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  1. Yep even if Rodgers failed on 4th and goal. They pin the Bucs deep with all 3 time outs. I still think Rodgers could've ran for it on the previous play.
  2. He’s a perfect fit here. He never had a great OL, or 1k rusher in his career. I’m all for it.
  3. Stafford would be a great fit he’s only 32 and fits really nice with the talent we have.
  4. Damn Autocorrect yeah my ideal QBs would be either Dak or Stafford if by FA. If not trade up to get a QB.
  5. Either through free agency or Draft. I love what Rivers has done this season. It’s was one of the Funnest seasons in a long time. This team really struggled without AC. I think a mobile QB can do a better job at masking that. Just look at the final 4 AFC QBs what do they all have in common?
  6. Maybe it’s just me but I think Rivers is a goner now and we look to find a more mobile QB.
  7. Taylor is the least of the Colts concerns he has an amazing year and was the best rookie RB.
  8. I really hope that mistake doesn’t crush his confidence moving forward. He fought all the way back from a serious lower leg injury. Also covid delayed his rehab. Hopefully people aren’t going overboard on him about that because at the end of the day it’s just a sport. Go Colts.
  9. Rodgers isn’t going anywhere and eww to Trubisky he’s awful lol.
  10. Who would you want next year personally Dak would be a great fit.
  11. I like Philip Rivers but if other better QBs become available like Dak or Stafford they have to pull the trigger.
  12. I love Philip Rivers and what he has done but other better QBs that are more mobile are available like Dak or Stafford you have to pull the trigger and get them.
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