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  1. Hines had the exact same amount of receptions his rookie year as he did last season. 63
  2. If All Pro players get worked up about it, it probably means they didn't get all pro ratings. Madden is garbage and has been for many years. I miss the ESPN and 2k games
  3. Nobody is giving 3 1sts before his name is cleared
  4. Where are these stats from? Did they sit and watch game film with coaches and ask who had what responsibilities?
  5. He will get it. You're worth what someone is willing to pay you.
  6. If vaccinated players can still get, and spread the virus, it's pretty obvious the vaccine isn't that effective. So why punish players that don't want to get a non FDA approved vaccine that is somewhat ineffective. Also, these players are elite athletes. The danger to them from this virus is basically 0. The vaccinated players are in no danger of playing with unvaccinated players
  7. Someone mentioned advertising above. I wonder if advertisers bought MNF spots on ESPN if those same spots will be in ESPN 2
  8. It's astonishing how you are wrong about everything. Like if you flipped a coin you would be right far more often. This is far from a mistake, and the ratings will show it
  9. Impossible to script. Those that know, know
  10. I think you think to hard about things you don't know anything about. Think less, have faith in those that know more
  11. You understand ticket sales, merchandise and concessions still fall under revenue sharing right?
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