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  1. Ball Control... best blocking TE in the draft...to go along with a first round tackle.
  2. With Jenkins and Nelson on the left side... no one...zing. Houston, Turay, maybe another FA
  3. RD1: Teven Jenkins OT RD2: Pat Freiermuth TE RD3: NA RD4: Trill Williams CB RD5: Paddy Fisher ILB RD6: Marquez Stevenson WR RD7: BPA FA: Justin Houston Edge
  4. Most of these prospects will be gone by pick 32...
  5. https://www.stampedeblue.com/2020/4/25/21236861/2020-indianapolis-colts-undrafted-free-agent-tracker
  6. With the understanding that we mockers are 99% wrong...going a different direction If no trade, then... 34: Epenesa DE (Replacement for Sheerd) 44: Davidson DT/DE Both will have on field production in 2020. D-Line: Houston (contract ends next year) Buckner, Davidson, Autry (contract ends next year) Epenesa. Stewart...Lewis... 3rd-4th round... Top OL, WR, S or CB...
  7. I agree with a couple of DE there we could get a couple of nice picks. That being said I wouldn’t be upset at all if Ballard simply goes BPA and then uses 44 as trade bait.
  8. Epenesa, Gross Matos, Jones, Cleveland, Mims, Higgins.Mckinney, Delpit...Good place to be.
  9. Lost me at Love...and it Hurts. maybe Jake Fromm State Farm can re- In sure me.
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