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  1. Defjamz26

    Skip Clueless Prescot > Luck

    Cut the video off when Sharpe asked if we’re talking about Prescott in the MVP race and Skip said “No but there’s 3 games left”. Goodbye
  2. Defjamz26

    Unsung heros on the defense

    Well you named like 5 starters on defense, and considering we already know about Leonard and Autry, that’s 7 out 11 if the starters on D. Id day the real unsung heroes are Walker and Woods.
  3. Defjamz26

    ESPN 1st mock is up

    Jones needs to win the underwear olympics. He needs to measure 6’3” or more and weigh in at 385. Oliver is undersized but he has rare quickness and power to overcome it.
  4. Defjamz26

    ESPN 1st mock is up

    I was one of those people. Like I said, it really depends on what other DTs grade out high. This mock has us taking Wilkins in the 1st, but he’s a 2nd round pick on other sites.
  5. It looking like a day 2 need doesn’t mean how I think you’re interpreting it. You know that sometimes I may not word things how I meant for them to be taken. What I was implying was that given that the top 3/4 IDL (Williams, Oliver, Davis, and Simmons) could be gone by our pick, that maybe our IDL might come from day 2 because there’s so much depth in this class. That’s why I said on my OP that if Simmons is there, you run the card in because he has the best chance of being there when we pick. But after him, the other guys could all likely be had on day 2. Perhaps I should have said “IDL might have to be addressed on day 2”.
  6. You can build the trenches in the 2nd and 3rd rounds too. I’m just saying that everyone seems so keyed in on getting a DL in the 1st, but there may be better value in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. At picks 18-24 there may be a blue chip LB or WR there that you can’t pass up. We passed on all the 1st round LBs because Quentin was the blue chip prospect, but also because Ballard felt comfortable about getting Leonard.
  7. Since September people have talked about how incredibly deep the draft is for interior defensive linemen. It seemed a no-brainer that the Colts needed to take a DT in the first. However, our winning has slid us further down in the draft, out of range of some of the premium guys. The good is thing new names have continued to emerge. Names that will be available in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. I’m now beginning to wonder if the Colts can get their pass rushing DT later. Oliver and Williams will go top 10. The next best DT that I like is Jeffrey Simmons who could go in the 10-15 range because he’s a top 10 talent without the off the field stuff. I had Tillery from Notre Dame in my last draft but I’m hearing even he could go round 2. So the question is, if it even worth it if those top 3 guys aren’t there? And now look at the day 2 names that have emerged: - Christian Wilkins: granted he’s borderline round 1-2 -Jerry Tillery -Gerald Willis III -Rashard Lawrence -Dexter Lawrence -Renell Wren: recently mocked to us by Stampede Blue after a scout from the TDN recommended him as a fit for us. -Terry Beckner -Derrick Brown -Dre’mont Jones: 8 sacks from the interior without having Bosa most of the year. -Charles Omenihu It might be better to look elsewhere in the 1st. And given the lack of talent at other positions and factoring in need, maybe WR or LB. You could get a starting pass rushing 3 tech in the 2nd and then still get a good NT in the 3rd. The one we have a shot at in the first is Simmons, and if he’s there you run the card in. But if not, I’m not worried because I know there’s potentially 10 guys to chose from on day 2 who can start and have just as much upside.
  8. Defjamz26

    TY Hilton should buy the Houston Texans one day.

    My thoughts exactly. Wait untill we see Metcalf, Harmon, JJAW, Butler, or Collin Johnson from the draft playing opposite of him. Then the Texans will stop showing up to the games completely.
  9. Defjamz26

    A new mock.......

    Isn’t Khalil Mack only 6’2”?
  10. I think it’s smart for these guys to leave school early. Using the WR position in this case, it’s not like they’re are going to learn more by staying. Most college programs don’t teach NFL route concepts or advanced separating techniques. So if you don’t leave when your stock is the highest, you risk injury and losing out on money. So ideally your 1st round receivers are guys that are the most pro-ready even though they may still need refinement. They probably have blue traits like speed, size, etc... that give them an edge early on while they develop the other parts of their game. But like I said, it’s the scouts job to find the kids who have blue traits to factor in early on but can also become stars over time with refinement.
  11. Again, it really depends. The 1st round receivers that don’t bust usually contribute immediately. So if you do get the pick right, you don’t have to wait on your investment. ODB, Mike Evans, Ridley, etc... The paradigm can always shift. Not too long ago the league was shifting away from drafting 1st round RBs. Now we’ve had at least 1 drafted the last 3 drafts. I think teams are being more selective with WRs in the 1st, but not completely shying away from them. Look at how late Ridley and Moore went.
  12. Colleges not training up kids for the NFL level is not something that’s going to change. The mistake would be holding that against players that can be really special. I agree with you though. Lately the trend has been 1st round busts at the position. Kevin White, Treadwell, Parker, Benjamin, etc.... But the trend is not necessarily the rule. The trend is something that scouts should analyze and see where they went wrong or right. Was it lack of speed? Was it body type? Was it a lack of ability to learn pro techniques like you suggested? When you analyze that you can start to break the trend by learning from the mistakes of the past. So I’m not completely against a 1st round receiver because of a trend. Training and coaching is something they can get at the next level as long as they have the requisite skills and traits. It’s on the scouts to find those prospects.
  13. I’m saying that if we want a true difference maker at WR, it’ll come early. The guys I mentioned are elite talents. It’s not about not drafting a WR in the 1st, but about not reaching. Laquan Treadwell was a reach. But if you look at DJ Moore and Calvin Ridley, they’re producing.
  14. If we take a WR it should be early, and that might mean a 1st. I’m hearing that Harry, Metcalf, and Harmon are grading out as 1st round receivers.