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  1. The "Hogs" were responsible for most of the Skins wins. The Colts have a pretty similar O line so it makes winning a little easier.
  2. Indy got hosed on two plays in the Kansas City game. The call on Hilton was a joke and the interception being over turned. There was not indisputable evidence to over turn that pick.
  3. JMO - I don't understand how any fan could look think that Ballard has had any thing close to a bad draft or a bad trade. I would bet his good and great moves cancel out any bad ones by far. This team was lacking big time in talent when he arrived. Not so now.
  4. This comment I disagree with. After looking at his best plays he is a mobile QB. He makes those side arm throws while being mobile.
  5. Jim McMahon was not all that good of a QB. He was on 5 different teams after leaving the Bears.
  6. In all fairness there is no defensive player talented enough to defend a perfectly thrown football. That was a perfectly thrown football. How many TDs did he give up?
  7. Personally I am not losing too much sleep over anything ESPN might think. Even less when they say it.
  8. Had Tim Brown had Mantana and Young as his QBs his whole career we would be talking about him in this mix.
  9. You may think Elway has done a great job evaluating QBs but I don't. It's that simple. Maybe Flacco will have success but I doubt it.
  10. There have been GMs that make trades for a QB. I guess Elway just didn't think of it.
  11. Take Manning out of the mix and that leaves Tebow, Orton, Osweller, Siemian, Lynch, Keenum and now Flacco. I rest my case.
  12. Elway's track record with knowing a QBs abilities is pretty poor. Manning was proven before he was a Bronco. Just saying.
  13. Frank Reich IMO is the face of the franchise right now. Hopefully that will change this season.
  14. Feeling is mutual. Glad to see your back in action.
  15. Personally I think he is suffering from Diva Syndrome.
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