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  1. Can 't you try to get your point across without being so condescending? Some people, after watching JB don't believe if Rivers does get hurt that JB can save the day as you do and I happen to be one of them. I also believe that he is not the future of the franchise and his presence could negatively effect the development of one of the young guys. I don't believe that we think of ourselves as "brain trusts" but we have an opinion and we are free to voice it here on this board. /
  2. Likes pretty ladies and ugly animals.
  3. Who could we have drafted that you feel would have surely produced this year. they would all be rookies. There is no assurance that any will excel this year.
  4. Was injured. That happens to RBs. That's why you need more than one good one.
  5. Agree with all you said here but if we didn't draft them in 2020 they would play any roll at all for us in 2021. I think Taylor will get a lot of touches this year. As for Pittman, We needed a receiver badly. Don't know if he will produce big time this year but needs to learn on the fly sometime. Agree that Blackmon may not see the field till October but we drafted him in the 3rd and was project to go in the 2nd by most prognosticators.
  6. Cook had 1135 yds and 13 tds last year behind an average at best oline in 14 games. Not too shabby. Taylor was the best RB in college football last year and should be outstanding with our oline. Blackmon was a 2nd team All AmericanSS last year in his first year at SS. Don't understand your premise that we are not trying to win this year. If Mack were to go down this year we would be screwed. Not now for sure. Eason was too good to pass up in the 4th round. Besides, with what we did in the off season besides WR we really had no real immediate weaknesses other than depth. Mack and Hooker both are up for contract at the end of the year and we needed insurance at both RB and SS in case they walked or want an a ridiculous contract. I think it was the right moves in all the cases although time will tell.
  7. When did the coaches tell Kelly he would get a fair chance and when did they renege and tell him he won't now get a fair chance?
  8. Wow, what are you considering as far as these QBs are concerned? Someone who runs for yardage or is able to move in the pocket? Rodgers can move in the pocket but hardly run beyond the LOS. I would not consider him a duel threat QB. Niners, Dolphins, Jets, Browns, Titans, Jags, Bears, Chargers, Rams and Broncos I don't consider to have QBs that are duel threats. I think you are way over blowing this. I don't think that CK is a duel threat either. Eason can move in the pocket (4.78 40 time) but he has not been effective on the move as much as throwing from the pocket. Not terribly unusual but something he has to learn. I like CK but you are starting to change my mind with you ranting.
  9. MyLlord Indeee, give it up. Now you've gone from touting Kelly to ripping Eason who has never put on a uniform yet. What you are saying by these statements is that you know a lot more about the Colts and football talent than Ballard and the entire Colts coaching staff and as it pertains to Kelley the rest of the league. Quit already.
  10. After reading you book up top Indee I get you are quit frustrated. I also like Kelly and would like to see him get a chance and if he really is good I have enough faith in the Colt organization that they have seen it and will give him a chance. My feeling is this: 1. Eason was just too good to pass on in the 4th round 2. The Colts would jettison JB if they had a chance 3. If they can't find a taker for JB they may cut him after June 1 Winston got a new job with the Saints after the draft so we will see if there is movement in the QB market now. As I stated above, if he has shown the organization through his actions, work ethic and talent that he deserves an opportunity they will give him that chance.
  11. Cloe, I think Ballard talking like JB still may be the answer for our future is perpetuating the trashing as you call it. JB is not our future franchise QB and the fact he has no residual value now is the reason he is still around but when CB keeps pumping him makes some of us nervous.
  12. I expect us to go to camp with all four and I expect the Colts to jettison JB as soon as a QB goes down on a potential contender. We couldn't get a draft choice this year with his cap hit but possibly can if a team loses their starting QB.
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