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  1. Isn't that the job of a LB, to be in the right place at the right time? Then make the play. He said he was just working his zone and the ball just showed up, that's doing his job. Obviously the QB didn't see him moving in the zone... how lots of picks happen. Don't discount 53 for doing his job.
  2. player,coach,executive, with wife savior of pro basketball in Indy... being an announcer is secondary at most to his impact for Pacers
  3. His mouth brought him Fame... His mouth brought him Shame... Nah, water under the bridge.
  4. I just think this can't be anything but a distraction for a team that does not need any more distractions. It has been a tough offseason, training camp and poor opening, just don't see a positive outcome for the Colts. IMHO
  5. Geez, I stand and scream and jump up and down, yell at the refs, complain about blown plays etc. And I am sitting at home 12ft. from my 55in. TV and generally throughly enjoy myself... What do I need to get checked out? (PS I'm a 73 year old child)
  6. So did the coaches, 99 percent of the fan base... Whoops didn't happen, time to move on.
  7. Going Crazy? Short trip, lots of company!
  8. who gives a rats patotitoe
  9. Jez we could have some "monster" red zone play this year. GO
  10. Is that black high tops I see... good for him!
  11. The next game on the schedule... One game at a time, 1-0 mentality! nuff said
  12. Just over 3 hours to go... The chimes of doom over at Lucas Oil are getting louder and louder.
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