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  1. As a former rider anticipation is the best advice for safety. View everyone with you on the road as crazy drivers especially with the cell phone thing now.
  2. AB is a no-show for practice on 8/18 again for the "helmet" problem he is having. While the media always pampers these troubled little children I have to believe the players will not forget this.
  3. Luck is injury prone. Keep Brissett until next year.
  4. Ah yes, so many experts on what has not yet happened. DIAL-A-PSYCHIC 24HRS./DAY
  5. Please forward all "guesses" to who makes the team to the Indianapolis Dumpster Company then wait for the Colts brass to make the calls then enjoy or don't enjoy the 2019 season.
  6. A win in game one will be a booster no matter who the Colts beat but beating the Chargers will be free beer & pizza for all.
  7. Nothing definite yet on Luck
  8. The talk for the best part of the day on radio nd all TV shows has been the two calls in the Cardinals game so that tells me there is a new interpretation of this rule. I don't recall this ever been called on hand movements being too jerky or fast.
  9. The Cardinals QB was penalized twice for a motion that was ruled "jerky" or "sudden" when waiting for the snap last night vs. the Raiders. Between the reviewing PI calls and this clapping rule this could be a very critical season for a team in the playoffs if they for example are in the red zone and the QB gets called for improper clapping. Ridiculous. What prompted this clapping rule?
  10. Maybe he could wrap the foot protectors he failed to wear around his head go with that. After, all with a head like he has why worry about protecting it?
  11. Brissett played with the swiss cheese OL so don't write him off. Also, he has every motivation to play well so when he goes on the free agent market he can demand more money. I saw this morning the Colts are given only a 36% chance of beating the Chargers with Luck. I don't get that at all playing LA or in Indy. How do two "specialists" misdiagnose an ankle injury for a calf problem. It was said today the third specialist called the ankle as the problem.
  12. Latest news is he is headed back to camp. Nice try AB.
  13. So the story is he loses $30,000,000 if he sits out this year. Let's see the extent of his conviction not to play unless he gets his favorite teddy bear.
  14. Wait until the Raiders start losing. It could get to be hilarious for everyone except the Raiders. prima donna [ˌprēmə ˈdänə] NOUN the chief female singer in an opera or opera company. synonyms: leading soprano · leading lady · diva · (opera) star · protagonist · heroine · principal singer · female lead · songbird a very temperamental person with an inflated view of their own talent or importance.
  15. Gruden is siding with Brown. Likes attract.
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