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  1. Qb's will get hurt in preseason and the colts may get a decent draft pick for then, if not, cut him and save money. rivers doesnt miss games, so I don't want to have a high dollar backup qb. Kelley would be on the practice squad like last year and the colts will be fine. Love taking this qb chance with upside in the 4th round!
  2. The o-line makes a rv, not the other way around. Don't like picking rb's high, and worse trading up. Like the wr pick, but would have gone defense not rb.
  3. Everyone should know by now what brissett brings to the team. Time to find out what Kelly brings to the team in real games. This will let the team know if they need to draft a qb this year. I think bressett is a mid level qb, so they will need a better qb to be a championship team.
  4. the pats would have let him go after testing positive for ped's!
  5. should have been gone after testing positive for ped's like i said when it happened! he cheated, had his best year, and made a lot of money. he won, colts lost! the colts could have saved money and put more emphasis on finding another pass rusher instead of thinking he could still do it.
  6. well, are all the mathis excuse makers here ready to admitt that i was right when i said the colts should cut him after getting caught cheating with ped's! i dont remember anyone agreeing with me back then. my only problem with polian was keeping players here too long with too big of contracts. since its still happening, maybe it was more ownership than the gm.
  7. the colts had a nice lead last night and he was completely invisible!
  8. i have been talking about not using high picks on linebackers for years! we get players that are too slow or too small from the draft, or vets not wanted by other teams on the downside.
  9. a couple weeks later, and still completely invisible.
  10. this arguing about pff has been going on for what, two years here! lol! some like it, some dont. who cares, except people that just like to argue.
  11. ther is a reason most teams passed on him, he wasn't worth what he was asking. im glad the colts didnt over pay average or on the downside of their career players like they have so many times in he past.
  12. colt receivers have had a hard time getting open since bruce arians left. maybe its not all the receivers fault.
  13. he has had 5 drafts, so how has he done? luck was a no brainer that every gm would have taken first. other than that, ty is the only real impact player he has drafted!! everyone still think bill polian was that bad.
  14. mathis has been completely invisible. his play says it all. i said they needed to move on after he got caught with ped's. thinking he was going to come back like he was, was a big mistake the colts made and are paying for it now. grigson has made a lot of mistakes! everyone still hating on bill polian? he produced top teams every year with a franchise qb. the colts are going the opposite direction without polians players with a franchise qb.
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