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  1. Only if they take "tips" from the Patriots.
  2. Well it seems your point was Goodell was handing out penalties over the top. You even stated that two times. The true point is Goodell does nothing on his own. He is controlled by the majority ownership. As long as he does what he is told he will continue to be the commish.
  3. What does Rogers have to do with anything? Goodell does exactly what he is told to do by the majority ownership. You don't seem to understand that Goodell is nothing but a face that is paid to be that face. As far as over the top punishments it has yet to stop what the Patriots have done so it's not over the top. Matter of fact it needs to be more severe to the point of taking away even more draft picks and suspending coaches and GMs.
  4. Personally I am not getting my hopes up or getting too excited for this season. I highly doubt there will be a season. If there is one how will it effect the players? How can the players mentally get into the season with the virus hanging over every aspect of the game?
  5. This question should be ask more towards the end of training camp.
  6. Evidently that is what you may have done but that don't prove all sports cheat. Simple.
  7. Your opinion does not make it fact no matter what you believe. Show the links where all the NFL teams has cheated.
  8. It hasn't been enough to make the Patriots stop so evidently it's not out of hand IMO.
  9. I sure hope the Arabians, Quarter, Thoroughbred, Appaloosa and the Shetlands are not taking offense to us using the Colts name. We have had that name since 1953.
  10. https://www.nfl.com/news/draft-picks-that-have-been-stripped-from-nfl-teams-since-1980-0ap3000000492229
  11. Finding the open spot on the field may be the best trait Pittman has. Especially if Rivers gets the time to go through his progressions.
  12. Personally I don't think Rivers had much at all to do with Ballard drafting Pittman. Pittman had first round talent so it was kind of a no brainer for him to be drafted where he was. After our WR room got hit by a tornado last season it also was needed.
  13. Respectfully, I think he will be rated closer to 10 than 25.
  14. What does that have to do with anything? Luck does not play anymore so we will never know. If you have a different opinion that's cool but I guess I think Rivers will do just fine with with Frank's offense.
  15. Is that any stranger than some who think it's no big deal for a player not even making an effort? Sorry, I don't think you are the majority on this issue.
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