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  1. I hope Wentz is all the Colts hope for because that is not an easy schedule except for the Texans.
  2. It is not an opinion, just fact. Learn the difference.
  3. The Politically Correct At Last
  4. I have seen A for the Colts and a C-for the Texans in our division. Today I see a D for the Colts for the not taking a LT. Why draft a rookie to protect a questionable Carson Wentz's backside? Trade for a starting LT like Leno from the Bears.
  5. How many years has that been said?
  6. Hand them the 2021 Lombardi trophy now.
  7. life long backup with poor accuracy, problem throwing vertically and little mobility according to the boys on the NFL channel.
  8. He could be ready to go in the playoffs this year.
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