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  1. Here's hoping turray picks right back up where he left off, our defense is good, but it could become great if our pass rush turns into something to be feared.
  2. I mean, surely the purest definition of a "must win" game is you must win it or you are knocked out of contention.... be that for a playoff spot, or in a playoff game to advance to the next one? At this point technically hardly anyone is on a "must-win" game, but i get where he is coming from.... he is saying this might be a "must-win" game because of the difficulty in the rest of our schedule, if we dont win this one we are probably knocking ourselves out of a playoff spot contention because we might not win enough of the other games to get in.... Technically it's not a "must-win" game,
  3. At this point, i think 1-4 is very pessimistic and there is no basis to say that we should or would go 1-4. i think at WORST we split with the Titans and you cant tell me that in the other games between the Lions, Ravens and Packers that we dont win at least one of those. I see 2-3 or 3-2 in this stretch the most likely outcomes. 1-4 VERY unlikely 4-1 quite unlikely 5- 0 - VERY unlikely
  4. Lucky to beat the Titans 1 out of 2 and the Lions, to get 2 out of 5 wins? Really? I could very possibly see us going 3-2 or even 4-1 in that stretch IF things rolled the right way... Ravens and Packers will definitely be tough games, but they arent un-winable. To say we would be lucky to beat the Lions and Titans once is a bit of a stretch. We arent SB favorites or anything, but the Colts arent a bad team either. Those teams wont be going into games vs the Colts penciling in a W either....
  5. Whoever has the #1 pick is not passing up on Lawrence.... Do you think the Colts wouldve given up the 1st for Luck at the time? It wouldve required something insane like their next 5 first rounders, which no one would ever do.
  6. I don't like the pessimism here, our current in-division record isnt great, but if we beat the titans in our head-to-heads, we control our own destiny for the division. The Titan's schedule is just as rough as ours. They play: Bengals (W) Bears (toss up) Colts (toss up) Ravens (probably a L) Colts (toss up) Browns (toss up) Jags (W) Lions (not a gimme. but probably a W) Packers (toss up) Texans (toss up) As far as I am concerned, they are only really heavily favored to win 3 of those games and the rest are toss ups. We can still win this division if we handle our own business.
  7. Look no further OP, this is the answer, along with it being the first week of the season and weird things happen in week 1 league-wide. The Jags almost always play us close too, one of those things. We absolutely should beat them when we next play in week 17, but who knows really.....
  8. You dont hold 87 or 88 in any reverence for Harrison or Wayne, but 18 you do for Manning? Erm....?
  9. I feel so old for knowing the answer to this, but PTO stands for "Please Turn Over" and was a common acronym used at the end of a letter for when you ran out of space on the first page. It basically let people know there was more on the back side of the paper for them to read.
  10. There is a small chance that Pittman could return sooner than people think, maybe not immediately after the bye, but soon. Johnson was an absolute weapon, give him more snaps! TY is still drawing coverage and making plays, even if they are wiped out by penalty or allowing other guys to make plays. Pascal is serviceable. It’s not the worst WR cast we’ve ever had. If we can keep afloat, Campbell may be back in December too, in time to get back into the groove for a playoff run.
  11. It actually says at the top of the page above the table that the games played are team games played, not by individual player.
  12. Dee Ford lost the Chiefs the 2018 AFCCG by lining up offside on 4th down in the dying minutes of the game. Huge penalty.... is Dee Ford a bad player? Players make mistakes, it happens, they also do good things. Rock is young and improving, your standards and expectations of perfection are way too high. Did we win the game? Yes? Then he / the defense did enough that week. Move on to the next one.
  13. Anyone still holding onto hope that Luck is coming back needs to just accept that aint happening. It would be awesome, especially with this team around him, but that ship has sailed. I'd go for Darnold and have him compete with Eason, with another older vet thrown in for a steadying presence and fallback.... just let the best QB win in a true competition.
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