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  1. GoColts8818

    Per Schefter: Colts inquired about trading for Dee Ford

    Makes sense that the Colts kicked the tires given Ballard’s ties to KC.
  2. GoColts8818

    Colts are signing Justin Houston [Merge]

    Good short term solution which it is intended to be.
  3. GoColts8818

    Free Agent Visits

    The more I hear about Lynch I hope the Colts land him.
  4. I like bringing him back on a one year deal. If he proves he can stay healthy I think they invest him long term next season. If he struggles to stay healthy I think the Colts move on from him
  5. GoColts8818

    Jay Glazer on the Herd

    Peter king was on Dan Patrick earlier this week and was asked about all the teams spending crazy money. King said that never works and if you look it’s the same teams doing it all the time because they are poorly run. He then said a smart team like the Colts will start spending when the crazy money stops.
  6. GoColts8818

    CB Pierre Desir Re-signing

    I like it.
  7. GoColts8818

    Colts keeping Chris Milton on one-year deal

    As long as he’s not playing corner and sticks to special teams I am good with it.
  8. GoColts8818

    Official complaints about Free Agency thread (merge)

    Meanwhile Polian approached free agency much like Ballard is doing. Which GM would people rather Ballard try to be like?
  9. GoColts8818

    Official complaints about Free Agency thread (merge)

    I heard Peter King on the radio today say the smart teams like the Colts aren’t going to spend much until the crazy money dies down even though they have money to spend.
  10. GoColts8818

    Colts sign Devin Funchess (Merge)

    So much outrage over a one year contract... This is a very low risk type of deal. If he doesn’t workout you just let him walk like they are doing with Grant. Its not like the Colts are up against the cap either and they have to let other guys go because of this contract. There is no risk here so why are people so upset? The most it will cost them is maybe Inman who seems more interested in coming back and the local media seems to want back more than the Colts seem interested in bringing back.
  11. GoColts8818

    Hypothetical Mega Trade

    No, No, No, heck No, No, No. are you a raiders fan? And NO.
  12. GoColts8818

    Draft Simulator

    26: R1P26 CB TRAYVON MULLEN CLEMSON 34: R2P2 EDGE CLELIN FERRELL CLEMSON 59: R2P27 WR DK METCALF OLE MISS 89: R3P25 S JUAN THORNHILL VIRGINIA 129: R4P27 LB TERRILL HANKS NEW MEXICO STATE 135: R4P33 G DRU SAMIA OKLAHOMA 164: R5P26 DL DAYLON MACK TEXAS A&M 199: R6P26 DL JONATHAN LEDBETTER GEORGIA 240: R7P26 OT YOSH NIJMAN VIRGINIA TECH i just stuck to the board and took the best guy who fit a need. I don’t think it’s too realistic as I got three guys who will probably go in the first round.
  13. GoColts8818

    One stance I refuse to back down from this offseason.

    Wouldn’t be my first choice but I doubt Ballard will ask me.
  14. People still mad Frank wanted his own guy?