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  1. I would say the Colts have a very boom or bust style of drafting under Ballard. He bets on traits and character. Sometimes it gets you guys like Darius Leonard, other times it gets you guys like Ben Banogu. I will say though that I think we do well when we take safe/no brainer picks. Guys like Nelson, Pittman, Taylor, and Smith were guys who played at a high level in college and universally ranked high on most expert draft boards. I think Paye will be in the category too. Id agree that the early draft misses have hurt the team. Mainly because you know it’s going to take awhile for guys to develop, but when guys approach the end of their rookie deals and the bets haven’t turned into wins, it sets your team back. Guys like Turray, Lewis, Ya Sin, and Banogou, are backup level players. If this team is going to go far they have to hit on those players going forward. And by hit I mean, they need to be starter material. I always applaud Ballard with sticking to his guns, but I’d like to see him make more safe picks. At this point we have enough projects.
  2. He’s the number 1 receiver on this team for sure and he showed he has the toughness to play receiver at a high level going forward.
  3. My thing is if we’re giving up short to intermediate completions as easily as we do and as quickly, it’s really the same as giving up explosive plays deep down the field. Whats the difference between a 40 yard completion down the field and 4 passes across the middle of the field for 10 yards each? If anything it seems the scheme gets our defense gassed more. Last night Lamar took them from their 9 to the end zone. D was gassed. The whole Ravens comeback happened with them just attacking the middle of the field for short to intermediate gains. Defense was gassed and they ate up clock. You don’t need to throw deep to beat the Colts. Seems better for the other team to just slowly march the ball down the field.
  4. We don’t have either of those things and that’s the problem. I keep hearing about how this defense is supposed to work, but it hasn’t materialized on the field. Eberflus and Ballard are equally to blame. If soft zone coverage is getting you beat constantly you’d think the team would….idk try something else. Also can’t fault Flus when your stable of pass rushers are Lewis, Muhammad, Turray, and Banogu and your corners are Rhodes and PS level players.
  5. He was injured, and one kick was blocked. I’m not sweating it. More concerned as to why we can’t seem to keep anyone healthy, not even the kicker.
  6. The Colts can sometimes “upset” a good team, an we can usually sweep or split the best team in our division. But no, the Colts can not consistently beat good teams. Also for every team they upset, they usually get upset by a team they should easily beat.
  7. Really wouldn’t have changed the fact that we gave up record setting performances to two players. The loss is what it is at this point. I’m just really puzzled by this trend of people having the best games of their careers and breaking records against us. Even if we would’ve won by making those missed/blocked kicks. It would have been the same historic performances for Lamar and Andrew’s.
  8. My friend I both agree and disagree with you. I agree that Ballard has a long term plan with his draft and FA strategy. It’s not just the fact that we’re 1-4. But the fact that we’re 1-4 and the guys who we’re long term investments 2-3 years ago haven’t panned out, is very concerning. I still think they had way better expectations than this. I can’t take a team that made the playoffs last year and lost a close game to a team that eventually went to the AFC championship, but has wet the bed this year and say it’s just a result of “delayed gratification”. Delayed gratification was the 2019 season with Jacoby at the helm. The end of last season with the loss to the Bills was delayed gratification. But this? This is disappointment. We’ve about reached the deadline for guys like Turray, Lewis, Banogu, Okereke, and Rock. At this point we would know if they were going to be impact players or not. I understand that not everyone drafted can be an elite player but everyone I names is a 2nd or 3rd round pick. Delayed gratification goes out the window when the long term investments don’t pan out. That’s just wasted draft capital. Sure we’ve got great return on guys like Nelson, Smith, Leonard, Taylor, Pittman, and even Mack, but that’s not nearly enough hits for this team to be where it should be. Can’t always blame injuries. Young players still developing aren’t immune to injuries. If they’re good though, they’ll make an impact when they are healthy, which some of our guys don’t. Delayes gratification is something that happens at the beginning of a regime change. I’m the case of the Colts we had to hold our breaths even longer with the sudden retirement of Luck, but rent is still due. If you can’t beat the Rams, Ravens, Titans, or Seahawks than you haven’t constructed a team that can contend for championships.
  9. Once again, the Colts have had a game where someone has either had the best game of their career or broken some type of record against us. Jackson had the best completion percentage in NFL history for a QB with at least 400 passing yards. Mark Andrew’s had the best game of his career against us. This has been a trend for years though. Keke Coutee had the best game of his career against us and who could forget Jonas Grey having a record day against us and then getting cut. There’s plenty more examples too. Sometimes defensive players (like Rasheem Green week 1) have career games against us too. Injuries aside, at some point the Colts are going to actually start playing defense for real. These type of performances have been going on for years.
  10. It’s hard for me to do score predictions, but if this isn’t a blow out loss I’ll be shocked. Stafford loves the deep ball and they’ve got a solid set of receivers with Cupp, Woods, and Jefferson. Secondary will be battered and deep fried and served next to a side of fries.
  11. And once again the pass defense was the biggest standout. Guys absolutely wide open and the nearest defender is miles away. Lockette getting wide open for a 69 yard TD with 30 seconds left in the half is inexcusable. Run D is fine but the pass D and pass rush is what it always is.
  12. At this point we’ll probably see Odeyingbo in the lineup before we see Turray.
  13. That summary is pretty much what I gathered as well. Very well said. He wasn’t necessarily a guy who went out and got into a whole lot of trouble off the field, but just didn’t seem to really mesh with the type of guys Ballard actually brought in. I also followed him on social media and you could see some of the stuff. Always responding to “haters” coming at him in his DM’s, and like Wilson he pretty much removed all of the Colts stuff from his profile when the writing was on the wall. Never really seemed like a leader either.
  14. I just think he never really developed past playing off of instinct and athleticism. Also never really was someone you could rely on as a tackler. Scheme for was probably and issue too. Also remember how highly Ballard values character. Hooker was a pick with the information from Grigson’s scouts, and he never struck me as a high character guy. Same with Wilson. If you ask me why he’s still unsigned though, I’d say it’s really the injury history. Tore his ACL, meniscus, and then Achilles.
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