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  1. so I guess I won't be reading any more from that chump or that site. So, this guy hasn't been watching Ballard the past 2 years? Total failure is possible, but I think not. Irish YJ. you got it!
  2. His goal is admirable even if out of reach... I like his moxie, nobody's going to tell him NO!
  3. jmac_48

    NFL Schedule

    4 of 6 on the road down the stretch is gonna be tough. If we are truly a playoff contender... shouldn't be a big deal. Gotta win on the road.
  4. Sorry, there's a difference between acting nerdy and being stupid/lame. I guess I'm just getting too old to appreciate melinial humor... just like ad's that insult my intelligence. p.s. I was 10 yrs. old when the Colts won their first World Championship, you do the math.. I'm Old and I the Way! LOL
  5. jmac_48

    NFL Schedule

    That clip, I think is the LAMEST thing to come out from colts.com "productions" and Andrew Luck! Not even funny... are we (fans) children... Sorry not impressed!
  6. You be forgetting Mr. Freeney #93 in that basically part... I agree retirement of #'s can get ridiculous especially with aged franchises.
  7. Latest episode; when they panned around the room of the dinner, I was surprised at the number of people involved in the process for the Colts. Second, when Ballard got into his speech, in the background Frank is sitting there nodding in affirmation like a wise old owl... "yeah boss, you tell them boss, I'm with you boss!" LOL I'm loving how this franchise is operating these days, including fan outreach. Looking to the future with great optimism.
  8. Well what a * I am, thought this was a strength of position at the Combine. lol I said DL, My vote for the Colts... OL That was fun to say.
  9. Congrats to CB. Keep stacking drafts, be judicious with cap money! I'm stoked to see what happens in year three. GO COLTS!
  10. I can't stand the character of either of those guys, that's just me, maybe if they were Colts I'd feel different. The team made great progress this year, this game defines nothing. The future looks bright.
  11. someone would have been wise to bet the under today. LOL
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