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  1. GoColts8818

    Los Angeles (+3) at New Orleans (1-20-19)

    That crew has been known all year for their lack of flags. NFL got what they deserved for assigning them they game. Personally, even before this game, I thought they were one of the worst crews out there because they let way too much stuff go.
  2. They didn’t play like it. The Colts came out running and the Chiefs stuffed it. The Pats aren’t getting stuffed. They are driving down the field. Remember how the Colts went nearly a first half without a first down? Then they were down 24-7. The run went out the window at that point because of time and score. I am not saying Frank Reich wasn’t out coached but the guys on the field didn’t play well either. You can’t ignore that just fit your narrative. The Pats guys are playing much better than the Colts did.
  3. Because the Chiefs stopped it early with Ford and the Colts got too far behind and couldn’t keep drives going.
  4. Yes his leg strength has not been an issue since he’s been here. He’s hit more than his fair share of 50 plus field goals with room to spare including going 4 of 6 from 50+ this year.
  5. GoColts8818

    Andrew Luck is heading to the 2019 Pro Bowl

    People watch and go to it because it’s football and it’s something to do. Is it as good of football as a regular season or post season game? Clearly not. However, people also watch and pay for pre-season football too and then complain about it. At the end of the day it’s still football and as a socitiy there are enough people who will watch and pay for bad football as long as it’s football.
  6. GoColts8818

    We are the Colts!

    Oh that was the problem in the KC game the players thought they were the Cardinals! Now I get it! just kidding. it was a great season. Seasons like this or 12 or 95 are always more fun because they aren’t expected so people are less critical of them they just enjoy the ride. Now we will find out if the Colts can take the next step. I trust in Ballard and Reich but I probably said the samething about Grigson and Pagano after 2012 too. Hopefully Ballard and Reich follow the model laid out by Polian and Dungy instead but that will be hard to do. Either way I am along for the ride no matter what.
  7. You don’t realize how good a safety is that plays the deep pass until they are out. Kinda like how people took Bethea for granted at times here and underrated him.
  8. GoColts8818

    Autry Slapped with 13k Fine

    These are the things that make me laugh at the league when they say they are all about player safety. They flag and fine Autry for dancing but Sony Michel lowering his head and giving Geathers a concussion earlier this year isn’t flagged or fined. Sorry NFL I don’t buy you are about player safety.
  9. GoColts8818

    Colts Team MVP

    It came down to Luck or Leonard for me. I went with Leonard but had it been a different time of day it might have been Luck for me.
  10. GoColts8818

    This years FAs

    That’s the thing the others have to bring their game up to his level and then surpass him. That’s hard to do in the NFL. I think Desir is underrated here because he’s not a big name. Him and Moore remind me of Nick Harper in that they were guys who weren’t supposed to make it in the NFL but they turned into solid starters that will be hard to unseat.
  11. GoColts8818

    Letter from Frank Reich to Colts fans

    Thats my head coach.
  12. GoColts8818

    Leonard Won PFWA Defensive Rookie Of The Year

    Well deserved here but it’s not the leagues offical award. The league doesn’t have an offical GM of the year award so most look at the one Ballard won as the closest to it. Not a shot at you, just making sure it’s clear people know this isn’t the offical award.
  13. GoColts8818

    This years FAs

    No you were complaining about people talking about Ballard again. That was the first line of your post which will only help derail the thread further. If you are just talking about the premise of the thread do that. You don’t have to complain about what others are talking about.
  14. GoColts8818

    Antonio Brown? Doubt it.

    Again it was believed around the league he had grown up from that and it was no longer in question when the Colts hired him.