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  1. Then why have a coaches challenge if the are not enforcing it. If it is that blatant they should be able to stop the game from NY and reverse the call.
  2. I would rather see 12 minute quarters and getting the calls right than 15 minute quarters and seeing the fiasco that is taking place now. there is absolutely no reason for these game officials to take 5 minutes for a simple review that we see in our living room and still getting it wrong. NY has access immediately to these replays and it should not take more than a minute or two. they are taking their sweet time to discourage the public for wanting these reviews.
  3. This rule is for the league to (only) intervene in the most dire circumstances (whether booth review or coach challenge). What is considered dire circumstances and to whom? Teams are losing games [example: Chiefs Sunday]. Is that not considered dire? There are several more than just this one that have happened this year already. I think the whole situation has become dire,
  4. Problem with this is some deserving teams won't make the playoff with the horrible calls they are making. They hosed Detroit last night that likely cost them the game. The PI on Kelce Sunday may have cost the Chiefs the game and effected our chances of the playoff. I don't see why they would change for playoff and egregiously blow calls during the regular season. It's just not PI reviews. The hands to the face last night was really bad.
  5. This has become a total joke. The NFL obviously is trying to discourage the reviews and they are making fools of themselves. They need to eliminate reviews of PI or start overturning them properly. Heard today they have overturned like 12% so far. The one they upheld last night was so obvious it was shameful.
  6. I always thought he didn't catch much with either his body or his hands.
  7. No, but you ought to see her box!
  8. Plus Hines is playing his tail off. He's only going to get better.
  9. In a zone you cover your zone. You don't decide to chase after someone because he is the best in the league. You cover your zone and hope everyone else is covering theirs till the ball is in the air.
  10. Best left unsaid. All this is accomplishing is to put a wedge between Colt fans pitting Brissett against Luck. It serves no useful purpose. Brissett is the Colt QB and the only thing that matters is did he play good enough to help the team win. Andrew is history as a Colt QB and I hope he is very successful in his next pursuit.
  11. Agree with most but to me that deep zone should have been Geathers area
  12. Hate the comparison. How many of those INTs early last year came on drops, I remember 2 or 3. How many can on poor line play. They're are some many variable. I have seen Andrew go from a top 5 franchise QB by football people to an overrated non leader on this site. Ridiculous!
  13. Minshew looks and plays like Baker Mayfield.
  14. What makes this a perfect example and who is the judge and jury?
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