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  1. Personally I think Ballard will give Brissett every opportunity to be a starter for the Colts. I haven't a clue on what that outcome will be but only time will tell. I think Ballard will cover his tail just like he did with bringing Brissett in when we had Luck. I am not going to speculate on who or when another QB is going to inter the picture because I just don't know. I am a firm believer in thinking things are never as bad as they seem nor as great as some think either.
  2. The thing is Ballard has to keep the owner happy, the fans happy and sell tickets all at the same time. He is not going to give anything away when it comes to what he thinks will happen. I highly doubt he knows what he is going to do at this time. There are too many factors that come into play. As fans we all think we know but we really don't have a clue. Speculation is nothing but small talk that means absolutely nothing.
  3. Paying attention to GM/coach speak is your first mistake. I been around long enough to know you don't read anything into what is said.
  4. There sure are a lot of assumptions regarding Ballard and what he thinks. IMO none of us knows what he is thinking. Letting your own fandom dictate what you would do has no effect on what he will do.
  5. Brissett is going to get his chance regardless of what fans think in this forum. I think Ballard does draft a QB to develop and that is IMO is what will happen. I highly doubt Ballard will trade draft picks to move up in the draft. If the so called good QBs are taken before our pick Ballard will go with the best player at pick #13.
  6. Brady is not leaving Belichick. He knows where his success has come from.
  7. If any changes are to be made I would like to see the Thursday night game done away with. We have witnessed sub standard football being played on Thursday nights for too long. Teams are not well prepared, rested or even healthy after playing Sundays. The NFL are getting so greedy they are over saturating the fans with games.
  8. You mean he was only human? Most in here don't give him that credit.
  9. Well a QB getting their teams wins must be a new concept for head coaches? And you call my opinion nonsense?
  10. Pat also brought up the issue of the pain medications and how he didn't want to resume his career under the influence of having to have them to just play. He stated there were times when he couldn't even walk. The thing is with Pat he wasn't only a punter, he was a football player.
  11. For some reason I trust Reich and Ballard more than some of the arm chair head coaches and GMs in this forum.
  12. Really? So every head coach in the league has a QB who either gets wins or don't. The QB does not do anything without a team around him. If it has to be explained to you about team depth and the talent level drop off then I suggest taking a course in football 101. All you want to do at this point is argue. No thanks, there is nothing more to say that hasn't already been said too many times.
  13. At least three knee surgeries in four years says a lot as far as his retirement too. He took a lot of grief from some in this forum because they thought he walked away to become a comedian.
  14. If that is what you think I did you didn't comprehend what I did say. Pagano was not the kind of head coach who pointed fingers or threw his players under the bus. How much more plainer can it be said?
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