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  1. Blue, it seems like this is about the 20th post you have made and it very clear that you are a huge JB fan. But post after post is not going to convince the fans that don't think JB is a franchise QB that he is that guy. Will he start first game in 2020? None of us know. Is he the future of this franchise? My opinion is no and 10 more posts trying to convince me won't help. If you are convince he is, please let it play out and then if he is I will gladly eat crow!
  2. Some may vehemently will disagree but Freeney was not the greatest DE as a run stopper, especially early on. Great, great pass rusher but have vivid memories of his rushing wide and the OT just ride him wide and the running back running through a huge hole that Freeney vacated. He became a HOF. Big difference so far is he could stay on the field.
  3. And the experiment failed miserably,
  4. Totally disagree with your statement on lack of separation. What more proof do you need than fil? You can disagree till hell freezes over but you will still be wrong.
  5. you forgot Brissett as one of the QBs you absolutely do not want starting for the Colts next year. I needed that as one of the considerations.
  6. Can't believe how down you are on Carr. You say he is what JB was. Can't in my wildest dreams even come close to visualizing that!
  7. Kind of hilarious that last year everyone was complaining about all the UFA the Colts had at WR. Talk is they have mutual interest in a former 1st round draft pick and half the people don't want him. Had a great year under Reich and Groh so lets see what happens.
  8. Thanks. Thought that must be the case.
  9. It states above that the weekly win bonus of $100,000 is paid to every active roster member on the winning team. Should it read that a win bonus of $100,000 is divided equally between every active roster member on the winning team.
  10. 2 bolded statements seem contradictory. The $100,000 weekly win bonus for every active roster member on the winning team each week amounts to an average of $50,000 for each player who participated in each game each week. Doesn't make sense. If there is 10 games a season that would amount to an average of $500,000 for every participating player. Granted, the winning team only participates in the bonus but if a team went undefeated in a 10 game season each player on the roster if there were on it all 10 games would get a bonus on $1M. What am I missing?
  11. I agree with your salary parameters for Mack and I also agree that that is more money than I would offer. I think you ride with him next year and see if you want or can resign him to a reasonable offer.If not, a whole bunch of guys including inexpensive rookies could put up good numbers behind this OL
  12. I think some will be surprise this year in FA. We either spend some money or lose it. I think this will be a very active FA and draft. Stap on your seat belt.
  13. What if the dog hadn't stop to do his job, would he have caught the rabbit? Boy, what if games are fun Mr. Brissett.
  14. Was waiting for the conspiracy theorists to come out. Irsay will announce Lucks' return just to sell season tickets.
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