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  1. It’s a tough schedule for sure. Very interesting. A MNF game against the Saints could be a tall task for us.
  2. Is he worth the amount of money, probably not but that's true of all athletes. But that's how the economy works. He's at the least a top 10 QB, doesn't make too many mistakes and sometimes he goes nuts and completely takes over the game. Not to mention he's been to two Superbowls winning one. So, I mean it's not too surprising, especially after the whole Kirk Cousins thing.
  3. Welp, it was a rough few weeks but it looks like the Reds have managed to get some wins finally. Pitching (which was usually our weakness) has now become a strength. All of our starters have done decent jobs. Looks like the Cards are going to be a lot to handle this weekend though. They are smokin' hot at the moment.
  4. Yeah, quiet offseason and I think a lot of us are just really busy. It's been harder for me to get on lately, school's in full swing and baby #2 will be here soon!
  5. Ah. Sad to say but I’m actually not surprised. Anyone with large amounts of cash can nearly buy whatever they want. Even college admission apparently...
  6. UCLA Men's Basketball. 7 Consecutive national championship titles from 1967-1973. I just don't ever see that happening in the day and age we are now.
  7. Another example, though it is basketball, is: Lebron James and the Lakers.
  8. Yeah, amazing that people get surprised by our process, when Ballard literally lays out his plan weeks before free agency begins... Heck he’s been restating it over and over again in his interviews...
  9. I like him for the most part. He's better than anything ESPN has produced lately.
  10. The AAF would be wise not to deal with him, but I can see them wanting to sign him just for the sake of publicity and attention. The dude is a circus wherever he goes.
  11. I will say this, as teachers are considered public officials and are reprenstatives of their schools and community, we have a set of professional standards we are expected to adhere to, even outside of the classroom. I mostly agree with you that minor offenses are usually not grounds for a firing, even in Krafts case. But believe me, teachers can be placed on administrative leave and then later removed at the start of the contract year far easier than you think. In the districts I have worked in, the standards are indeed lofty. Kraft owns the Patriots, and therefore is a part of the private sector. I would figure it would take the NFL’s entire ownership along with Goodell to somehow make a decision to remove him, and even then it’s not that simple. I’m definitely not refuting your argument, law is complicated because humans are complicated. It’s the reason we have the 4th and 5th amendments (thank goodness).
  12. Perhaps the mentality that was starting to form was a product of our previous o-line coach, and could have very well been a factor in the the differing philosophies and parting ways... I'm probably reading too much into this story.
  13. Bless you for sharing this. I'll be watching this again in the summer just for fun and to amp up the start of the season!
  14. Possibly a camp body, never know... I've been surprised before with some of these guys. But I wouldn't hold too much stock at the moment.
  15. Player execution is often the biggest culprit. Each player needs to comprehend their blocking assignments and what the defense is doing. One or two mistakes is all it takes for a defensive back to tackle for a loss.
  16. He brought in so many talent potential lads into the Shoe last year. These no-name guys are quickly becoming recognizable faces. Gotta say that last years draft was amped with talent for many levels and positions. Some potentially playoff caliber quarterbacks too. This year’s draft will be interesting as it could pose a challenge for most teams outside of the top 10.
  17. Definitely seeing a trend with Reich. Lots of wise, winning cultured coaches, who are also excellent teachers. Feeling some heavy nostalgia seeing Mudd’s name on the forum. Am I back in my high school years? Haha...
  18. Yep. Social media is a very real problem in schools right now. When my daughter is older she is going to despise me. No cell phone and no social media until junior year of high school. Maybe even past that... The amount of made up stories and falsehoods that get shared is ridiculous.
  19. This is a nightmare I can't wake up from. Year in and out... It's as bad as being a Pacers fan during the Jordan era... I'm just glad I decided not to watch. Even for Pats fans that had to be boring as heck.
  20. Congrats Andrew! http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001015474/article/andrew-luck-named-ap-comeback-player-of-the-year Won by a landslide!
  21. Standing ovation to my guy! Keep chasin’ next year Darius!
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