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  1. throwing BBZ

    Turay working his butt off

    But, but, why would we want another guy with that kind of upside? Oh ya, because we love him.
  2. throwing BBZ

    Turay working his butt off

    Upper body power, fast power hands and a quick, powerful lengthy jab. Work it dude. 2019 can be BIG.
  3. We played better against KC in the second half. Any clue how many points they scored Abbott? Second half adjustments. Who replaced ILB Walker in a number of pass situations in the second half? Now why would the guy you are hating on go into the game in passing situations? I suggest his position coaches want him, Eberflus wants him, the scouts and draft personnel produced info that suggest we want him, so BALLARD wants him. And you keep commenting on this. All you need is a longer handled shovel kid. You keep lobbing them up, expect a few to get whacked. BTW our rookie linebackers were the biggest reason KC chewed us up in the ist half. We contained Mahomes in the pocket, they ran all over us, and they smoked Adams and N. Good in pass coverage. Odum was a problem too. What we need far worse than a safety that probably will have coverage issues OR takling-run stuffing issues, is toughness and rush skills up the middle. And absolutely another Turay like rush DE. They ALL have things to learn. Even the top 2 selected in this years draft. If you are not playing on a d-line that has 3-4 guys that can get after it, one or two can be schemed for. Read, Listen, LEARN because this stuff is basic. I will try to pass your more amusing posts whenever possible. And i have no doubt you love football and OUR Colts. Good luck.
  4. I recently decided to buy some cheap tires. They are ok against a dry road but suck in wet weather. Now i'm not knocking the buyer, just knocking the tires. Know what i mean? Or ?
  5. throwing BBZ

    BPA Advocates

    Considering there are typically 20 or fewer 1st rd grade pics available each draft it Would mean there are 12 or so second rounders drafted in rd 1, so people are drafting them for need. And Leonard had a mediocre 40 and played against 2nd level competition. He was drafted into the perfect system, which allowed him to pile up big stats last year. When those numbers drop significantly next season people will talk of a sophomore slump. I doubt it will be, he will just have better players around him. I could see our opponents continuing to target his zone for those easy 5-6 yards. He got a huge number of stat stuffing tackles that way. And i see what you are saying, Ballard won't trust his board. MUCH more likely he would trade out to a clamoring team in love with Hockenson. And REGGIE was drafted because of his hands and to make MANNING look good. It took him some time to hone his craft, and the KING of One and Dones WON his MVP'S.
  6. throwing BBZ

    BPA Advocates

    Someone here was nice enough to post a video explaining how draft boards are set up. It showed a sample of a grading system and how you separate the different layers of grades. Hockenson likely has a first round grade along with about 18 others. He won't be there for us, but if he were, and he was the only first round graded player left on Ballards board, i trust that he would take him. There of course will be a larger group that have similar second round grades so from there you may draft with the idea of picking someone at a position of scarcity 1st. Smith fell into that category last draft. So the question is, who will be left on our board that has a first rd grade come pick 26? Remember Ballard said Hooker was the highest graded player on his entire board. My guess today is Wilkins and Tillery will get 1st rd grades with a chance at being there. And Tillery having some special traits, like Turay showed, he would get the nod. CB likes to FIX things, so getting both i believe would work for him.
  7. He would be in the way of our cheap young players we would be trying to develop for our future SB runs. A 25 year old ascending player works. Not a 29 year old descending player. Of course if the injury bug were to be bad, CB would be looking for help. JMO lol
  8. throwing BBZ

    Current Salary Cap Status

    And you are wrong again about the KC defense. They changed some of the starters with younger players and improved a great deal by later in the season. That putrid D gave up 17 pts a game at home. Try knowing more of which you speak. I have watched Ballard's methods work so many times that i find your whining about it pretentious and arrogant. I think you must be fairly young. And you don't know if he has been conservative or not. I do believe he and his staff know how to grade players and establish a worth. And i am sure the science of building a 63 man team is so far over our heads that to think you have ANY idea is a Joke. I was not liking the Funchess add at all. I gave it one argh post and let it be. Show me. And i enjoy being proven wrong, it happens occasionally.
  9. throwing BBZ

    Current Salary Cap Status

    You make the point quite well. When our GM perceives we are on the cusp of being SB contenders, he should/will add what difference makers he thinks he needs to. That could be next year. Or after. One thing is certain, he and his staff have a CLUE.
  10. throwing BBZ

    Justin Houston: Good Fit?

    If we can get 14 from them we should have a better pass rush than last year. Whoosh, over your head.
  11. Fred was a fine player, but so was Booger McFarland in our SB run. A really good man to man corner would be more valuable in todays NFL. And Ballard is going to build a solid 4-5 guys that can rush the passer. That is more important.
  12. throwing BBZ

    Ballard's Team Building Vision

    Agree. And IF Andrew doesn't play better than he did against KC we are doomed. We have to keep what's his name as our backup just in case.
  13. I watched Preston Smith's tape and Ferguson's and see pretty much the same guy. He would be very useful playing on either side and running stunts. Similar to Lewis. Love his arm length and powerful punch. Add him and Lawrence and we are going to see a LOT of 2nd and 9's.
  14. throwing BBZ

    Ballard's Team Building Vision

    Wasting your time with several of these guys. They have no idea who we have on the roster, or how the ones we do have project going forward. And just can't get what building through the draft will look like. Clearly they post without researching much of anything.