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  1. Good for the Colts. I guess now the best CB in the division is Malcolm Butler so our receivers should be celebrating. But I said this a few years ago when the Jags started to make all this offseason moves. In a year or two something would have to give. And now you see it. Malik Jackson was let go. Robinson they let walk. Ramsey and Fowler have been traded. Campbell and Bouye probably won’t be around much longer either since Ngakoue has to get paid. Jags are rebuilding. Couple other notes: -The Jags 1st round picks from 2014-2016 are now all on the Rams (Bortles, Fowler, and Ramsey) -2020 will make it 5 consecutive years the Rams will not have a 1st round pick. 6 in 2021assuming they don’t trade someone for a 1st in that time Perfect illustration of why roster management and drafting/draft strategy are very important. You can be really good in a short window, but you will come crashing back down to earth just as quick.
  2. It’s time to move on in the offseason probably. I think the Raiders in particular really just exposed the issues with the Colts front. It wasn’t just Hunt, but Autry too who got pushed around in that game. Several of people on this board have been saying since last season that DT is a big weakness on this team. Hunt at NT is a spot that should be upgraded. He doesn’t rush the passer well (7.5 career sacks) and isn’t elite in the run game either. Again I wouldn’t single him out though. Stewart seems to be a better player overall but he doesn’t seem to be a long term answer. Autry is mostly just a pass rusher and undersized, Lewis is undersized and injury prone, and I don’t even know the names of any of our other DTs. Its time for Ballard to draft real prototypical 4-3 DTs
  3. That was a lot too read sheesh. But I’ll respond by saying that no one is saying Ballard is a bad drafter, but there have been some misses, particularly early on. In 2017 Wilson and Basham. The 2nd and 3rd round picks respectively. Mack looks like a steal though. 2018 was phenomenal. His first 3 picks were all starters who played at a high level and two were All-Pro. However the jury is still out on Turray and Lewis who were 2nd rounders. Lewis doesn’t seem like he’ll ever be anything special when he’s healthy, but that’s just my opinion. 2019 class is all rookies and so far we’ve seen little return on the first 3 picks (Rock, Banogu, And Campbell), but that’s to be expected to some degree. The production has surprisingly come from Okereke and Willis. The biggest knock is the lack of attention to the interior defensive line. He’s drafted Stewart who is solid depth and Lewis who is often injured, undersized, And doesn’t look to be special.
  4. Yeah he’s earned a contract extension for sure. Probably a two year one.
  5. Neither one is a significant loss. Let’s not overrate these guys. Especially Hentges. Our organization is very good a developing TEs.
  6. It’s always a defender smh. Leonard, Hooker, Desir, and now Turray. We’re turning into last year’s Atlanta Falcons. Luckily Sheard is back. We should be fine. The biggest loss is for Turray’s development.
  7. Willis has made more impact plays as a rookie in 5 games than Geathers has in 5 seasons. I was waiting to make this statement but I’ve seen enough. Willis needs to be the starting SS even when Geathers is healthy. Geathers is his backup and a dime LB.
  8. We need two. Autry is really just a DE. He’s great as getting to the passer, but not as good against the run. I like Brown and Wilson the best so far.
  9. Ballard would love to have Jamal Adams on this team. Excellent culture guy and great player. The asking price would be high though. Probably a 1st and a 2nd. Diggs could be an option too. Hilton, Diggs, Campbell, Cain, And Rodgers is a good core. We’ll probably pass though.
  10. Not in the 1st round though. Not with our problems on defense. QB should be an early 3rd round pick at best.
  11. Disagree. Ballard needs to start hitting on his 2nd rounder more and stop going after developmental guys. He drafted Quincy Wilson, Darius Leonard, Braden Smith, Kemoko Turray, Tyquan Lewis, Ben Banogu, and Parris Campbell in the 2nd. Leonard and Smith were steals. Wilson is a bust. Lewis is injury prone but I don’t expect him to be anything special anyways. Banogu is a rookie but this guy is as raw as they come. Literally came out of college with no pass rushing knowledge or technique. Campbell is still raw. We need help on defense though. Mainly DT
  12. There’s also Grant Delpit, Kristian Fulton, and Rashard Lawrence on the LSU defense. All of them should be of interest to us more than a QB
  13. Exactly. You have to put those stats into context and see when/how they happened. Antonio Morrison lead the team in tackles one year I think.
  14. The tackles are meaningless. I don’t look at base stats but the mount of negative plays a defender makes. TFLs, sacks, INTs, and PDs. Willis has 1 TFL and 1 PD. But to put the 21 tackles into context, you can see on the field that he’s always around the ball and his technique is very textbook. These are good signs for a rookie 4th round pick. I want to see how he continues to do in coverage before I label him though.
  15. The D-line was always suspect. When you have a line that places a premium on lesser known talent breaking out as opposed to having proven producers, this is what you get. We’re expecting Margus Hunt and Denice Autry to shut down a running game. And I don’t think Tyquan “Doesn’t really have a position” Lewis would have made a difference. The interior of our defensive line hasn’t known talent since Booger McFarland left. Not sure there’s any fixing it this year though. Looking at next year it’s time to either draft two DTs early or sign a big name in FA. Maybe Leonard Williams from the Jets if he’s available.
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