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  1. Then Smith becomes the “weak link”. With that said I expect the Colts to use that money to start signing guys like AC and TY. Ballard just doesn’t go after big name free agents and they just extended Glow last year so I think he’s the guy baring injury for the time being.
  2. Glow is the weak point on the line and teams attack him. He holds his own on most plays which is what you can ask for. He’s replaceable if an upgrade comes along but plays well enough you don’t have to go get someone.
  3. Better than the zero Super Bowls the Colts won without Dungy but still having a lot of that talent.
  4. They are more like the 87 or 95 Colts IMO.
  5. If the NFL had a most improved award like the NBA he’d be in the running for that.
  6. Which is how I figured teams were going to try to start playing the Colts at some point. This is very good to get on tape to show playing them that way isn’t very smart. Only one team really had some success with it and that’s the Titans who not only the Colts beat but have a secondary that is far better than most teams in the NFL.
  7. Brissett looked down field several times today. It wasn’t there. He did a much better job finding his secondary reads though before just dumping it to the dump off guy.
  8. Check the weather from that game. Just about any QB would have struggled in it.
  9. He deserves some pro-bowl love but then again so many people opt of the pro-bowl Luck might make the pro-bowl.
  10. He left early with an injury and didn’t return so I guess the injury bug is a legend?
  11. I am not ready to say that. I need to see it in more than one game before I say that but today was encouraging for sure.
  12. Also them having almost all their starting secondary out was a reason for that. The sideline gal mentioned when she talked Frank at halftime he admitted to trying to take advantage of that.
  13. I think Frank Reich is a big reason why this is such a good job.
  14. If he is plays like this the rest of the way the Colts are in great shape at QB.
  15. Not that I saw. Hopefully the Colts can heal up a bit this week and be even more healthy for the Broncos next week.
  16. Not too bad for a guy some wanted released at the end of the pre-season because he wasn’t the shinny new toy or the message board all pro.
  17. The Texans won the line battle today and took the run away. Credit to Jacoby and the passing game for over coming that.
  18. Pascal stepping up and being a legit number two helped big time. Credit needs to be given to him as well when people were calling for him to be released at the end of the pre-season.
  19. Best game of his career. Only bad play he made all day was the fumbled snap. He read the field really well today. He also did it when the Texans took over the line in the second half. This one goes on him in a good way.
  20. I don’t know what people wanted to see but what they are seeing is him playing a masterful half vs the Texans minus the fumbled snap.
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