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  1. This dude was signed to the practice squad. Has nothing to do with Turan or anyone else on the active roster or IR
  2. He has 6 superbowls. I think any move he makes will be fine. Kraft will never fire him
  3. When was the last time a team gave up a kings ransom for a rookie qb and it worked out?
  4. The run option is for the running back. Rivers would be the passing option. RPO doesn't mean the qb is going to run
  5. No, I posted when the game was over
  6. Ok, Henry had over 250 total yards. The dude is a beast
  7. Not lucky. Henry is a beast and tannenhill is balling.
  8. Remind me of the final score?
  9. You claimed they were tanking a couple of hours ago
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