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  1. Basham can be had in the 2nd round. So in your case I would take an OT in round 1. It could still be Carman. Not sure Friermuth will be there that light. Most places have him as TE #2 or 3 at worst, which could mean he goes 2nd or 3rd round. FA picks are solid too. 7/10 overall on the whole offseason. Wouldn’t be mad at this.
  2. Dayo Odeyingbo from Vanderbilt is a developmental edge prospect I like. 6’6” 270 lbs. Smart kid who will be at the Senior Bowl. Round 3 or 4 he’s worth a look. 5.5 sacks this year so not great production but worth taking a shot on.
  3. Does that mean Detroit would be paying some of what he’s owed? I could’ve swore I heard on a podcast he was due $30 mil this year. Some was his signing bonus, some was his roster bonus, and then his actual salary.
  4. Yeah the cap is something to consider too. You have to pay Stafford like $30 mil and give up draft picks. Ballard did that with Buckner, but he was also only like 25 years old at the time. Stafford is 33 A young guy is cost effective for at least 4 years. We don’t have as much cap space as people think when you factor in the upcoming contracts of Nelson, Leonard, and Smith.
  5. The top teams don’t have too many coaching vacancies.
  6. Idk about Jones, but the name I’m going to throw out is Jamie Newman. Let’s see what he does next week at the Senior Bowl. His stock could sky rocket. But In with you if the choices are spend a 1st and some change on Stafford, or spend a 2nd on Jones, Newman, Trask (and I’m not a huge fan of his), then I’ll take that. Soon as you call Detroit’s GM and he says “at least a 1st round pick” when asking about the price for Stafford, he should hang up the phone.
  7. We don’t know if he has 5 years left. Again, not every QB is going to play until age 38. He could finish the last 2 years on his deal and call it quits. Plus who knows when he’ll start to decline. We’ve seen players like Rhodes (last year on the Vikings) and Brady just fall off a cliff out of nowhere. But even if he did play for another 5 years, you’re spending a 1st on a 5 year player on top of whatever cap hit he has. Why not just throw in an extra first and see if you can’t go and get Lance? You get Lance, you’re getting him for 5 years (5th year option) plus another 5-6 on his
  8. I’d honestly take that over Stafford. You need a QB but you also need a LT, CB, and DE. Eason is the cheapest option that lets you still have the draft. But if the asking price for Stafford is a 1 at the minimum, might as well go all in and throw in next years one as well and get Lance/Wilson. Stafford isn’t a long term answer or an upgrade.
  9. Stafford is just a younger Rivers. As much as you guys want to scream he had no team for years, good QBs make the talent around them better. As CR91 mentioned, he’s never won anything. Throw in the back problems, and he ain’t worth a 1st. Plus he’s 33. There is nothing to suggest he wants to play/ or can play at a high level for another 5 years. Not everyone plays till they’re 38-40 like Brady, Brees, Rodgers, and Rivers. Any team that pays a 1st for Stafford is crazy.
  10. The bright side of the Colts losing coaches is that it means that we have a really good coaching staff in place. People should be raiding our staff. It’s the mark of any great front office.
  11. Based off of what you’ve seen from him do you think Dillon Radunz is better?
  12. The draft analysts I follow (Move the Sticks with Bucky and DJ, Draft Dudes, and B/R) all routinely have him going in the first round. I think once Zerlein from NFL.com starts getting his draft reports out you’ll see the same thing. It’s CBS sports who seems to have him ranked really low.
  13. I think Liam Eichenberg is a day 1 starter at LT. His technique is really refined, even though he lacks elite athleticism. I also really like Radunz, but I’m not as sure about how good he could be immediately. Definitely an option in the 2nd round. I think moving Nelson to LT is a horrible idea.
  14. Yup. Stafford might not be available but if he is, you’d have to give up draft picks and pay him money. Ryan would cost draft picks and money right off the bat too. Getting Lance is going to require two 1st round picks assuming he doesn’t drop. Trubisky will cost very little in terms of money and won’t cost any draft picks since he’s a FA.
  15. Alright so I’ve narrowed it down to 3 options for me. One may surprise you 1. Draft a QB 2. Eason 3. Trubisky If we’re talking about low risk low cost QB options that I’m betting on Reich being able to “fix”, Id be willing to bet on Mitch over any other FA/tradeable QB. Unlike Darnold he hasn’t been mostly bad where you’re really betting on projection. His career numbers are actually solid all things considered. He’s also only 26. The big seller for me was the athleticism. He runs a 4.67 and when Chicago was somewhat good, they had Mitch running the ball. He’s
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