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  1. He’s been preaching letting Leonard leave since earlier this season. It’s pretty clear he doesn’t value him the way most others do. Thank goodness Ballard appears to value Leonard the way he should be.
  2. And just like that ESPN is reporting they have hired Culley. Flus stays.
  3. And a franchise QB isn’t going to lead them there if he doesn’t have a defense. Don’t believe me? Ask Peyton Manning who won both of his Super Bowls thanks in large part to his defense. If you want to trade for a QB that’s fine but you don’t give up one of the five best players on the roster to do it.
  4. I think you under value him. Also Leonard doesn’t play DL. He’s a linebacker.
  5. No. Not unless you are getting the next Peyton Manning and a 33 year old Matt Stafford is not the next Peyton Manning. There is one maybe two QBs out there that would be on that level that would be available. They aren’t getting Watson and Rodgers is too old to give up your second best defensive player for.
  6. They have already pretty much ruled out starting Eason.
  7. He is and was last year when the Colts showed no interest in him. Since then he had a very poor year in New England so I don’t expect the Colts to show interest in him this off-season.
  8. I was just being sarcastic because of all the leaf reading that’s going on. I get people wanting to know but people are going to have to be patient.
  9. But a guy commented on a tweet about a local podcast saying it was a done deal and he will be a Colt by the end of the week! How’s that NOT going to be spot on...
  10. Because Taylor was a rookie and Hines and Wilkins are not starter material. Hines has a career year and that didn’t all happen in the last 8 weeks of the season when he lost carries to Taylor. That’s why they struggled, not because the line took a step back. It was a running back issue which is why you didn’t see the translation to the pass blocking. Week one was because Mack got hurt in the game and it completely changed the game plan plus Frank went pass happy for some reason in that game, again probably due to losing Mack. Frank also didn’t turn to Taylor in that game he turn
  11. It’s not like Hines or Wilkins are Taylor or Mack either. They are back ups and in Hines case a really nice change of pace back. In Hines case he actually had his best year rushing which seems to argue against the idea that the line regressed. Nelson and the line were their normal selves which is a big part of the reason the pass protection improved. They had a rookie who struggling with the speed of the game, as most rookies do, until the game slowed down for him. When it did Taylor exploded in a good way. The line didn’t just forget how to block for half the year and magically figure i
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