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  1. For what it’s worth I am not sure I can do the Super Bowl with Romo and Boomer all over Brady’s junk.
  2. Maybe the Bucs will over due the celebrations since you know the rules clearly don’t apply to them...
  3. Take the officials out of it for a second the Bucs defense was the difference in the game and it’s a shame they will get over shadowed because they are why the Bucs are going to the Super Bow.
  4. I agree the Packers had their chances but when the refs let numerous PIs or holdings in the secondary go all day for one team and then call it against that team to end their season the officials are going to be a major story. They did not win it fair and square. Would they have maybe won had it be called fair square? That’s a fair argument to make bit let’s not pretend that Tom Brady’s secondary once again got help from the officials in a championship game. That script is getting really tired.
  5. But the officials were calling it both ways..,until they decided Tampa Bay needed to go to the Super Bowl
  6. No he didn’t his defense and the officials did.
  7. Yet the Bucs get one when their DBs have done worse all day...pretty funny...
  8. Well the refs decided this one. Funny how Brady’s teams always gets the calls... Cleat Blakemen I wish you well in your future endeavors because you sir need to be fired.
  9. Rodgers needs to use his legs Hey another missed call...
  10. But they are calling it both ways* *ignore the fact the Packers DBs aren’t close enough to do it
  11. By letting these go at it you mean letting the Bucs commit penalties.
  12. Hey you don’t try to throw a TD on first down and you don’t get sacked and get a good play. Who knew?
  13. Okay pack you don’t have to get it all in one play
  14. And that’s why you don’t go for two early in the game.
  15. The Packers offensive game plan has been awful today.
  16. They need to throw flags if there are penalties otherwise why are they there? Not blaming them for the score the Packers have had their chances.
  17. Packers need to stop trying to get it on one play. I’ve watched enough Brady games to know this is where the knock out punch comes.
  18. I’ll say this the Packers defense or lack there of is a much bigger problem than the officials.
  19. Here’s the difference the Colts were holding and they called it. The Bucs are holding and they aren’t calling it. The later is a bigger problem. The other is on the team for not being disciplined.
  20. I don’t know what on earth the Packers are doing but it’s not playing defense that’s for sure.
  21. Yeah didn’t say that but funny how calls always go the way of the team Brady is playing for.
  22. Tom Brady’s defense not getting called for clear holding in the secondary? Where have I seen that before?
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