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  1. Seems I've heard that many times in the past. I'll believe it when I see it
  2. Roger Staubach Jim Plunkett Jeff Hostetler Kurt Warner Trent Dilfer Tom Brady Earl Morrell Terry Bradshaw
  3. Agreed, we went winless in the preseason many times in the manning era I'm not negative at all. I point out nonsense.
  4. Lmao. Hall of fame caliber line coach should be fired one week into preseason. You're the gift that keeps on giving bad takes
  5. Yes. Football players get hurt. It's a pretty well known fact. It sucks for the team and fan base. Life isn't fair. Things happen. I guarantee you Andrew is more upset than any of us. My life will go on. If he can't play, I will hope Jacoby plays well. If he doesn't, then I will be bummed. However my life will go on.
  6. He is absolutley our second best qb. gtho
  7. Good lord, you're nonsense is tired. What a person gets paid has nothing to do with injuries. Get a grip
  8. Whatever the injury is, it is. Jumping the gun and telling the media isn't going to change anything. If he can play he will, if he can't he won't. Simple stuff
  9. I'll trust the front office to make the correct moves, if any. Plus finding a uniform for an orangutan would be tough. Every return would be a TD though
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