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  1. Who was number 42 on defense? Whoever that is should’ve been listed under the poor performances. Got abused in coverage the whole game
  2. Perhaps. But you still have Ebron and Cain. Last year we rolled out with even less depth at WR. It was Hilton, Grant, Pascall, and Rodgers before injuries. They were comfortable rolling with that at the start of the season. Seems weird to all of a sudden work out a veteran WR when there’s more receiver talent this year than last.
  3. That’s true. He does have value still I suppose.
  4. I’m curious as well. All the young talent at WR plus vets like Hilton and Funchess.
  5. Had no idea basically all of our TEs are FAs next year. That could be an issue. I think there’s a good TE in 2020 that sites have been saying could be a 1st round pick. Can’t remember his name.
  6. Still too early to tell. I’ll tell you what won’t be a need though: CB and LB. Those 2 position groups are stacked.
  7. I think the issue with Hairston is that he’s much better in press man than zone. He was great in Pagano’s system but disappeared and got beat out by Moore in Eberflus’ scheme. I think he’s worth trading for the capital. I’d send him back to play with Pagano in Chicago for a 4th rounder.
  8. Seeing as Desir has locked up one spot on the outside and Moore has the slot, who do you think gets the other outside CB spot?
  9. Defjamz26

    TC day 6

    Yeah Pascal grew on me towards the end of the season. I’d honestly take him over Chester Rodgers if it came down to it.
  10. It’s probably best to just think of Tell as a special teams player right now. On top of being a rookie, he’s going through a position switch at a position that’s actually pretty crowded. I wouldn’t expect to hear any noteworthy buzz about him at CB.
  11. It’ll be Duron Carter all over again.
  12. That’s fine. Don’t try and fit a square peg into a round hole. If that’s not his game then so be it.
  13. I guess Jonathan Joseph could not be reached for comment
  14. Just to add on to that, we’ve already seen a player in his similar situation. This was the same deal with Quincy Wilson. Talented guy who got a bunch of playing time early his rookie year, but was benched because he needed to “grow up” and “practice harder”. And right now he’s in limbo. Going into his 3rd year and we still don’t know what we have in him. I don’t want that to be Turray.
  15. I don’t know if “very good” is how I’d describe Geathers. He’s shown flashes but I don’t think I’ve seen even a game since his rookie season where I thought he played very good. He’s solid. Can tackle in space but his coverage skills are underwhelming. Solid player. Maybe this year he’ll make that leap though. We’ll see
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