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  1. They had to do the restructures to be able to churn the roster.
  2. I do think they can blitz, they just have pick their spots with it.
  3. So you are saying open the roof…
  4. Yes without the front four being better and the secondary being so beat up it’s going to depend even more on bend don’t break and get takeaways than we like.
  5. Dayo can’t play until the Jets game. The Colts are using Doyle mostly to block and giving his passing plays to Mo which is working.
  6. I am not saying the defense is playing great. I am mostly echoing what the guy I quoted said and you said. The biggest issue with the Colts defense is the front four isn’t getting to the QB. That’s what has to be fixed. If you start blitzing nonstop to make it happen you are going to expose an already really beat up secondary which will probably lead to more break downs. The front four has to win in order for this defense to work.
  7. I mean the Colts saw it four times a year at least the past three years from Titans and Texans and look as lost vs it last night as they did the first time the saw it so they haven’t figured it out yet. That’s what Tom Moore used to do with Manning. If they found something that worked he called it non stop until the other team stopped it.
  8. I think Mack goes before the deadline. I would bet Ballard is looking for a secondary player for him (probably not going to be a big time player) but if he can’t find one might trade him for a late round pick.
  9. Say it louder for the people in back. Also Collinsworth did a good job last night pointing out what gets the Colts defense in trouble is when you use their aggressiveness against them. Blitzing isn’t going to fix that it’s going to make it worse.
  10. Lol trust me I wish I didn’t have too lol. Oh well at least the Jags and Texans are still the Jags and Texans.
  11. What player are you giving up to keep Autry? They don’t have spare money at the moment which is why they are reworking deals to make in season moves. Also it’s not going to be as simple as cut some rookie to make Autry’s contract work. It’s going to have to be someone they spent money on and then how do you replace them. Also Ballard drafted not one but two ends this year so it’s pretty clear by doing that he’s acknowledging that the guys he’s drafted in the past aren’t working so I don’t think he thought I can let Autry go because I have these other awesome players like your statement makes it sound.
  12. Translation I am just going to move the goalposts until something fits what I want to be true and ignore anything good in between.
  13. Pittman just did this last night not once but twice.
  14. $$$$. The Colts don’t have all this cash. They are having to restructure deals to be under the cap so they can make in season roster adjustments.
  15. Yeah they have sellers remorse on Wentz and really want Frank back. I think they would gladly give the Colts the Colts first round pick back and then some for Wentz and Frank but Ballard called no backsies on the trade.
  16. That too Stephen that too. People like to find a flaw and pretend that invalidates all the other good things and not only invalidates them it becomes THE most important thing. The Colts once had a linebacker near the league lead in tackles. Pat Anger. Now who would you (and I mean generic you here) rather have Anger or Leonard?
  17. Some people just can’t admit they are wrong and would rather be right even if being right hurts the Colts.
  18. I mean what they were doing was working so he didn’t go away from it. He just kept calling until the 49ers stopped it (which they never did with Taylor). That’s Tom Moore play calling 101.
  19. I just want to see him do is sparingly. He doesn’t know how to slide and it’s how he got hurt in Philly a lot and how Luck got hurt here too. It’s good to have but I like that we are seven games in and this was really the first game he’s really broken it out a lot. Granted, one of those games he couldn’t really move.
  20. No he’s not and he loves to see bad things happen to the Colts because that means controversy and that makes his job easier which is all he cares about.
  21. Yeah I don’t really factor how good a player was into their announcing duties. Simms was just boring. Aikmam is pretty boring too but he’s trapped with Joe Buck so each week he doesn’t jump out of the broadcast booth is a win for him. Maybe it’s just Colts Bias but I thought Dungy was really good when NBC had him call Notre Dame games last year. I was disappointed when they replaced him with Brees this year. Honestly a three man both with Trico, Dungy, and Brees would be really good I think.
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