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    • Bad football teams are more often 2-4 than 6-0.   This has been a bad football team over the first 6 weeks of the season. They have tackled poorly (horribly ?)  , have zero pass rush , often can't protect the QB , weak enough that their coach twice with the game on the line won't run the ball 4th and inches. If that's not enough .. they can't cover RB's or TE's and our guys drop far too many passes.     Our owner's comments are ridiculous. 
    • No. But we're not which is the point. Should've, could've , would've is loser talk 101. Everyone "could've" won this game or that one in hindsight. Could've doesn't win championships though. Could've won that Patriots game last year too but...
    • Very true. But if we were 6 and 0, would we be having this conversation? 
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    • BloodyChamp

      There's this drunk guy that walks by my work almost every night. He looks exactly like Bill Belichik. So hilarious...
      · 0 replies
    • TheRustonRifle#7

      The Slow Hand...............nuff said...
      · 9 replies
    • Coltsfan1953  »  TKnight24

      I think that your topics are scrolling by themselves. I don't know if you have been informed but it makes it hard to read. Sorry if you already know about this.
      · 2 replies
    • Bogie  »  Jules

      LeBron is set to dominate again this year
      This article is great. It touches on how his game has completely changed in the last few years and evolved to a more all-around level
      Article is correct about his game changing and maturing in the past few years. I've went back and watched some old Miami Heat games and some with the Cavs during the 2007 run, and LeBron has really stepped up into that role as a team leader in the past few years. I think he finally was getting to this around 2013 when the Heat repeated. His game really changed that year and Miami had their formula down, but in year 2 with the Cavs, I like the chemistry of Cleveland a lot more than I did in Miami. 
      His assist and rebound stats are going to be great again this year like last year, as LeBron proved in the finals that he is the leader who gets all his guys involved on the court. The newer, older LeBron is a more all-around team leader than the LeBron's of the past like we seen in Miami and his early years with the Cavs. 
      Hoping we can see Cleveland repeat!
      · 3 replies
    • TheRustonRifle#7

      One of the greatest voices of his time......
      · 11 replies

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