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  1. I wanted to say I agree you can’t really compare 2012 to this year. When Grigson got here the cupboard wasn’t bare. They had maybe four Hall of Famers in AV, Wayne, Freeney, and Mathis. He also had solid starters in Bethea, Castonzo, and McAfee. He also had what was viewed as the next great QB staring him in the face. Ballard had Luck, Hilton, Kelly, Doyle, Castonzo, Geathers and AV still but that was about it in terms of hold overs who were here when Grigson was here and that’s about it heading into this season He’s having to tear this thing all the way down and starting over. That’s major difference in terms of talent. Also there was the whole Chuckstrong thing in 2012. That really motivated that team in away that can’t be measured.
  2. I think the “three year plan” starts now judging by how Irsay talked this off-season. I thought last year was pretty much a season long interview for Chuck to prove Grgison was the problem and he wasn’t. Once they lost Luck for the year the writing was on the wall. With that said only one mans opinion matters on this and while he might tweet about it he’s not going to post here. Not saying we can’t or shouldn’t talk about it I am just saying nothing we come up with should be taken as the gosspal time frame Irsay will use.
  3. GoColts8818

    Schwartz on Nelson: Mostly real good...

    I know this is a Nelson thread but I am glad I am not the only one who thought Kelly played well.
  4. GoColts8818

    Colts sign DE Ryan DeLaire and waive S Sharmarko Thomas

    If he got cut because the pentaly I like it. I think the new coaching staff realizes stupid flags like that can’t happen, something the previous regime seemed to not view as important.
  5. GoColts8818

    [Lombardi] Deon Cain's injury might be season-ending

    Yes but freaking out because one guy gets hurt for the year in the pre-season is a little overboard. The Colts are from the only team to have a guy get hurt for the year in the pre-season. If they had lost two or three key guys for the year in one game that would be different. One injury isn’t out of the norm in fact it is the norm.
  6. GoColts8818

    [Lombardi] Deon Cain's injury might be season-ending

    Sure if they are everyteam in the NFL. Everyteam has season ending injuries.
  7. GoColts8818

    [Lombardi] Deon Cain's injury might be season-ending

    I feared that when I heard “knee injury” those never seem to turn out well.
  8. GoColts8818

    Schwartz on Nelson: Mostly real good...

    I don’t care how exciting the pick was. If he keeps Andrew healthy and opens holes for the running game it will lead to exciting plays.
  9. GoColts8818

    Thoughts after a Half

    1. Andrew Luck is back. Rusty Andrew is better than a lot of QBs in the NFL. 2. The line looked a lot better especially running and on screen passes. 3. TY is still good. 4. Our kickers are rock solid. 5. Mack and Turbin made a nice two headed monster very few negative running plays from them. 6. I loved the shorter passes. 7. Colts looked more disciplined. One pentaly from the starting unit when and no turnovers from the starters. 8. Hairston continues to impress. 9. Luck took a hit to his shoulder and got right back up. That’s a big mental thing for him I am sure. 10. Ridgeway had two sacks. He continues you develop. I don’t think he’s anything special but he’s solid and you need solid guys on teams. He also had three tackles all for loss. The negative 1. They have nothing at left tackle without AC. It showed when the Colts tried to go down field and Luck got sacked. 2. It might be the first game or the very vaniella defense they play in the pre-season but the starting defense is scary and not for good reasons. 3. Mack getting hurt 4. I hope they have another option at returner than Hines. 5. No WR is really separating himself from the pack to be the number two. It might be Rogers as he caught the only two passes that went his way tonight. Grant wasn’t even targeted and none of the other young kinds showed out in a big way. 6. The struggles on finishing drives. Four field goals are better than nothing but this game shouldn’t have been close as well as the Colts offense played. They struggled once they got past the 50 and the lack of TDS is a bit disappointing, especially when you get solid QB play, 20/29 but for only 189 yards.
  10. GoColts8818

    Hard core coaching

    I always thought one of Paganos biggest flaws was the lack of discpline his teams showed. I am hopefully that Reich will fix that. In today’s NFL it’s really hard to over come turnovers and stupid penatiles.
  11. GoColts8818

    Marlon Mack

    I liked Mack and what I saw from Turbin. It could be the Seahawks d not being what it was or playing vanilla but I really noticed an upgrade with the starting line when it came to running and screen plays. However if AC is hurt the Colts have nothing at left tackle.
  12. GoColts8818

    Thoughts after a Half

    They also play very vanilla in the pre-season. With that said I don’t think the 85 Bears have to worry about this Colts defense surpassing them.
  13. GoColts8818

    Luck the fullback?

    That wasn’t the called play either. Luck thought he saw a hole took off. Like the announcers said it was sigh of relief from Indiana when he got up but more importantly I think it was for luck too. Most players will tell you when they have a major injury it’s always in the back of their mind until it gets tested in someway like the hit for Luck.
  14. GoColts8818

    Slot WR?

    Some of the stuff I’ve seen says Grant has been really good and will probably be the number two. I think Rogers has the inside track to be the slot WR but Cain is going to be on his heels if he doesn’t produce. i also think you are going to see less three wide from the Colts this year or if they do it will be a RB or TE in the slot.