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  1. Reed has done a great job filling in. I know I’m not the only one that wouldn’t mind having him take Glows spot either this season or next.
  2. Bucs don’t really seem that impressive this year. They seemed better last year. Really think Colts baby’s decent chance to beat them this year.
  3. Bucs easily moving the ball easily against a similar scheme the Colts use. Just some things to come for the Colts.
  4. I’m surprised Rhodes is progressing further along then Sendejo. Rhodes legs went limp and stayed down. While Sendejo was forced out by refs.
  5. This team has been Snakebitten with injuries at the worst possible times. Week 2 Wentz is driving for a possible touchdown drive injuries ankles. Week 5 Kicker injures his hip missing multiple kicks and leaving 7 points off the scoreboard it sucks.
  6. This makes it even more perplexing they would rather let an injured kicker win it. Instead of Wentz and the O sigh.
  7. With about 2/3 of the season to go and still in the thick of things in the AFCS. way to early to make this claim. It’s not like Titans are this juggernaut we can’t catch. Still plenty of games to be played.
  8. This will probably be his last year as a Colt and probably his career.
  9. Won’t be able to watch the game weekend family trip. Last time I couldn’t watch Colts won in Miami lol.
  10. On pace for 1200 yards. Hopefully the TDs start coming in bunches. He’s been close.
  11. If we don’t get 4+ sacks against that Texans OL lol.
  12. This coaching staff is very very stubborn. They finally started Pryor week 5. When it was clear to everyone he’s better than Davenport.
  13. Similar to the Dolphins games Colts by 10-13.
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