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  1. What a surprise. We were getting very poor play from the other DE position while Sheard was out. IMO, that affected the whole D-Line. With Sheard back we played the KC game like most games last year with our 2 inside tackles pounding the A gaps. That was when we were most successful. And Houston earned AFC Defensive player of the week. Stay tuned.
  2. I don't see anything that makes me expect him to be a very good T. He should continue to improve as he plays against a wide variety of players and learns their tendencies. But the smaller, faster rushers are likely to always give him considerable problems. You are probably right, he is a lifer with that "slow punch". Just no improving that! After watching him do a good job handling JJWatt, and you think his lower body is insufficient. chuckle
  3. So Ebron is fine because he has more yards than Doyle? Good grief! Sorry, Ebron is KILLING us with his drops. It takes away from how defenses need to defend us. PC has been hurt or just catching easy targets so far. Not at all what Reich needs to stretch defenses. And Cain doesn't look to be reading and running his routes well, that is why they look off target. And he isn't fooling his defenders on the mid-range stuff, they stay right on him. Brissett was under a fair amount of pressure from Glow and Smith getting beat our first few games. So then we see more two TE sets and it is better. But that makes it tougher to get WR's open quick as it affects pick plays and the D isn't so spread out. Jacoby and his pass catchers have a lot of work to do to get better that is for sure.
  4. Actually, Smith is quite powerful with his hands and lower body so there is no reason he couldn't be extremely good inside as a run blocker. And i would think that if his footwork and quickness is good enough to play RT, he would be as good or better inside at pass protecting. And if you have been watching, he is being used on occassion to pull left to make some very good blocks. He shows some quickness to do that well. Therefore, he would have a good chance to be a better G than Tackle. Our first 3 games Smith clearly was having all kinds of problems pass blocking, his PFF grades also showed this. When we are run heavy with 2 TE's, he and AC will always look better than they probably are.
  5. His rookies will need another training camp, pre-season, and 1/2 a season next year to begin becoming NFL ready. When will Ebron show up? Hopefully Funchess gets back and can do some of the things we need to better attack defenses. I like that Brissett is focused on making 1st downs rather than being STUCK on forcing balls downfield like our last QB. Ball control is a winning plan.
  6. The bar isn't very high for them to be considerably better in coverage than Leonard and Walker, individually OR as a pair. It is a passing league so some will highly value this. Can they be equal to against the run as a pair? Possibly. It sure looks like Willis time to me.
  7. He absolutely is showing Winning intangibles. A really solid core. I have great confidence he can be better than Rex Grossman, who on a good day might have beaten PM in the SB.
  8. Didn't they already tell him No already. The truth seems to be he was healthy when he quit. That they knew a couple weeks if not much longer he was having commitment problems. Also it was said he wanted more time beyond the start of the season to get himself ready. He was told make up your mind NOW, or hit the road. I suspect inside he knew he wanted out at some point Last season. He was just not able to MAN UP and take the heat. He did wait and bag some serious MILLION$ though. And he set Brissett up nicely with that $20M. Irsay and CB must Love that.
  9. The subject has been beaten to death here, so here ya go NEW board members. The jury is still out on how good a drafter our staff is. Let's hope by Mid-season 2021 it will look very special.
  10. Q thinks fast and moves just as well. He is constantly helping AC and Kelly then finishing off someone else. They are counting their lucky stars having him as a teammate. Q seems to have learned a lot, maybe his new OL coach and Mudd were valuable in this. I just ordered me a Run the Da_n Ball T. Gonna look good on gameday with my autographed Q hat. Grrrr! Gee, and it is time to break out the blue windbreaker i bought at the 1st practice. Yip, i had them but a #56 and a nice Q on it. Go Colts!
  11. Just talking about one 30 year old guy Cowboy. If our last QB had quit after last season the $18M he got for waiting would still be in Irsay's (the TEAMS Cap Space) pocket. Run Andrew Run. Oops, thud. Nice hit! Hang onto the ball Andrew, oops thud. Nice Hit! Our last QB would have been an Unrestricted FA if Irsay went after HIS $$$. Pretty slick move by our last QB huh? Wise up!
  12. The simple route Cain ran to draw those two huge penalties is just the same as what T Y uses. And they each were instrumental in two victories. More More More
  13. NE would stuff our run game AND get intense pressure in Brissett's face. We will need to be much better in our passing game by the end of our season. Hopkins has help again with a healthy Fuller. It will be an interesting chess match.
  14. Feeling better than when he was a Rookie is definitely in his Agents contract year handbook. That said, if he wants to continue playing, his agent will be looking for as much fully Guaranteed loot as he can get. It is business. And he can borrow from our last QB knowing that if he decides after a season he wants to Quit, a nice precedent has been set, he can keep his signing $$$, Irsay is generous that way. He IS playing well, but the Beast Nelson is there to alertly protect his inside. And that was Always a place he has gotten burned. After playing with Mewhort and Vujinovich, i think he knows he hit the Jackpot with Nelson. AC has been a warrior from day one, i am happy for him and us.
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