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  1. Look at the passing yards and YPA and it will tell you everything you need to know. There are very few QBs who he played better than in 2019. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2019/passing.htm
  2. Well If I’m not mistaken it was Ballard who said that he wanted him at DT. Idk how much him saying that influencers what the coaches did with him, but it’s not the first time we’ve heard Ballard say what position he thinks a player belongs at. He openly stated that it was his idea to move TJ Green to corner too. But since Ballard makes the draft picks In assuming he has a vision for where each player will play.
  3. Yeah. Ballard seems to be a little fed up with the guys who ha e shown “flashes” but never really reached their potential (Wilson, Hooker, etc...). Ballard is part of the blame though for sticking him at a position he had no business at to begin with. Idk why he had this fixation with 270 lb DTs for awhile.
  4. It could be Phillip. Deshaun doesn’t have Hopkins anymore, the Titans are a power run based team, and who knows what we’ll get from Minshew. Phillip makes the most sense with the weapons he’ll have. Hopefully a healthy Burton, T.Y, Pittman, Hines, Taylor, Mack, and Campbell.
  5. He is a 4th rounder but in today’s NFL, there’s better chances of those guys becoming starters. In the last decade you had Cousins, Wilson, and Prescott. Maybe we’ll add Minshew to that last. And I’ve even said in the past that there are much more cases of Christian Hackenberg and Deshone Kizer than there are Russell Wilson’s. However I’d add that where someone is drafted doesn’t always represent their talent level. Did Darrius Heyward-Bey have 1st round talent or just 1st round speed and an owner that overvalued that trait? Did Russell Wilson have 3rd round talent or did he have have 1st round talent with 3rd round measureables for the position? Eason May have 1st round traits but all the issues combined have him a 4th round grade based on his career. It doesn’t guarantee anything, but he was the top QB recruit coming out of High School. That means something. Injured in 2017 and wasn’t given his job back. Then in 2018 had to sit out because of transfer rules. So 2019 he finally plays what is essentially his Sophmore season and then declares. The guy missed about 2 years of football. While I think everyone understands to temper expectations because of where he was drafted, it fair to note that Eason isn’t just ANY 4th round pick. His circumstances were unique. He’s not Bryce Petty or Kyle Lauletta.
  6. I say he makes it and will best out Lewis. The DT rotation will be -Buckner -Grover -Autry -Day -Windsor
  7. Being a playmaker/good football player does not mean you can run routes. I watched him at OSU. He mostly just ran past everyone. Pittman is bigger than him but not as fast, yet is far more polished as a route runner.
  8. I see something between Jay Cutler and Carson Palmer.
  9. I’m worried if he can really develop that part of the game. OSU’s receiver coach is former NFL WR Brian Hartline. He’s been commended for how polished OSU receivers have been coming into the league (Thomas, Hill, McLauren). Parris is the only one who can’t run routes, despite having amazing coaching.
  10. That’s probably why he never trades 4th round picks away. Seems to be his sweet spot. Although to this day I’m still not sure how he picked Banner over Kittle.
  11. If he doesn’t trade out of the pick, Ballard is more likely to go OT, Edge, or QB. i don’t think he values the TE position the way others do. I don’t think he’s ever drafted one in 4 drafts.
  12. Good skill set. Athletic, smart with ball, and can make plays off script.
  13. Newman is the one guy who might be available to us. Could fall right around where Love did, which is where we should be picking. I’ll be monitoring him as well as seeing what Eason does in the pre-season games.
  14. We’re all guilty of this. Sometimes we’re right (All of us who wanted Landon Collins over Dorsett) and sometimes we’re wrong. That type of thinking isn’t inherently wrong. Heck, till this day I still don’t understand the Banogu pick with AJ Brown on the board, but that’s neither here nor there. Ultimately though, I trust Ballard. Yeah he misses sometimes, but his track record speaks for itself and it’s earned my trust as a fan.
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