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  1. You give him the same weapons as Watson had, he will.
  2. There was clear holding on that henne scramble. What a shame.
  3. In his current state yes but Watson has peaked, Tua has not. Unless you don't believe Tua is capable of getting better. I don't want a younger Watson in our division.
  4. I don't think this would be a good thing for the Colts. Tua is good, and is going to get better.
  5. Well this, well that. Keep changing you're excuses on why you're wrong
  6. Well there wasn't two defenders right there, because the guy came 20 yards across the field. But you know, you see what you want to.
  7. Wasn't forced. The defender came across the field to snag it.
  8. Hilton would have had it, the guy came across the field and made a leaping snag. Im watched it in person.
  9. Are you at the stadium, cause I am. The guy came across the field for it.
  10. It absolutely wasn't double coverage. The guy came across the field. Im here live watching it.
  11. That was a great play by the defense. Not rivers fault.
  12. I'd keep it as is. Although it's funny and exciting to see a 7-9 team beat the conference favourites, I'd hate that to become a norm.
  13. No sport longer than that has as much of a physical demand and abuse. The only comparable is rugby at 25 weeks and they don't take as much physical abuse as the NFL. This is a fact. The long term injuries and physical problems that NFL players have is nearly non-existent in rugby players.
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