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    •   Hooker's "good tape" is amazingly good.  His "bad tape" is concerning.  Maybe some of the tackling woes were a result of his being banged up.  Time will tell.   I'm starting to feel less disappointed.  In the moments after the pick, I think I was guilty of dwelling too much on what the Colts could've have, as opposed to what they got.
    •   From what I've seen, I wouldn't say that Hooker is "fantastic" in coverage.  He does, however, appear to have fantastic ball skills, closing speed, and unteachable, borderline freakish, body control.   In reality, the only similarities between Green and Hooker are inexperience at the Safety position.  Hooker's ability to make plays on the ball is light years beyond Green's.
    •   Your posts convinced me to do a Hooker deep dive tonight.   Er, what I mean is, I did quite a bit of reading on Malik.  He seems like a good kid, first and foremost.   I genuinely hope he turns out to be a stud.  If he gets good coaching, it would appear that the sky is the limit.   It seems that the praise for Malik's skill set is ubiquitous, unless your last name happens to be Gruden (the same guy who thought DJ Smith was going to be a Hall of Famer)
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    • 12isthenew18

      Being at the draft is surreal 
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    • MTC

      **Chat room will be open tonight for the first round of the NFL draft**
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    • PrincetonTiger

      April 27 Through the Years 
       1521- Ferdinand Magellan is killed by Philippine Natives
       1570- Pope Pius V calls Elizabeth I a heretic 
       1667- John Milton sells the copyright of Paradise Lost
       1861- President Lincoln suspends Habeas Corpus
       1865- Cornell University created
      1936- The United Auto Workers gains autonomy from  American Federation of Labor
       1967- Expo 67 opens in Montreal
       1986- Chernobyl Nuclear Disater
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    • PrincetonTiger

      April 26 Through the Years 
       1865- John Wilkes Booth shot and killed
       1933- The Gestapo is established 
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    • Synthetic

      Happy Birthday Al Pacino! Happy you are still with us at 77!
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