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  1. Suddenly next weekend’s game against the Texans becomes extremely huge. it’s not going to be easy, Jake Briskett needs to turn it on, take off the training wheels and be a big factor in that game. So far he has been a good game manager and done enough for us to have potentially won each game, but this needs to be a big performance.
  2. In all likelihood this is a Chiefs blowout win, but there is a small part of me that wants to believe (and for some reason does believe) the Colts can make a game of this and be in with a chance in the 4th quarter. Again, most likely a horrible loss... but if the offense can put together long sustained running drives... we could make this interesting.
  3. Just play the full 10 minutes.... I'ts not like in basketball the first team to score the game ends... it's not like in soccer in extra time the game is over as soon as a team scores... you play the extra time and whoever is on top at the end wins....
  4. There are always hundreds of variables, but 7 points left on the field is a lot. It hurts that it was Vinny, but if he made even the EP, we’d have had a decent chance to walk outa there with the W today. And he knows it.
  5. He is the polar opposite of what Ballard and reich preach for the locker room. Not in a million years, not even if he payed the colts to play for the team. Keep him far far away from your young guys.
  6. That buffalo D is no joke either
  7. “This is a Man’s sport”.... Proceeds to throw his toys out of he pram.
  8. It makes total sense. Sin him up now for for at least 3 or 4 years. If he balls out this year, we have him on a great deal for another 3 years. If he is mediocre, we still have him under contract as a good back and let Hoyer go, then look for the new answer. If we extend him now it won’t be bank breaking.
  9. 9 is probably about right, but I’m hoping for 10 or 11.
  10. Let's pump the breaks on EJ Speed. He hasn't proven anything yet and to say he will be the next darius leonard is very very premature. Darius was a rookie All Pro, not exactly something that happens all that often. Also, Ben Banogu getting 14 sacks (and two more than J. Houston?), lets calm down there too.... Bradley Chubb has 12 sacks in his rookie season with the broncos last year... and that was playing opposite Von Miller who was taking all of the double teams etc.
  11. Everyone ready for the draft? I've made a bit of an error and I am half-drunk already. (It's the middle of the afternoon here in the UK before anyone gets worried about me )
  12. If we can keep rivers from getting going, we should be ok. Their D is good, but losing James hurts for them. Look for TY to go deep early.
  13. More than 64 million. He would’ve had 2 more big contracts, and the way the QB salaries are going, id say he easily passed up on over a further $300 million. Not to mention sponsorship / advertising deals on top of that.
  14. You guys keep harping on about not seeing enough from Brissett to impress you, but C Kelly is the 2nd coming of T Brady... apparently? but what has C Kelly actually shown us? He’s played well in preseason... but against no name shmucks who won’t be on nfl rosters or even practice squads, 3rd stringers and backups... if he is even a bad level starting QB you would expect as much.... He’s also shown us he is a knucklehead who was drafted last overall because of his character issues (a big deal for Ballard and co.) and has already been kicked off an nfl roster because of it. Compared to what C Kelly has ACTUSLLY shown us, Brissett looks like the second coming of Jesus Christ himself. Brissett played behind a terrible o line (worse than some teams backups probably), with no defense or running game to speak of and still won 4 games... and we were in a lot more too. We could’ve easily finished .500 or higher in 2017 if the cards fell slightly differently. He was NOT the problem in 2017 and we didn’t lose any games because of him.
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