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  1. hoosierhawk

    How did you like the play calling?

    Kelly played very well at center in my opinion. Luck did have a 7-step drop last night but most were quick drops.
  2. hoosierhawk

    Quincy Wilson = Bust

    Wilson started last night FYI.
  3. hoosierhawk

    Thoughts after a Half

    In this case it should taste like vanilla ice cream!
  4. hoosierhawk

    Few Colts heading to Stanford University

    Can't you sacrifice one for the team?
  5. hoosierhawk

    Luck close to throwing: Reich

    All of this negative nonsense is just that. If any of you have had shoulder problems or bicep problems you would know damn well that Luck would not be able to lift and get as ripped as he is. I have had shoulder problems and I can bench less than 1/3 of what I was able to bench prior to the injury and I can curl less than 1/2 of what I could before. Just by looking at him now vs last year at this time convinces me his shoulder and bicep is much, much better than last year and he will be back better than he was in 2016. For those of you prognosticating that the first time he gets hit he'll be done really disappoint me more. There is not a QB that is as big and as ripped as Luck right now so I say he can he can take a hit. The fact of the matter is that every person playing football at a high level is one bad hit from ending his career. Ryan Shazier is an example of that so rather than theorize that for Andrew remember it can happen to anyone, even on your way to work tomorrow.
  6. hoosierhawk

    Supes 2018 draft analysis

    I do respect your opinion Super but do have a differing opinion. Like Chubb but I personally don't think he is elite and do not feel he was the prospect Garrett was but who knows. I value Nelson even though he is am IOL as high as Chubb and the rest,(2nd round) guys are gravy. We don't need 1 good talent, we need many. We can re-evaluate this 2-3 years down the road. I just hope I am right.
  7. hoosierhawk

    Supes 2018 draft analysis

    Super, just for clarification, would you have rather had Chubb than Nelson and the three 2nd rounders are am I reading it wrong?
  8. hoosierhawk

    Supes 2018 draft analysis

    I would like to know who the Many are. Every comparison I ready and it was Many said Chubb was not as elite a prospect as Clowney or Garrett. I like Chubb and I do think he will be good but I have my doubts about him being elite. Time will tell. The Colts were not going to solve all there problems in one draft. Ballard took the approach to try to shore up the OL first, improve the DL and LB and add some offense weapons rather than water down the draft by trying to cover everything. Next years FA and draft will concentrate on other positions to shore up. Weather you agree with the approach or not again only time will tell.
  9. hoosierhawk

    Supes 2018 draft analysis

    Supe, I get what you are saying about Nelson vs Chubb but there was no assurance that Chubb was going to be available at three if we stayed there. Also, the trade gave us as it turned out not only Nelson but Smith and a DT that has a lot of potential. It also has the potential of prolonging Lucks' career which is most important.
  10. hoosierhawk

    Anthony Walker Jr.

    He is not a thumper but is around the ball and does wrap up.
  11. hoosierhawk

    Still don't have a starting 2nd CB...

    I would like to add that i strongly believe we improved our running game and passing game greatly by improving our OL and i also believe we improved our secondary play by adding pass rushers.
  12. hoosierhawk

    Still don't have a starting 2nd CB...

    ike the philosophy or not, Ballard has said it will take three years to build this roster. To use the 'building a house " analogy, you build it from the foundation up. In football terms, the foundation is the offense and defense lines. He has done a very respectable job of improving the OL and has improved the DL which was already ahead of the OL. There was no way he could rebuild the entire team in one year. I believe he has improved the offense by adding speed and has somewhat improved the LB. DBs can be improved by signing some free agents but I think Wilson, Desir and Hairston are an OK start. I believe with the WR we drafted we are improved there also. With some luck with guys coming back from injuries and by avoiding more injuries this year we have a good start to improving a very poor roster. Next year we can concentrate on CBs and LBs and tweek some of the other positions that need tweeking. The other option was to try to improve every position and not be able in one draft to really improve any position much at all. I personally respect the approach he is taking by improving a few positions each year. Our roster was very,very weak and it will be a few more draft and then FA before we are once again respectable unless Andrew is back to his old self.
  13. hoosierhawk

    Colts Draft Matthew Adams LB Houston

    6'1" 237 lbs
  14. hoosierhawk

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    Anxious to see if change you user name in a few years when Colts are doing well!