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  1. Not even with our 3rd rounder would I draft this guy. I see Brock Osweiler... Paxton Lynch... Cap...
  2. Isn’t Carolinas HC the former LSU OC... Maybe CAROLINA makes a play for him...
  3. Okay... Reggie White, Warren Sapp, Haloti Ngata, Ndamukong Suh or Tim Couch, Ryan Leaf, Joey Harrington, Matt Leinart, EJ manual, Blake Bortles, Marcus Marriota, Paxton Lynch, (comparable to QB4,5,6 in this years draft) etc...
  4. Kinlaw’s really good...Brown is great. Watch Kinlaw in the Georgia game... swallowed up with those 1st/2nd round Georgia O-Linemen...
  5. You do not draft a guard that high...I give you Quentin Nelson...and look what he has done for our franchise. We have pick 34 right there for insurance. WR, OT, DE or QB...
  6. https://www.drafttek.com/NFL-Trade-Value-Chart.asp Been watching film on this guy...Would be the perfect addition to the defense. value: 13 and 44 = 1610 value pick 6 = 1600 value pick 7 = 1500 Thoughts?
  7. If he is there...and Ballard is not looking at the QB position that high...we might be able to get a couple of really nice picks for #13
  8. Epenesa and Greenard are Colts Type guys...I would take either Greenard has a spin moving similar to Freeney...And Epenesa to take over for Houston...Lewis gets bumped to DT3
  9. I will be curious to see if 3-4 OTs go before our pick... Browns, Arizona, Jets, Giants, etc...all need online help. Raiders need WRs... I see CeeDee going to Arizona...to play with his college buddy. Jeudy to the Raiders... wondering who the random guy that always seems to get selected in the top 10-15 picks will be this year.
  10. I think Ballard is going for depth in this draft. Not going to trade up...
  11. I don’t think we are in fear of missing out on anything... I just think QB 4,5,6... are not going to crack into/onto our board... until much later.
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