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  1. For those watching, he is being put into each game to block and is not being singled out for missing his blocks. Wentz is frequently not impressive with his accuracy, timing, or touch between the hash marks. And that was Trey Burton's thing. He is not a turnover machine though like some of our past QB's. I look forward to his continued comfort and progress with his new, young, teammates.
  2. I would take Ingram over Mack. So Hmmm to all your assumptions!
  3. Maybe a conditional 6th for Mack. Ballard would only give up a 3rd for a player still under contract next season. I would think it would take a win against Tenn. to get him to do it.
  4. Our pass rush has been tempered by the need to contain some very mobile QB's. Guys that can also get the ball out quick. We are not a man team that is creating coverage sacks. That is for sure. We are being picked apart. But we Are near the top in the League creating turnovers playing EB's D. We KNEW creating turnovers was a must part of EB's plan. Sacks tend to come in bunches when a player has favorable matchups and the rushing Unit creates havoc together. Lesser opponents should give us opportunity to raise our league averages. And nonsense on missing Autry. He got a number of team created sacks here, as he wasn't beyond average at beating his own man and creating a lot of pressure. Yes his run D was very solid. So is Lewis's. Lewis is coming along nicely now that he is healthy and getting a lot of snaps, and AQM is OK even though he is getting burned badly on mis-direction plays as he is chasing (think Mathis) down the line.
  5. With a team usually ahead with Manning, and him not having to play run D.
  6. Oh he is definitely using one of my moves. And I AM feeling That good about this Duo. You can't predict Hall of Fame careers, but you can see shorter term levels of Excellence!
  7. Actually, Autry's replacement Lewis, has played well the last 2 games. He seems healthy now. He is getting solid playing time now and is responding.
  8. I would agree Hines useage looks weird, and the same for Pascal the last 3 games.
  9. Gee, i wonder if the RB Coach has anything to do with tracking carries and replacing HIS players when he thinks they are gassed? What is Frank doing? He is working as best he knows how with what he has!! PLEASE Think people! Good grief!
  10. Pittman is a DOG and Proving himself as a #1. I think he is Fast enough!! It's OK if you can't see it. Don't worry about it, smarter people than you already havee it figured out. A shame we didn't make the 2 as we would be up 7 instead of the 6 you and the other just don't getters have been whining about for an hour.
  11. You are in Panic Mode because your expectations were based on Hopes & Dreams. A Knowledgeable Colts fan already Knows the character of the team!!!
  12. We have the better run game and with passing beyond 15 yards taken away our D can tighten up closer to the line of scrimmage. Advantage Colts!
  13. Leonards passer rating allowed please. Thanks Not that this shows much with Ebs zone coverage depths. It is a give them a free toss defense then collapse as a team for the tackle while trying to create turnovers. Ugh to watch! And doodoo against good QB's. JMO of course.
  14. Edge had that fast Howard Mudd trained line that blocked the stretch play at a high level. And he was exceptional reading it and bursting through an instantly developed crack for 6-7 yards. No back in the league was close to his numbers for 6-7 yard gains. It might have helped a little having the MVP threatening with his passing attack. And Edge was superior picking up blitzes. Taylor right now is a great athlete that is a pretty good football player. He can improve and will i am sure, and hopefully have a healthy line so he can be all he can be as a runner.
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