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  1. Cutting Mo will save 5 million has as well. Tbh It’s time to move on from him as it’s a combo of him be inconsistent and the young talent the other TEs have on the roster.
  2. They can call holding calls on every play and the games would be 5 hours long but that’s a ridiculous stat lol.
  3. He’s looking a bit slimmer that could be a good thing for him long term.
  4. Twitter itself is a small section of the public. There’s a few solid people I follow on there but I don’t take what most people say on there that seriously. Trolls galore lol.
  5. Cam Newton also had a great season.
  6. Yes despite Mahomes being the best QB many things out of his control went his team way. The fumble, botched punt, missed extra point and Greenwall tearing his achilles running on to the field. I felt so bad for him because he’s going to miss majority of next season as well.
  7. I still don’t get how the Ravens got away from their identity which is run first pass when needed against them. Then the 49ers did something similar. Is it a ego thing or does the threat of matching Mahomes scares them of playing their game and has them second guessing? What’s scary for the rest of the AFC is this was probably the worst offense Mahomes had in his career.
  8. Anyone else think CJ Stroud is getting a little to cocky after this season. Here he claims he shredded the Colts the first game when most of his stats came after it was 31-10. I’m not taking anything away from him he had a great season but you’ll have to constantly prove yourself and have a more humble mindset. They’ll likely be favored so higher expectations will be placed on him next season.
  9. Colts fans has been going crazy with this take on social media. How about progressing and playing healthy most of the season respectfully.
  10. He mentioned targeting mid February has his return to start throwing which tracks with his post. Hopefully all goes well.
  11. Yeah 15 is a good spot because they’ll be plenty of GMs that’ll overthink themselves.
  12. Unlike the Chiefs it seems like the 49ers under utilize their TEs. Kittle is too much of a good player to not be more of the game plan.
  13. I wish Isaiah Rodgers didn’t do that bone headed mistake. Something tells me he’s going to play well for the Eagles next year. One less extra piece to focus on. The hype that Brock is getting he’s not falling unless we move up.
  14. Jennings is bottom left on the screen. He threw to him. That’s a TD if OL doesn’t mess up.
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