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  1. Funny I have not seen these reasons for victories on the sports talk shows. I need to pay closer attention from now on.
  2. King Colt

    The final 6 games

    I thought the Titans game would be a nail biter but it turned out to be wash out. So how will they handle the rest of the season can only be judged by how well they are playing. Why would they lose to teams that may be a mirror of them like Houston? The defense looked better today. It would not be crazy to say they could win out the season. Don't forget how they lost to Houston. Kelly's injury today is a real concern. Hopefully he is OK. Roll Colts, roll.
  3. King Colt

    Bears Win Again

    Yes, the Bears with a QB everyone laughed at and screamed holy hell when he was drafted somehow continue to knock em' down. Could it be they are the best in their division? Yes.
  4. King Colt

    Texans vs Redskins

    Your inferiority complex is showing.....but it is difficult to abandon a life long trademark.
  5. King Colt

    Texans vs Redskins

    You should try to stop sucking your fingers.
  6. King Colt

    Notes On #12

    Yeah, those two guys just might make it in the NFL.
  7. King Colt

    Marlon Mack / Le'Veon Bell

    I'm not yet sold on Mack. There are many backs that are better.
  8. King Colt

    Notes On #12

    Seven games in a row with at least three TDs. His record with the Titans is 10-0 tying Elway for most consecutive wins versus one team. Has not been sacked in five straight games. To date 29 TDs.
  9. King Colt

    Texans vs Redskins

    (You omitted an question mark) Simple. They have the best record for a wild card. If you require any further elaboration dial 411.
  10. King Colt

    Dear Darius Leonard:

    Like all great linebackers it is not only his abilities but his attitude. We are going to hear his name mentioned every where for hopefully many years to come.
  11. King Colt

    Ryan Kelly

    Questionable Kelly (knee) will receive an MRI to diagnose his knee injury Monday, George Bremer of The Anderson Herald Bulletin reports. about 3 hours ago | Data Provided By Well, all we can do is hope it is negative
  12. King Colt

    Colts playoff chance thread

    Need to win the division for a taste of home field advantage. I'm not worried about Miami. Texans will not be easy if in their stadium. Being how the Colts started and how they are playing now we don't know how good they will be at season's end. KC & SD are solid.
  13. King Colt

    Texans vs Redskins

    1:37 left in the first half with the ball on the Texans 9 and Smith throws an INT that travels 100 yards for a Houston TD. Killer.
  14. King Colt

    Texans vs Redskins

    NO! Really? Cincy, Baltimore, and Tennessee are also candidates so settling for second best is just that, second best. Home field is huge.
  15. King Colt

    Pittsburgh (-5.5) at Jacksonville (11-18-18)

    Steelers defense crushes the Jags no contest.