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  1. Old QBs retiring you say? Hmm, that is quite odd for people to retire once they get too old to perform the work as well as they use to. Just can't fathom it.
  2. As long as he has Mahommes, he keeps coaching. It'll be like a Brady/Belichick situation.
  3. NFC would win the SB by 30 if that happens.
  4. What's the relationship of the Panthers and Giants owners with Irsay? Maybe they 'returned the favour'?
  5. Chargers, because of what will be around Brady.
  6. Everyone does realize be was worse than brissett in qbr for the season and only .5 points ( one rank ahead) better than brisset in passer rating. Does anyone honestly think he'll be any better and worth the money? Come on now...
  7. If Brady signs with the colts I predict LOS will get burned to the ground before Colts fans let Brady play there.
  8. Never going to happen. Ballard said he wants a lot for him.
  9. I know this, but the post suggested that he did not. The pass was actually spot on, but there were 3 defenders that batted it down.
  10. Umm, a mobile passer is more considered the type who has the ability to run and be dangerous with their legs, not just a qb who can take a few steps. Nobody is afraid of brees or Rodgers running for 10+ yards on any given play. You set up an argument with parameters that are so strict just so you can make it difficult to counter. However your parameters are demonstrably false.
  11. Accuracy and range are two very different measurable. Do you not remember when they brought in brissett for luck so he could throw that 60 air yards pass?
  12. So build a better team for next year's qb class. We ain't getting Burrow, far too risky to get Tua, so that leaves only Herbert. Is he worth the 13th pick with his accuracy issues?
  13. There is actually zero way to prove either of us correct. It is all speculative, we cannot predict how any of them could have faired in this offense, with the injuries and lack of playmakers we have had all season.
  14. None of those three would be better. Dalton has never been great, Carr is likely worse than Brisset in our offense, and you can't predict Rivers would have done any better with what he has to work with here this past season. He's also 38 years old and not Peyton Manning, it is unlikely he could come in and be successful in a whole new scheme and offense.
  15. Why compare things that can't be compared? Now if he can just get open...
  16. Or it shows the coaching decisions, it shows the inability of the receivers to make YAC or actually get open, it shows how bad injuries were. But what do I know, maybe we should blame everything everyone else does on one person. Makes sense.
  17. And they were a near perfect season this year, their losses were close, one play games.
  18. I can see the titans winning and the bills will beat the Texans. Ravens and Patriots/Bills for AFCCG
  19. The man ins in line for a HC job.
  20. And a rookie qb will do that? Tell me, when's the last time a rookie qb win a SB?
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