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  1. Why did the Colts play Leonard? Because his nickname is "Animal."
  2. Watching the Vice Channel last night featuring "The Dark Side of Football" one of the shows featured former player Bill Romanowski one of the toughest players (LB) in football. A couple interesting facts brought out were first, as he said at one point he was taking about 250 supplements per day. Note, he was a super health freak. At the end of his career he had twenty documented concussions. During preseason a rookie tight end * him off and he slugged him and busted that bone in his eye and he never played a down after that injury. He is also famous for spitting in the face of an opposing player after that player got in his face.
  3. Which Chargers team played the Ravens? The Ravens are hitting on al cylinders. Cleveland & Pittsburgh are all but done. KC if they make the playoffs will stall there. The Colts have put their own backs against the wall. It is too early to predict now but it is an uphill climb now.
  4. Using the F bomb is a sign of a limited vocabulary and when used repeatedly in modern movies is a sign of limited creativity. It's sad when watching PG rated shows the F word is part of the show but bleeped out. Writers insist on inserting it even knowing it will be bleeped. Real macho.
  5. Fans telling opposing players to **** off has been the norm for a hundred years. Univ. of Tenn. got fined $225,000 this weekend for throwing trash on the field. Pro football fans attending games have never been viewed as the most intelligent of the species so to responding to them in their like is what we teach our kids not to do. I think he did it in part because he will neve play there again. In any case it is typical of the rude behavior we are stuck with now days. I wonder what this year's SB half time show will be like. Maybe a 30 second time delay will help cancel out the F bombs sung by the "artists".
  6. Don't forget the two fumbles when he punched the ball out from the carrier.
  7. Yes, it is his ankle. During the game they said there is still some swelling around a joint there. He wants to play out the season then get it repaired.
  8. After he ran the ball in to the endzone he screamed at the Chicago fans several times "I own you!" The first chant was bleeped then he repeated himself twice more after that. Granted he is 22-5 against the Bears but he needs to purchase some class.
  9. Chargers rack up 6 points getting whooped by Baltimore??? Is Dallas the best in the NFC? Seems that way.
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