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  1. What is meant by a negated bye week? Is it that our next game is away?
  2. Not worth my time scouring through it. Doesn't make sense to me
  3. Texans are done. Watson isn't going to play.
  4. Nice post. You still didn't explain how the game is played has changed because of CJ. Teams have always wanted fast and tall WRs. But they don't come around that often.
  5. Ya, the only issue I can see is that they want to capitalize on our team now before we have to seriously start paying.
  6. This is well documented. Theres a post around here that documents the entire events and situations that culminated in the move.
  7. Hold up, who's voting to trade a 1st for Matthew Stafford?!? He's 32 and already been playing for 11 seasons. Not worth it.
  8. Jeez, can people stop making the national anthem about them. Im so tired of these butchered version. The whole last few lines were unrecognizable to anthem itself.
  9. You give him the same weapons as Watson had, he will.
  10. There was clear holding on that henne scramble. What a shame.
  11. In his current state yes but Watson has peaked, Tua has not. Unless you don't believe Tua is capable of getting better. I don't want a younger Watson in our division.
  12. I don't think this would be a good thing for the Colts. Tua is good, and is going to get better.
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