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    • I'll be honest I didn't even realize he played Sunday until I read it in the story about him getting hurt.
    • There are 32 Head Coaches in the NFL.        Why do basically all 32 go conservative on 2nd and 40?      What do these guys know that apparently you don't?   Trying to make this a Pagano-thing is weak.     It's not an issue for him,  it's an issue for all HC's.   They're reluctant to risk a turnover or another negative play in that circumstance.    Punt and live to fight another day.....  
    • Fair enough and I want more too. Sunday was very nerve racking and we definitely need to improve in area's. I am real happy we won was my main point and some people don't seem to be. It's tough to win in the NFL so any win we get I will take especially with the injuries we have, We have had so many injuries on Defense and on top of it Moncrief is out as well.
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    • Jules  »  Bogie

      Been watching the Saints. This game is bizarre so far. Hope the Saints pull it out but so far it looks like it will be a long tough game.
      Okay ignore my previous statuses, I messed up big time with these and my computer froze.
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    • Jules  »  Bogie

      Pass defense?
      · 0 replies
    • Jules  »  Bogie

      Been watching this game a bit so far. I am not so sure about the Saints......lol
      I hope they win and all but this is going to be a long tough game.
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    • HungarianColtsFan

      Team Hungary acquired its first win in Football!
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    • Bogie

      Noooooo!!!! Not more celebrity passings! R.I.P. Arnold Palmer. I have no idea how you were as a golfer, but the half and half tea with your name on it, is the best bargain priced tea on the shelf. I can get a great big bottle of it for just 2 dollars....R.I.P., and I just bought some of that today! Wow, what a coincidence!
      · 11 replies

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