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  1. Looks like there isn't going to be a preseason.
  2. It's possible they cancel it all together
  3. The latest we can do is Sunday September 6th. The earliest we'd all like to do is probably tune weekend of August 22nd and 23rd.
  4. Draft order is determined, will set draft order here later in the league tools. 1. @Bluefire4 2. @BPindy 3. @Lucky Colts Fan 4. @onebad150 5. My wife 6. @Btown_Colt 7. @WarGhost21 8. Team hulce 9. Myself 10. @Jared Cisneros Now I need dates a times you most prefer. I'll consolidate and come up with the best options. Please give me your dates and times. If everyone says "idc" then I have nothing to go off of and will just be up to me. I can do that, I just prefer to get group consensus. Thanks for all the quick replies so far.
  5. @Btown_Colt you're on the clock. Amber took 5th so you're remaining options are 6th, 8th, 9th
  6. @Jared Cisneros, as you have taken over Matt Gilbert's team, you're on the clock. Available positions are 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, and 10th.
  7. @Bluefire4 you're on the clock 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 7th are taken.
  8. @WarGhost21 You're on the clock, 2nd, 3rd and 4th are taken.
  9. @onebad150 You're on the clock, 2nd and 3rd are taken.
  10. @BPindy You're on the clock for your draft position of choice. Lucky Colts Fan took 3rd.
  11. I have made all the changes that I addressed in the league email. With this funky season we are about to have I have decided to push the money league vote until next year. However, @Matthew Gilbert has not logged in since May 19th, and if I do not get an answer from him by Friday, I will remove him from the league. @Jared Cisneros, @Peterk2011, and @w87r are the priority order of fill for that spot. Unless the first two do not wish to be part of the league anymore. I am referencing their requests to join from last year. Draft position choice order is based off of last years final standings and is as follows: 1. @Lucky Colts Fan 2. @BPindy 3. @onebad150 4. @WarGhost21 5. @Bluefire4 6. @Matthew Gilbert 7. Luck Ness Monster 8. @Btown_Colt 9. Myself 10. Team Hulce Please provide me some dates that you might be available to draft between now and September 6th, @Lucky Colts Fan you're on the clock for your draft position.
  12. Going to be starting the league again here soon and looking to see who's interested in participating again this year. Once I get all the ins and outs, I'll start determining draft order. If you are in, please provide some tentative weekends or weekdays that you think would work for you. Thanks and look forward to this season. @Lucky Colts Fan @Bluefire4 @WarGhost21 @BPindy @Btown_Colt @Matthew Gilbert @onebad150
  13. I hope he's great and everything we need him to be. Just concerns.
  14. There's college football... then there's the pros.
  15. He paid TY and he paid Castonzo. So don't say it isn't his style.
  16. Who fumbles a lot, and has a lot of miles already. Let's pull back a little.
  17. Not too blind to see all these memes! jk But Idk if the Patriots need JB, they are in a position to draft a good one.
  18. He's going to go to high for us. Won't make it into the 2nd round.
  19. Here is the disconnect between your positions: In your first statement it is clear that it is of your opinion and your mindset that staying put is best and trading back is weak. Then in your next statement you claim you can't say one way or another that staying put would have been better because you don't know the Colts brass mindset. You are trying to argue one point by looking through opposing mindsets, that doesn't work. You need to take your approach that you believe to be better, and do your own research based on what you believed was the Colts need at the time and who you would have picked at their original positions. Heck one pick is easy, we know the colts selected Leonard with a pick they already had, not one they received in a trade back. There's one answer for you already. You just need to figure out the other picks. Then do a critical evaluation as to whether you think your team structure would have been better than what we got. Pretty simple, take ya maybe 30 minutes.
  20. Every pick is a what if and gamble. What if they didn't trade back and draft a bust? It was a gamble. Your line of thinking follows a false assumption that at any given players draft ranking means they are better than those that follow. Which cannot be proven to be true or false.
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