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  1. absolutely won't make a bit of difference.
  2. I've never understood the reason to play it safe, to become conservative. It never works. Maybe in the last two minutes of the game, but why not keep playing the same way that put you in the lead?
  3. Evans, Jefferson, and then probably Williams, as Broncos only have Sutton as a top threat and therefore can be isolated. While Williams has Allen on the other side and KC will be scoring, keeping it a passing game.
  4. i tried...nobody wanted to trade. Definite upgrade on your RB, not sure what your WRs look like. If they were both your starters, you might lose out points in the long run, but that may not really translate into games lost.
  5. Ya, It was either take the 9th ranked RB, or Davante Adams...then it was the 12th ranked RB...or Tyreek Hill. It seemed pretty simple in my mind.
  6. Not bad. My hand was forced a lot as i was drafting 9th and was not going to reach for RBs QB: Hurts RB: Gaskins, M. Sanders, Edmonds, Rojo, Mattison, Mostert (now replaced with Tony Jones) WR: Hill, Adams, A. Robinson, Shenault, Waddle, AB (drafted him 129th lol) TE: Logan Thomas D: Dolphins K: M. Gay
  7. Your logic seems faulty, please explain this reasoning. Clearly being facetious yes?
  8. I honestly think this is the fastest we have ever had a post like this after the start of a season. Color me impressed.
  9. Antonio Brown going to be the steal of the steal of the draft lol. Drafted him 129th.
  10. Mine usually corresponds with our first pick in the draft. $20 million dollar hooker, Ya-Sinful Jezebel Hit Paye Dirt
  11. In no particular order @onebad150 I'm interested in Chubb @Lucky Colts Fan I'm interested in Mixon @Btown_ColtI'm interested Taylor You guys got some excess in RB and some needs in WRs. I can help.
  12. So according to fantasy pros, here's the post draft rankings 1. @w87r 2. @Jared Cisneros 3. Team Hulce 4. @Btown_Colt 5. Myself 6. @WarGhost21 7. @Bluefire4 8. @onebad150 9. Scranton Stranglers 10. @Lucky Colts Fan As i thought, I am last for RBs, but i am First for WR, Flex and Bench lol
  13. @WarGhost21 @Bluefire4 Joining soon?
  14. Draft is open. Who else has done 0 studying this year?
  15. Are there any last minute considerations anyone want to put forward? Just a couple days left.
  16. If you have someone that is designated out or IR to return, you can slot them in your IR spot instead of them taking up a bench spot
  17. Because of the NFL extending the season an additional game, do we want to have an additional IR spot?
  18. With the 17 week schedule of the NFL, do we want to extend our season to 15 weeks? @Bluefire4 @Lucky Colts Fan @Btown_Colt @onebad150 @Jared Cisneros @w87r @WarGhost21
  19. All, Please check the current time and let me know if that time does not work for anyone. Thanks.
  20. Ya she wouldn't do that...except to make sure she beats me. I will be completely out of communication for those three weeks but will make sure to try to go ahead and set my lineups for those three weeks prior to leaving.
  21. Ok, so lets look to do this on 4 September. Is there a preferred time for everyone? I know one said in the am, does anyone else prefer the afternoon or evening? When you specify time, please include your time zones @Btown_Colt @w87r @onebad150 @Lucky Colts Fan @Jared Cisneros @WarGhost21 @Bluefire4 Also, just found out that in November, i will be away for 3 weeks and unable to manage my team. Want to make sure that it is ok with everyone that i have my wife (who plays in the league) manage my team during that time? Please let me know if anyone would have issues with this.
  22. 1. Team hulce 2. @Jared Cisneros 3. @WarGhost21 4. Scranton 5. @Btown_Colt 6. @Lucky Colts Fan 7. W87r 8. @Bluefire4 9. Narcosys 10. @onebad150 @w87r you get the last slot, picking at 7. Now that we have the draft order, we need to dermine draft date. Season opener is Sept. 9th. Do you guys want to draft the weekend prior on the 4th or 5th? Please let me know a date and time of day you prefer, morning, afternoon, or night?
  23. I'll take #9 @Bluefire4 you're up next. 1. Team hulce 2. Jared Cisneros 3. Warghost 4. Scranton 5. Btown 6. Lucky colts fan 7. 8. 9. Narcosys 10. Onebad150
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