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  1. Yeah, he's a great kid, and we already support him for his adversity.
  2. That's my hunch as well, that hopefully nothing really changes for games 1-3, because they've always been entertaining with game 3 as the "dress rehearsal". I'm just excited to finally see what Eason can do on the field.
  3. The question I have now is this: will the 3rd game become a throwaway game like the 4th was? I'd like to say no, because there won't be enough time to waste in the preseason now.
  4. The Browns being compared to a can of baked beans is everything.
  5. I could listen to Ballard talk football all day. I'd love to spend a Sunday afternoon at a game with him and just talk shop for hours.
  6. I don't have any ill will towards Tim. Great guy, fantastic leader, and very entertaining to watch usually. I'm reserved on how he'll do from a football standpoint, but that's more due to his lack of experience (1 snap as a TE, I believe?). He's certainly athletic enough. And he's one heck of a story. He'll probably bring in tickets to Jacksonville for the big Florida fans to see their old hero play ball in his home state, which is good business for Meyer and Co.
  7. All good posts on here. Essentially, the 1 year deal allows Ballard some flexibility and doesn't marry him to any individual player. If they do well, he can give them a new deal, if they don't... he can let them walk without any major repercussions (like paying a team to take them off our hands). Our main core of players will have their major deals worked out, and then the supporting players will be rotated in on a (possible) yearly basis.
  8. Agreed. A good scenario for them would be Tevi playing for a couple or more games and Fisher returning to finish out the season. They also are probably happy with his versatility. If anything else, he's going to be a good backup to have as the now 17 game season wears on.
  9. I'm feeling apprehensive but hopeful this all works out. Until then, probably expect Tevi to take the snaps and start.
  10. Yeah, it was a mess of an offseason. We all knew the brass wouldn't pony up the necessary money for Bauer, but all of this wheeling and dealing "for the future" is getting old. The forever rebuilding continues. Until Votto returns, the management will be playing musical Reds...
  11. They'll stay at .500 all season. Good, but not good enough. Our starting pitchers are very strong (although Castillo is struggling early) and our offense is capable of scoring 10+ runs when they're on fire. But the true Achilles heel is our pitchers for relief and closing. We'll often be up by a few scores going into the 5th or 6th inning, just to lose it afterwards. Very frustrating, because we're probably capable to have at least 20 wins by this point.
  12. Yep, weather prevented my Reds from winning the Battle of Ohio, but gave both teams a break.
  13. NL CENTRAL STANDINGS 1. Cardinals 21W 14L 2. Brewers 19W 16L 3. Cubs 17W 17L 4. Reds 15W 15L 5. Pirates 14W 19L Black and Blue Division indeed. Reds vs. Pirates and Cards vs. Brewers to start the week. Cubbies get to play a well-rested Indians team.
  14. Yeah, Bevell is listed as OC and Brian is listed as the passing game coordinator. So I guess he will be consulting during the game and relaying info and throwing plays to Darren? Or, more likely, I’m reading too much into this and “passing game coordinator” is a spruced up name for quarterbacks coach...
  15. I must have missed the announcement of Brian being the OC. Lawrence could have some early success this coming season. I suspect a lot of points will be scored with this new Jaguars offense. Russell Wilson enjoyed career highs in that offense.
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