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  1. RollerColt

    Andrew is letting his injury affect his decision making

    I’ve become quite good a finding time wasting gifs over the years!
  2. The only thing I can think of, is that the zebras were afraid of the mighty Eagles fanbase and decided to throw the game in Philly's favor to avoid riots in the streets.
  3. RollerColt

    Stupid play calling on last possession

    Exactly. Had the refs allowed us to play football, that drive never happens and we win the game.
  4. RollerColt

    Something is wrong with luck.....

    Oh I’m totally blaming someone. The refs decided on the game. Calling a defensive player for holding while triple teamed? Yep... That’s not biased at all...
  5. RollerColt

    Marlon Mack

    I love Marlon Mack, but I’m starting to get Vick Ballard flashbacks... Really hope Mack can get (and stay) healthy.
  6. RollerColt

    Leonard - Silver Linings

    Got a long season to go, but boy oh boy is Leonard fun to watch!
  7. RollerColt

    Something is wrong with luck.....

    The one person who has been honest so far this season and the months leading up to it is Luck himself. Go go back and watch his interviews. You will see that he has stated many times that he isn’t there yet. He still has his road to take for recovery. This means he’s going to have some bad games people. He probably doesn’t look right because the reality is he is not 100 percent. He just started throwing again in July. It’s still going to take time, and not the “knocking off the rust” kind.
  8. RollerColt

    Please these other post is like Mob mentality

    Honestly hard to tell, because this is by far the largest and most active fan forum on the internet.
  9. RollerColt

    Dear NFL

    The NFL will continue to decline because of bad referees. We shouldn’t have to sit and wait to celebrate after every single great play because there might be a flag. It’s ruining the game and the fun of it. The Clay Matthews penalty today was beyond ridiculous!
  10. RollerColt

    Colts @ Eagles Game Day Thread

    Zebras once again show their bias against the Colts. Can’t have the champs lose to the Midwest! Can’t have Carson’s return to the game ruined! Gotta find some way to screw us...
  11. RollerColt

    What are you expecting?

    Wentz in Luck's situation would equal the 2018 Seahawks situation with Russell Wilson.
  12. RollerColt

    What are you expecting?

    Haven't we always been? haha...
  13. RollerColt

    What are you expecting?

    If the Luck and Hilton deep ball connection happens, plus the same defensive performance, good night. If Luck and the defense play lights out we can beat any team. After the Bucs game, I expect Luck to take a few more shots down the field to challenge the corners and safeties, and I expect Reich and Eberflus to ramp up the creative playcalling. We should be prepared for the Eagles. The question is will be Eagles be prepared for us?