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  1. hoosierhawk

    TJ Hockenson anyone?

    Great prospect. will be long gone by late second or third. also a great kid.
  2. hoosierhawk

    Mock 1.0 Hoosierhawk

    Sorry, I meant Flowers.
  3. FA signing: Williams WR Fowler DE Draft: 1. Harry, ASU WR (love his film) 2. Wilkens, Clemson DT 2. Omenihu, Texas DE 3. Hooker, Iowa S 4.Johnson, Kentucky CB 4. Isabella, Mass. WR (or best OL if Isabella NA) 5. Saunders, DT W Illinois 6. Scharping, OT N Illinois 7. Hanks, LB New Mexico State
  4. hoosierhawk

    Amani hooker anyone

    They would make um pay. Another Hawk fan here. Great athlete and a great kid.
  5. hoosierhawk

    Does Desir Resign .. how about Geathers

    I really like the guy a lot but I am concern that if he continues to play he may jeopardize his future health. Really to bad as I thought he would really be special when he was a rook. All of that said however I do agree that we can upgrade at safety.
  6. A great interview with big Q but some only see fit to only rip the hosts of the show!
  7. Maybe made it sound a little comfusing Super but what I was saying is if we were to trade down we would give up JB and # 26 in exchange for say a 15th. Someone stated that Lock vs a JB is a no brainer and it would be if all the other team was doing was trading say 15 straight up for JB. JB and a 26th for a #15 is an entirely different story.
  8. I have been a big proponent of JB. Some are using his won-loss record as an indication of his talent. He happened to play on a terrible team with one of the worst OL in football without prior knowledge of the play book and very subpar coaching and I think he played respectable. Personally I hope CB wouldn't trade him to Washington as there ownership a train wreck. I think trading down with Denver would be a better situation and what people are forgetting is that you aren't just trading straight up the 15th pick in the draft for JB but for JB and possible one of the best OL in the draft that a team like Denver could pick up at 26. It was said in this thread that Lock over JB is a no brainer. Is Lock over JB and another 1st rounder a no brainer? I personally don't think so. We could possible pick up a 4th rounder to boot. Don't get it that some on here who I respect give JB no value at all. As I stated before, no one knows his value and we will find out soon.
  9. Really like Johnson and Hanks. Like the 1st 2 picks as well. Not a big fan of pick 58,89 and 128 where they were taken.
  10. To me Keelan Doss appeared to have as good a game yesterday as anyone. Agree Isabella and Samuel also had good games.
  11. hoosierhawk

    Any updates on OL coach?

    Maybe the new guys is still involved in the super bowl with his team. Surprise no one has be announced yet. been very hush, hush.
  12. hoosierhawk

    Latest WalterFootball Mock

    Walters never seems to ever explore our need as most mocks don't either. This one I will says comes close.
  13. One thing about having two Hookers at safety, they will make the opposing team pay!
  14. hoosierhawk

    Article about Jacoby's future

    How about trading first round picks with the giants and throwing in Jacoby. We could get a highly rated DE orDL in the first then.
  15. Some info on Amani Hooker from Walters. /21/19: Hooker was one of the top defensive players in the Big Ten in 2018 and continues Iowa's line of NFL-prospect defensive backs. He played strong safety and dime linebacker for the Hawkeyes in 2018, recording 65 tackles, four interceptions, 3.5 tackles for a loss and seven passes broken up. He had 56 tackles and two interceptions in 2017. Hooker would fit best as a strong safety to start out in his NFL career. Great character kid also!