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  1. With two stud RBs next year if both stay healthy the Colts won't need a premier QB but a mobile on would be nice.
  2. Pulling hard for GB but I would never bet against the Bucs. Pulling for Buffalo but KC is the town bully.
  3. Watching the Chiefs with a backup QB execute the plays that HC Reed called in vs. Cleveland tells me get ready for anything.
  4. It is all over the Houston media about Watson and the more they show the more mad Watson appears to be to get out. Watt also is disgusted with the way the management is going and the management is making it clear no player makes the calls. Ian Rappaport is on right now saying Cal McNair won't trade and Watson has not asked to be traded so the signals are mixed.
  5. Urban Meyer tries his hand at the NFL. Good luck You will need it. © Provided by The Spun ohio state head coach urban meyer after his final game According to multiple reports, the three-time national title-winning college football coach and the Jacksonville Jaguars are finalizing a deal. Meyer will be the next head coach of the AFC South franchise, according to multiple reports. Meyer, 56, retired from college football after the 2018 season, turning over the Ohio State program to Ryan Day. Now, he heads to the NFL level. Will Meyer be successful at the professional l
  6. Yes, that is a great response. Take your medications and go to bed.
  7. I'm sure you would . Don't try to support your takes with YouTube videos because I don't consult the moronic masses that rely on YouTube to justify their misguided theories.
  8. A first round draft pick that turns out to be one of the best QBs in the NFL is getting slaughtered. Sacked 49 times this year, 44 times in 2019, 62 times in 2018 and 19 times in 2018 when he played only 7 games. He is David Carr reincarnated in Houston. Everything else aside if I were him my house would be up for sale facing a new head coach and new GM.
  9. Strong rookie RBs typically get stronger after their first year. If that holds true with Taylor look out world!
  10. Frank Reich says he wants Philip Rivers to be Indianapolis Colts' QB again in 2021 season Jan 10, 2021 Mike WellsESPN Staff Writer Facebook Twitter Facebook Messenger Pinterest Email print INDIANAPOLIS -- Frank Reich wants veteran Philip Rivers to be his starting quarterback in 2021, the Indianapolis Colts coach said Sunday. "As I sit here right now, yes, I want Philip Rivers to be my starting quarterback next year," Reich said. "... I think Philip still has a lot of good football [left]." The 39-year-old Rivers had a bounce-back season wi
  11. The pass was more of a line drive than a hail mary and a little short but count the number of Colts near the ball.
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