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  1. Yup. There literally always has to be safety help over the top. Let’s hope Blackmon has taken a step forward too. I’m assuming they’ll put Kenny Moore one on one with Lockett. They also drafted Dwayne Eskridge who is a speedster, so we really have to be careful. I like that out secondary is getting this test week one. It’ll tell us where we’re at because it was an up and down (and that’s being kind) unit last season.
  2. Now that we’ve all had time to digest Ballard’s 5th draft, which is a good sample size, I thought we could discuss what have been everyone’s favorite and least favorite picks. Obviously hindsight is 20/20 so we’re talking about your feelings after the pick was made and before they ever stepped foot on an NFL. Based on what you thought of the player at the time, who was on the board, scheme fit, any character or medical issues that scared you. List a guy even if you were wrong about him. I’ll start off: Favorites in Order: 1. Kwity Paye- I was high on Paye back in Septem
  3. Comp picks will be key next year because if all goes well, that conditional 2nd we gave for Carson will be a late 1st, meaning we’ll be picking low again. Would be nice to have extra picks to maneuver up and down the draft board as needed.
  4. For me it was two things: 1. The Achilles injury. We already have two DEs that are routinely banged up 2. It was hard to know we passed on Friermuth and Basham. I thought Basham was a player similar to Autry/Lewis. a week or two before the draft I thought there was a good possibility that they would draft two edge rushers, even back to back. I mean in theory we lost two edge rushers in Autry and Houston, so we needed to replace those bodies.
  5. C+ is what I’d give it to. I can’t really think that there will be many immediate contributors besides Paye, or future contributors for that matter. Most of the guys are practice squad candidates. Dayo is a huge question Mark because an Achilles isn’t an easy injury to come back for. I know we have to wait and see, but not sure this draft will yield too many future assets. I stand to be corrected though.
  6. Yeah I’m in the same boat as you guys. We need to sign Fisher. You can’t roll into the season with Holden, Tevi, and Davenport as your LT’s.
  7. They don’t. And I understand that it’s about long term projection but outside of the 1st two picks (one of which is coming of an Achilles injury), these are all depth players at best. And we’ve got too much depth and developmental projects now. Paye should start but we have like 4 developmental edge rushers now. Like who from this class is going to be on the roster in 2023?
  8. I don’t understand this draft at all. A QB? When you have no LT and already have Jacob Eason? This draft is going to yield one starter and a bunch of special teams players. Elingher might not even make the final 53.
  9. A 6’1” TE is kind of weird to me considering how Ballard likes size. Guess he’s going to be a hybrid move TE/WR type. But right now he’s a STs player.
  10. Based on how Ballard has been drafting I would say Nick Eubanks at TE. Team captain and played with Paye. Bates is the guy I want I also expect us to trade a player for some late rounders. Guys on the block may be Banogu and one of the LBs like Adams or Franklin (especially with Jabril Cox still out there). Tylan Wallace I really like too. I’ve heard Jacob Harris is a hybrid guy at WR who could be a guy who could convert to TE or play a Hybrid role. Just has to bulk up some.
  11. A lot of the good offensive weapons are gone but Tylan Wallace, Amon-ra St. Brown, and Fehoko are available. At TE there’s still Brevin Jordan, Kenny Yeboah, and John Bates who is my personal favorite. CB is slim pickens. We might draft a LB though because Jabril Cox is still there.
  12. I don’t get it man. Like why not Basham? Hes very similar to Autry too IMO
  13. Ifeatu Melifonwu was still there too. Literally 3 years straight he’s taken a toolsy Senior Bowl edge prospect. Turray, Benogou, and now Dayo. I think Lewis was the same too
  14. I meant in the sense that they were both toolsy Senior Bowl edge players.
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