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  1. Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. Let it be resolved, nothing was resolved. But I do agree with Ballard that many of Your Wish List prospects probably were not even on His board. He is playing chess and we are playing...
  2. Love all these i would have signed Leno to "MY Offer" type posts. LMAO These people must not get that Ballard had contacted his agent and heard what LENO wanted. Leno moved on and scheduled a trip to Washington. And Ballard got who he wanted on the one year contract he wanted. They will of course deny it, but i can see the line of negative I Told You So's being mighty long if Fisher has any problems coming back. Gotta laugh at those worried about how much $$$ is involved. CB IS a good CEO. In a business that has wide changes every year. I would say he and His team are feeling darn
  3. Sorry but you left out Isaac Rochel. I believe he is a 1-2nd down DE with 3rd down UT expectations that Ballard brought in.
  4. Time of possession/run the ___ball! We are set up for success at that. It should be a cardiac season, lots of close games. If Wentz plays really good and we get some bounces we win 12. I wish to add that when Wentz was MVP material he was spreading the ball around at a very high level. I see him and Frank salivating because of all of our attack weapons. Hines, TY, and Campbell on the field together. Chuckle. Sounds good in May.
  5. 1A for me is Pascal. He has turned himself into a very valuable overall contributor. He has learned the offense/how to read and attack zones using some very good subtle moves. And his hands are very solid. 1B is Hines. Frank and Hines are a great team. Hines is almost unstoppable in the quick game. A great counter to our run game. Both are entering their Prime.
  6. He would be slower in space than Walker. That got Walker fired.
  7. You mean like when a DE has a run grade in the 60's, a rush grade about 70, and a overall grade for the day near 90? How? He picked up a fumble and ran it back for a touchdown. That is a huge flaw. How do you make a hiring decision when you know your grading dept. delivers you misguided ____ like this?
  8. It made our o-line look much better in pass blocking that Rivers got rid of the _____ ball. See Smith.
  9. I agree. They should have been able to check his MRI's, listened to him regarding how he feels, sat down and discussed it, agreed on a contract with incentives based on playing time, and let us know by now. Amateurs!!
  10. To have that type of grade they must think he has a high mental capacity.
  11. I love everything about this young man's commitment to get to this point. And his momma is heroic in her own right. In baseball terms, he is going to be a tough out! So glad he is OURS to root for!
  12. A 5 and a 7. Going in I had been hoping for maybe a 3-4 for TY and a 4-5 for Houston. This is a bit of a whiff for a dump year. lol
  13. Just finished listening to Coach speak of Sam now this. So sorry to hear of this tragic loss. Prayers for the family and friends
  14. FB players drafted in All rounds fill rosters, and make plays. I have confidence that CB has a great plan for evaluating all aspects of players, including character, physical, and intellectual capacity. You grind it out, set your board, and prepare for anything on draft day. He says he believes there are good football players available in every round. That said, he picked guys on his board that he believes were worth drafting, and not wanting to risk their availability as UDFA. So i give our draft an AAA. And like Always, judge it in 3 years. Hines was turning into a high qua
  15. CB will kick the tires on a lot of vets. The chance one of our DE's gets hurt before the start of the season is always there. Checking in with Kerrigan now might give you a slight advantage later if he waits to sign with someone. Otherwise, signing him now on the cheap with little guaranteed is the only way he makes sense.
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