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  1. I voted Braden Smith, as whenever anyone mentioned our line previously, it was always Castonzo, Nelson and Kelly that were mentioned specifically by name, hardly ever was Braden thrown in there too. He has been stalwart at RT and definitely deserves far more credit. However, after I pressed Braden and voted i had a thought.... and funnily enough I think the answer is TY Hilton atm. Pretty much ever since he was drafted the Colts offence just hasn’t been the same when he isn’t on the field. That holds true still... even when he isn’t posting big numbers himself, the ent
  2. Don't forget, we did draft Bjoern Werner 24th overall ... Not that i think Paye is the same, not at all (i think Paye is gonna wreak havoc), just reminding that it is possible to draft "projects" in the first..
  3. He’s saying that reich possibly pounded the table to get Wentz in more based on his fondness for the person rather than based on the likelihood that Wentz will have a resurgence in his career. Which would be worrying indeed if that is the case. But we don’t know that.
  4. Trent Richardson was the worst, but giving up on Hughes to the bills hurt a lot too.
  5. Totally makes sense to address LT in the draft and Pass rush in free agency.... Also a rumor floating around than Von Miller might be either on the trade block or a surprise cap casualty cut. I'd be shocked if it did happen, but even if there is a remotely tiny chance that he is available i'd hope to god that we at least investigated it.... Von Miller on that D-Line with Buckner as well..... look out.
  6. I'd take a $1,000 bonus just for being employed by my employer....
  7. Lol @ the idea of a 2:01 second video being "proof" that someone is bad.
  8. We have a Super Bowl caliber team right now.... This point is moot as an argument against bringing Wentz in. If he can do it there, why cant he do it here?
  9. Wentz is a far bigger reward vs relative risk than Tannehill was for the Titans. People forget that Tannehill was bad.... like really bad, with the Dolphins. There were questions about whether he would ever start at the QB position again. He was widely considered broken and no one gave him a shot. Mariota was definitely on his last few threads of goodwill in Tennessee, but they still thought he might turn the corner. Tannehill was their worst case insurance policy, and so very fortunately for them he blossomed. Wentz has had some bad years, its fair to say. But the Eagles have been horr
  10. I know you mean in the context of an NFL paycheck.... but.... Jacob Eason - $1.342 million (I wouldn't be complaining)
  11. Whatever the answer is, it cannot be this. They proved that they didn’t believe JB was the answer when we brought in Rivers... to try and then sell JB back as the answer after that would be crazy. We’d all rather see what Eason can do and go 4 - 12 than have Jake Briskett back under center for another 7-9 year
  12. I think he said he wants to be a colt for life, but when his next contract is up that would be it.... whether that contract was with the colts or not was up for debate...
  13. I sincerely hope not, but this is a bit ominous. I think he said his next contract would be his last and he WANTED to play for the Colts, but it takes 2 sides to make it work etc. I would not feel great about seeing TY playing in any other jersey, even if only for a year or two.... He still has the juice, he might not be the bonafide #1 anymore, but he is a high level number 2 still and worth every penny of around $8-$10 million i'd say. Do the right thing Ballard and bring this man back for 1 or 2 more years.
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