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  1. because I don't think the veteran is that good. I think the young guys will be better in the long run and I think we would be foolish to let them go. Funchess will be gone by next year unless he plays much better than he has in the past year. Carolina did let him walk for a reason.
  2. you are probably right but he has not performed as well as others. We lose the money whether he is here or not. If we trade him we could possible recover some of it,
  3. Nobody is mentioning Funchess as trade bait. Think he would bring more than Cain or Fountain and I don't think he has as much upside.
  4. He's dead cap whether you keep him or not. Do you keep him and his dead cap at the risk of loosing a more talented young guy?
  5. Is Funchess really a lock to make the squad? I would trade him in a heartbeat if anyone was interested. Fountain and Cain have soo much potential and Rogers and Pascal are currently vital to special teams. TY and Campbell along with the other four mentioned above I think is the guys we go with. Campbell may start out on the PUP if he can't shake the hammy.
  6. Hypothetical: What if Luck can't play and Brissett and the entire offensive line had injuries and are all out for the season. Then how many games do you think we can win?
  7. Yeah, probably another skiing accident. What a stupid guy! How'd he ever get thru Stanford?
  8. We know they are all a bunch of liars. They are just trying to sell tickets like 2 years ago!
  9. Read that it was an ankle and he could be back any day. Was Bowen that reported a turned ankle.
  10. Where did you hear that he gained 15 lbs? That would put him over 230 if last years weight was correct. Hard for me to imagine him being able to carry that much weight and be able to maintain the shortage of speed he had at 216.
  11. I say he caught it and then threw it down as he was to go deep as a continuation of the drill.
  12. Oh my God, that isn't even a regulation NFL football. Are we in trouble!
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