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  1. crazycolt1

    Colts place multiple players on PUP list

    As long as there are fields that are not natural grass there will always be more injuries.
  2. crazycolt1

    LeVeon Bell

    One reason RBs have diminished in value is teams are balking at spending a lot of money on just one RB. To gamble a lot of money on the RB position when it is one of the most injured positions in football is not smart. Look, when Bell went down a couple of years ago the back up RB stepped in and the Steelers lost very little punch. With that said for a RB to be real successful the team has to have the O-line to make him good. I understand that Bell is a very good RB but he hasn't been that durable his career. Not enough to be paid two times as much as the next RB anyway.
  3. crazycolt1

    Ballard: What if hypothetical

    I guess I am in the let it play out mode. The things I read about Ballard are the same things I remember reading about Grigson. I am a little less enthusiastic than in the past because getting your hopes up too much makes for a bigger let down. The NFL has changed so much since I became a fan and I just don't have the passion for the game as much as I used to. The huge money has made the game of football into something else.
  4. crazycolt1

    Chris Ballard Presser

    This coming from the king of negative nellie?
  5. crazycolt1

    Edwin Jackson Case Update

    Try reading things that are not over 25 years old or are from this country.
  6. It wasn't a deflection at all. If you have followed me for any time at all you would know what I was talking about.
  7. crazycolt1

    Chris Ballard Presser

    Hoping Michael can return to former self? Let's hope not. He was a turnover waiting to happen.
  8. Yeah we all know that Mike McCarthy forgot how to coach too.
  9. crazycolt1

    Edwin Jackson Case Update

    I have known many people who have been busted for a joint and even as much as a quarter pound and got no jail time. I think you are exaggerating a lot with that comment. The people who spend time in jail for weed are the dealers and those who have multiple offenses.
  10. Well no matter who the coach is they have to have talented players to call and make plays work. Blaming the Colts problems on the coaches is over looking the other problems the team had.
  11. crazycolt1

    Touchdown Music

    Thank's a lot, now that damn song is stuck in my head.
  12. crazycolt1

    Fantasy Football 2018 League

    Yes I would prefer to keep it continuous after week 7 but a happy medium would be just fine. By week 7 most all of us are going to be using the wire anyway so I think your suggestion would work just fine for all. It would tighten up the standings when crunch time comes.
  13. crazycolt1

    Fantasy Football 2018 League

    I agree on everything you suggested with the waiver wire being continuous after week 7. I just don't want anyone to get caught in what happened to me last season. I prefer to use the waiver wire pick as strategy. The weekly reset throws that out. I prefer ESPN but would have no problem with whatever the majority wanted.
  14. crazycolt1

    Turf being replaced at Lucas Oil Stadium

    Jim Irsay is very proud of his Colts team. He grew up working in the locker room before going to college and I highly doubt he would want any changes with what he cherishes so much. Every year stuff like this is brought up and every year it is ignored by Jim.
  15. crazycolt1

    Marcel Dareus sued for sexual assault

    It happens in abusive relationships most of the time. Matter of fact it is quite common. I am not trying to be argumentative but I have been around and have been in a counseling role for over 25 years. I have hosted a shelter for abused women and children personally. I also have adopted 5 children that have come from abusive homes. The mental issues on why females stay with abusive males has been an unanswered question forever.