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  1. Agree. Would rather see Reich honing his play calling skills and let CB and staff and Medical team work the personnel department. OK that Reich gives an opinion but sounds like he was quite vocal in wanting Fisher. Like the Fisher move however and hope he's and anchor at LT for the next few years.
  2. I would be surprised if CB doesn't have a contingency clause in the contract that if he could not play at all this coming season that the Colts would be on the hook for his entire salary. I would imagine that there would be an incentive clause based on games played. would be shocked if that were not the case. As for the fact he may not start the season and miss the first few games, a drafted rookie may have been in the same boat. Not to many rookie LT are going to come into this league and start playing at a high level, especially any that we could have picked up at 54.
  3. One of his weaknesses according to his draft profile is "Lacks speed to find his way around the corner" but yet he supposedly ran a 4.32 40 at the Duke's Pro day. Go figure!
  4. This whole thing is pure speculation and is anyone's opinion. To say they haven't improved but gotten worst is total conjecture. A few examples are QB and DE. Rivers is 39 years old and definitely on the downside of his career. He had his worst year the year before last and did improve last year behind our very good line but was far from outstanding which no one is claiming. Wentz could come back and play to his MVP caliber year prior to being injured in 2017. That would be a big win for us or he could play bad which would be bad for us. Personally I think he will plaay well because he is on
  5. ACL was in my days. Tore mine as a HS soph and they didn't know what it was, thought it was just cartilige damage. Later around the 60s I think they diagnosed it as an ACL which was a kiss of death. Now I wouldn't call it routine but it is very successful surgury.
  6. Maybe Dayo is our 1st round 2022 drafft choice we don't have. Hopefully he gets some time this year but 2022 may be his big breakout year. His highlights are spectacular!
  7. You're absolutely right. Luck is involved in everything. and it's just not good luck. Bad luck plays a large part. It has played a large part with Turay and Campbell with their injuries. A certain party in this discussion has called Ballard the worst GM for drafting Edge rushers and brings up Turays' name in his argument but turns around and agrees that luck plays a big part but only if a player works out better than expected and then that is due to blind luck on the part of the GM.
  8. Shocking coming from you!! Must have been really bad because you are generally so upbeat, especially when it comes to CB's decisions.
  9. Just a reminder that Castonzo was Luck's LT.
  10. I said before the draft I think the LT was already on the team. Regardless of how unpopular it is on this site or what the Colts have said in the past I still think there is a better than 50/50 chance Q moves out to LT and Reed moves into LG. Why do I feel strongly about this? #1, Q was rated one of the top if not the top LT coming out of HS. I think he would be a very good LT and will be earning LT money. Could he be a Pro Bowl caliber LT? I think so. Reed is a mauler and runs well in space. Someone said he would just be another Glowinski. I don't think that is all bad. Many worst guard
  11. For those crying for a LT we have 2 shots now in the 7th.
  12. Always look for the negative. not his positives.
  13. Show us how in God's green earth you can make a valid argument, not just an argument because you seem like a guy who can make an argument out of nothing. To the second bolded, again, how can you make a legitimate agrument for this? Some of this GM's never did a draft until 2 days ago.
  14. A fan of What? Tearing into people doing their job? You would think CB locked himself in the closet for the last 6 months and has single handedly made these picks. His staff has one of the best reputations in the league. As a matter of fact 2 of his assistances were interviewed for GM jobs this off season. Even the HC is involved in these decisions. You act like you know more and have more insite into the draft and team than all of these guys put together. Sad
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