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  1. Here’s how I have laid it out. Unrealistic options 1. Trade up for one of the top 3 QBs- Besides the fact that our GM is self-admittedly a hoarder of draft picks, I generally think people seem to forget that in order for a trade to be done, the other team has to want to move off that pick. And the reasoning can’t just be “well they have a whole bunch of needs besides QB”. Doesn’t work like that. As someone else mentioned in this topic, did the Colts move off of Luck in 2012 because they had needs all over the place? Did the Bengals do that this year? 2. Wen
  2. If there’s one thing we know about the Colts defense, although they may be good, expect someone on the opposing offense (sometimes defense too) to have a breakout game or career best. I expect receivers to be wide open for several completions and TJ Hockenson to go off. Colts 21 Lions 19 Breakout players: TJ Hock 8 catches for 145 yards and 2 TDs Jeff Okudah locks up Hilton and has 8 PD and 1 INT Some undrafted player also has a nice showing for the Lions
  3. The idea of drafting a QB is exciting, but with this team built to win now, I’ll say Darnold.
  4. I’m a big believer in Ballard. He fixed the OL and finally the Colts have a top ranked defense. However we’re at the point now where criticism is fair because he’s got 4 drafts under his belt. The biggest knock on him I have is that he has completely dropped the ball on the edge rusher position. I know a lot of the good ones get drafted early so we haven’t had a bunch of shots there, but pass rushers can be found later. Danielle Hunter, TJ Watt (later in the 1 st)Ngaukue, etc... And I know Turray has his believers, but between him, Banogu, and Lewis, I don’t see a future start
  5. https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/2021-nfl-draft-stock-risers-after-cfb-week-8
  6. I agree with you. Jacoby does kind of hamper Eason’s development. I’m looking at Miami’s decision to start Tua and thinking that Eason also NEEDS to play in some form this year as I noted earlier. Even though I’m on board (but not 100% locked into) the Darnold idea, it’s imperative for the Colts to know what they have in Eason. It’s no secret that come 2022 the latest, the Colts will have someone not named Phillip Rivers or Jacoby Brissett starting for them. When that time comes, you need to make sure you’ve exhausted all options to get to that decision. You can’t do that if 2022
  7. He had a good start to the season last year. Back to back 100 yard games iirc. He’s also had some injuries here and there. He was just drafted by the wrong team. The Bengals have a long history of drafting highly rated players in the early rounds that never amount to anything.
  8. We’ll see some of Eason at the end of the season probably. Regardless of outcome, because if we clinch a playoff spot early, we’ll want to sit our starters, and since Jacoby won’t be on the team next year, you probably let Eason start or at least play the 2nd half of those games. If we’re terrible and it we get eliminated from playoff contention then you definitely play Eason.
  9. A team that has a chance at the SB might sign him. Hell, after seeing toxic AB get signed by the Bucs, anything is possible. Plus they have Dallas Goedert.
  10. Honestly I’m a huge fan of Ballard but I always tell people on this board that I’m a realist. I call it how it is, or how It looks to me. I never liked the idea of Lewis as a full time DT. To date, I think that’s been one of Ballard’s worst calls. Every GM has them though so no biggie. At least the team has seemed to acknowledge the mistake and put him at his natural position.
  11. Great. Man if everyone declares, this could be a deep edge rusher class. That never happens. Good for us because the Colts need to find two bookends.
  12. Kwity Paye is eating vs Minnesota!!! 3 sacks on the day so far and on one he destroyed the huge tackle from Minnesota that the OP listed. How did Oweh do? Saw him mocked to us on TDN and his player profile says he’s a bigger Kemoko Turray.
  13. Drawing straws here of course, but you’d have to assume they’re interested in the edge rushers from Pitt. Patrick Jones is at like 7.5 sacks on the season!!!
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