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  1. Trading out for 2 2nd rounders (2020 and 2021) sounds good to me.
  2. For the first time in my life I will say NO to a Taco.
  3. Looked like winning QB. Special Teams lost that game...
  4. If Brissett is 60% or greater completion... 2/1 TD to Int Or better... AND what we all have seen from CBs drafts... BPA...for that guy or trade back is most likely... ok with both. We looked playoff team good on Sunday.
  5. If Brisket does well...Trade Out 2020...for 2021 Draft ammo for...Trevor Lawrence QB Clemson?
  6. I’ll take Banogu as an understudy to Houston... with the second rounder next year every time...
  7. I may have Ben a little Green, but If I’ve told you once I’ll Tell you III times Campbell soup mixed with Speed will Rock Ya-Sin. Give you a solid number 2 in the future...
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