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  1. Locker room, locker room, locker room. Locker room>Bell.
  2. hoosierhawk

    2019 Drafting a QB

    I agree Hoose. I think he will be gone and I think he will be in demand. Whatever happens there in no need to get bent out of shape if someone mentions this. It will be brought up many times in the future because he is a bargaining chip, like it or not.
  3. hoosierhawk

    Extending some love to Jim Irsay

    Saying he and Ballard were lying for thinking Luck would be back has always bothered me. I thought he would be back also and I wasn't lying. I don't think the doctors were sure initially. Being optimistic and outright lying are two different things.
  4. hoosierhawk

    Deon Cain

    Missed on Inman? How much did you expect?
  5. hoosierhawk

    Braden Smith

    you are right. Bleacher report had credited him with a sack yesterday but Covington had the second sack.
  6. hoosierhawk

    Oakland GM fired

    So glad we didn't go for Gruden. Davis must love him.
  7. hoosierhawk

    Why the penalty on Matt Adams Sunday?

    That is 2 calls in 2 weeks. Hope the poor guy doesn't get fined again. He's not making that much money as a rookie.
  8. hoosierhawk

    TY Hilton should buy the Houston Texans one day.

    Sorry, I guess I missed one of your posts. I see you do agree we need help at receiver. My bad. However in no way have I ever discredited Ty's numbers and what he has done in his career.
  9. hoosierhawk

    TY Hilton should buy the Houston Texans one day.

    Guess you are right. We don't need anymore help at WR. We already have the guys we need.
  10. hoosierhawk

    TY Hilton should buy the Houston Texans one day.

    He is #1,#2 and #3 as he is our only receive of value. That is why he is double. I guess I don't look at #1 receiver as necessarily being #1 because he is the best on the team. I look at #1 as more of the position he plays on the field. I look at it obviously different than some. This is not a put down of TY in the least. I hope we can all agree that he needs help bad.
  11. hoosierhawk


    If you read my post I said decent. I think there is a difference between decent and well.
  12. hoosierhawk

    TY Hilton should buy the Houston Texans one day.

    Not considering him a #1 receiver is not a knock on him nor does it mean he would be overshadowed by a #1. He is small and generally can't take a beating. A #1 is generally a bigger guy who is sure handed and can stand up to a pounding better. TY would perform as good or maybe even better if we had the #1 and TY wasn't double teamed as much as he is. Just my opinion.
  13. hoosierhawk


    If we benched everyone who dropped passes we would have a receiver or a TE playing or a couple of the running backs either. We had at least 3 drops today, 2 by Ebron, and another one that resulted in an interception. As I indicated in my original post I thought Rogers had a decent game, not a great game but I was encouraged based on his prior games
  14. hoosierhawk


    So should we just cut him now? We have so many options at WR and punt returners.
  15. hoosierhawk

    Denico Autry