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  1. Not great at posting things, but I believe this is what w87r was talking about.
  2. My son and rare diehard colts fan and he is moving to Arizona in a week for his first job out of college. I’m going to miss going to a colts game or two a year with him. Unfortunately we won’t be at the game tonight but we will be watching. We watched the game last week on his phone while we were on a family cruise. That’s how diehard we are as colts fans. LETS GO COLTS!!!!!
  3. Great day for me. My son graduated from Indiana State University and we got to celebrate watching the colts win. Plus the basketball team beat Ball State.
  4. Good thing we didn’t trade Moss like some wanted us too.
  5. I was at the game, great win. Go colts. We won and survive to next week. Not pretty but we won. Let’s go colts!!!!
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