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  1. Fair enough. I just think if they're planning to make big changes, they're probably looking at changing the system and schemes. Nothing against Sirianni at all.
  2. They're going to have to do something. At this point, there might be a lot of vets who won't even be able to play. Teams that do have some cap space will be reluctant to spend too much and end up like everyone else.
  3. So what I'm getting from reading and researching this, is that veteran players are really screwed for this offseason. There's going to be quite a bit of free agents who will have to take significant pay cuts just to be employed. There's a lot of teams in cap trouble...
  4. I really hope we have a preseason this year. And I can agree with your thoughts. Though Ballard's way of going all in is much different than say, the Saints or Broncos.
  5. True, he could be hired right now on the spot. Perhaps due diligence, or because of his past they want to make absolutely sure that he's the right guy?
  6. How different is Siranni/Reich's offense to Pederson? If it's similar, I don't see why they'd take him.
  7. Agreed. I want a team that is stable and working to the future. Going all in is instant gratification. It's fun at the time, but afterwards you have to face the music. Especially with a pandemic year, and a lowered cap. Right now, we've barely got money. There's some there to play with, but it's still going to lead to hard decisions. Thanks to COVID-19, I could see us actually losing talent instead of gaining talent. Trying to go all in right now would be counterproductive to Ballard's plan and ambitions.
  8. The extending plays and playing hero ball was more of my thinking. It's great entertainment, but eventually it catches up and injuries start to mount. I wince every time Lamar or Patrick or Deshaun start to scramble. The injuries this weekend could be considered freak accidents, especially with Lamar. But I'm also not so sure...
  9. I thought he had a pretty good season all things considered. If there's someone else out there that's better, so be it. By all means, upgrade if possible. But Rivers did what was expected of him this season, and helped get a 7-9 team to 11-5 and back in the playoffs. If we don't bring Rivers back, I have a feeling it's more due to cap issues than performance.
  10. It’s something all of the young mobile QBs need to work on in the AFC.
  11. Exactly my thought on this. Ballard is essentially trying to do the opposite of what the Saints have done. We could have easily gone nuts a year ago and brought in all these free agents with Rivers.
  12. I missed the divisional round scores, ah well... I'm definitely going to wait before predicting anything. Going to be interesting to see if Patrick can play by next weekend.
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