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  1. So what QB FA you rather have. I can't stand Jacoby dude has no down field vision lol.
  2. You don't think the better OL and Reich will help him out. He was running for his life half the time I saw him last year lol.
  3. This is interesting Rivers is better than Jacoby but hopefully we still draft a QB early. https://sports.yahoo.com/nfl-network-insider-ian-rapoport-185413103.html
  4. If the Colts finish 6-10 what order are they drafting?
  5. Shut him down especially if they lose this weekend. Another disappointing FA WR signing.
  6. Jags are mentally weak and the Titans own the Jags like how the Colts own the Titans.
  7. Colts got a red hot Titans team coming next Sunday.
  8. Had Doyle wide open for a 20 yard gain.
  9. Even if we do somehow make the playoffs the Colts would probably be the most limited offense in the playoffs.
  10. Big difference is we were more balanced on O during that playoff run. Passing game is currently bottom ten. Teams simply don't fear our passing game.
  11. You described the Ravens lol. They look like the best AFC team.
  12. That’s what happens when you’re without #1 and #2 WRs for good chunks of the year.
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