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  1. I’ve never been impressed by Wilson. I wouldn’t be shocked if gets released. He’s at best 4th on the depth chart right IMO and Hairston and Tell could make him expendable.
  2. Pre-season = vanilla defense and offense often just the base version of both.
  3. Sorry my browser wigged out on me and I ended up posting in the wrong thread.
  4. Trying to judge the oline without Nelson is like trying to judge the offense as a whole without Luck. It’s not a true picture of what the unit is really capable of.
  5. It’s pre-season there are always a lot of flags because you have guys who don’t normally play and in some cases just aren’t good so they are more likely to get flagged to start with. Then the refs always over officiate the pre-season to get players used to new rules and points of emphasis and then the refs slowly back off once the real games start. So I wouldn’t freak out too much about the number of flags right now. If it happens vs the Chargers then be concerned.
  6. It’s a forum part of the reason it exist is so people can talk about things like who should make the roster. I don’t think anyone here honestly thinks the team is going to make decisions off what the forum thinks so there is real no point to remind people that their opinions don’t matter in terms of who makes the team.
  7. I don’t see them putting Luck out there if they don’t think he’s healthy enough to start. They aren’t going to take chances with him for really no other reason than to keep Chad Kelly on the roster rather than Walker. The logical thing to do if Luck can’t go is keep Walker or bring in another QB behind Jacoby. If Luck can go then there is no need for a third QB right now you let Kelly serve his two game suspension with Walker on the PS for those two weeks and then make a decision on who is the PS QB.
  8. They will get Nelson back and be fine.
  9. I’d agree with that. Like I said who you play with in the pre-season matters and Pascal is still playing with the ones while the other guys he’s competing with, except for Cain (who I think is well ahead of him right now), aren’t. So right now I think he has the edge if the Colts keep six. Something else to remember is Campbell’s injuries might force them to keep another WR as well.
  10. Which is why I think Walker will make the final roster. The whole point to keeping a third QB would be so you have a back up to Brissett if Luck can’t go. Since Kelly can’t play the first two weeks he doesn’t help you there.
  11. I think it might just be Hilton, Funchess, Campbell, Rodgers, and Cain with Fountain on IR. I think they are going to want to keep Milton for special teams and they have so many good tightends I think cutting it down to four might be hard. Add in the fact they will probably have to keep a third QB to start and Hines is pretty much a WR at RB and there might not be room for a sixth WR on the roster.
  12. I don’t think that’s true but if it is then the Colts are in good shape because they are deep at safety IMO.
  13. This is good news but I am still betting the Colts remain over cautious (and with good reason) with Luck and if that means he misses a game so he can play the rest of the season I wouldn’t rule it out. Still things appear to be trending toward him playing in week one.
  14. Peyton had a bursa sack worked on in his knee. I don’t remember how much he could or couldn’t throw now. Still those Colts teams went as Peyton went so if Peyton was off a hair it brought the whole team down. I think Ballard has worked hard to build a team here that doesn’t depend on Luck to that level, don’t get me wrong they still depend on Luck they just don’t need him to be perfect. With that said the first few games look hard regardless of Luck’s health. That doesn’t mean they will lose but the Colts aren’t playing the Cardinals and 49ers to start the year either.
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