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  1. Im not sure you understand how spreads work
  2. Cracks me up to hear fans call an NFL player fragile. Get real
  3. Reich is the better coach. They have more talent. Let's see which one wins
  4. Where did you hear Dungy wanted Jones over Addai?
  5. Why would a multi billion dollar company risk losing it all? It's *ic.
  6. Obvious nonsense. The NFL makes billions of dollars. Why would they jeopardize that by fixing games? They wouldn't. It's a dumb premise. If they were fixing games the huge market's would be winning Superbowls. Get a grip
  7. Only WWE and pokemon players think the NFL is rigged. The refs aren't perfect, but it's obviously not rigged
  8. Such nonsense. It would be an impossible thing to keep from getting to the public. If NFL fans found out they were rigging games. The golden goose would be finished. Billions a year, down the drain. Again, complete nonsense
  9. When did Favre announce his retirement multiple times for different clubs?
  10. Yeah, the pancake block on Melvin Ingram wasn't impressive at all huh?
  11. Yeah Andy Reid is a terrible play caller.
  12. How about the years between Jones and Manning? How exciting were those years?
  13. Oh, well you said they didn't lose 2 in a row. . Also, they lost again today to the Jets.
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