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  1. @Bluefire4 You in this year?
  2. Come on man, you gotta lock it in! Lol
  3. Is everyone available for the Aug 24th-26th weekend? If so which days and times? PS: 3 people in the league live in Europe so we're 5 hours ahead of EST. So keep that in mind as a 6pm start would be 11pm for us. Thanks!
  4. @Btown_Colt Hey I apologize, I listed the wrong person and left you out. Are you interested in playing again this year? If so, what weekends (FRI-SUN) are you available for? Keeping in mind we only have two weekends available for us (See above two posts) so maybe do it on a Weekday. Again, I am sorry.
  5. Yes we do, If you want to PM me your email I can add you as an owner. I just reactivated the league and will be sending out an email invite soon.
  6. Instead of posting projections, post your current planned roster for that week and list your backups for each position as well. That way we can assess matchups etc to better help you out. Example Format QB: Starting QB, Backup RB: Starting RB, Starting RB, Backup, Backup WR: Starting WR, Starting WR, Backup Backup Flex: Starting, Backup TE: Starting, Backup Def: Starting, Backup K: Starting Then maybe list some waiver wire options your interested in.
  7. So if we want to do it on a weekend, we only have the following dates: Aug 24-6 & Aug 31st - Sep 2nd Is anyone ok with doing it during a weekday in August? (Aug 6th - 8th I will be out)
  8. Well that's a bummer, wish it was ours you were keeping but good luck to you.
  9. Let me know what weekends look to be good for you in August and September. Dang man, that's a bummer, but good luck to you in everything else you're doing.
  10. It's getting near that time to start analyzing, scrutinizing, and planning your drafts. From those of you that participated in last years League, who wants to participate again? @WarGhost21 - Confirmed @Bluefire4 - Uncomfirmed @Btown_Colt - Confirmed @BPindy - Confirmed @Lucky Colts Fan - Confirmed Also, Start thinking ahead as to what dates would be good for you to do it in August and September. The only bad weekend for me is August 17th-19th as I will be away on vacation. Thanks guys and can't wait to play with you all again. Anyone Else interested, we have two spots available!
  11. Narcosys

    Turf being replaced at Lucas Oil Stadium

    Well Johnny Unitas would agree with me along with many older Baltimore Colts fans, so it's not like it is a ridiculous claim or belief.
  12. Narcosys

    Turf being replaced at Lucas Oil Stadium

    I am not saying that it isn't a Colts logo, I am saying I think it is a logo that shouldn't be our main logo.
  13. Narcosys

    Turf being replaced at Lucas Oil Stadium

    See, I praise Unitas for the player he was, but not because he was with the Colts. I actually don't count anything they did as part of our franchise. Do you think the Baltimore recognizes the history of their team when they were in Cleveland? No. The team and the city parted ways with bad blood between them. We didn't get to keep the trophies with us, the band didn't come. The only thing that did was what we carried in those Mayflower trucks. Why would I want to have a symbol represent the team when it represents a complete split between a team and a city. I'd support a re-designed symbol than something from a bad past that isn't even our own. The Colts are finally in Indy longer than Baltimore, look towards the future rather than the past. That's me stating my philosophy, not telling you.
  14. Narcosys

    Turf being replaced at Lucas Oil Stadium

    Do we respect the history of the dallas texans? Regardless, respect the history but dont make it our symbol because we, as the Indianapolis Colts, have never had anything to do with it
  15. Narcosys

    Turf being replaced at Lucas Oil Stadium

    So should we use the old dallas texans then? They were the predecessors to the Baltimore Colts.