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  1. Simmons DT (26th Pick) Allen DT (32nd Pick) would be nasty good. Pick 58 Harry WR...
  2. RD1:P26=Simmons DT, Sweat EDGE, Little OT, White LB, Murphy CB RD2:P34=Rapp S, Allen DT, Edwards OT, Burns DE, Jones DT, Baker CB RD2:P58=Butler WR, Edwards OLB, Benzschawel G, Ximines EDGE, Love CB Etc...then WR/TE/RB (Sills WR, Hockenson TE, Smith TE, Moreau TE, Jordan-Humprey WR, Renfrow WR, Snell RB, Hill RB)
  3. FalseStart

    Curios scenario

    Nope. If everyone is going QB, DL, Edge, BPA...then a few BPA at positions of need will be ripe for the picking at pick 26 and pick 34. Should probably go Defensive...unless a Greg Little OT falls to 26th pick.
  4. And with the 7th pick in the 2019 NFL draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select...
  5. FalseStart

    January Mock 2019

    I think we do the minimum in FA this year...Waiting for 2020 to really begin to add the finishing pieces
  6. FalseStart

    January Mock 2019

    I added the source...and just configured from there. I've seen quite a few mocks... this one had White going late in RD1 and Rapp in RD2. I happen to like our receivers... Cain was hurt...Fountain progressing last I heard. I'm considering that as well. I think White would be the Terrell Suggs to Leonard's (Ray Lewis)... Strengthening the middle of the defense and run game. Edwards...obviously improves depth at O-Line...which we now have seen as a good move. Rapp i think will be a great pro. Renfrow does not drop balls...3rd down/possession receiver.
  7. FA: WR, CB, DT, LB, RD1: Devin White ILB LSU RD2: David Edwards OT Wisconsin RD2: Taylor Rapp S UW RD3: C.J. Conrad TE Kentucky (TRADE: Brissett for RD 3 Pick) RD3: Demarcus Christmas DT FSU RD4: Joe Gaziano DT Northwestern RD4: Hunter Renfrow WR Clemson (COMP PiCK) BPA... Source: https://www.drafttek.com/2019-NFL-Mock-Draft-Round1b.asp
  8. How many QBs go off the board before the 34th pick (Colts Pick from Jets)?
  9. Just get a few pieces for 2019...hold onto that $ then in 2020 make our move.
  10. Depending on how many rubbish picks...along with how many QBs...that always happen in the draft, our Jets pick is really valuable. Meaning, with all the talent coming out, we really have a shot at two top notch guys... The second 2nd round pick is going to be interesting if a couple QBs slide...
  11. LB - Mack Wilson WR - Hunter Renfrow DT - Dexter Lawrence CB - Trayvon Mullins WR - Justyn Ross