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  1. Defjamz26

    Stock Up, Stock Down - Kevin Bowen

    Wow on Jordan Wilkins. From unknown to possibly seeing a majority of the snaps once the season starts. Good for him. Hines has been a disappointment it seems.
  2. Defjamz26

    Jalen Ramsey Comments...

    2016: 1,000 yard season without Luck for 8 games 2017: 34 yards short of a 1,000 yard season with a 2nd year QB that wasn’t on the roster until the 1st game of the season.
  3. 1. I’m not saying that the first pre-season game just magically revealed team weaknesses that no one knew. It’s basically what we guessed. It just made things more apparent because for the last few months it’s been all talk, mock drafts and tape watching, projections, TC, and reminiscing about the previous season. The pre-season game was close to the “real” thing in a way. We got to see the culmination of everything that has transpired since January. 2. I kind of throw out the first year because he didn’t have Luck. Plus I just feel that with certain young players not showing signs of growing and earning second contracts, it adds an additional year. 3. Fixed for me would be a roster similar to what the Vikings have. Not in terms of scheme or pro-bowlers, but having a solid young core or nucleus of talented players who can stay and grow into seasoned vets that make the Colts a perennial post season contender.
  4. If it wasn’t for the issues at OT I’d agree with you. We might need at least one high quality tackle. Everything else should be defense. Ballard needs to figure out how to get some extra picks again. Need help at CB, DT, LB, and DE.
  5. Although no one expected a quick turn around, I think it’s becoming increasingly apparent that this turn around is a 4 -5 year project. It’s not on Ballard though. He came into a team with nothing besides Luck, Hilton, and AC. As time goes by, more of Grigson’s drafts continue to disappear. From 2012 (if you don’t count Luck): Only Hilton remains. 2013 class all gone. Only 1 still in the league. 2014 class all gone. Only 2 still in league 2015: Only Geathers and Good still on team 2016: Everyone still on team except the two 7th rounders. However Morrison and Clarke are potential camp cuts. Green would be too if we had better depth. I know that’s all been stated before, but It’s good to see the roster that Ballard walked into. Also, I believe all of Grigson’s FA signings are gone as well. He essentially is building the roster from the ground up. There is a lack of proven starters coupled with a lack of depth. We’re already 2 drafts and FA classes in, so IMO it’ll be another 2-3 years before the Colts are truly “fixed”.
  6. Defjamz26

    Schwartz on Nelson: Mostly real good...

    Already looks like a pro bow run blocker. Got some things to clean up in pass protection though. And sooner than later. Have to play the Jags defensive line twice.
  7. The Colts need help everywhere on defense. I’m hoping they snag 2 game changers on defense.
  8. Defjamz26

    Big Bodied Receiver

    A TE is essentially a big bodied wide receiver that has more blocking responsibilities and works the middle of the field instead of deep. I think we’re fine. Doyle, Ebron, And Swoope can suffice.
  9. Defjamz26

    LT position

    I’m not hyped about him at all. I’m in the same boat as the people who think he was not as good as everyone made him out to be, regardless of the fact that Irsay said his name once. What I’m saying is that he’s a serviceable backup in a pinch. He definitely shouldn’t and isn’t going to be a starter, but I’d take him over Haeg, Vujnovich, and Clark any day.
  10. Defjamz26

    Colts lead first ejected player...

    In general, defenders just need to stop throwing themselves into ball carriers. It’s sloppy and dangerous. Weather you’re lowering your head to make a hit or diving at a defenders legs (How Hooker got injured), those techniques are dangerous and poor. It’s always better to tackle high. Nothing good happens when you try and tackle low.
  11. Defjamz26

    LT position

    AC is fine. It’s the depth behind him that is non-existent. Unfortunately, this is another byproduct of the Grigson era, and the Colts will be dealing with his set backs for a few more years. In his entire 5 drafts he never drafted an OT that you could label “decent”. And you can’t put it on Ballard. There’s only so many draft picks and you don’t want to go crazy spending cap money on band-aids. LT specifically is a huge question mark after AC. At RT Good can probably get you through a game or two and Smith is also a possibility. 2019, Ballard will have to draft a tackle though. But the LT situation is the unfortunate reality of the Colts. We still have plenty of holes. We’ll just have to trust the process until then.
  12. Defjamz26

    Post Pre-Season Week 1 Roster Projection

    Yeah I don’t see how Morrison makes the team at all. I’ve heard only one positive from him during camp and he doesn’t fit this defense. Plus I think Pagano was his biggest fan and he’s gone now so....
  13. Defjamz26

    What was Ballard thinking letting Melvin go?

    Melvin was also almost 30 and didn’t really break out untill last season. Played well for us, but it’s not as if he was a MUST re-sign. I’m just surprised they didn’t sign a veteran in FA.
  14. Defjamz26

    Slot WR?

    I think Rodgers is a slot WR. Cain has the size, speed, and vertical ability to be an outside receiver. T.Y. Is the only receiver with a clear ranking as the number 1. After that I’m not sure if there’s a true 2 or 3 yet, as they’ll all be utilized in different ways.
  15. I’m aware. I just find it interesting considering how Ballard said they were confident he was a fit in the 4-3. Him not being a starter says otherwise. He might better off as a rotational piece then an every down lineman.