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  1. You're such a clown. You think Romo is great and Aaron Rodgers is classless. It speaks volumes
  2. Injuries happen to everyone. He was plenty ready last week
  3. No, he isn't ready this week. He was ready last week and got a completely new injury
  4. Why would you say he wasn't ready to play? He looked great last week
  5. Miami Tampa Chicago Cleveland (both) Detroit (both) Cincy Pittsburgh Indy (both)
  6. Neither...... does yours. Romo is/ was a psycho. There is no honor in hurting someone over a disagreement. I'm guessing the steroids didn't help his mental health
  7. What else is a coach going to say? Obviously he wasn't good. Watch what the teams do and not what they say. Seems pretty simple
  8. How do you know what his level of trying was?
  9. That's not mine. That's @jskinnz. But I agree
  10. I'm guessing schemes change week to week. If PFF is able to figure out every teams coverage in 24 hours these folks should be hired by NFL teams. If a guy at PFF is given the job of breaking down the Cowboys Patriots game and this person can figure out the schemes of both teams and figure out every positive and negative of every player without knowing the play call. This guy would certainly have a job on a team.
  11. I'm sure this has been discussed, but how do they give a rating on coverage if they don't know the assignments?
  12. Bummer for the kid. It sounds more intellectual than physical for him. Doesn't really matter in the grand scheme
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