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  1. Ole man Rivers just keeps rolling along...
  2. To the OP... We are about to find out!
  3. Dang, I'm one seriously crusty, grumpy old man... but that is one of the cutest young couples I've ever seen! Good Luck getting back #11
  4. Was surprised by the lack of targets today Want to see Mo MAC!!!
  5. Perfect but way outdated... the youngsters won't understand. we be getting old
  6. O... C not as productive as it should be. D... A- Stop with the soft zones, it could be A+ ST... Solid A Overall... Team: B+ Hey Frank... Clean up the playcalling! Thank You!
  7. Agree with 99% of what you say... Most impressive to me is the team got a WIN on the road for a change... Colts have looked like cow flop on the road for awhile. Seemed prepared, played with energy throughout, and made some big plays when needed. Progress not perfection!
  8. Not just Ballard... He's got an excellent cadre of staff behind him. He is very good in his role, but has assembled an outstanding group supporting his agenda. Impressive!
  9. So if he has been such a terrible QB and carries such an awful contract... why the heck would our FO be interested in giving up valuable assets and assuming questionable debit. The team is not that desperate at QB for now...
  10. yesirie! Been some strange times... Used to hate on him, totally changed my attitude since he came on board, in fact I am really enjoying his old school good old boy proper approach to things. Refreshing in this day and age!
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