents record than us at the moment though? Really I think we need to beat them by a game.... this game was so important and we threw it away with bad play calling by belligerently running the ball with very little creativity. We were so predictable. Houston lost to the Saints and Panthers.... Winning both those games would be enormous.... Unlikely, but just so huge..... Gotta beat the Titans first though.
  2. They won’t roll with only 4 cbs and Milligan surely? Willis is out at safety, Milligan will be safety depth. if we lose a safety and cb to injury in game (ver possible), we couldn’t afford another injury. Too risky surely?
  3. This is assuming Ya-Sin suits up tomorrow... he’s questionable.
  4. I was among the people who were questioning Ya-Sin as a starter a few weeks ago, not that he is a bad player or that he isn't going to be good, just that he wasn't warranting the fanfare he had received in the build up to the season. I just didn't think he warranted starting status... Based on the last couple of games though, I have seen some clear progress and he is definitely moving in the right direction. If he is out tomorrow, we have some serious depth issues tomorrow against the Texans with only Desir, Moore, Tell.... and then what, Wilson? Eeesh, I hope those top 3 guys stay in the whole game because it is a serious drop off after them. The safety position should be good starter-wise with obviously Hooker and Geathers / Odum, but if one of them goes down, depth becomes a huge issue again. We're going to miss Willis. I hope Fuller isn't a 'go'... and if he is - that he is limited.
  5. If we can get some decent pressure on Rudolph, Juju doesn’t scare me, even against a depleted secondary. Rudolph has looked lost when under pressure.
  6. I never said anything of the sort. I just think he has underwhelmed compared to how he has been viewed.
  7. I’m not saying just today’s game. I’m taking all season thus far. Nothing he has done has been particularly impressive. I am not seeing the hype.
  8. Agree, I know he’s a rookie and Corner is hard to plug in and play at a high level as a rook. I’m not saying he is trash or won’t be good, but I certainly don’t see the hype as it stands.
  9. He wasn’t looking for the ball and impeded the WR. It was PI.
  10. Not an excuse for the game he had today... Besides, I’m not saying cut him or bench him entirely... I just don’t see the hype and I’d rather see Wilson start over him, at least until he gets some more experience under his belt.
  11. I literally just made a thread about this!
  12. Even before today’s game, I have not been convinced by Ya Sin’s play in the secondary. I know Sutton is having a breakout year of sorts, but Rock was pure and simple picked on today. I just don’t understand the hype he was getting in camp and there was even a thread earlier on this week about how good he had been... but I just don’t see it. Am I missing something? Quincy has been better than Ya Sin...
  13. Anyone on here suggesting that luck wouldn’t fetch multiple first round picks if he came back after only 1 year off, at 31 years old and under contract is a lunatic. He would go for at least 2 firsts and probably a couple seconds thrown in too. “But he quit on his team and that’s a big red flag!” So did Jalen Ramsey... what did he go for? A Cornerback..... teams would remortgage their stadiums to be in with a chance of bringing in a player like Luck
  14. I think the all one colour unis work for only a few teams... generally the classic uni teams like colts, browns, jets, raiders and ravens. Everyone else, it’s just a bit garish. Specifically the dolphins, broncos, seahawks and jags colour rush unis are just awful.
  15. Oof... going to be a long day in our defensive backfield. Even if we double Hopkins, the other 1 on 1s will be painful to watch.
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