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  1. jvan1973

    Should we be worried?

    Vinny has 3 first team all pro nods.
  2. jvan1973

    Jalen Ramsey Comments...

    Who cares what this guy thinks? Remember the dolphins(and a few other teams) player Brian Cox? He said he didn't think Peyton was very good.
  3. jvan1973

    Colts Training Camp 8/14/2018

    It was 7 on 7. Most QBs will dominate in a scenario with no pass rush
  4. jvan1973

    Obscure Colts Game

    I know the story
  5. jvan1973

    Obscure Colts Game

    Because no one remembers that dude being on the roster, haha. Maybe his parents
  6. jvan1973

    Obscure Colts Game

    You just watched the Investigation Discovery story on him I'm guessing.
  7. jvan1973

    Passing Offense - Stop Stressing

    This is from 2016
  8. jvan1973

    Passing Offense - Stop Stressing

    I bet he is near the top ten all time for receptions by a rb
  9. jvan1973

    Passing Offense - Stop Stressing

    You're right. I was looking at targets. My bad. Still in par with what addai did here
  10. jvan1973

    Passing Offense - Stop Stressing

    Frank for had over 80 receptions the last two years. Addai never had 80 catches over two consecutive seasons. Frank had some bad drops, but he caught a lot of balls over his career, including here
  11. jvan1973

    Passing Offense - Stop Stressing

    He has been an average TE during his career. Far from a bust
  12. jvan1973

    Colts lead first ejected player...

    If it wasn't intentional, how could it be dirty? If he didn't mean to go helmet to helmet, it isn't dirty. If that was his intention, it is dirty
  13. jvan1973

    Le'Veon Bell Lurking

    I doubt anyone will on a long term deal. Lots of mileage and off field problems
  14. jvan1973

    Le'Veon Bell Lurking

    If it was 4 years ago maybe.
  15. jvan1973

    Colts Playmakers

    Why is swoopeon your list and not Ebron? Just curious