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  1. Chucklez

    Pre preseason 53 man roster

    It's not like he has been outright terrible. Pff listed him at tackle last season and rated him 64.1, which is only just below average. Considering he is young, playing multiple positions and the oline was horrible entirely last year that isn't too bad. With a line that should be much improved, his level of play will rise or at least appear to rise, he'll have another year of experience to add to his resume and he can continue to work on his positional work...I'd much rather have haeg on the roster than Vujnovic or Glowinski.
  2. Chucklez

    Pre preseason 53 man roster

    Haeg can play any Oline position, that versatility does not go unnoticed and is highly valued.
  3. Awesome news, these two have a chance to become the best safety duo in the league if they can both stay on the field.
  4. Chucklez

    Breaking News: Jack Mewhort set to Retire

    As a fellow millennial, I will confirm that this is not true... lol means you're laughing at something. At the very most it is a casual affirmation of a comment that a friend made in jest or as a joke. It is not used as "of course" or as a salty feeling... especially not in this context. I'm not saying you didn't use it or mean it in that way, but that's not the right way of using "lol" and you will continue to bewilder people if you keep doing that.
  5. Chucklez

    Oddsmakers giving us a gift.

    I reckon we'll know when there is 00:01 left on the game clock in the Superbowl, then we can all quickly get to Vegas and place some bets and make millions! Then boast about how we "knew" the answer to the riddle that is the league fixing..... you just gotta see the pattern.... in hindsight.....
  6. Chucklez

    Oddsmakers giving us a gift.

    Jared, if you can tell me the winning teams in the NFL, NBA and MLB for the upcoming seasons right now, I'll give you my house and life savings come the day... While you're at it, who will win the next presidential election, are aliens really among us and did we really land on the moon or was it all a hoax? (we did btw....)
  7. Chucklez

    Oddsmakers giving us a gift.

    What?... come on guys... You don't think that throughout sports history, that not a single one of the literally thousands and thousands of referees not coming forward with this story puts your theory in the crapper? You guys are better than this.
  8. Chucklez

    Oddsmakers giving us a gift.

    This is all kinds of stupid.... your "theory" is laughable.
  9. Chucklez

    Jordan Wilkins: Colts camp sleeper?

    I'm pretty sure I've seen a report recently that said Mack has been working on his inbetween the tackles running, and it is showing in practice. Seems positive to me. I think he is gonna be our starting RB and will surprise a lot of people this year.
  10. Chucklez

    Edwin Jackson Case Update

    Weed will be legal countrywide before 2022. Book it. It's not my thing btw, I don't smoke it... but the evidence that it is overall safer, easier to police and an extremely lucrative economic injection for the state is just too much to ignore. Alcohol is responsible for so many more deaths and no one bats an eyelid....
  11. Chucklez

    Kenny Moore

    Based on what evidence? The colts secondary is a giant question mark... the two starting safeties are coming off injury, Wilson hardly played last year, Desir needs to show consistency, hairston might be moving outside, who knows how he'll do there?..... and it's a new scheme..... there is nothing certain about this group.
  12. Chucklez

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

    Cautiously optimistic, let's see how he feels by Friday morning. Definitely great news though!
  13. I'll go with Marlon Mack. Everyone seems to have forgotten about him and jumped directly onto the Hines train. It's gonna be a committee at RB this year, but Marlon Mack is gonna be a beast.
  14. Chucklez

    True or False: Week 4

    There's far too much uncertainty to say true to that... we'll be lucky to have 30 - 35 imo
  15. Chucklez

    True or False: Week 2 Edition

    The last time Luck and TY played together, TY led the league in receiving yards... it's an easy true.....