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  1. It's strange that a 31 year old player gets signed to a practice squad.
  2. It's not only Gase, it's Woody Johnson (Jets owner) as well. IMO Joe Douglas has gotten himself into a bad situation.
  3. You even backed up your insinuation with a warning to GoColts he didn't want to be on record around here with that. It is simple. GoColts didn't go anywhere within the realm of what you are talking about.
  4. This is you exact post. So yes you did insinuate that GoColts was saying Grigson also got good mileage from his draft and that is not what GoColts was saying. That was your twisting of words and meanings to make an issue out of a non issue.
  5. That is what your interpretation. Mine is we won with Luck in spite of Grigson.
  6. That is not what he was referring to nor his intention. Even though Luck was drafted on Grigson's watch, that was Irsays pick from the start.
  7. Four 1st rounders and a player? I highly doubt that. If Ballard would have traded four first rounders and a player, he should have been fired on the spot, no questions ask.
  8. No, there are still a few of us still around.
  9. I wasn't using it as an excuse. The reason we lost that game is even simpler than what you said. Turnovers was the culprit. We dominated that game and would have won had it not been for the turnovers.
  10. You took standard coach/GM speak and now are making an issue out of a non issue. Just stop. You are barking up a dead tree.
  11. You are holding him to his word in a narrative of wanting to point a finger when there is nothing to point at. You sound like a politician.
  12. Calling him dumb because he has had a hard time replacing Luck is what? You are the classic example of over reaction.
  13. He looks bad to whom? You? When your agenda is to concentrate on what every negative issue you can dream up you talk this horse dung. You add your own narrative to what Ballard said and twisted it into a negative thing. Sorry Jared, that's on you.
  14. Sorry it needs explaining to you.
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