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  1. I fully agree. Heck there was another coach on the other sideline during our game that was making all sorts of foolish calls. His name is Zac Taylor and he blew a 21-0 lead.
  2. The offense also improved on one of their biggest issues this year: the redzone. All 3 of Philip's touchdown passes came in the redzone.
  3. 6-6 so far. It's very clear: I don't know anything.
  4. I was frustrated with him during the 1st half for sure. I won't say he completely redeemed himself in the 2nd half, but we didn't hear much about him for the rest of the game, which is good news. He still has much to learn. He's got to realize that some refs allow a little play, and then others (like yesterday) are ridiculously strict.
  5. The Patriots are like Sauron. Even in defeat, they're never truly gone. Just a whisper-less malice haunting over us.
  6. The deep throw to Johnson was what really started to turn things around. I also noticed his velocity was better today compared to Cleveland. I have to wonder how different the first half would have been if Doyle held on to the ball.
  7. He’s making the most of his opportunity for sure. Practice hard, play hard. Getting results!
  8. They did a lot better in the second half for sure. Rock gained his composure, and Blackmon showed up when we desperately needed a play. I’m still concerned about our pass rush. Burrow was leading the league in QB hits and sacks. We should have been able to get more pressure from our line and not from blitzing backs.
  9. He did good today, and was not the reason we even had to make a comeback.
  10. Wow, I was blown away by this game and the team. Happy for the win, but concerned about our defense for sure. We needed the bye week.
  11. A lot of dirty play going on from the Bengals D, and refs just looking the other way.
  12. Okay, it’s obvious the refs are once again against us. Maybe rivers should aim for their crotches ala Longest Yard.
  13. Joe Mixon is now out for the Bengals. That’s a big blow for their offense. Burrow relies on him a lot.
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