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  1. Ok. Setting the draft date and time. Please let me know if it doesn't show up as 1 September at 4pm EST. Had issues with it last year not wanting to keep the correct time or date.
  2. Are these two watching completely different practices?
  3. @BPindy, @Lucky Colts Fan, @Btown_Colt, @onebad150, @Matthew Gilbert, @Bluefire4, @WarGhost21 Any objections to 4pm EST, on Sunday, 1 September?
  4. Sorry, just trying to get a good time for everyone. Does this mean Sunday is good for you?
  5. Ok, Sunday, 1 September, at 4pm EST. Will this work for everyone?
  6. @Jared Cisneros How would you stack these RBs and WRs ? J. Jacobs D. Henry N. Chubb D. Williams J. Mixon D. Cook J. Conner R. Woods B. Cooks K. Golladay S. Diggs K. Allen M. Evans A. Thielen A. Cooper I've already got a RB and a couple WRs targeted for my first two rounds based on my position that I know will be there. However in the 3rd and 4th rounds I've got a lot of choices and I know some won't be there anyways and others will likely be available in the 5th round. Making my big board and I've got each player slotted into certain rounds based on my mocks, but wondering your take. Thanks.
  7. He's got the potential to be 2nd round worthy. Not just because of his team, but also because of his skill. However if your in the 6-10 range, you should probably go zero RB strategy (especially 9-10).
  8. What is everyone's schedule on these days? @onebad150, @Matthew Gilbert, @BPindy. @Bluefire4, @Btown_Colt, @WarGhost21
  9. This guy needs to stop getting himself hurt in the off-season.
  10. That put's it at 11pm for me and the wife. Friday I am out all day and then have a live auction draft starting at 6:30 my time (1:30 EST) and will last a few hours, so I can't do Friday. Saturday from 6 am to 9 am EST I've got a kids Bday party to be at, but after that nothing. Have nothing on Sunday, so any time then. I'm assuming your working from 9-5 essentially? What's your Tuesday through Thursday looking like (27-29)? The season doesn't start until Thursday, so we could do any of the days the following week up until the opener.
  11. Top tier RB's are always going to get more points than the top tier TEs. Another key point is that the Fantasy point drop of RB's from top tier to next tier is 27%. Given that TE top tier drop off is more, there are far fewer top tier TE's and they produce less than even a second tier RB and WR. Look at last years points: All of these RB's were ahead of Kelce: 1 Todd Gurley LAR 313.1 2 Saquon Barkley NYG 294.8 3 Christian McCaffrey CAR 278.5 4 Alvin Kamara NO 273.2 5 Ezekiel Elliott DAL 252.2 6 Melvin Gordon LAC 225.5 7 James Conner PIT 225.0 8 Kareem Hunt CLE 204.2 9 Joe Mixon CIN 200.4 10. David Johnson ARI 196.7 All these WR were above Kelce: 1 Tyreek Hill KC 241.0 2 Antonio Brown OAK 219.7 3 Davante Adams GB 218.6 4 DeAndre Hopkins HOU 218.5 5 Julio Jones ATL 212.8 6 Mike Evans TB 198.4 7 Adam Thielen MIN 194.3 In Rounds 1 & 2 you can get 1 of each of these, or possibly even 2 RB's. After these guys, which puts you at the end of Round two and on in to round 3, Kelce will be drafted. However, there were 8 other players last year within 20 points over the course of the season to Kelce (Excluding QBs again). George Kittle was the next closest TE with 21 points behind. After the 3rd round, you start looking at 100 point drop off from those first and 2nd round RB/WR. Excluding the freak season last year for the top 3 TE's, you don't see that kind of drop off with your TEs. I can afford to lose a top tier TE, I cannot afford to lose a top tier RB and need to have as close to the same production replacement as the RB. Drafting a TE in the later rounds, won't get you that far off. It's about shoring up your flex and a backup when the inevitable occurs.
  12. Final Draft Order: 1. @Matthew Gilbert 2. @Bluefire4 3. @WarGhost21 4. Luck be a Lady 5. Narcosys 6. @Btown_Colt 7. @Lucky Colts Fan 8. Team Hulce 9. @BPindy 10. @onebad150 Is everyone good with Saturday the 31st? Around 2 or 3 EST? Maybe Sunday?
  13. Elite TEs don't win championships. E. Engram, OJ Howard, V. McDonald, J. Cook, D. Njoku, D. Goedert, M. Andrews, C. Herndon, and J. Doyle Will all be there in rounds 5, 6, 7, 8, and 11+.
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