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  1. Great draft so far, you got Joe protection in round 2 which is essential. Tyler Johnson should do nicely to help with weapons.
  2. Good choice! With better protection the Vikes can match up against the 49ers.
  3. Most of the QBs in this draft will be developmental. And when you look at all the draft classes year by year, it’s exceedingly rare to find that “guy”. There’s just something about Hurts that I don’t like. His combine was fine, and his leadership skills are fine. But watching his tape, there’s just something... off. The same could be said for most of the QBs. This draft class in general doesn’t scream 2004 to me, but we’ll see.
  4. The only roadblock if he put Watson on the trade block would be that we’re in the same division. He’d probably take offers from NFC teams over us...
  5. Watson on this team would be lit.
  6. Miami should be chomping at the bit for this kid. Draft him first and then pick up a handful of offensive linemen help. With Brady gone from the division their chance in the spotlight could be coming soon .
  7. Thanks NFLfan, yeah I definitely plan to. I’ve got a lot of buddies who are Purdue alums, so I’m watching intently to see where Markus ends up on here and in the real world draft coming up.
  8. Sounds good to me. Everyone needs a little extra motivation now and again, even pro football players. Get that $$$ Xavier and lead us to the playoffs!
  9. Maybe we can trade him to O’Brien and the Texans.
  10. I mean, I just don’t see anyone really needing him unless injuries pile up around the league.
  11. Oh I will agree with you that he’s not worth 20 mill. I think you just stated what he’s good at: making plays.
  12. Depends. Is the thing he’s great at his primary job for the team? If so then I’d say yes.
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