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  1. I wouldn't be so quick at assuming Ballard can't find a pass rusher at 26 or 34 if that is the route he goes. You have to keep in mind that Ballard don't go with the popular picks and his short draft history with the Colts shows that. I read all these mock drafts and different opinions of who should be taken when and where but I have realized that Ballard beats to a different drum.
  2. crazycolt1

    Future Salary Cap Use

    Throw in the fact that Ballard hired Frank after what happened to him with that cockroach McDaniels, yes it was a historical year.
  3. crazycolt1

    Is this for real?

    Yes money does rule but the NFL does have a hard cap and they stick to it. The owners are required to spend 89% of the cap back on the team and don't have pay the rulers to buy a championship. Sorry, I don't need an explanation of a huge money grab.
  4. crazycolt1

    Is this for real?

    Take a look at the teams over the cap and how much money the NBA front office makes off them with the so called luxury tax. Today's fans don't want to see basketball. They want dunks and 3 pointers. If players don't make the highlight reels they are not interested. Mid range shooters are a thing of the past and very few have a clue what defense is. Now we have a whole section just dedicated to what shoes the players wear? Seriously? What a joke. The bottom line is the NBA is not interested in competitive teams or they would have a hard cap. You may like and enjoy today's NBA and that is certainly your prerogative but I couldn't care less.
  5. crazycolt1

    Is this for real?

    Of course the NBA don't think anything is wrong. They are getting rich and even richer as long as owners pay for the best chance at a championship. Money rules the NBA, not anything else.
  6. crazycolt1

    Peyton Manning on MNF

    ESPN needs Manning much more than he needs them. Just because some think he would be great doing it does not make it so. Personally I would like to hear and see Manning do MNF but I don't think he is interested. If he should then I would turn the sound on. As it stands now I watch but without the sound.
  7. crazycolt1

    Colts Corner trade rumours

    He was ask in his last presser if any teams has made any inquiries about Brissett and he said no. I think you are over valuing Brissett. Could that change? Of course it could but so far none has been reported.
  8. crazycolt1

    Colts Corner trade rumours

    If Brissett was thought of as a winning QB throughout the league then why hasn't Ballard had one team interested?
  9. crazycolt1

    Projected WRs

    According to a few in this forum he is a waste of time and the Colts threw the money away. If he does start he will be replaced half way through the season by a WR drafted this year. Yeah, I don't believe that but we never really know till the season starts.
  10. crazycolt1

    Colts Corner trade rumours

    Brissett is 5-12 as a starter and only has 1 year left on is contract. I highly doubt any team considers Brissett a quality starter and any team would give up anything better than a 3rd round pick for a one year rental.
  11. crazycolt1

    Current Salary Cap Status

    Considering how much was spent on two players? Fail.
  12. crazycolt1

    Colts Corner trade rumours

    Wanting and getting are two different things. What makes you think he is worth more than a 3rd in todays market?
  13. crazycolt1

    Future Salary Cap Use

    That is a huge pile of horse dung. Ballard has drafted 19 players through the draft. 17 are still on the roster. He has turned the roster over 40%. He took an estimated 3-13 team to a playoff win. Your lack of character in passing out the insults speak for themselves.
  14. crazycolt1

    Current Salary Cap Status

    But what you fail to mention is the teams who don't have to sign high dollar free agents to be contenders are more successful. If you grow your own free agents the need is not as great. That is what Ballard is attempting to do. It's not a point of your comment about taking up for Ballard a lot. I fall into that category because I see and understand what he is trying to do. He has had two very successful drafts in a row and changed the roster over 40% since he has been here. This team is not anything like it was when he was hired. In two years he has reinserted the Colts into the mixture of winners. We are a long way from that estimated 3-13 team that most thought this team would be at the end of last season. Till things change I think Ballard does deserve some trust. Do I expect for him to continue to be as great at drafting as he has? No, not at all. Now is where his work will truly be earned. If not, he will eventually be replaced. That's the business.
  15. crazycolt1

    Colts Corner trade rumours

    I was only about 20 minutes out of the Bay area in 1989. I guess I can say that was close enough for me.