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  1. I saw him and Justin Houston up close at practice. If Houston is 270 i don't think Lewis weighs a pound over 260. The difference in size was very clear. His lower body does look very strong. Sheard looked more like low 250's.
  2. Coleman got $3.6M to play for a guy that knows him. That is not chump change for a guy that might get 10 carries a game. Don't you think our staff also believes they have a pass catching RB as good or better in the fold? Not saying he isn't a plus player of course. I will take a guess Ware got a 4 game settlement worth about $320,000. If he signs with someone else before those 4 reg season games are up we would claw back for each game. We seem to be improving our depth, but one more FA and draft will help. lol
  3. It doesn't pay to get so locked in on your beliefs since we know about 10% of what the coaches see everyday. I suspect Kindred saw the writing on the wall and manufactured this. Not uncommon for a vet to want to get to look for a better situation with a few weeks to go.
  4. He must have some considerable holes in his game to have still bee o the streets. Nice highlight tape. Good luck to him.
  5. throwing BBZ


    It took Jack 3-4 years to get to HIS high level as a very solid all-around player. If Hentges is a truly solid blocker, his path to getting to Jack's level could take less time. This is a Business we know.
  6. There are plans to use him against many types of schemes. If we can believe like his coaches do that Quincy gets it now, i will continue to ignore this negative blather.
  7. The way our D is set up Moore and Wilson will filter in to snaps at safety. We should be in very good shap at the position compared to our peers.
  8. Gee, i thought they acted like Luck stopped practicing because those drills caused soreness that had him concerned. Yes, there is a bad actor here.
  9. C/G This is my biggest concern. When Kelly does go down it will totally change the effectiveness of all aspects of our offense. We need one guy that can play at C and G (dress on Sunday) that is a quality player. lol I was very disappointed to see Haeg has dropped below 300. He has always had srength/power issues. This makes him expendable.
  10. He is so BAD that I hid his posts long ago.
  11. There are always guys we hate to see cut. So if we are 5 deep at WR after the 53 man cut, it just isn't enough? Life is tough.
  12. And what i saw his 1st 3 years was a guy that threw hundreds of short to medium passes that were late coming out, high and behind, and with suspect touch. He put himself in way to many bad situations. And his running the ball is the only way he won many of his games. And there is usually a price to be paid for that.
  13. Andrew sucked at throwing quick timing passes so he held on to the ball and took way to many big hits. And he ran the ball to much and took many more hard hits. Much of his NFL beating falls on his own shoulder.
  14. Isn't Walker about 10lbs lighter this year? More Speed. I was kinda amazed how fast Leonard consistently got people to the ground. He used his long arms and good technique to full advantage i believe. Speed had a couple plays that looked just like that. Very interesting. And he did look Quick. Yippee!
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