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  1. With the cap money we have I just hope an impact player becomes available in free agency. It would be nice to get a position of need but those players very rarely hit the market. Ballard may have to find that diamond in the rough.
  2. All true points. Personally I hope we can keep him but if he has an opportunity, I couldn't fault him for that.
  3. Re read my comment. I said an opportunity.
  4. crazycolt1

    Andrew Luck is heading to the 2019 Pro Bowl

    The game is not a joke to the players. Having a pro bowl on their resume does give them bargaining chips to get paid in future contracts. That is why players have clauses in their contracts to be paid for playing in a pro bowl. There are 1696 active players in the NFL so if a players gets voted into the pro bowl it does mean something to them. Just because you choose not to watch it does not mean they are going to do away with it.
  5. The only thing Flacco can manage is losing games. As far as winning a SB with Brissett there is one thing you forgot. Frank is his head coach now and we have a very good O-line. Had we had those two things when he was a starter we would have won a lot more games. Like I said, other than a #1 he needs to be on our roster. If Ballard does trade him he said it would be to a team that benefited Brissett along with the Colts. I can see the Colts resigning him if he don't have an opportunity to be a starter on another team.
  6. Bridgewater, maybe but Flacco? I guess you haven't been paying too much attention to at how he has played over the last few years.
  7. First of all I cant agree that Bridgewater or Flacco are solid vets. If so, they would be starters and will soon be throw aways from their teams. I just think keeping Brisset on our roster is more valuable in case he is needed rather than some castaway QB.
  8. So how much worth is Brissett if Lucks misses any games next season? If that happens a 2nd round pick don't bring you any wins. We have learned first hand at what happens when not having a competent back up QB on the roster means. It means we wont have to worry about a #1 draft pick, we will have an early one anyway.
  9. IMO Brissett will be on our roster till his contract ends. He is worth more to us other than a 1st round pick and I don't see that happening. I think most Colts fans over value him. Most teams looking for a QB really want to draft one and not give up their picks.
  10. crazycolt1

    Ballard press conference

    Cut out the noise? You are singing louder than anyone in here.
  11. crazycolt1

    Ballard press conference

    You have a distinct way of talking in circles.
  12. crazycolt1

    Ballard press conference

    So you have a problem with a GM that is honest in his thoughts and comments?
  13. crazycolt1

    Andrew Luck is heading to the 2019 Pro Bowl

    I understand your point of view but a lot of these players have money involved. Some of their contracts pay bonuses if they make the pro bowl. I would think they would have to play the game to get their money. It's been a long time since players played hard in a pro bowl. They have as much chance tripping over their cat and getting injured than in a pro bowl game.
  14. crazycolt1

    Antonio Brown? Doubt it.

    The one thing that is not brought up is Ballard was never a GM before joining the Colts. What he learned he learn from experience but he never made the final choices with any other team. It stands to reason he learned from is past.
  15. crazycolt1

    Those pesky Patriots's are not going away easily!

    That is because Jerry Jones is a better salesman than Robert Kraft.