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  1. I'm thinking Landry for Howard straight up if I get ridley
  2. If I get those, should I still commit to the trade, or should I try to target his jordan Howard?
  3. Both Calvin Ridley and Sammy Watkins are on waivers. Can get them while dropping davis and Parker. Putting 10 on Ridley and only 2 on Watkins.
  4. It is a .5 PPR. So my problem is that he only has 9 receptions in 9 targets. He is a great deep threat and has gotten tons of yards. But what happens when his receptions don't translate into yards. Meanwhile Jarvis has twice as many receptions with the same amount of yards, but no TDs to Jackson's 3. I'm almost inclined to keep the guaranteed receptions over the riskier high ceiling. Jackson doesn't even have as many targets as Landry has receptions. Am I being to risk adverse here?
  5. @Jared Cisneros, @chad72
  6. Just had a trade offer. Desean jackson and phillip Lindsay for J. Landry. Tram as it sits now QB: luck, big ben RB: Gordon, Cook, Mixon, Powell, Ekeler WR: Diggs, Landry, C. Kupp, D. Parker, C. Davis, Q. Enunwa TE: Rudolph If I accept, who do I drop? C. Davis, Ekeler, or Powell. I'm afraid jackson is going drop off soon, especially at the end of the year where his schedule get a lot tougher. Last 4 games, Car, NO, @Bal, @Dal.
  7. Glad I didn't play him, bit in my other league I had crowell on my bench lol. It seems to be one or the other
  8. Goff. Id say you're pretty set. I don't think I could pull the trigger on benching Johnson, but that bears D is worrisome. Which do you believe will be more likely to happen? Johnson drops an egg, or burkhead blows up? I think burkhead has a higher ceiling but lower floor than Johnson.
  9. I might have to play him anyways if landry isn't a go. Kupp replaces Landry and powell moves to flex
  10. I think I might go with kupp. I think he's got the better play here with that defense. The best CBs are going to be on the outside, leaving kupp alone and working posessions against linebackers. With the running game, i think he fills a good role in this game as they are going to work those possessions. The even split with crowell and browns holding kamara to 99 yards and no TDs has me backing off then for now, especially on a Thursday game.
  11. I feel like I'm in a pickle here. I have several players on Thursday games, and I don't like playing Thursday players period, even if they are a stud. Here's my roster. Thursday players marked ** .5 PPR QB: B. Roethlisberger @TB RB: M. Gordon @LAR RB: D. Cook vs Buf WR: S. Diggs vs Buf WR: J. Landry ** vs NYJ TE: K. Rudolph vs Buf Flex: B. Powell ** @Cle Bench QB: A. Luck @Phi RB: J. Mixon (Out), A. Ekeler @LAR, WR: D. Paerker (Q) vs Oak, Q. Enunwa ** @Cle, C. Kupp vs LAC, C. Davis @Jax I've got Landry as a starter and I want to flex Powell or Enunwa because I think they'll perform better, but taking into account Thursday games, I am always cautious and thinking of flexing Kupp as he is a solid possession receiver that plays well into that offense. But even so, do I play Landry or Enunwa as my other WR, both on Thursday. Thanks.
  12. Narcosys

    Jack freakin Doyle... SMH

    So we've "always" been bad because of one year? The year luck was out? That's your "historical" you're going with? Dude, the only thing I'm weeping for is your inconsistent an illogical way of thinking.
  13. Narcosys

    Jack freakin Doyle... SMH

    I've posted my research and facts...Where's yours? 03: 12th 04: 3rd 05: 6th 06: 3rd 07: 11th 08: 1st 09: 3rd 10: 1st 11: 27th (manning out) 12: 21st (luck rookie) 13: 10th 14: 12th 15: 21st 16: 4th 17: 31st (luck out) Need any more history? You trying to look into the Harbaugh years? The Baltimore years? You complained last time that I brought up manning in "historical", so have some consistency.
  14. Picking up B. Powell and Q. Enunwa, dropping T. Eifert but don't know else to drop, D. Henry or P. Barber. Jags and dolphins D available, drop Denver? Thinking miami as they have the easier schedule
  15. Narcosys

    Jack freakin Doyle... SMH

    Oh now you want to take into account the history of the colts, how convenient. However, I already showed you that historically (since manning year) we have been a top RZ efficiency team. Sorry bro, you're just wrong all around.