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    • I think it depends on what your opinions of the linebackers in later rounds are compared to that of the corners. If you think the corners are better, you should maybe take Reddick and vice versa.
      As it stands right now, if I had the choice, gimme Reddick. I think Lattimore is gonna be good but I see a ton of potential and upside in Reddick. He can be a cornerstone building block at linebacker with the right development. 
    • You guys are too premature on him being too he doesn't have plenty of time to bulk up plus not everyone has to be 250+ to be successful at long as he has some sort of speed and strength that's what you should pay attention to 
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    • Synthetic

      David of many Bowie clones from the 70's and 80's. Here he is with his band 'Japan' trying his absolute best to look like his idol.
      Doesn't he look familiar? 
      Bowie from 75

      Not going to shade Sylvian's band Japan, Quiet Life is a pretty good song...Mick Karn on bass, proving why he was one of the most sought after bass players of early New Wave. Karn would later go on to do albums with Gary Numan and Kate Bush, as well as producing his own solo records. A unique bass player who definitely made his band (Japan) sound a lot better than they truly were. R.I.P. 
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    • PrincetonTiger

      March 23 Through the Years  
        1775- Patrick Henry gives the "Give Me Liberty" Speech
        1806- Lewis and Clark begin journey home
       1857- Elisha Otis installs his first elevator
        1868- The University of California is founded
        1919- Benito Mussolini founds the Fascist Movement
        1933- Hitler becomes dictator 
        1965- Gemini 3 is launched
        1977- The First Nixon/Frost Tape is recorded
        1994- Mexican Presidential Candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio is assassinated
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    • Synthetic

      BIG BALLER BRAND. Best T-Shirt Clothing Line name ever. Can't get any more 1990's-sounding than that!
      · 21 replies
    • JPPT1974

      Yet another Chuck has passed away. Chuck Barris the creator of the Gong Show and host. As well as created Newlywed and Dating Game dies at 87! 
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    • southwest1

      One of my favorite TV shows to watch on Showtime on Sunday nights is called "Billions." I say that because the premise of the storyline revolves around a greedy, WallStreet hedge fund CEO & the Attorney General in the Southern District of NY City. Money vs Regulation; Unlimited fiscal resources vs a tight federal budget. 
      The other segment of the program that I really enjoy is that the musical score pays homage to classic metal bands like Ratt & Metallica in previous seasons. I will demonstrate my point in a second. Thank you for your patience...
      · 10 replies

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