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  1. What we need is a 1st contract QB based on all the big contracts we have coming in the next 2 years. That we have so many needs at high value positions is a real quandry also. Yes, CB and company have their work cut out.
  2. Ridiculous! I would say NOBODY Hates the guy. Most just don't believe he is very good. And probably like me, i hope i never see him in a colts uniform again. I want someone who thinks faster, has better touch, and is more mobile. Go Jacoby! No, i mean Goooo!
  3. Allen is a nice talent. And Only 6'2". Rivers has enough arm to throw quicker, shorter passes on a line. I was impressed the last half of the season or so with the Zip and ball placement Rivers had on so many of these types of passes. Extremely catchable stuff that you could run with. TE's are receivers too, and i will take a stronger arm QB that can create more time to pass ASAP.
  4. Rivers HAD a history of throwing a lot of high point passes to big receivers. Where was that this season? I agree that Pittman needs time, and i think a guy like Stafford could take/make more time for deeper routes and 50/50 balls and bring out his best.
  5. Not loving the idea of paying a guard $20+ M a year, so moving him makes a lot of sense. Aust like he did for AC, whover plays beside Nelson will look better than they are. Then again it would expose Kelly as more average.
  6. We have a lot of capable players and a few weaknesses to exploit. The TEAM Lost the game. That is it. Now i can look forward to being better next year.
  7. Taylor's quick feet and decision making was extraordinary. He is a mix of Faulk & Edge.
  8. Went into the season saying ____ the NFL. But it's the COLTS! So... still not much interested while Rivers was throwing interceptions and Jonathon Taylor looked kinda lost. Yes Frank and Rivers had trouble managing a 60 minute game plan, but once Taylor got his reads down i was loving me some Colts FB. A (Rock/Ugh) solid B. Ballard and his team can keep us competitive and that feels very good.
  9. Without Willis means the soft zone, and that is hard to watch.
  10. TY slowed down and got run over. Did he intentionlly do it to draw contact? They thought yes so no call.
  11. Ya sin was a better wrestler than he ever will be a CB. Unfortunately He is to slow.
  12. Excellent points Doug. And our pass protection is not that great this season, Rivers is just getting rid of the ball in 2.3 or so. Knowing that, the D can play closer to the los and that affects the run game.
  13. Then you should remember that Luck was talking about Brissetts positive energy and Love for the game, attributes that Luck would have Liked about him, and he said was jelous of it. Luck said he no longer had such an attitude because of all his injuries. And we saw him walk away from the game physically able to play, but not mentally. His extended decision making time got him Maximum $$$$, he played That well!
  14. Actually, very informed, based on past performance. Glow graded well as we were going 1-5 2 years ago, then kinda stunk it up the rest of the season. And was good for about the first four games last season. Then ended up graded around 44-45 best for the season. Hopefully he has a healthy season, and a better Season than history shows to be expected.
  15. He grades at near an Elite level run blocker and was graded down around the 45 best pass blocker. What is hard to understand. He is what they thought he was when they drafted him.
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