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  1. throwing BBZ

    Schwartz on Nelson: Mostly real good...

    If he plays at near 330 lbs he will not have elite quickness. Smaller tackles with great quickness will get an edge on him, yes probably several times a game, and i would expect some sacks. Of course Andrew has been Elite at moving in the pocket and also at getting rid of the ball with defenders all over him. Our big issue will be getting top notch blocking from our backs and TE's. My favorite Colts to watch have been Marvin, Reggie, and the undersized Saturday. Saturday was a blast to watch and Nelson will be too. It looks like to me Nelson will be something similar to Larry Allen in effect. Yeehaa!
  2. throwing BBZ

    Schwartz on Nelson: Mostly real good...

    You probably thought Mewhort was good. Nelson does look lightning fast compared to him. At his size he will not be among the fastest puller's in the league. But he could turn into one of the most effective, and that is EXCITING. He maintained solid contact for an excitingly long time too.
  3. throwing BBZ

    LT position

    Not really. The best players and quick guys will challenge Nelson in pass pro. And our RB's ability to pick up blitzes will be a Huge factor. And our TE pass blocking will likely be average at best. JMO of course.
  4. throwing BBZ

    Colts first defensive series.

    Simon was solid last season in our oft used 4 man front. A premier rusher Noooooooooooooo. But laughable the Blue faces here wondering how fast he would be gone. Ridiculous. Dfense potential? Well, it looks like we have several LB's that can run. Yaaay! Yes we are desperate for an All-Pro DT, CB, and LB'er. And experience. To the Moon in 2020 and beyond. Go Colts!
  5. Some probably, and he is first saving it to sign our own people that he likes. The guy actually has a plan. A better one than ANY Blue faced couch toad posting here. JMO
  6. throwing BBZ

    LT position

    Well, he is a better tackle than guard, and i agree, he is not a tackle. Center?
  7. throwing BBZ

    Jags 2, Colts 32?

    Not sure your 1 man roster theory would pass a drug test.
  8. throwing BBZ

    Ballard will be on Dakich today

    Not at all. He just knows he does not want to count on Good or Haeg out there. Haeg is too weak, and Good is fat, slow and injury prone. Preparing Smith to dress on Sundays as the backup G and at RT is just wise.
  9. Haeg hasn't put on a "listed" pound since he got here. He can't anchor at the required level, and never will at 305. Good has some ability, but lacks quickness to be more than mediocre. Neither one of these guys are what i want as quality backups with future starter ability.
  10. throwing BBZ

    Day six notes

    Superb Thank You
  11. throwing BBZ

    Colts Training Camp 8/1/2018

    With all the youth Ballard is going with, any expectation that our D will be a REAL top 25 is foolhardy. Good ball control may push the units stats to show better than that. Just way to green.
  12. throwing BBZ

    Breaking News: Jack Mewhort set to Retire

    Jack Mewhort gave it his all on game day. Best wishes. But i look forward to having guards that can contribute beyond his range and skill set. That would be a Big help to running a diverse Offense.
  13. throwing BBZ

    Breaking News: Jack Mewhort set to Retire

    I use lol for lots of luck and LOL for laughing out loud. Get your head in the game. lol
  14. throwing BBZ


    His college play means little as far a producing numbers. What it takes to catch balls now is so different. We will see how good he is at getting of the line of scrimmage in press, how good he is at quick slants, crossing patterns, and stabbing the ball out of the air with those tiny hands. Plenty of camp bodies will be making plays now, show me the real deal against #'1's.
  15. throwing BBZ

    Luck, "Still Some Pain."

    Yeah, No, i'm not worried. Lucky is likely to have soreness all year once he starts getting hit. Reich had a totally different Offense than what Lucky has ever shown the knack for executing. Hopefully he can learn the get it out quicker with great accuracy in tight windows game.