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  1. Don’t trust message board GMs. As for the article at large another reason to like Ballard.
  2. I think the 2009 team gets a raw deal when people talk about the talent on that roster. Honestly had it not been for throwing the Jets game and an onside kick in the Super Bowl that team could have been 19-0. You don’t do that unless you have a crazy amount of talent.
  3. 30 games without a sack says otherwise. Did he have bad plays? Sure. Show me a player in the NFL that doesn’t. If you don’t think the Colts are going to re-sign Nelson you aren’t listening to Ballard. He’s always talked about drafting and then keeping your own. Nelson is exactly the type of player he’s talking about when he says bills come down. We watched the Colts handed a franchise QB in Andrew Luck and saw his career destroyed by injuries because he never really had a line in front of him. Why on earth would you want to give away your best lineman because he’s going to be expensive after seeing that? News flash good players in the NFL are expensive and you can’t build a good team nickel and dimming everywhere. On top of that the Colts can afford Nelson. The Chiefs just gave how much to Mahomes? Yet they can still afford to pay other players. The Colts aren’t going to have any kind of contract like that for a long time thanks to not having a line to protect Luck. They can afford Nelson because while he’s going to get a record payday for a guard he’s still not going to get QB type money. On top of that a large part of these big deals is how are they setup. Just about every deal Ballard has signed has been team friendly. I highly doubt he’s going to change that for Nelson. He will structure the contract so Nelson gets paid what he’s worth but also so it works for the Colts. Yes the salary cap won’t let you keep everyone but unless you don’t know what you are doing with the cap it let’s you keep guys like Nelson.
  4. It’s not overaction. Nelson has turned out to be every bit of the player the Colts thought they were getting at number six. Also add in all the other players the trade with the Jets to get Nelson brought the Colts beyond nailed that pick. Also before you dig in on the forum said it wasn’t right to take a guard that high this is the same forum that ripped Ballard a new one for taking Leonard in the second and declared him a bust before he ever played a game. This is also the same fan base that had 50% of their people who wanted RG3 and Leaf over Luck and Manning. They are also the same people who blew a gasket for taking Edge over Rickey Williams. Fans opinions are very often wrong when it comes to judging a players value in the draft.
  5. No player is perfect. Nelson has more than held his own over the course of his career. Also it’s not like Heyward is some bum. He’s very good at what he does too. Singling out Nelson’s worst play seems to be the mark of someone who is trying to poke holes in him (and for the record I know you didn’t say it.) Is he the second coming or Christ? No but until people start saying he’s walking on water and curing the sick I am not going to say people are saying he is. He is one of the best linemen in football though. The fact he’s going over 30 straight games without giving up a sack and that the Colts have become very good at running the football speaks to that.
  6. Well this thread took a turn.
  7. He’s moving to Zionsville. The fact his house is for sale doesn’t mean he’s done in Indy. With that said I hope the Colts don’t re-sign him. He’s moving to Zionsville.
  8. Maybe but as others have pointed out the Colts have a history of great WRs beyond Marvin and Reggie. Berry being the most noticeable. I am not sure if another franchise can say they had two of the top 10 all-time like the Colts had with Berry and Marvin. Still the Steelers make a very strong argument.
  9. Faulk wasn’t a WR and if we are talking about WRs he doesn’t factor into that.
  10. I didn’t say you did. I said they were. Marvin is fifth in career catches and Wayne is 10th. Bruce is 13th and Holt doesn’t make the top 13. Holt is 16th in career yards and 36th in TDs. So Harrison tops Bruce in catches and TDs while Bruce has the edge in yards. I think TDs and catches are much more important than yards. Wayne tops Holt in everything and tops Bruce in catches. As a duo give me Harrison and Wayne. Moss and Carter is another good duo although it was short lived and the Steelers had Stallworth and Swann. Those are the best sets I can come up with. The Steelers have been good at producing stud WRs as a franchise but I am not sure I would take them over Harrison and Berry who are probably two of the top 10 WRs to ever play the game and Wayne who is also probably going to end up a Hall of Famer.
  11. Wayne and Harrison were just as good.
  12. Appreciated him and he’s probably number five on that list but that gap between him and the other four is pretty big and that’s not a shot at Bill Brooks as much as it’s a credit to the the four.
  13. I am watching a Peyton’s places marathon on ABC and they are doing one Raymond Berry. Much has been made about the Colts history of QBs with Johnny U and Peyton Manning leading the way but I think they might have had more great WRs in the history if the NFL than any other team with Berry, Harrison, Wayne, and now Hilton trying to join them. Either way the Colts history at WR has been over shadow by QBs so I just wanted to shine some light on it.
  14. Honestly a lot of people care just because you don’t doesn’t mean no one does.
  15. You the Astros got caught once a lot of people want that trophy taken away. The Pats have been caught over and over. It’s not unreasonable to start saying take away the titles. honestly like the Astro’s even if the league doesn’t their legacy is being cemented with a lot of fans that they are cheaters so whenever their dynasty comes up people are going to say yeah but... unlike the 49ers, Cowboys, Steelers, or Packers.
  16. So this the third time the Pats have been caught cheating and been punished for it? I’ve lost count. Funny how most of the rest of the league hasn’t even been caught once but the Pats defense is everyone does it! Also Pats fans don’t @ me. I don’t want to hear it. If you still believe your team has been punished unfairly all these times for something everyone else does then I have some land on the moon I’d like to talk you about buying from me.
  17. Why does it matter if the kicker does kickoffs? Ridgo is good at it and McAfee was maybe the leagues best at it. Lots of teams have their punters do kickoffs.
  18. That’s why I think that’s an Irsay call in part. I think he refused to let the team be put in that position again.
  19. I don’t think there is any denying putting his son in charge was a mistake. However that doesn’t undo everything he did to that point. It was time to make a change in 2011 and Irsay made the right call to make a change. He just made the wrong call on who to hire to replace him.
  20. If Peyton was the only hall of fame level player he brought in here that might be true. Also, I’m order to for this to work you have to ignore what he did in Buffalo and Carolina without Peyton. Bill Polian is in the Hall of Fame and widely regarded as one of he best GMs of all time. Ryan Grigson hasn’t and probably won’t get a second chance because people saw him handed a Peyton Manning type talent and he literally built a team that ruined his career.
  21. Might have been Polian’s plan but it wasn’t Irsay’s plan. Also Luck got the snot beat out of him long after Arians was gone so you can’t put that all on him.
  22. I don’t know about ever but they aren’t going to let either go for a long time.
  23. I doubt the Colts would have drafted Luck had they kept Peyton. That call came from Irsay not the GM so Polian staying wouldn’t have changed that. Also the Colts would have still had no line in front of Peyton who was even less mobile they Andrew. It could have been ugly watching Peyton behind that line. I wish it had played out differently than it did with the end of Peyton here but at this point it’s what it is.
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