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  1. I am pretty sure he was active for all 16 games plus two playoff games last year.
  2. Let’s chill a little on the Kelly love fest. We’ve yet to see what Kelly can do against another teams ones in this offense when that defense is preparing for him. Generally speaking backup QBs, which is what I think Kelly is, show everyone why they are backups if they play long enough. Thats what we are about to find out about Brissett. Has he grown enough to show he is a starter and not just a backup in this league? That answer will probably determine what kind of season the Colts have.
  3. Yes Irsay seems to really think that Luck is going to change his mind at some point and comeback. With that said I noticed Ballard seem to bristle when Irsay went down the comeback road last night. I don’t think Ballard would welcome Luck back with open arms as crazy as that might seem. Ballard seems to believe firmly in you are either in or out and Luck made his choice. If Luck changes his mind I don’t think Ballard would feel Luck is fully committed going forward and he doesn’t want those kinds of guys on his team. With that said Ballard isn’t the owner so if Luck comes back one day and Irsay wants him then Ballard won’t have a choice. I am also just guessing what Ballard might be thinking based on the little I honestly know about the man. Also, there is a problem with the wait for Luck to change his mind approach beyond the fact it might not happen. How long are the Colts going to wait? At some point they have to move forward at the QB spot and invest in someone else, maybe it’s Brissett but if it’s not him it’s probably going to be someone in this draft class. Say the Colts move up to go get one of the top QBs in this class and invest into him for a year and Luck then decides to comeback. At that point unless the new kids a bust it’s probably smarter to stick with younger and healthier QB.
  4. Given the circumstances stances of how this played out I think any fanbase would have booed last night. I listened to national radio today expecting the fans to take a beating and was surprised to see most hosts got it. It was raw emotion in the heat of the moment. Also I wouldn’t worry too much about future free agents. You pay the money they will come.
  5. For what it’s worth I won a Super Bowl on Madden with Fromm today... for the record that isn’t a serious endorsement of Fromm.
  6. He literally gave you his body for seven years for your entertainment. How some feel like that’s not good enough and they are entitled too more just because they like the Colts is beyond me.
  7. Could be, all I know is after last night I have no real idea what’s going on the inside of West 56th street.
  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, to some here it’s more important to be right than to see something good happen to the Colts. Shameful.
  9. I think it’s more about Irsay holding out hope that Luck will decide he wants to play again and he doesn’t want to tick him off by asking for the money back. Then again it’s Irsay it’s possible he’s doing it simply because he thinks it’s the right thing to do.
  10. I think they will see how Brissett plays first. I get that they love him and I am higher on him than most but if he doesn’t work out as a starter no point in locking yourself in before you have too. Yes there is a risk he could play really well and force you to pay more later but I am guessing the Colts will see what they have in him first but I could be wrong.
  11. I am sure he will but the problem is teams don’t let go of many quality left tackles at cut down time.
  12. No I think he’s a high end backup / boarder line starting QB. Something along the lines that Colts fans haven’t been used to having since Harbaugh was here. I think the Colts can win with him but I don’t think he’s a guy you build your team around.
  13. The day they cut Peyton was pretty dark too but Andrew was the light at the end of the tunnel. Now we aren’t sure where the tunnel ends.
  14. The problem is they have no one better than Clark. If AC gets hurt they have no backup left tackle unless haeg can swing over there and play.
  15. The article even says it’s not clear what was said and there are other sources saying he was to Friday so I don’t think this is the moment he found out but more likely a webpage trying to get a story out there.
  16. Burning Jersey is the new trendy fad to do. Personally I think it’s stupid. You are going to sure show that guy by burning something you spent money on. Basically you are burning your own money...
  17. I honestly think Ballard held back when he got to that. He sounded like he was getting ready to unload and then thought better of it at the last second.
  18. I know you are joking but I heard someone say he can’t because the Colts own his rights for the next three years and that would even prevent him from going to another league.
  19. I don’t think Andrew has skills required for broadcasting. He’s not a very polished speaker.
  20. Oh I agree with you. That’s why I’ve been understanding of Andrew from the get go but I can also see why as a fan you can feel that way and still be mad about what it does to the team. I mean this was the guy the Colts cut a lot of people’s favorite player for and to a lot of them the guy they felt was the greatest to ever play the game for. You not only had to sit through Manning winning a Super Bowl somewhere else (not saying he would have here), but you had to watch him end his career in Denver and now they have to share him with the Broncos because you were told that Andrew Luck was worth it. Now seven years in he Retires at the worst possible time just as the team is getting to the point where the team is supposed to be a Super Bowl contender again. I can understand why as a football fan one would be mad. With that said, as you said and as I said last night, football is a game. We are talking about a guy who walked away for his health and that’s much more important. So personally I can put aside any anger or frustration I feel and understand why he did it. It doesn’t mean as a Colts fan it doesn’t really really suck though.
  21. Yeah what’s become clear in the last 24 hours is that Irsay was right when he said two years ago that part of the issue was between Luck’s ears. I know the Colts have lost a lot of trust but Jim Irsay is really more open and honest than he should be and than most want to give him credit for. Most of the time he gets made fun of or dismissed when he says something people don’t want to hear but he’s right more times than not.
  22. He said it on a radio show and he made it very clear it was just a theory he had nothing to back it up.
  23. You know I didn’t think about this until I listened to the radio today and JMV made the point. It’s okay to be both understanding and supportive of Luck taking care of himself but at the same time being * about what this does to this team.
  24. He said it on a radio show I heard it too, also he said THINKS, he didn’t say did.
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