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  1. Ravens are definitely beatable with a good game plan, we proved that. I see Herbert keeping the pedal to the metal all game. Should be enough to give them loss #2.
  2. Can confirm from personal experience. My second concussion knocked me out of football for good, and is probably the reason I have chronic migraines…
  3. Yes. I think our best shot at this is by swarming Mills and just not giving him time to throw (obviously this should be the key every game…), and Wentz and the offense need to have those extremely long drives like Monday night.
  4. True. Then perhaps disguised blitzes are the way to go? We can’t let him get into a rhythm on Sunday. Haven’t really followed the Texans much this year, is their run game a threat?
  5. If there was ever a time to play more man and closer to the line of scrimmage this is the game. Press the WRs and dare Mills to be accurate enough with the deep ball or wait long enough for someone to get open. We theoretically should be able to sack him at least a couple of times by doing this.
  6. Very true. I've got a lot of things happening in my life, that this forum and the Colts in general offer a brief escape from the continued "bad news" I seem to get on a daily basis.
  7. I did nearly the same thing. Went to the bedroom, hugged the kids and then joined the wife watching British Bakeoff. She always knows the Colts are doing bad because I go quiet. People sending threats like that aren't fans. They're just trolls and sick-minded individuals waiting for a reason to attack someone.
  8. Gah. I knew I'd forget one! VIKINGS 24 Panthers 17
  9. Colts 21 Texans 10. Wentz continues to get better, throws over 250 yards with 2 touchdowns and Taylor runs over 100 on the ground and 1 score. The defensive line dominates the first three quarters knocking Mills off his balance, but allows 10 points in the last 15 minutes of the game.
  10. Thursday Night Football BUCCANEERS 28 vs. Eagles 21 Sunday Games Dolphins 18 vs. JAGUARS 19 CHIEFS 29 vs. Washington 17 RAMS 35 vs. Giants 7 Texans 10 vs. COLTS 21 BENGALS 30 vs. Lions 20 PACKERS 26 vs. Bears 13 CHARGERS 38 vs. Ravens 35 VIKINGS 24 Panthers 17 CARDINALS 31 vs. Browns 30 Raiders 13 vs. BRONCOS 14 COWBOYS 33 vs. Patriots 27 Seahawks 14 vs. STEELERS 20 Monday Night Football BILLS 41 vs. Titans 28 Broncos vs. Raiders is a complete tossup for me. The Raiders are in shambles this week and understandably distracted. However, on paper their offense is better than Denver. Dolphins vs. Jaguars is also... yeah... I think Trevor finally gets his win this week, as he's better than both Jacoby or Tua and Robinson is a machine at running back. Last Week 11-5; Overall 47-31
  11. The team has got to get healthy. Is that possible? Honestly at this point with our current history and trends I have to say no. I'm usually pretty optimistic, but I'm not feeling it this year. I'm not going down with the whole "burn it all down" club that likes to show up after losses. But I think we're stuck as a below .500 team for now and maybe even next year.
  12. Not much we can do honestly... I suppose that Ballard can borrow from the future for next year's draft, but then that puts us in a spiral much like what the Texans are dealing with.
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