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  1. I’d say Smith. He gets lost in Nelson’s shadow but he’s really outstanding since he’s a second year player who made the move from guard to tackle who has been playing like a seasoned vet since day one.
  2. I don’t but I think this is people looking for anything to say Andrew is coming back. Oliver has said over and over again that Andrew is happy away from football and hasn’t offered a hint that Andrew is coming back.
  3. I saw one report in the past couple of days that said this rookie class graded out as the best this season in terms of production. Personally I thought Willis had the best year of the group. I think Rock or Okereke will end up being the best player from it.
  4. He wasn’t as bad as he’s made out to be here at times but he wasn’t great either. I think someday if he wants it he will get another shot.
  5. The only way I see the Colts making this move is if they don’t like any of the QBs in this draft. Otherwise I think they draft a QB to develop next year while Jacoby starts the season to transition to the rookie at some point.
  6. Bob Sanders is the type of guy you have a ring of honor for. He’s good enough and meant enough to the team for that but he’s not going to the hall.
  7. And I also think the Colts are prepared to do that.
  8. I agree on all points. Some owners, like Jerry Jones want to control everything. Others like Irsay want to be involved but let the football guys call the shots. Others just stay out of it for the most part.
  9. Agreed. I don’t know if soon will be the start of the season though which is why he’s keeping his options open. He doesn’t know for sure who they are going to add and when they will be ready, I read at one point from Kevin Bowan that he thought they’d draft a guy like Stanley from Iowa in the mid rounds who might not be ready day one.
  10. I think there is nit picking going on here. I don’t think Chloe is saying Ballard is going to go to AC or anyone and go hey here is blank check just write the number you want. What she’s saying is he isn’t going to do what Grigson tried to do with McAfee (per McAfee just for the record) and pretend a guy isn’t a top a player when he is and low ball them. He’s going to make a fair offer and go from there. Of course negotiations will be a part of it but as long as both sides aren’t in different camps in terms of how good of a player the guy that can normally we be worked out.
  11. Point being is you have to have the talent too. Talent to make that kind of a jump is normally found at the top of the draft. Is it a guarantee? No. Is it a big time help? Yes.
  12. Having the second pick in the draft didn’t hurt either... This is what the NFL is built on. Being able to turn things around quickly and go from worst to first. This was like when the Colts were 2-14 and got Luck and went 11-5 the next season. The problem is getting those types of guys at 13 is hard to do.
  13. That’s awesome have fun man!
  14. Irsay has always said draft decisions are made as a team between the GM, the coaching staff, and him. No question Ballard is the leader in there on this but Irsay and Reich will have a major say. That’s also what owners look for when they hire a GM. A guy they can work with. Irsay tends to let the football guys make the final calls but he likes to be involved in the process. So I don’t see it as being an issue about pushing as much as it will be about the team coming to an agreement. Dungy talked about this when he said he had to sell Polian on Freeney and Polian had to sell him on Sanders in the draft as an example. That’s part of why I think Grigson and Pagano failed as it sounds like they didn’t mesh as a team very well.
  15. He’s also said over and over again that bills come due. He’s made it clear he’s saving his money to sign his own. I also don’t AC is looking to get paid like the best left tackle in football either. I am sure he wants what’s fair but I also think the Colts are prepared to do that with him. I don’t think money is the major issue here.
  16. No he’s not. See what happened from when Glenn left until the Colts got AC to see why that’s a foolish statement. Teams don’t let franchise left tackles get to free agency. The Colts have no others dominating young left tackles on the roster. They have Clark who is a bust and only made the roster because every other left tackle was worse. Having four fifths of an oline does you no good If you have a huge hole at the most important position on the line. You have zero way to know if he’s using this as a negotiation tool so stop saying it likes it’s a fact because it’s not. Its also not likely. The Colts have already said they want him back and AC said if he plays he wants to be here. So both sides have already given up leverage for this to be a meaningful tool for AC to play. Also AC has all the leverage he needs in terms of the Colts want and need him back. There is no other buyable option on the roster at left tackle without him so if they lose him they will have to replace him which would make another major need the Colts would have to address. They have enough of those without adding another one to this list. Your next man up is Clark. Do you really want him protecting your QBs blindside?
  17. With some sure. If people like you they don’t want to see you fail and will tend to deflect or make excuses if you do something wrong. There is nothing wrong with that. We are all Colts fans and want them to do well and want to like what they are doing. So we are likely to try to find positives in negatives. After all, very few things are truly all good or bad. Most are blended between the two. There are people who are willing to be critical than others and that’s fine too. There were several that found faults with Frank at different times this season. I think the problem comes in that most of the time we want a simple answers, IE it’s all because of the QB play, it’s all because of injuries and poor play at WR, it’s all on the game plan, or it’s all the GM’s fault for not having better talent. In reality it’s a combination of all those things but those things also went well at times too. So depending on what you think is the worst is what most focus on and don’t want to discuss the others because they feel that’s getting away from “the real problem.”
  18. I meant work Jb into every thread even those that have NOTHING to do with him.
  19. Ideal situation? Luck comes back Peyton Manning announces he’s found something that will make his body 20 years younger and he is coming back to the Colts. The Colts sign Brady. All for vet minimums of course!
  20. Some have agendas they have to push...
  21. Adam and McAfee were brought in by Polian, he re-signed them and if you listen to McAfee he only re-signed him because Irsay made him. Overton made the pro-bowl because his coach Pagano was coaching it and got to pick the long snapper. Grigson did do a good job to start with but the problem was his bad drafts caught up to him in the end.
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