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  1. if the Colts don't collapse and Houston doesn’t rest starters week 17 Titans are 7-9. Pump then brakes on them. Although I agree they are a team on the rise. Theres no reason why with a few tweaks we can’t take this division back next year. BOB sold out for this season in Houston. They are going to struggle to get better over the next few years. The future still looks bright for the Colts.
  2. Just when Luck is feeling mentally, and physically the best he has in years he will reflect that walking away from the game is the reason he feels so good. He’s a smart guy. 100% chance the thought has crossed his mind. Also 100% chance as soon as it did he remembers why he left and it’s over. Unfortunately Luck looks at NFL football as a darker chapter in his life. There’s no shaking that ultimate feeling. I’m with the group that would have a hard time trusting him if he did. The future is not as bleak as last night would have us believe.
  3. I’m sorry I disagree. Frank is limited by his players skill set. JB is not the answer, we all can see that. Do you think FR and CB don’t see that too? This team was built around Luck and his skill set. We need to move in a different direction, it’s difficult to do that two weeks before season starts. We had a decent run. Teams have figured our rudimentary offense out. Time to circle the wagons and regroup. Come on offseason!
  4. This team looks like and is playing like it has quit. THAT is on the coaching staff. Not a good look at all.
  5. while it may be petty to be upset about it’s still a classless move.
  6. Because we have never had the supporting cast and a healthy Luck at the same time. This was widely agreed to be the year we would make some noise in the league. Fate had other plans.
  7. I for one have been very careful about letting my emotions dictate my opinions on this matter. The only thing I’ve wanted to see from JB all year was steady improvement being this is o my his second season as a starter. Unfortunately we just haven’t seen it. The accuracy issues, inability to read defenses, locking into his first read and than panicking to a check down or forcing the ball. None of this has improved. For the most part our defense has been solid this year, they’re bound to have a bad game sooner or later. Our problem is when needed JB cannot elevate his game to bail out h
  8. Why are fans so fickle? Do we lose against Miami with Brissett? If Hoyer throws for 3TD’s against Pitt who’s to say JB wouldn’t have been able to win that game? Do we forget 2 games for sure squarely on the shoulders of an inaccurate kicker?! I understand the frustrations of being 1-4 in our last 5 but come on! Reich is doing all he can with the offensive talent he has. I’m sure he would like to have more to work with as well. We are 6-6 and considering all of the turmoil this season I think Reichs done well.
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