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  1. Dude, I'm a Pacers fan and you give them a bad name! Thanks for Nothing...
  2. I'm with you there... Anyone who is playing the Pats!
  3. every year... depends on the math year to year.
  4. I am concerned that his injury is compared to Bo Jackson's It is said no one has effectively come back from that injury... Medical treatment has come very far since then, I would still be concerned over the track record of such injuries. We have a very good roster, we don't need QB talent years away from fruition. Who is the candidate to come in here in his rookie year and make a difference ??? This roster may not be able to wait 3-5 years to develop a QB, the franchise may not be able to sustain until then... My Humble Opinion.
  5. Short and not so sweet... If I ever see Hoyer take a snap for the Colts again it will be far too soon!
  6. Yellow Flag... Tweet, the call on the field is upheld: Unnecessary REFness... Personal Foul, the Zebra is ejected from the game!
  7. Sure the refs hosed the Colts more than a few times. The Colts hosed themselves more times than that. Bad Beat all around.
  8. That's Sick. and very very funny. Thanks, LOL Retiring to a GOAT Ranch???
  9. Time to change the narrative! GO
  10. Sometimes I wonder how people can't just enjoy a win and need to pick apart the failures... a win is a win is a win. This team has its warts, but is playing very well considering the circumstances, this team is over achieving. enjoy it! (ps. ignore me, I'm loaded)
  11. And nine of them were 1st or 2nd year guys... Impressive!
  12. I break wind in your general direction!
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