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  1. Best wishes on the recovery Vinny. I still think picking you up was one of the best decisions our team made. Thanks for helping us finally get that Super Bowl win all those years ago!
  2. Me being a fool is how it happens. I fully take responsibility for my incompetence. You're absolutely right about Jones. They will stick with him long term. And I think Drew Lock is really showing promise for Elway after going to the Texans home and smacking them around. I think a lot of teams have found their starter for the future, but that doesn't mean they won't still be looking if they see someone they like, even just for backup purposes.
  3. They are now tied with Green Bay for the 2nd seed I believe, so they can’t afford another loss if they want a bye.
  4. I know our talent pool is drained at this point, but we should have taken risks in 4th. More blitzes, press coverage. Sure the chances of getting burned were high, but the zone was already getting shredded anyway... We used to have toughness on defense just a month or so ago.
  5. The loss today is on the coaches. You have to make adjustments when your secondary is getting beat so badly. I’m not sure I can stomach watching us play the Saints... I have a feeling it’s going to be a 2011 style 63-3 type of national embarrassment.
  6. This season is getting worse and worse. I just want ONE feel good moment before the year ends... sigh..
  7. I shouldn’t let it affect me, but I’m still extremely sad he retired... I can’t help it, I really enjoyed watching him play. I hope he’s enjoying the father life though, being a dad is awesome!
  8. Right there with you brother. They’re the last team I’d want to see in the playoffs...
  9. Since it seems to be a general consensus that we will be looking for a future QB, I figured it would be a good idea to have thread on teams that we feel will be vying for a QB with us during the off-season. These teams are in no particular order: Cincinnati Bengals: Finley was not the answer to Dalton's decline. Even worse, they may be looking for a head coach when it is all said and done. Miami Dolphins: The entire team needs an overhaul, and that will start with a starter QB. Fitzmagic is only meant to be a bridge to the future and Rosen will be used to gather more ammunition. Denver Broncos: Do the Broncos have enough time to find out if Drew Lock is their savior? John Elway has been consistently trying to find an answer after Manning. Carolina Panthers: Newton is having surgery and most likely is done. Kyle Allen has not shown the franchise that he is capable of being a starter on a regular basis. Chicago Bears: Mitchell hits free agency this year. While the Bears are finally above .500, their QB has caused too many mistakes. Atlanta Falcons: Since their Super Bowl run, they have been in steep decline. A reboot is on the horizon, and Ryan might be shopped around. New York Giants: They gave up on the Daniel Jones experiment and handed the reins back to Manning. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Has Bruce Ariens seen enough of Winston? It would be hard to imagine the Bucs not searching elsewhere for a franchise QB. Bonus Round New England Patriots: Tom most likely is returning, but there's always that chance he decides to retire. The Patriots also like drafting and grooming QBs nearly every year. New Orleans Saints: Drew Brees becomes a free agent this year. Realistically if he wins that coveted 2nd ring he could walk away from the game. Do they stick with Bridgewater for the long term? Oakland / Las Vegas Raiders: It's entirely possible that the Raiders will try and trade Carr for more picks. Remember that Gruden and Co. parted ways with Mack fairly quickly. No one is safe in this organization. Los Angeles Chargers: Rivers will become a free agent once the season ends and the Chargers will be in position to grab a young QB in the draft this year. Decisions, decisions... I'm sure there's more that could enter the market. These things can be so unpredictable. But I figured this would be a fun way to reference who we might be fighting with come January / February.
  10. The Bengals are slated to get him. It would be a massive screw up on their part if they decided to roll with Dalton and draft anyone else. I mean I guess anything could happen, but that would be a catastrophic decision.
  11. I could see Jacob Eason sitting behind Brissett for a year to learn and mature. He has some good things going for him, but he is lacking in handling pressure and will need extended amounts of reps. But watching all his games this year, he definitely has that arm talent that a lot are missing and looking for. He might stay with Washington for another year though...
  12. What will it take to satisfy the football gods?
  13. The way I see it: Steelers will be at 9-7 and get in the playoffs despite the circus of QBs. Oakland will be at 9-7 and lose the tiebreaker. Titans will be at 9-7 and lose the tiebreaker. Colts will be at 9-7 and lose the tiebreaker. It's the perfect amount of chaos for a completely chaotic season. Happy Holidays.
  14. Basically, will people continue to have patience as Ballard works to resolve all of the many issues the team has and will have in the future? My hope is yes, as at least in the past Irsay has been the patient type. We'll become a good tough team in the years ahead, there's just a lot of work still. At least we saw some flashes during the Kansas and 1st Houston games of what we will hopefully become.
  15. TY’s health is deteriorating. Right now we have no healthy answers for WR. Funchess... Campbell... There’s just nothing. The defense is okay, but now it appears the offense needs a huge overhaul. And by the time we fix that, the defense will probably start faltering. There are too many issues and not enough lucky breaks for this team to realistically have a shot at a super bowl for a long time. And by that point, the masses could very well have run Ballard out of town.
  16. I think our defense would match up decently against 2019 Brady. The Ravens on the other hand... I think the Browns were the only team to slow Lamar down and that was early in the season. I actually thought the Rams D would at least stop him once...
  17. FWIW: NFL.com has our divisions’ QBs ranked as follows out of the 32 starters: Watson 4th Tannehill 14th Brissett 16th Foles 22nd
  18. It’s very true, pretty incredible what the team has had to go through to get to this point.
  19. 1. Watson: Dude got kicked in the face and still delivered a touchdown. 2. Tannehill: His history is checkered but as of today he has the hot hand. Strength (possibly lack thereof) of schedule could be an argument, but he is showing some serious poise at the moment. 3. Minshew: Has playmaking abilities and was starting to get decently comfortable reading blitzes before Foles took over. I wonder if we’ll see him again before the season ends? 4. Brissett: He’s middle of the pack. He was doing fairly well in the red zone, but lately he’s been more off compared to earlier in the season. We’re a run heavy team so his yardage isn’t what to look for (see: Lamar Jackson). Perhaps injuries are nagging a little too much. 5. Foles: Returning from a serious injury, he’s had to shake off a lot of rust. He’ll have a spark here and there, but more often than not the last two games he has put his team in rough situations and too deep of holes. 6. Mariota: Constant changes in offensive schemes have not helped him develop. It could be argued he has had to spend more time learning the ever changing playbook than fixating on ironing out his weaknesses. In addition, poor offensive line play and his own indecision have killed his ability to stay consistently healthy. Luckily for him, a lot of teams will be looking for a QB next year. Can he be a starter again?
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