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  1. Yes. And I only say not likely because the top 10 players are usually your blue chip prospects. So the guys with those high rankings aren’t likely to move up or down unless an injury, unexpected decision to stay another year, or crazy scandal happens. This isn’t my ranking necessarily. It’s more or less what I’m seeing and reading on other sites. We saw the same thing last year. By November people knew the top 10 were the big 3 (Chubb, Barkley, and Nelson), 4 QBs, Ward, Smith, Fitzpatrick. Vea was also one of those guys in that range. Point being that didn’t change over the year. I’m not saying there’s no chance those rankings change even slightly, just that more or less, that’s the consensus top 10. QBs are always weird so another one may shoot up the rankings. But we basically know who the elite blue chip players in this draft are. It’s the 11-32 that will wildly fluctuate.
  2. Defjamz26

    Rashaan Melvin is surprisingly available

    Next time tag me so I know it’s real. But are we going to through a HC under the bus for having a bad 1st year? It’s clear the Raiders need a rebuild. And that’s just something Gruden has never got to see through till the end. We’ll see how he handles it now.
  3. Defjamz26

    Interesting Read About The Receivers

    Agree with most in this topic. You can’t coach hands. You either have them or you don’t. Replace all the receivers except Hilton, Doyle, and Ebron in the offseason.
  4. Defjamz26

    The Culture Of This Team

    2-3 seasons ahead whereas we are 5 seasons behind. Like you said, even Kelly’s draft yielded some good players. In 5 seasons all Grigson brought to the table was Hilton and Kelly. Everyone else is off the roster or will be next offseason.
  5. Defjamz26

    Too Many Holes

    Truer words could not have been spoken.
  6. Defjamz26

    The Culture Of This Team

    The biggest issue of the “culture” is the narrative that the Colts are right in it until the end, but silly mistakes hurt them. If the silver lining is supposed to be that we’re not getting blown out, then that’s a slippery slope. If bad teams always get blown out, does that mean good teams blow out everyone? Theres a lot of teams that perennially under-achieve, but are competitive in every game. That doesn’t always mean you’re almost over the hump. Sometimes it means you just can’t close out games. And mistakes aren’t always just an unavoidable part of the game that everyone makes, or just a bad day. When it’s the same mistakes week to week and there isn’t noticeable improvement, it could be a coaching and/or talent issue. Better receivers will not drop a lot of these easy passes. A better defensive game plan will prevent a rookie QB from shredding your zone defense. We will see next season if the culture changes. As it is right now, the 1-5 Colts are who they are and we will likely see much of the same.
  7. Defjamz26

    The Bills are not a cupcake team

    I would think the days of Colts fans (especially the ones on this board) walking around with a pretentious attitude as they talk down other teams is over after the past 3 seasons. The days of looking at the schedule and circling the easy wins are gone. If anything the Colts are the team that everyone circles because they know their one dimensional and will make a ton of mistakes. You have to believe that the Bills are watching tape of our WRs the last three games and are licking their chops.
  8. Defjamz26

    How did the Colts offensive line do?

    Castonzo being back is a very good thing for this line.
  9. Defjamz26

    Colts Need to Pull a Ravens in the Offseason

    This is the 3rd straight game where the Colts have left points on the field because of drops. This week they upgraded to giving TDs off of drops. Better receivers and we could have won 2 out of these last 3 games. I swear they come up with creative ways to drop the ball. So far we’ve seen: -Wide open drop in the end zone -A caught pass fumbled and recovered for a 70 yard TD -A bobbled pass intercepted into a pick 6 -A drop into an INT -A drop in OT that could have won the game -A pass caught in the air and dropped once the player hit the ground without contact
  10. And replace the entire receiving core for 2019. First 2 plays were drops, one led to a defensive TD. And don’t even get me started on Chester Rodgers. His garbage time TD does not excuse his horrible performance today. Pascal can follow him out the door. Not even Grigson had receivers this sorry. Johnson was having a good game before injury but he’s dropped some in the past. Maybe Fountain will be ready after a year on the PS. MAYBE Cain will come back and not miss a step. That’s 2 big maybe’s though. We need to draft a receiver high. Once Hilton comes back it’s back to him getting double teamed.
  11. Defjamz26

    Marlon Mack

    Mack is a very good complimentary back, who needs to show he can stay healthy. I think he can be the Giovanni Bernard to another RB’s Joe Mixon.
  12. Defjamz26

    OL gave Luck time and made room for Mack

    Still need a RT.
  13. Ah okay. Jones is a possible top 10 pick for sure. The top 10 players in this class that isn’t likely to change is as follows: 1. Nick Bosa 2. Ed Oliver 3. Clelin Ferrell 4. Jonah Williams 5. Greedy Williams 6. DeAndre Baker 7. Justin Herbert 8. Deionte Thompson 9. Dre’Mont Jones 10. Rashan Gary Thats in no particular order.
  14. The tape is the only reason. I don’t think he’s going to get a pass on it just because it happened before college. Dalvin Cook fell for issues he had in high school too. Some teams will take him off the board.
  15. Defjamz26

    Mathias Farley to IR; More Injury News

    I guess Mitchell gets the start at SS. I have that as a top 3 need in the draft for us as well.