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    • Buffalo Chicken Dip is a must. So easy to make and always good...have to use Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce.    In fact, as counterintuitive as it sounds, you can actually make it fairly healthy if you use fat-free ranch and low-fat cream cheese. And it still tastes good.   Not to mention carrots and celery (and all that other healthy stuff) make for a great vehicle to get the dip to your mouth. So win-win.
    • Agreed.    The proposed MIA trade is probably the smartest use of pick 6 in the long term.  If we drop to pick 11 and get their RT and their 2nd rounder that we use on a G, we've fixed our oline problem by simply dropping 5 spots in the first round.  
    • I'll be eating a bucket of KFC with extra taters & gravy please!!!   During the 2006 draft I was with some friends & we went to KFC to pick up a bucket... Anyways we had already been "celebrating" a bit so we didn't notice that KFC was running some promotion where apparently, you got an extra order of mashed potatoes whenever you ordered a large sid of potatoes... So, long story short, we somehow ended up with a ridiculous amount of mashed potatoes & gravy, like 4 or 5 large servings. When the kid serving us gave us our bucket he jokingly said "Y'all some tater eating *'s"....   Anyways, we all thought it was pretty funny & under the circumstances (having won the SB that following season) getting a bucket of KFC has pretty much become a tradition for us all...  
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