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  1. Are you insinuating that Darnold had comparable team behind him? That to me is like comparing oil and water. Not suggesting Darnald is great but comparing their play and their surrounding cast is disingenuous.
  2. 2006, nobody is hating on Brissett, just getting tired of Reich and CB drooling over him. I personally don't get the 'great backup' label either but that is just me. Great locker room guy? From all I hear he is a good locker room guy and that shows when he runs off the bench for a TD celebration.
  3. OK. Still doesn't matter to me. My conversation has to do with JB anyway.
  4. Don't know for sure if he was or wasn't sign but heard he had a workout with Buffalo a few weeks ago.
  5. I agree with Kelly getting little interest from 31 teams in the league but i don't hear of those 31 teams burning up CBs phone line to grab JB either.
  6. I never brought up Kelly in my conversation. He as I understand was signed by Buffalo so he is no longer with the Colts. My gripe is we paid JB like $ 15-20M toward the cap this year and he contributed almost nothing on the field, Many are saying he is the best backup in the league and I don't see any evidence of that. My concern that I replied to is both CB and FR seem to have a love affair with the guy and I am afraid we over pay him again as I think we can do as well for a 3rd of the price we pay him.
  7. It is had to say he is better than any other QB because I just think he is not good at all. ai think there is s many as a dozen more backup QBs in the league who are just as good and at 1/3 the cost.
  8. If this could happen I would be elated. I think if Philly gives up on Wentz he could be had for possible a 2nd or a 3rd as they would be wanting to unload his salary. I think this guy is the only guy besides me that wants Hooker back. Yeah! I'm not an expert on Cap space but unloading $45M in QB salary from PR and JB would certainly increase our cap.
  9. I'm starting to warm to the idea of moving Smith over to LT on long term basis, however I think on the short term we could compensate better at filling LG better than RT but again it may depend on FA. That's why we need to retain Dodd and Brown. CB needs them now thru FA and the draft.
  10. Good points Easy. I think you are right about DEs The 2 from Miami are good but don't know if either is a sure thing in the first. I meant to also mention there may be some good FA OL available also. LT is an extremely important position but I feel we can shore it up and don't feel it is one of our greatest needs.
  11. I would like to see us draft say Alaric Jackson from Iowa. He is a 4 yr starting LT for Iowa which perennially produce good OL. He may have to be moved inside but I would move Nelson to LT and pick up Jackson in the 3rd. He is 6'6" and checks in at 320. I think we use the 1st and 2nd on more needy positions such as Edge in !st and CB in 2nd. We trade for either Darnold, Stafford or Wentz with future draft choices or either resign Rivers.
  12. Only one I feel we would trade with trade value(not much trade value in my opinion) would be Turay, Banogu and Ya Sin. Beyond that is anyone guess.
  13. Not to argumentative but Frank didn't call the plays in Philly. Not asking for Frank's head but I would like to see him relinguish the play calling and coach the team.
  14. It's It's about putting your team in the best position to win. Kicking a FG from the 4 yd line has about a 95% chance of being successful. Going for 4th and goal from the 4 has probably less than a 50% .chances of success. Don't know if the %s are correct but you get the point I think. Actual % on FG is 97% and its 40% on 4th down from the 4.
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