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  1. Banago and Campbell get my vote, but I’m excited for nearly all of those mentioned. The lockeroom brotherhood is only going to get better this year.
  2. Having the will to prepare to win is often a major key to success. If he keeps that mindset he'll be an excellent player.
  3. Man, I'm glad he's on my team! The whole organization is on the same page about what they want to create, from Ballard to the practice squad, to the support staff. That is how you create success in sports, business and life.
  4. Ballard’s drafting is like cilantro... Some hate it and some love it.
  5. It was a good day, we brought it a lot of guys with talent and potential while also addressing our needs. Lots of competition will be coming in summer.
  6. Today's going to be interesting. I loved Ballard's 2nd round choices last year, so I'm fine with the choices made last night.
  7. It’s a tough schedule for sure. Very interesting. A MNF game against the Saints could be a tall task for us.
  8. Is he worth the amount of money, probably not but that's true of all athletes. But that's how the economy works. He's at the least a top 10 QB, doesn't make too many mistakes and sometimes he goes nuts and completely takes over the game. Not to mention he's been to two Superbowls winning one. So, I mean it's not too surprising, especially after the whole Kirk Cousins thing.
  9. Welp, it was a rough few weeks but it looks like the Reds have managed to get some wins finally. Pitching (which was usually our weakness) has now become a strength. All of our starters have done decent jobs. Looks like the Cards are going to be a lot to handle this weekend though. They are smokin' hot at the moment.
  10. Yeah, quiet offseason and I think a lot of us are just really busy. It's been harder for me to get on lately, school's in full swing and baby #2 will be here soon!
  11. Ah. Sad to say but I’m actually not surprised. Anyone with large amounts of cash can nearly buy whatever they want. Even college admission apparently...
  12. UCLA Men's Basketball. 7 Consecutive national championship titles from 1967-1973. I just don't ever see that happening in the day and age we are now.
  13. Another example, though it is basketball, is: Lebron James and the Lakers.
  14. Yeah, amazing that people get surprised by our process, when Ballard literally lays out his plan weeks before free agency begins... Heck he’s been restating it over and over again in his interviews...
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