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    Classic rock from the 60s and 70s.

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    I have been a Colt fan since 1973. The drafting of Bert Jones is what drew my attention to Baltimore.

    My mom and dad were die hard Bear fans. My dad was an acquaintance of Dick Butkus through his work and honestly the Bears were the only team we could see on TV on a regular bases.

    At my age Bert Jones was my favorite player and still to this day believe he was one of the best. Some injuries show no mercy.

    When the Colts moved to Indy I was ecstatic. I live about 5 miles from Lucas Oil Stadium so seeing where the Colts play just about every day is pretty cool.

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  1. If that is the measuring stick you use to judge a QB then 90% of the QBs in the league fails.
  2. I am sorry to inform you but your comment IMO is pure nonsense.
  3. Who cares ? If we went back and played the what if game none of us would ever be happy.
  4. Yeah they are trying to make Watson happy.
  5. Rivers played good enough to beat the Bills Look what the Bills did to Lamar Jackson and the Ravens.
  6. Brady will not have home field advantage at Lambeau like he did at Gillette.
  7. Urban Liar may or may not lead the Jags but if he will not get away with not being honest with grown men.
  8. The only mistake the Colts made with Brady is not drafting him in the 5th round in 2000 to back up Manning.
  9. Yeah Switzer got his super bowl with a Jimmy Johnson team just like Gruden got his with a Tony Dungy team.
  10. You did notice I said with the right GM?
  11. The Jags have 9 draft picks and a whole bunch of cap space. With the right GM it may not be as bad as you may think.
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