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  1. I am sure this was not a difficult or time consuming decision... I mean like: DOH! The man is All-Pro at his position!!!
  2. Somebody on the Colts sidelines forgot: RUN THE DAMN BALL!!!
  3. NO! You win the game in front of you... worry about the other things later, then you scalp the longhaired QB the next ten times you face his team No Problem?
  4. I break wind in your general direction...
  5. So glad I didn't read all 6 pages of this thread! LOL
  6. Don't let the screen door hit you in the posterior on your way out! (how's the weather in 'Diego LOL)
  7. Ole man Rivers just keeps rolling along...
  8. To the OP... We are about to find out!
  9. Dang, I'm one seriously crusty, grumpy old man... but that is one of the cutest young couples I've ever seen! Good Luck getting back #11
  10. Was surprised by the lack of targets today Want to see Mo MAC!!!
  11. Perfect but way outdated... the youngsters won't understand. we be getting old
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