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  1. Narcosys

    Those pesky Patriots's are not going away easily!

    Yes go look. Each decade since 1970 a team has won at least 3: the steelers, 49ers, cowboys, patriots, and patriots again for 2010s if they win.
  2. Narcosys

    Those pesky Patriots's are not going away easily!

    Patriots are winning it this year, if not this year then guaranteed next year. Belichick gets his 6th in the same stadium and same age that Saban got his. Brady will get one before he retires, his contract is up next year and will be the oldest winning SB QB. Since the 1970's, one team has won three SBs each season. Pats are the only ones capable.
  3. Narcosys

    Antonio Brown? Doubt it.

    We couldn't afford both unless we put ourselves in the same situation that we did that caused us to release manning. No thank you. You can't say a rookie can't because look what numerous rookies have done lately, OBJ, Gordon, Calloway. Rookies can tear it up so long as you draft good ones.
  4. Narcosys

    Antonio Brown? Doubt it.

    Meanwhile he is no longer the #1 on his team and just like TY is a risk to sign a 31 year olds receiver with lots of miles, and not for cheap. Plus we would have give up tons of picks. More than id be willing.
  5. Narcosys

    Antonio Brown? Doubt it.

    Previous experience does not dictate the future. How old is Brown and who was the steelers leading receiver this year?
  6. Narcosys

    Luck did not play well comments are simply false

    This here alone shows why you are completely biased. If a receiver has to come back for the ball, then it is absolutely impossible for it to be a perfect pass. You're entire post has been rendered irrelevant, and you have wasted your time by incorporating blatant bias and excuse making.
  7. Narcosys

    AFC and NFC Championship Predictions

    A Brees vs Brady matchup sounds like a box office hit, but I can also see the allure of a Saints vs Chiefs for the highest scoring SB ever. Tough call, either way the Saints will win.
  8. Nailed it. Now let's see what happens with the saints and eagles.
  9. Narcosys

    San Diego (+4) at New England (1-13-19)

    Ah, ok. They spotted it and restarted it. Idk why I thought it was always restart upon snap.
  10. Narcosys

    San Diego (+4) at New England (1-13-19)

    Did they change that or am I crazy, the clock stops whenever a player goes out of bounds.
  11. Narcosys

    San Diego (+4) at New England (1-13-19)

    But seriously, it should have stopped right...Did it stop and I just miss it?
  12. Narcosys

    San Diego (+4) at New England (1-13-19)

    Can anyone explain why the game clock kept running after the chargers player caught the ball at the one and went out?
  13. How? Just because he decided to run less? That doesn't man here was out coached. We were getting beat on the run many plays as well. It got to crunch time and we had to run less.