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  1. King Colt

    Colts want Adam Vinatieri back (Update) (Merge)

    Father Time is undefeated. Dump him and find someone new.
  2. King Colt

    The One Play That Set The Tone

    Ebron's drop in their first possession set the tone. Game over.
  3. King Colt

    Colts have fired OL coach Dave DeGuglielmo

    This is why NFL coaches should live in mobile homes.
  4. King Colt

    Concerning Super Bowl

    Refusing to watch the most successful NFL franchise in history is the world's largest crying towel. I'll pull for Reid's team but in view of the playoff games so far thinking this game will be close is not a lock. Could be the last team to possess the ball will win it or it could be the Chiefs go home again with empty pockets.
  5. King Colt

    Those pesky Patriots's are not going away easily!

    Odd how the Cowboys have done nothing the past 20 years and still get more air time than the Pats.
  6. King Colt

    The Most Painful Playoff Loss So Far SD, Indy, Philly?

    The Cowboys? That game was pretty much as predicted scorewise.
  7. King Colt

    Joe Flacco to Jaguars ?

    No. no , no don't go after Foles. Take Flacco! Take Flacco!
  8. .SD got hammered. The Colts got revealed and the Eagles were on dropped pass from possibly winning. To me the Eagles loss has to be the worst for the fans and players.
  9. King Colt

    Those pesky Patriots's are not going away easily!

    Never heard the word "pesky" applied to the Patriots.
  10. Which one deserves to go if either deserves it? If the choice was yours which one would go?
  11. King Colt

    Stupid T-Shirts

    Actually the 1-0 the "0" is the letter "O" and stands for one and out. Now take it down.
  12. Only recently have any of those three teams shown any sign of life and KC now looks like the future nemesis versus also rans that populate the AFC South. The Texans tries to be a rival but found out they suck.
  13. King Colt

    Antonio Brown? Doubt it.

    Send Brown to and AFC team? Send Brown to an AFC contender? Not likely, the Rooney family is known for smarts.
  14. KC is favored by three over Pats as of 1/14/19 Good ol' Vegas
  15. King Colt

    San Diego (+4) at New England (1-13-19)

    It has reached the plateau of impossible when it comes to duplicating the records the Pats are building and of course Brady's numbers. When will it end? Who knows. We wait and watch to see if Hoody will retire after Brady leaves if he ever does. It has been amazing how no name players come in every year and nothing seems to change while other teams have super stars only to lose to the Pats.