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  1. Remember I said to watch him lol. 5-star recruit. Parents are athletes too.
  2. Claypool just made some money. 4.45 for a guy they were talking about moving to TE
  3. This new sled drill shows you who can really block. Trautman looked comfortable with it.
  4. I need to see what Van Jefferson runs. I’m getting caught up on his tape and wow. His route running is as good as people have said. He cooked Stingley Jr. from LSU this past season. He also abused every Florida State DB. Man if he runs in the 4.4’s look out. Only thing I don’t see is YAC ability and contested catch ability.
  5. You know something Mims excels at. Run blocking. You know what’s important for WRs in Reich’s scheme? Run blocking.
  6. 40 time for WRs will be important. Ballard seems to like with explosive traits at receiver. No receiver we drafted ran slow than a 4.4 in the 40 and they all excelled in the other tests too. Watch out for Mims. Not only is he big but he’s a high school track guy. He should also kill the vertical and broad jump too
  7. Saw it at the Senior Bowl, but still impressive.
  8. You’ll have to do a topic one day that looks at all the common physical traits (like arm length, height, and speed) and the character Traits that Ballard likes to build a profile of who we may target in the draft.
  9. I like his tape. He’s beefy to only be 5’10” too.
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