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  1. Good he has played bad but don’t give up on him that quickly.
  2. Hopefully TY plays since that's his second home.
  3. He also said Jacoby was 80% which is still better than a healthy Hoyer.
  4. That's thinking outside the box
  5. How can anybody question this after today's performance. No picks means less chances Miami scores leading to a easier victory for the Colts. It's common sense
  6. Really feel sorry for the Defense, O have been utter trash the last 3 games.
  7. Losing to Raiders and Dolphins at home is really disappointing. I'd give the Steelers game a pass since we never win at Pitt.
  8. Reich said Jacoby was 80% I would have taken that over 100% Hoyer anytime.
  9. Since the Raiders and Steelers both have tie breakers getting a wildcard spot is unlikely now. Tbh I see this team finishing 8-8 or 9-7 at best.
  10. Hoyer has thrown as many INTs in 5 quarters as Jacoby has in 8 games...
  11. Our TE's finally step up Doyle, Ebron, Mack all get TDs. Colts-27 Doplhins 13.
  12. Hopefully our TE's step up looking at you Ebron.
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