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  1. Did you watch Ballard’s end of year presser? He wouldn’t even say that he thought Eason would be the backup for sure, never mind end up being the starter. He made it sound like he was more committed to the idea of Jacoby Brissett being the starter/backup than Eason. Ballard said some nice things about him, but basically said they haven’t really had a chance to see enough from him at all at this point. This is a big off season and upcoming training camp/preseason for him. Could he be a franchise QB? Maybe. He’ll have to prove it to us though.
  2. As much as we might not like Brady around these parts.... Imagine calling him "trash".... If he wins the superbowl with the Bucs, he cements his status as the GOAT and not just a product of BB in New England.
  3. I love this team, but this year was a little bit of an all or nothing year that needed things to shake down the right way for us to win it. I think the window is closed for another 2-3 years now as we cant keep paying some of the older guys in key positions (especially at pass rush with Autry and Houston) while still building for the future. We are an answer at QB, some solid pass rush starters and, as of right now, two solid starting CBs and another solid starting WR and TE away from this being a complete team that can complete for a Superbowl. (Edit: Oh and of course throw a starting LT i
  4. Three 1st rounders for Watson would be the absolute steal of a lifetime for a franchise QB on a team that is built the way the Colts are. If we had Watson on this team, i'd be surprised if we DIDNT make it to the Superbowl sometime in the next 3 years. Besides, the way Ballard drafts, even without 1st rounders he would draft as well as other GMs (if he keeps up his current trend). I'd go as high as 4 first rounders and maybe even one or two 2nds in there. A Franchise QB like Watson (a proven talent) is not so easy to come by. Draft picks are always a crapshoot anyways, Give me Deforest B
  5. If the eagles wanna deal him, they will have to eat a lot of that cap but. And they know it.
  6. "Eclipses" might have been what you were looking for.
  7. I'll approach it from this angle then. Both performances were great and basically level.... basically. Both were against similar level defenses against the rush. Henry's won his team the division in a big spot. Taylor's snuck us into the 7th wild card spot. Context and importance of the game have to be taken into account too. Oh, and the Texans wouldve KNOWN Henry was gunning for 2K yards, so they KNEW those runs were coming, and Henry still got those yards he needed to break the 2K.
  8. Weaken our front office and scouting staff a bit, yeah probably... But you said we would be completely screwed without Dodds. I think the sun will still rise tomorrow and our scouting department will manage to not completely crumble.... Ballard's entire philosophy with the team on the field is that it isnt all about 1 guy. I'm sure that philosophy extends to his scouting team.
  9. Come on now, be real, the difference in their two games was marginal. If Taylor had hit 2k and won the division off the back of his game and DIDNT get it, you'd have been upset. I can totally see why they gave it to Henry. To say the 3 yards less on 4 more carries (when both had 30+ carries) really makes much difference is absurd. We'll ignore the 1 rec for 1 yard as that is about as statistically marginal as you could get for a stat for a RB.
  10. It 100% is because Henry got the 2,000 yards mark in the game - and i cant really fault the voters for it either. Their performances were both pretty similar, even if marginally in Taylors favour. Henry's meant he hit that 2k mark though and essentially won the Titans the division as well as a result of their win. We'd be pretty annoyed if the roles were reversed if Taylor didnt win it with all of that in mind. 2k yards does NOT happen all that often guys, It's not like Henry didnt deserve it.
  11. Castonzo had season ending surgery, he out the rest of the way.... could even retire... who knows?
  12. Total shame because he is doing God's work over there on the right-hand side of the line. Those are definitely All Pro level stats, but he won't get that recognition. Smith has missed 2 games all season, Packers and Steelers, in those 2 games we surrendered 6 sacks, the rest of the season (14 games) we gave up 15. Sack rate with Braden Smith = 1.07 per game Sack rate without Braden Smith = 3 per game (tbf though, there was no Castonzo as well in the Steelers game)
  13. Must be nothing to report i guess? (though this is dangerously off topic for this thread now).
  14. Apologies, I'm not sure he was ever officially "shut down" for the year, but I believe around the start of December there were reports that it would be a "minor miracle" if he were to be available at all in 2020 or the playoffs. Here is one such reference to that: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/players/playerpage/2139271/parris-campbell
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