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  1. Shoulda had him as a rookie had Grigson knew what he was doing but better late than never.
  2. I can even if I don’t like it. The Colts need a backup so this tells me the following: 1. They don’t believe in Kelly 2. They don’t think any of the QBs out there are an upgrade over Brissett 3. They don’t like any of the QBs in this draft class
  3. They should get Walker he will be the answer to the Colts QB problems. I’d hate to be the NFL team who gave up on him... note the above was said with heavy sarcasm
  4. I was a Colts fan in 1991 with Jeff George and watched every game for a 1-15 team. Do I have that right? The Colts teams of the 80’s outside of 87 and the early 90’s were bad. This Colts team is not that and not even close to that.
  5. No he hasn’t but if that’s your standard for judging GMs heaven help you. Most GMs go their whole career without even making a Super Bowl. Also we haven’t had a true sample size on Ballard. He’s not had the guy the team was built around two of the three years he’s been GM. That’s not something that can just be dismissed if you are trying to objectively judge him. The one year he had him his team won a playoff game on the road and looked to be headed in the right direction with a first year coach and a defense that was in transition from a 3/4 to a 4/3. That’s not bad. Is he perfect? No he’s made mistakes. All GMs do but he’s had far fewer mistakes than he has hits. That means he’s doing a pretty good job all things considered. Perfect? No. Sure thing hall of famer? No. Doing a good job and better than his predecessor? Yes.
  6. I think some here have wildly unrealistic exceptions of what Ballard should do/has done and will always point to his mistakes as proof he’s not cutting it. I also think some here will turn a blind eye to anything bad Ballard does do/has done because they like him and will attack anyone who dares to suggest he doesn’t walk on water. IMO Ballard has done a good job with the cards he’s been dealt but he has made some mistakes. I don’t get as hung up on them because all GM’s have them and I don’t think he’s made one to set the franchise back for a long period of time.
  7. I am not really shocked by this. I don’t think the Colts believe in Kelly and I am starting to think Ballard doesn’t like any of the QBs in this class that he could have gotten.
  8. Well I didn’t see that one coming.
  9. Yeah I get the Haeg situation. Fair enough Clark.
  10. Where Tom Brady went was always going to be the story of this off-season no matter what else happened.
  11. Ballard made his splashes now I think he goes back to what Ballard does. Sign a guy here or there and focus on the draft.
  12. Running back isn’t really a need for the Colts. They would have to think he’s going to be really special to take him there and odds are if he was that special someone will pull the trigger on him in round 1
  13. They don’t really have any right now.
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