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  1. jvan1973

    Stampede Blue on Braden Smith

    Not disagrees. Making nonsensical claims with zero to back then up. You know what I'm talking about
  2. jvan1973

    Stampede Blue on Braden Smith

    No guarantee smith is better than glow at guard
  3. jvan1973

    Stampede Blue on Braden Smith

    Glow just got paid. I don't think smith is moving inside any time soon
  4. jvan1973

    Stampede Blue on Braden Smith

    Not as much now since they ousted Brad Wells
  5. jvan1973

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    It was only a matter of time until some team signed him
  6. jvan1973

    Matt Slauson is retiring

    They would never offer any one a position coach job to a person with zero coaching experience
  7. They won't be signing 3 big name free agents. Maybe 1
  8. Who was the last team to sign 3 top tier free agents in the same off season?
  9. jvan1973

    Andrew's supporting cast

    That had far more to not having luck than not having Fleener
  10. why would he sit out if the Steelers matched his best offer?
  11. Do you understand how the transition tag works?
  12. jvan1973

    Andrew recruiting at the Pro Bowl

    0 percent chance he signs here because Andrew talked to him at the Pro bowl. If he signs here it will be because of a large contract
  13. jvan1973

    Details on the Glowinski Contract....

    It's impossible to know what the market will be until free agency begins
  14. Janeen Garafalo is the 49ers qb I think
  15. No, he retired and later became a consultant for the saints. Then went to Philly