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  1. Narcosys

    Le'Veon Bell

    So you agree, he will get $40M guaranteed?
  2. The safer bet for me is the bills D. They're rested, coming off a big win, and two weeks to prepare at home.
  3. Narcosys

    Le'Veon Bell

    Ok, so how does that burn the rest of the NFL?
  4. Narcosys

    Le'Veon Bell

    Not with the Steelers, but he wont be playing for the Steelers will he? He didn't burn the entire NFL, other teams I guarantee were hoping he'd hit FA and probably love this move.
  5. Narcosys

    Le'Veon Bell

    A team will pay him $40M guaranteed money come FA.
  6. I'm actually dropping the jags D in favour of the patriots D. I don't like the jags D versus the new bills that have two weeks to prepare. Right now I've for Ari for this week, Mia for 12, KC for 13, NE for 16 and backup on all my weeks except for 15. Which I plan on getting Den or Buf for 14 & 15.
  7. Narcosys

    Le'Veon Bell

    Gurley already got that, $45M actually. You need to do some research.
  8. Narcosys

    Le'Veon Bell

    Unless he has an injury outside of football, his guaranteed money is not in jeopardy. Yes throwing away $14M is dumb. However, what is more dumb: signing a measly $14M contract (comparatively) and risking injury, thus losing out on possible $60M (total) future contract; or, passing on the $14M in order to ensure the larger amount of the money that can secure you and your children's future? Btw; Gurley got over $40M guaranteed; Bell will get the same.
  9. Narcosys

    Le'Veon Bell

    Even so, that means he signed and has guaranteed money in the amount if 40+ million. Soooo...he's going to be pretty set.
  10. QB: Luck vs Ten WR: M. Evans @NYG, J. Brown vs Cin, T. Boyd @Bal RB: J. Mixon @Bal, D. Cook @Chi, M. Mack vs Ten, J. Allen vs Cin TE: J. Heuerman @LAC DEF: Ari vs Oak K: C. Parkey vs Min Have Landry and Breida on bye. It's not looking good for me on this stretch as I just lost Kupp.
  11. Narcosys

    Looks like the defense has regressed back to normal

    Some good news though. If we get a top 10 pick, we have a good chance of scoring a seriously good defensive lineman/end as this draft will be full of some beast players.
  12. Good night! Hopefully green comes back and performs, but thielen is an instant upgrade.
  13. You might need to package mixon with Tyreek to get some good WRs. But why not try to give up Ridley and Mixon for a better WR?
  14. QB: A. Luck RB: J. Mixon, D. Cook, M. Mack, M. Breida, R. Penny (bidding $5 for) WR: T. Boyd, M. Evans, J. Brown, J. Landry TE: V. Davis (Streaming) K. C. Parkey Def: Pit, Jags, Miami I know I have too many defenses, and I am aiming to add Denver as well. But I am grabbing them ahead of everyone else because of their matchups fort he remainder of the season. going against teams like Buffalo multiple times, Arizona, and Oakland. The best on the waivers are just horrid RB: Besides penny, J. Richard, P. Barber (who is getting picked up already), and D. Henry WR: Anthony Miller, C. Godwin, W. Snead, Tre'quan Smith, Mike Williams, M. Gallup, and B. Marshall as a hopeful TE: Rudolph, Heuerman, Seals-Jones, N. Vannet
  15. Wth. Only scored 77 points this week, 83 last week and 83 two weeks before that. Idk what is going on but my team has completely fallen off. Now kupp injured.