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  1. King Colt

    2020 season?

    How and who will make the "All Clear" call for this virus? I doubt we will see any such call. It may be OK to go outside or go shopping but to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with thousands of strangers?. No thanks. Much will depend on how baseball goes.
  2. If the Colts are building for a "Win Now" season you can't settle on a risk for the kicker position. He will get long fine without the Colts.
  3. Useless until all personnel are signed and drafted.
  4. ESPN shot in a quickie one liner about this trade saying he did suffer some groin issues. They did not elaborate.
  5. There is not one shred of evidence supporting that claim and on top of that we don't enforce adherence to rules like China does. The US could be hit harder than Italy before it is over.
  6. Trading or getting rid of Hopkins has to rank as the most shocking and stupid move made by any GM. This coming at a time when the Texans finally struck gold with Watson as their QB. Think of all the top rated QB/receiver combinations in the history of the NFL Houston could have ended up with their two players near the top but BOOB apparently had a brain fart that will set the team back and Watson may go to New England in 2021 (or maybe even Indy.)
  7. No teams are jumping on Newton. Any guesses as to why?
  8. Houston must think Hopkins will be another Andre Johnson trade when he was a nothing burger for the Colts.
  9. Would you question the Pats & Belichick to manipulate their play to get Trevor Lawrence? I know that sounds outlandish but with the history of the Patriots it might not be. Who they choose to fill in for Brady may be an indication. Certainly if they start off losing games you know that question will come up. That's what the media does.
  10. China seem to have brought it under control now. Good news for everyone. I hope some of you saw the video of someone's door being welded closed to keep the occupants from going outside. Good old communism serving the people.
  11. It is growing in Houston and Harris County and today it was 84.
  12. That story appears to be true and Hopkins was very upset about it. It appear the Houston owner has laid a potential Super Bowl winner in the lap of a bumbling *. They could be headed back to being the also rans of the AFC South
  13. I saw one also today saying Watson may be up for the Patriots job after the 2020 season.
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