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  1. They social high-five during the game but I just saw a highlight where the players high-fived the old way celebrating the win!!! Don't they have families to go home to?
  2. Where are the rules governing masks in MLB? Watching this fiasco there must not be any. Some do , some don't, standing face-to-face one has a mask the other does not.
  3. Punks with too much money yet no idea what to do with it.
  4. No season no games no football
  5. If you don't know it then you don't know it. Simple.
  6. When you know nothing will damage the organization why worry about getting caught? Everybody cheats in all sports.
  7. All depends on which team will put the pieces in the right places. Titans look the best then the Texans, Colts and Jags. A lot of divisions are tightly wound this coming season if they have one nd I doubt there will be one.
  8. As long as they are winning relationships will take a back seat.
  9. All teams cheat. Some get caught.
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