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  1. Then you should remember that Luck was talking about Brissetts positive energy and Love for the game, attributes that Luck would have Liked about him, and he said was jelous of it. Luck said he no longer had such an attitude because of all his injuries. And we saw him walk away from the game physically able to play, but not mentally. His extended decision making time got him Maximum $$$$, he played That well!
  2. Actually, very informed, based on past performance. Glow graded well as we were going 1-5 2 years ago, then kinda stunk it up the rest of the season. And was good for about the first four games last season. Then ended up graded around 44-45 best for the season. Hopefully he has a healthy season, and a better Season than history shows to be expected.
  3. He grades at near an Elite level run blocker and was graded down around the 45 best pass blocker. What is hard to understand. He is what they thought he was when they drafted him.
  4. We do not need a BLM NFL season. Let the players take a season off to work on their issues.
  5. We had that dufus that came from the Canadian league i think that was about Pittman's size. He got a huge hopeful hype on the board. Reggie said he wished he had that body size. You can't expect Pittman to have Reggie's foot quickness. No, this kid is going to Take the 5 yard contact and be able to bump those little friars to create space. It is going to be a blast in 2021.
  6. Considering the state of afairs outside of the virus, i sadly do not want to see what many of the players want to do on the field pre-game. Let them give their minds and spirits to become part of, even be Leaders for their causes. Needed Change is coming, but we need a whole lot of right thinking change makers to help get it done instead of throwing bricks. This old fart is ready to see equality like we have never seen before.
  7. The 35 second video i watched above was a very poor, and disrespecful cut of a video i just watched on Stampede Blue. DL did a great job their explaining a bad situation. Taken as he shared, some day people have to be much better than they are. Considering the change so far from 1865, it WILL take a prolonged, tuff, invigorated campaign, to change America.
  8. He is not well spoken. Hopefully our players will try to contribute towards Major changes in our society that Do need to happen ASAP. This road through this type of change will Unfortunately be very rough. It is just how getting through MAJOR Change works. And i agree it is WAY past time. God Bless all of you, stay safe.
  9. Some sizeable protests outside the stadiums on game day should be Expected. Never waste an opportunity, especially in an election year.
  10. I am a bit of a mess with some of the worldly things going on. Hadn't given your point of worry a thought. That you offer what totally unproven players are doing to get better and compare that to Rivers, does concern me about you. I will probably NOT make a note, mental or physical, of it though. Carry on.
  11. An easy OVER. We won't have a QB whose goal is winning the regular season MVP.
  12. Right. I remember that pick 6 that ended the game. And how we won a SB with good defense and a running game. Not Until! We had more Regular Season MVP wins than anyone though.
  13. Ballard and the defensive staff recently gave THEIR grade on Hooker. We saw enough to say he was available on draft day. X my fingers for better play at his position.
  14. What drivel. Please, since this topic interests you, go ahead and prognosticate where you think these teams will be rated. Hahahaha!
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