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  1. It depends on what the Colts want to do. If they really want to run a true Tampa-2, they could use a smaller but quicker DT like Jones. He If they want to be a traditional 4-3, they probably want 2 gap players like Christian Wilkins or Tillery. But the Colts used so many hybrid looks last season, it’s hard to know what they’re looking for specifically.
  2. Defjamz26

    The Safety Position Moving Into Next Season

    He can’t cover though.
  3. I like Willis better personally. He has issues with pad level though. But Tillery is 6’6” so I can see him having even greater issues in that area.
  4. Defjamz26

    The Safety Position Moving Into Next Season

    Geathers is a liability in coverage, but a plus in run defense. He’s injury prone because of that unfortunate neck injury. Betting on him long term would be a huge risk IMO. I’d bring him back on a cheap 1-2 deal and draft a safety like Amani Hooker early. He’s just as versatile as Geathers, but way better in coverage (shallow zones).
  5. I liked Tillery early on. But then I saw the character concerns and was put off. Plus I noticed the inconsistency in his play. What are your thoughts on him? I was really disappointed he did nothing in the CFB against a weak Clemson O-line.
  6. He’s technically sound, but he has zero ability to bend around the corner and flatten to the QB. limited athleticism as well. He’s not going to be able to consistently win on the edge at the next level.
  7. His agent disagrees with it from what I read. Saying the incident was 4 years ago, but so was the incident with Simmons who was also banned. Ferguson is sitting at a 4th round grade as it stands.
  8. Defjamz26

    How to buy a draft pick

    @Superman I agree with your plan, but thinking long term, I can see the league eventually stepping in if it starts to get out of hand. It could easily create an imbalance in team roster building. Also I can’t see it being good for player morale. Teams can essentially “sell” their draft picks, and use the money they save to pay one of their own or bring in someone better via FA. Add in compensatory picks (and the fact that they can be traded now), and there’s a lot of possibilities.
  9. Defjamz26

    Edge Rushers

    Clowney has to get tagged. You don’t use the number 1 overall pick on a player in the draft and then let him walk (assuming he’s performing). That’s a mistake worthy of termination. If the Texans let Clowney walk after only 5 seasons, I’d show the GM the door.
  10. Defjamz26

    How to buy a draft pick

    You’re not getting a high 2nd round pick for Brissett. You’re missing the point of the topic. I’d take the cap hit for Keenum to get that extra third. You then either deal out Keenum again or flip Brisset and get the 4th you’d be giving the Broncos. You’d essentially be paying $7 million for a high 3rd and possibly low 4th. That’s a steal. However that doesn’t seem like Ballard’s MO. To trade for a player just to acquire a pick. I wish it was though
  11. Questionable hands and he failed to put up bi numbers after Mike Williams left. That could be attributed to QB play though because Kelly Bryant sucked.
  12. Ballard has never drafted anyone with character concerns. People try and use Marcus Peters and Tyreek Hill as examples all the time, but he didn’t draft them. The Chiefs GM (I believe it was Dorsey at the time) drafted those players. Ballard scouted them and vetted their past, but he wasn’t the decision maker. As the Colts GM he hasn’t drafted anyone with legitimate character concerns. Cain had a suspension in college but also fell because of on the field concerns. This whole thing about Ballard having a history with troubled players is just as exaggerated as the talk about how he never drafted a WR in the 1st in his career.
  13. Harry reminds me of Laquon Treadwell. Can’t separate from DBs. He can be successful but he will need to be schemed open. The Patriots would actually be a good fit for him.
  14. Defjamz26 End of Year Draft Grades

    Precisely. And guys like Nelson and Leonard are already on their way towards earning big contracts. They’ll likely be extended early before their contracts run out. Smith and Kelly are also key pieces. And now that we’re on the subject, Kelly’s rookie deal expires either this year or next, so there’s more money that will need to be spent. The Colts don’t have nearly as much money as it seems if you factor in who they will have to re-sign. Ballard alluded to this in his last press conference.
  15. Defjamz26

    Ballard continues to lay the blueprint

    I wouldn’t take it as a clear indication that he is absolutely going to go defense at pick 26. Ballard’s propensity for the trenches is not new information. However, it shouldn’t be forgotten that his first ever draft pick as a GM was a FS. BPA means something to Ballard. If the highest graded player at his pick in the 1st (which is basically an early 2nd at this point) is a WR, LB, CB, etc... he will turn the card in. I don’t think he is as position fixated as some posters on the board are.