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  1. Hang in there EastStreet. You contribute greatly to this board. Don't always agree 100% with all of your opinions but agree with most and find your arguments that I don't agree with compelling. We all can agree and disagree without getting nasty.
  2. LOL,thought you were implying someone else can't! [PR}
  3. Are you trying to say something?
  4. He maybe would have Lawrence throwing to him.
  5. I'd go back to our favorite trading partner, the Jets. Give up TY a a 2nd or 3rd rounder for Darnold. I think he could be a very good QB in the right system.
  6. My question is why in h#!! was Reich passing on to start that series? Taylor was averaging 5.7 yds per carry at that time in the game and Reich passes on 1st and 2nd down. His play calling baffles me some times.
  7. Defense also put us in a deep hole.
  8. That's a matter of opinion. Rivers was good long before Reich as was Manning and Luck. Backing up Kelly, did he make Kelly good? Wentz, probably helped him although he was a high 1st rounder. Foles is what he is, OK but not a regular starter in the league. He has worked with some good QBs but question that makes him a QB guru. Just my opinion.
  9. I am very curious what Reich has done to earn the reputation as a QB guru. Luck was a given, saw no improvement with JB and Rivers is who he was. my most obvious observation is that his play calling has not been QB friendly. What he did prior to Indy doesn't stand out to me but I may be unaware of his prior reputation.
  10. Rivers didn't play well but be honest, he was under intense pressure every time he dropped back. Any QB would have been under pressure . Granted he is not mobile by any means but the OL sure as h*ll shouldn't get a pass.
  11. I agree that the safety was bad but let's quickly look at what got us there; First, Hines calls for a fair catch at the 4 yard line which is an absolute no, no. Second, Reich calls for a pass from the end zone rather than trying to run to get a little room. They flashed a stat on the screen around that time showing Rivers dropped back 18 times to pass in the game and was sacked once and hit 15 time so our protection was horrible. Third, it was not a short pattern but there were 3 receivers 10+yards down the field and the receiver who was heading for the left sidelines appeared
  12. My goodness. We have a famous sports reporter in our midst. As you can see he is including himself with these sports reporters as one of the brilliant minds of the game. He has stated under no uncertain terms that Eason will never be a starting QB in the league so Ballard listen carefully.
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