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  1. 1) Divisional games are always unpredictable the 5-1 Titans barely beat the 1-6 Texans. 2) First game of the season and due to covid barely any training camp and no preseason games. 3) Colts haven't won a game in Jacksonville since 2014 crazy stat I looked it up lol.
  2. Was half joking yeah glad the Colts didn't pick him up he's done.
  3. Speaking about Luck any life updates about him seems like he went off the grid lol.
  4. Splitting with the Titans will be critical. Packers finally played a playoff worthy team and got spanked.
  5. According to his latest IG live stream he said after the bye. That means he should be close to practicing with the team.
  6. Why did they barely use Mo today ugh.
  7. I mean if you want to fight for a wildcard spot and not a division leading spot.
  8. This is why he’s one of the 3 most important players on this team. Rivers was uncomfortable all day long.
  9. Hopefully the D can stop the run and get a few turnovers against an inconsistent Baker Mayfield.
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