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  1. Ha, I was just thinking the same thing. That would be a great number for the Colts this season... The CUBS are blowing me away so far! Loving It
  2. I don't know but he may have a problem with the language he uses when frustrated... Seems the umps sure got a short fuse on the guy. There must be a reason.
  3. I don't know... Can we put bubble wrap around the O-line for another 16 games? Both of the previous posters make very good arguments.
  4. Nice watching the CUBS playing ball again... it was a long weekend! Man, they sure are playing well, Lester is awesome, they seem to have found some consistency from the bullpen too... GO CUBS GO FLY THE W
  5. This "protected" status makes no sense without the ability to get said protected players to the PS unexposed to waivers. SMH
  6. Premature Speculation... They got a pill for that!
  7. They were hitting just about anything he threw up there. They were due to score some runs, the flood gates opened... It happens!
  8. Can't win them all... That was hard to watch. St. Louis tomorrow GO CUBS GO
  9. Everyone else??? According to Ballard every position is subject to completion... TY IS TY, but yeah.
  10. WOOT! CUBS WIN CUBS WIN CUBS WIN Yikes... 10-2 Figured out how to make the bullpen work, I gotta fall asleep in the sixth. LOL GO CUBS GO FLY THE W
  11. What I see next is: Luck & Luck Architecture LLC. One more kid, then start the family business.
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