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  1. Yep the slotting makes it so much easier which is good for the team and players because that’s that much sooner the player can get in the system and start working.
  2. I’ll believe it if it happens. For now I look at this as a rumor at best.
  3. Some seem to be working from the idea that everything for the Colts foes is goring to work out perfectly while everything for the Colts is going work out as bad as it can. That’s just not likely just like it’s not likely that everything the Colts did this off season will go perfectly and everything their foes did will fail. It’s probably going to be in between. Have the Jags gotten better? On paper without question but they have a large amount of ground to make up and they are taking a bit gamble on Meyer. It could pay off really well or it could crash and burn like other good c
  4. Probably didn’t take him too long to realize the price was too rich for his blood.
  5. It might be longer than the first month or so it’s not unrealistic that Fisher won’t be ready until mid-season. If the Colts are looking for “long” term solution as in more than this season I’d sigh Fisher. If they want a one year stop gap guy I’d sign the guy the Bears released but this all isn’t up to me clearly.
  6. First of all he only tried to go to New England after the Colts said they didn’t want him anymore. As much as it hurt to see it was the right call on the Colts part. You can’t blame Reggie for going to another team after the Colts said thanks but no thanks. I think Reggie said the latter referring to his time with the Colts after Marvin. Whenever asked about Marvin he speaks very highly of him.
  7. Marvin is the best non Manning or Johnny U Colt. Reggie is my favorite Colt and that includes Manning and Unitas.
  8. Well that says mid-season which seems a little more likely.
  9. So let’s just say the Colts signed him for argument sake when would he be ready to play?
  10. Greg Doyle gets paid to write overreaction attention seeking things so he’s just doing his job. With that said I learned long ago not to depend on a columnist to form my opinion.
  11. You realize that is hard to do because once teams have proven elite talent they don’t let it go very often and when they do it costs a kings ransom. That’s why good teams grow their own like the Colts have done under Ballard. Also Buckner says hi.
  12. Would be the same ifs with anyone he drafted.
  13. The goal is to win the division first. The Colts now play in a division with three good QBs (assuming Watson stays in Houston) and the best running back in football. Being able to control the line of scrimmage on defense is going to be huge for the Colts vs these teams. Ballard took guys who if they pan out should give the Colts the best d-line in the division to go with the best o-line in the division. You will win a lot of games in the NFL with that.
  14. For what it’s worth Todd McShay said it was another solid draft by Ballard so he seems more high on it not that that means much other than one of the two draft experts at ESPN liked it.
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