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  1. 3797588533-2. Drew Brees runs out of the end zone because he feels bad for the Colts. i am kidding of course
  2. Not surprised. Once the new kid showed he’s worth taking a hard look at I figured this would happen. If he doesn’t I doubt the Colts bring him back.
  3. Kelly was suspended for two weeks they needed a backup QB who could learn the offense quickly. That equals vet. The other choice was Philip Walker and he can’t play vs other teams scrubs.
  4. I’ve seen some mock drafts that have the Oregon kid falling to the Colts and that was before this loss. If the Colts are going to get a QB watching what the Bengals do at number will be big. If they take Young out of OSU number one a QB will probably slip to the Colts. If they take Burrow the Colts will may have to go up and get one if they want one.
  5. If they were going to do that you take Trevor Lawrence.
  6. Trolls don’t use brains they just want to spark a reaction.
  7. I am not giving up on Banagu in anyway but I actually expected more out of him when Turey went down. With that said he’s a rookie and a bit of a project. I don’t think he’s close to a finished product yet. ill add one more to your list. Tell has done really well at moving to corner for a rookie. I am excited to see what he develops into.
  8. It’s really too hard to tell. The Colts have played so many one score games this year all it takes is one little thing to be different to change the outcome. For example Luck was normally good for one “what were you doing” INT every two or three games. Yes he’d make more big plays than Jacoby but it’s also possible maybe he makes a few more costly mistakes than Jacoby does.
  9. I think so. If he picks the wrong guy to be QB, rather it’s Jacoby or someone else the team is in all likely hood going to struggle and that will eventually get a GM fired. Not next season mind you but ultimately.
  10. I think Ballard will ultimately be judged on what he does or doesn’t do this off-season. Namely at the QB position. Most give him a pass right now because there wasn’t much he could do two weeks before the season at that position beyond what he’s done. This off-season he has to find “the guy” rather it’s Jacoby or someone else. If he’s right he’s going to be praised. If he’s wrong it will probably ultimately lead to him being fired.
  11. That’s true but there are times he’s been back there and taking a bad angle or just flat out covered wrong or been hesitant in getting back in coverage. Normally when he does these things it’s lead to a huge play for the other team. Maybe that’s just him playing a position that’s sorta like being lineman. He can play well all game but one play and all people notice is the one play. Maybe it’s just a badly timed slump. Maybe he’s hurt more than we realize but I just know over the past three weeks when he shows up it’s normally been for bad things.
  12. I agree with the later. They clearly still have more building to do.
  13. I know you are joking here but once the Colts are officially eliminated from playoff contention it would be smart to see what they have in Kelly unless they really feel like Brissett is the franchise guy. Personally I don’t think he is and I don’t think Kelly is either but I would understand seeing what exactly they have in him.
  14. I think it’s more what other teams are doing IE adjusting to what they saw in the first half.
  15. I can see that. I think a poor man’s Hines Ward is a good way to describe him.
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