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  1. Strange things happen every week. That'd be one hectic day in Vegas if the Texans win.
  2. He was a madman for sure. Nowadays he's leading the charge for promoting CTE awareness. I remember reading somewhere that he's constantly fighting issues and taking treatments.
  3. Jim definitely knows the value of patience. He’s never been one to make rash knee-jerk decisions. One of the things I like and admire about him.
  4. It’s very rare for those in leadership and fandom to have enough patience for a head coach to truly come into their own. It can take years for it all to click. Even Bill B took some time to become a winning head coach.
  5. Never liked him? That’s a bit definitive isn’t it? If he truly didn’t like him, he wouldn’t have drafted him. Just because his expectations were tempered doesn’t mean he disliked the kid…
  6. Kicking the tires and hoping for added depth with their current situation. Geno Smith isn't exactly a comfort and perhaps they're hoping he's insurance in case Smith gets injured?
  7. The matchups for this week are very intriguing, and also very tough to determine. Lot's of circumstances to be considered, and I'm probably going to be wrong on more than a few of these. Thursday Night Football BRONCOS 13 vs. Browns 12 Sunday Games PANTHERS 7 vs. Giants 3 Jets 10 vs. PATRIOTS 22 CHIEFS 51 vs. Titans 45 Football Team 24 vs. PACKERS 31 Falcons 7 vs. DOLPHINS 13 BENGALS 31 vs. Ravens 28 Lions 20 vs. RAMS 42 Eagles 18 vs. RAIDERS 24 Texans 9 vs. CARDINALS 41 Bears 14 vs. BUCCANEERS 21 COLTS 19 vs. 49ers 18 Monday Night Football SAINTS 20 vs. Seahawks 13 Browns are without Baker, but the Broncos haven't exactly been inspiring of late. The Panthers and Giants are both trending down so that could go either way. The Falcons seem to find new creative ways to lose each year, so it's not much of a stretch to think Tua could get a win, and the Saints will be facing a WIlson-less Seahawks team. Last Week 11-3; Overall 58-34
  8. He’s probably busy running an NFL team. Pretty big deal. Quite well known. You might’ve heard of them. They’re the Indianapolis White Sox. /s
  9. At 5-1, they are certainly in the driver's seat. I'm hoping my Bengals can give them a decent fight next weekend, but that's a tall order. Hopefully Burrow, Chase and Mixon can keep Lamar off the field long enough to score the upset!
  10. At this point all I want is for us to continue to improve and get better. And to also get out of the top 10 in the draft order.
  11. How about balance? It's not cookie cutter in this league... You take what the defense gives you. If that means they stop the short game but open up explosive plays then that's what the team does. If they play back and allow for chunk plays, then we go for that strategy. We can be both of those types of teams and we should be.
  12. In all seriousness. We're using revisionist theory here to avoid what we know as an impending and inevitable retirement of Andrew Luck by trading him to Washington. In reality? I would think Jim would have kept Luck at #1. You don't trade away a sure-fire pick like that away.
  13. Adam Gase... That's a really good comparison actually. I imagine that's the reason he stays with Bill year after year. I honestly wonder if the Patriots will give him the head coaching job once hoodie retires. In regards to Ballard, at the time he was the hot commodity... We also had feelers for Gruden. Thank the lord we didn't get either one of them. I'm okay with Reich when looking at who we almost could've had...
  14. 11-2 so far. Let's go Bills!
  15. Here's his presser. Said he'll be okay.
  16. Any time that Josh Mc-I D I O T -Daniels loses is a good day.
  17. Best of luck to you guys tomorrow night. Here's hoping Allen has a field day.
  18. He had some crucial catches. Definitely caused the Texans D fits because they didn’t know who to double. Couldn’t stack the box against Taylor either because they knew TY could burn them.
  19. Good chance we will see more of him in the coming weeks. At the moment he needs to continue focusing on himself. Injuries can and will happen so it’s good to keep him fresh when the time comes to call his number.
  20. Texans playing badly for sure. But we needed a game like this. It’s not season changing or anything but it’s good to get a win when we were expected to.
  21. Did they actually give that one to us? Figured the refs would overturn.
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