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    • I will go 4. I think it's slightly Below Average/close to Average. We did play well at times with Hasselbeck last season but having said that when it counted he even lost to the Texans in Indy. Our O.Line should improve with Kelly and having more depth but it's Average at best and has played Below Average to Poor in most of Andrew's career. Our D.Line could be Good if it can stay healthy - Mathis upcoming year is a mystery on what impact he can provide, of course when Davis is healthy he is a Top 10 corner as well but our D has been up and down from week to week history wise in the Andrew era as well. I think Jackson is Good but overall our LBacking core is suspect. One week our Defense plays Good, then the next it plays Bad! Our SPTeams with Pat and Adam are Great so that helps my rating and TY and Moncrief are Good but we still have little to no run game, Gore is Average at this point in his career. I like this question because if it was asked of Russell Wilson, this would easily be an 8 overall, a 9 when Lynch was there because of him and that Defense they have had, add Wilson to that they were a 10 back in 2013 and 2014. If Andrew gets injured this season we are in deep trouble, it wont be 8-8 Average, Hass made a lot of that happen. It will be closer to 6-10. I think our Coaching staff has a lot to prove too, I do like Chud as I think he will be good for Andrew.    -Bottomline we are a 4 without Andrew. Andrew makes us a 7. 7 is Good but not SB material.
    • What a crazy preseason it has been already with the cancelled HOF game, the impressive play of our rookies and all of the injuries we are dealing with.    Hopefully everybody gets away from this one healthy. I want to see more 3 wide sets from the offense and somebody, anybody to step up at cb on defense.
    • No that was the other Patriots RB (Vereen).  He is a between the tackles guy. 
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    • Jules

      Was watching Pats/Panthers. Cam Newton looked horrible. And so does Jimmy G aka "the backup for 4 games". The Pats offense got going when Brady went in there at the end of the first and zipped down the field fast. I am not sure why they put Brady in since I would think the backup needed all the work he can get against starters?
      What a tough season to pick teams, I don't want to get influenced by preseason either.......
      I never have had such a tough offseason trying to pick SB teams LOL.
      · 17 replies
    • TheRustonRifle#7

      One of my all time favorite did he play second or even third fiddle when an Eagle?????????
      · 13 replies
    • JPPT1974

      September is Coming!
      · 1 reply
    • RockThatBlue

      Big time tornado outbreak struck Indiana yesterday and its incredible there were 0 serious injuries. God is great!
      · 0 replies
    • RockThatBlue  »  NorthernBlue

      Thanks for the follow back brother! Enjoy your posts.
      · 1 reply

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