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  1. throwing BBZ

    Colts have fired OL coach Dave DeGuglielmo

    It is like you don't realize THAT GUY is only Part of the reason our line played better. He gets lots of help making it all work, and please tell us what it is like working with him? Funny that Belichek fired him after one season isn't it? Remain calm, our professionals seem very competent.
  2. throwing BBZ

    Autry Slapped with 13k Fine

    AGreat day to watch that video, and that Spike that hit Vrabel was Awesome.
  3. Thanks so much for this well thought out post. Just gotta laugh at these Collins Junkies.
  4. We need a Reggie type. Quick feet, great hands.
  5. None that actually will be available will be on our list.
  6. 99 out of a 100 here know we don't have #2. So that means...
  7. throwing BBZ

    Free Agent Radar

    I agree that he could be a priority at the top of our FA list. Thanks for the bump. What i like. He can set a hard edge. Powerful, long arms. Knows how to use them. Looks like he tracks the ball very well, makes him alert in run/mis-direction. Not a great pass rusher per sacks, but he gets the QB under pressure at high rate. Availability. Played in 16 games in each of his 4 seasons. Should be a little better version of Sheard. Hope he can be that tough.
  8. throwing BBZ

    Kenny Moore Highlights

    Thanks for this. Kenny is a Baller. He is setting a high bar for his secondary cohorts.
  9. throwing BBZ

    Dee Ford

    Jeezo peezo folks. No player wants tagged. So maybe this is just what Ford wants to hear. No Tag. We believe in you and want a long term contract. Now go out there and kick the S*** out of Brady.
  10. throwing BBZ

    This years FAs

    According to my research you suggest paying Glow about $14.5 M next season. cough cough The transition tag # is about $12.5M, where we could match an offer or let him go with no compensation.
  11. throwing BBZ

    This years FAs

    type his name followed by pff. search click on 1st link scroll down to see his final grade get it right forum members deserve better than this
  12. throwing BBZ

    This years FAs

    I just checked. He finished as the 17th rated guard. If you checked earlier in his season he was up around 4-6 after 4-5 starts. His grade was 78.*. He finished at 69. I look at that and wonder who was the competition he was facing to earn those grades, and why the fall off. I certainly like him compared to what horror we have delt with the last few years. Moving Smith to guard and going after a a little more athletic RT FA or prospect has to be headed for a serious discussion. And there are very good G prospects in this draft. It isn't a gamble when you are good at your job.
  13. throwing BBZ

    Rick Venturi on JMV

    It makes more sense based on Ballard's beliefs that AB will not be on his FA board. He will find another way to win. This isn't complicated.