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  1. So off the geography and back to football at years end I wonder what the W-L columns will look like for this division. Don't forget two hall of fame coaches were a part of the Cowboys once.
  2. HELP WANTED: Person to carry clipboard along professional football team side line. Salary: $88,000,000.
  3. There should be a half dozen firings at season's end. The NFC East does not need any coaches as we have witnessed this year so no offers will be coming from any of those teams.
  4. Funny, I read through the OP and could not find the conviction declaration nor the penalty sentencing. Maybe I just skipped ever it. DUH
  5. Just keep NE out. It looks like SF & Balt. are odds on favorites. Good weather should be a winner for all to watch.
  6. Anyone see the "handshake" after the game. Belichick barely did it nd never stopped just walked on by as he made contact. Also I loved the blank stress on the fans faces as they sat in disbelief. Better hope the Colts QB situation improves or it will be another version of the Colts facing another very good QB for the net 10-15 years like Brady was/is.
  7. Who would eat a bowl of icing?! "Let them eat cake"-Marie Antoinette
  8. Snow on the field in the Giant-Packers game while it was 118 F on the Dolphins field.
  9. Like the Colts' chance of making the playoffs got dowsed today "The Beard" beat the Eagles sending them down the spiral staircase to nowhere. Elsewhere Cincy got it's first win beating the same Jets that hammered the Raiders last week. Crazy year.
  10. The Colts struggled with a horrible OL. Finally got it right then #12 bowed out. So when the OL personnel get new contracts they will be highly paid people protecting ...who? All that icing but no cake. This will be the biggest test for the GM.
  11. Exactly, they can be a running team but they still have to be able to throw long especially with TY Hilton. Colts have a shopping list of players "out" or "questionable" while the Titans have only two listed as "questionable"
  12. If anyone wins out I think it will be Tennessee.
  13. The NFL Network just said he is out for this Sunday's game.
  14. I believe in never saying anything bad about a team after they lose so I'll simply say, "Cowboys lose, good."
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