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  1. @Bluefire4 That's a bummer, bet you wish you traded OBJ to me now.
  2. True, but Ben ain't scoring like Tannehill, 3 games over 30 so far. And herbert, we still don't know about. However that is your team and your opinions on it so no worries. I'll have to take another look.
  3. Speaking of, you didn't think my offer was good?
  4. I think Freeman becomes more prominent. But the giants do stink. At least Freeman catches. I would drop an RB. Murray most likely.
  5. So there's nothing I can do to tempt you?
  6. @BPindy Sent you a trade offer, thoughts, counter?
  7. I may not be much use this year. Ive been so busy I didn't even know who was sitting until the day of my draft.
  8. Some people prefer the last spots so they can stack picks. Usually can get to top tier WRs or a good RB and top WR
  9. I saw the notification but then it wasn't in my trade offers
  10. Anyone want to do a 4th WR for a 4th WR trade? Didn't realize I drafted two WRs from the same team. Giving up Robby Anderson. @Bluefire4 Anderson for Ruggs or @Lucky Colts Fan Anderson for Pittman @WarGhost21 Anderson for Williams @Jared Cisneros Anderson for Reagor
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