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  1. IMHO.... Stafford is worth a 22nd 1st round pick and MAYBE a conditional 2nd rd NEXT year, to balance a bit against an offer from other teams If its much more than that..... time to look elsewhere. At his age, he just isnt worth 2 1's (At least in my view)
  2. I hate to disagree with you so much, you post really good thoughts, but.... Stafford is 20m this year, not 30m 10 for bonus, and 10 for salary He is on a REALLY cheap contract as the front signing bonus has been paid out He is cheap comparibly
  3. The jury is still out on Jones. He could be an average starter, or a career backup Its early , but there are some draft pundits that say that he doesnt have anything special on the basics Average Speed Average Arm Strength Average release He is throwing to wide open recievers on every play He is a smart guy, so maybe he can put it together In most years he is a late round 1 or early round 2 QB If we get him in the second, I would be happy, but trade up for him because we are desperate for a QB,
  4. It might happen, but it would appear with the league being starved for QBs AND some of the teams in CAP HELL (A QB on their rookie contract is a highly desired thing) After Jags take their QB The top 3 QBs left will PROBABLY all be gone by 14 Jacksonville Jaguars (1-15) - Look to Take Lawrence New York Jets (2-14) - Who knows...... they are the Jets..... But PROBABLY will take a QB, or trade the spot to someone with serious draft capitol Miami Dolphins (via 4-12 Houston Texans) - Are they sold on Tua? Atlanta Falcons (4-12) - Need a QB of the fu
  5. As someone intelligently posted QBs are risky in picking. If a round one QB has a 25%-30% chance of hitting, you would HAVE to think a 4th rounder might be 5-10% to be a starter, let alone good enough to take this team forward. I am ALL for giving Eason a chance........... But, COUNTING on him to be decent starter are two different things at this point. If you trade for Stafford he is under contract for 2 more years. If Eason knocks it out of the park, and is ready in 2 years you hand him the reigns. Today, we have the 3rd largest cap space, and after I
  6. Is Stafford a long term answer... like 12 years, he isnt..... we agree Is Stafford an upgrade over Philip River this past year? I think so. We came very close to beating one of the final four teams , in their house. Philip Rivers was an important cog in our wheel to go 11-5 If Stafford is the SAME with the ability to extend plays, for the next 4-5 years....... We should take him Its worth a one and a 2nd or 3rd next year Remember Rivers put up very good numbers with an excellent OL Stafford put up very good n
  7. Ultimately you may end up being right But...... the 49ers and Broncos each have only low cap space available (under 15M each) And one of them should see Lance slide to their spot IMHO A first is "dangled" and if it takes a 1 and a 3, you do it (Or a conditional 2 next year) I think its time to not over pay, but within reason..... get the guy
  8. I can see the Colts doing something similar. But...... You are giving too much up in my opinion IMHO you never really want to give up next years first round pick in any package Look at the Texans, handing their picks out like candy. They had a horrible year and someone ELSE gets their crazy valuable THIRD pick If the catastrophic happens in 2021 which could be a career or season injury or a rash of injuries to key people, (It happens constantly) the team can look forward to a great pick the next year I have heard some talking heads sa
  9. I guess I dont see that Jones or Trask are significantly better than Eason. All 3 need time to develop, though its said that Jones is closer to play Do we start the year with Eason and Jones (or Trask)? We would be throwing away this year Id really like a vet But your point is sound.... I think Ballard will scout as much as possible to lower his chance at failure.
  10. I think that we might see some players like Trask and Mac Jones slide to the second round.... either could be an option for the Colts. But..... I think they would not be a good pick in round 1
  11. Unless of Fields slips to 15 ish (I doubt it) I dont think we are going QB in round 1 this year.... we are WAY TOO FAR back to trade up Also Lance had ONE year of college ball against 2nd level teams..... He isnt starting on a win now ready team at leaset for 1-2 years
  12. Hey man.. I hope that you are right If he would have had a camp this past year, Eason MIGHT have been ready My hope is he has someone to compete against or if we bring in a FA that can Play for 3-5 years, he can hold a clipboard and be the next starting QB
  13. I like Stafford as one of the many options, but it would probably take your first round pick (maybe they would go for 2 2nds) IMHO Dalton doesnt have a future in this league more than a backup I would MUCH rather take a chance on Stafford and 2ndly Winston over Dalton, as Winston with the "QB Whisperer" Reich as well as his time this year listening to S. Payton and getting tips from Brees he may be ready to move forward as a better than average QB He put up 456 yards and 4 touchdowns on us 2019 (The only game I attended in person) (he did throw
  14. I see many of the draft "experts" talk about what the Colts will do in the draft. The draft process on the QB position, even with all the improved scouting techniques is a highly flawed . If you look at history some interesting facts come out. Drafting a QB in the first round is a high risk endeavor In the past 9 Years 20 QBs have been drafted in the first round. I wanted to come up with some metrics to see the % that have worked out with the team that they drafted them I am "measuring" the results with the simple question, Would th
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