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  1. The best Mock yet. 13) Tristan Wirfs G/T 34) Marlon Davidson IDL 44) Kyle Dugger Safety 75) Jonathon Greenard Edge 122) Reggie Robinson CB trade picks 161/185 Van Jefferson WR 211) Devin Asiasi TE Mocks are to be mocked of course. In FA we sign one of the top 3-4 IDL available to shore us up. And the D will be on its way. The idea of Jordan Howard interests me. A FA TE also. Go gett'em CB.
  2. It is old news that in any given draft there are 15-20 Blue chippers. And that picks 20-40 or so are pick your favorite.
  3. Ballard did pay Ebron well knowing he wasn't a complete player. Would he outbid the market for someone similar?
  4. Clowney signing with us is a pipe dream. Unless Luck comes back. Watkins being a Ballard guy would shock me. Some good ideas otherwise.
  5. Perhaps under his scenario he IS saying Yes sign a veteran QB and a couple of very good players in FA. With a solid draft we could have a very good Playoff caliber team that would be learning how to play together and be in a much better position in year two to be real SB contenders. I believe this has been Balards plan all along. This IS the year to add High Quality to fill in the gaps. Of course i am sure they were hoping Brissett would have been considerably better as an all around passer. Therefore the vet QB must be considered if CB believes we are on the cusp.
  6. LMAO So showing interest in a player when you really want another is a smoke signal. OK
  7. Of course they will pursue a cheap 3rd string QB if Hoyer is dumped as i expect. And i believe you are completely missing it. JB will have a head to head competition with Kelly of which they believe JB can lose. Now if we can get Carr using Hooker or Walker or some such scenario with modest draft capital, hmmmm!
  8. I think that is right. I don't see him hitching his wagon to Carr and giving up draft capital of value. And the veterans available have question marks. Would they better than JB next season? Would he go up for Tua or Herbert? I will bet against that. Love is full of question Marks.
  9. Ballard wold have witnessed several highly rated players that played with Love. I think there is a better chance we end up with one of them over Love.
  10. You have no respect for Castonzo. After all these years you still can't spell his name. Trade? LMAO!
  11. So a dissapointment = Bust Get a grip. It is more about % of sacks, hits, and hurries per rush attempt anyway. Unfortunately Turay is at least 15lbs light to be a good all around defender. So we need 2 interior studs to make life easier for our DE's and LB's.
  12. He was listed as 4-5 lbs lighter last season. Playing in the 240's. He needed to add 5 lbs not lose 5.
  13. This was a response to show that Basham was doing just fine in NFL competition. Sheard had a grade around 47 against the run. Really bad. He wasn't getting off blocks and making plays." Sheard has come up with a few posters saying we need to sign him for 7-10M per. That sounds like a terrible idea to me. I would let him go, but i could see Ballard letting him shop around to see if there is a reasonable number to match. I'll guess $5M in the 1st year with little to nothing guaranteed beyond. Pure speculation.
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