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  1. Ameche up the middle! Great photo. I watched that game on a 27" Zenith tv.
  2. Who believes the Jets can turn it round in one year. He should do an Elway or play out his senior year and do an Elway again if it means avoiding the Jets. A lousy team with a good QB is a lousy team.
  3. Jimmy Orr had to share the spotlight with the great Raymond Berry for several years in Baltimore. Unitas and Berry spent a lot of off time getting their timing down like Harrison and Manning did and they were a deadly and legendary combination. RIP Mr. Orr I was a big fan. I still am a Baltimore Colts fan but we change with the changes.
  4. Judging from your post here I see no reason to feed a sick horse.
  5. Poor Tom Brady so embarrassed that this is new home. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/tom-brady-moves-into-derek-jeters-florida-mansion-see-the-massive-house/ar-BB128voP#:~:text=Tom Brady has made his grand entrance into,famous homes in the area... Derek Jeter's mansion!
  6. No, just a step in the wrong direction. No one in any competition practices to lose. You win to counter the inevitable loses during the course of any season. If you are eliminated by one game at the end of the season and that one game was the first game of the season that you lost it stands to reason that first game was a "must win." Mediocrity is for the mediocre.
  7. Must win games are every game. Champions don't wait to stat winning.
  8. Two things stand out here. One I am not joking and second, I am not the dense one.
  9. I wonder about the validity of a survey that uses the word "upset" when it comes to the issue of racism.
  10. Raiders beat KC-Bucs beat the Raiders yesterday. Says something does it not? Bucs have AB coming to join the party in Tampa.
  11. So the long standing question "Who needs who, Brady or Hoody?" has been answered this year.
  12. The question remains, why is he failing? Mental, physical, emotional or is just no longer interested?
  13. At halftime the score is 23 SF and 3 for NE. Third consecutive game without a first half TD for the Pats. Newton has two INTs in the first half. Hoody is selling Subway Sandwiches now on the tube. Good career move?
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