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  1. He is in the Hall of Fame
  2. Kelly becoming the starter over Rivers,JB, and Eason wouldn't surprise you??
  3. No. I wouldn't expect a black person would want to be white. Or any nationally to want to be another. Why would they?
  4. I'm not brushing anything aside. Just pointing out corrupt cops kill far too many innocent people every year.
  5. Have you ever heard the name Tony Timpa? Or Daniel Shaver?
  6. I'm quite positive Reich and Ballard have a better idea of what's best for the team than you do.
  7. You are aware Reich sees Kelly at practice everyday. He certainly has more of an idea of what Kelly is capable of. Good lord
  8. This is a guy Frank knows and likes. This doesn't rule out drafting a tight end
  9. I'm not having a bad day at all. I find it disturbing that 14th ammendment rights are being taken away from us. I'm not talking about restaurants and bars, but open spaces owned by tax payers. It's ridiculous in some states And I love you as well bud
  10. Oh man, you totally got me. I've been got guys. A man alone in a park. BREAKING NEWS
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