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  1. Soccer players flop like crazy but that oof I feel his pain lol.
  2. Ballard isn’t playing with competition on all levels. Blankenship had a bad game against Bills WC game. Also he was 1/4 on kicks 49 yards or longer last season.
  3. I meant to post this sweet about prime time games but I think your point would be very similar.
  4. Sorry meant to post this tweet Colts are at the bottom when it comes to Prime time Road games.
  5. Is there anything the Colts and Irsay can do to about this. It’s getting ridiculous at this point.
  6. Favorite: Malik Hooker thought he’d be a stud here and his injuries were behind him sucks what happened the following years. I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Quinton Nelson: No brainer was dominate at Notre Dame, is dominate in the NFL Michael Pittman Jr: I really liked this pick he’s not elite at one area but he could potentially be good at most. Nice hands, and size. Could really excel in the intermediate passes and red zone. I also like the truck play’s Reich gave him and hope to see more. Like Reggie Wayne he doesn’t have to rely on his speed if he greatly imp
  7. Picked 12-5 Losses Bucs Bills Titans Dolphins Jags
  8. Might be the minority but I like the tough start to the season depending on if we at least spilt with the Titans and dominate the Jags and Texans.
  9. Really thought this would’ve been a great SNF choice. Two well balanced teams with new QBs.
  10. I’m happy it’s not in a cold place and instead a comfy warm dome lol.
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