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  1. @HOF19 Didn't mean to hijack you thread, just pointing out that some need to play PS, some don't.
  2. Can't wait for Campbell to get back on the field. Speed Kills!
  3. Freaked me out too, but Cain needs to work through that stuff to trust his body coming back from injury. I think that's why he is getting so many reps.
  4. Good points... I agree misdiagnoses is involved, the next few days is going to tell a lot. How did he react to the workout, will he be practicing regularly going forward? What comes out from the Colts early this week is going to be telling. I'm with you @90%... if he can tolerate lateral motion and repeated exercise he could be good to go but needs a couple of weeks of practice to be ready. TY: Dude? High Ankle? Come On? Get the heck out here, man! j/k...
  5. I find it interesting that he's out there with no lanyard or ID like all the other VIPs Peyton/MVP... no credentials needed.
  6. OK, now you are reaching... you are better than this. I'm crying too!
  7. so I was gonna make a smart * remark and decided not to. Sorry
  8. I agree, but what if we only keep 5... yikes; tough choices. At 6, who goes to the PS? I think these are going to be the toughest cuts made this year. (CB right behind) Next few weeks gonna be fun.
  9. If I understand you right... You should double the dosage or give them up altogether as to the remedies you cite... Chill dude, things are looking up, the season starts next month, this team's roster is way better than last year, our front office is leaning towards something special, this team is looking to be something special. Things are never as good as you think and they are never as bad as imagined. It's a long season! ENJOY
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