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  1. I voted yes as well, but I do think I might take some time off from the boards. I spend a lot of time on here, and let’s be honest my contributions have never been anything substantial. I think I’ll leave the true technical and sane comments to those like NCF and 2006. Go Colts and Ballard.
  2. I think you’re right. And looking at it myself, I’ve spent way too much time and even money thinking and worrying about this team and football in general. I guess it’s not really that important in the grand scheme of things...
  3. This is very telling of the state of the NFL as a whole.
  4. I guess all those rumors were true, all the talk of him not being in to the game. I denied it over and over, but I guess I’m the one whose the *! The dark ages are here.
  5. I can’t really hold back the depression on this one. Another year absolutely wasted. What the hell do you tell your players in the locker room? 2-14 here we come!
  6. It that was the case, it would be every single player in the league on the injury reports. Especially after the midway point.
  7. Luck has been and will always be more of a private person. Things like this will continue to happen, simply because that's his choice, and his right. The Colts can only disclose so much...
  8. You don't show your cards during preseason. Especially the first game. It's about evaluating your players. We want the Chargers to have the least amount of tape on us as possible. Keep 'em guessing until kickoff.
  9. Next man up. Ballard has always instilled that it’s about more than one single entity. It’s obvious, Luck drives the whole thing in terms of making the playoffs and being a contender. But the team around him can certainly win games in their own right.
  10. I’ve been thinking about that as well, and from my own experience of setbacks, it could be that from those three months he thought he was 100%, yet didn’t realize where he actually was in terms of recovery yet. It’s entirely possible that had he done some of the June workouts he would have quickly realized “oh, I’m not there yet...”. I don’t blame him for what’s happening, he knows the stakes and expectations this season. The human body is a finnicky and complex entity. My hope is that with him being honest with himself and the staff he can get the rehab he needs, both mentally and physically. A lot of baseball players struggle with this after major injuries.
  11. I think we’re going to like what we see with the defense this year.
  12. NCF, I respect the heck out of you. Always have! In regards to the fan base, I think you could revise it to this forum and the internet. Many Colts fans in person aren’t as dramatic or uninformed as what we see on here... I know given your location that’s hard to gain perspective.
  13. https://twitter.com/nflnetwork/status/1156369443686977537?s=20 Congrats Andrew!
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