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  1. I am conflicted on Rivers He is clearly better than JB However... The guy was a flaming wienie in a few of the games that we played against him....... At best the guy is a temporary band-aide to the Colts It doesnt change the fact that this team needs a QB of the future...... EVERY snap that he takes is a snap that could be given to a young player, a player that MIGHT be the starting QB of the future. Rivers may allow us to win a few more games this year. We will would STILL need to develop a QB.......... when the temporary fix, is past I would rather do poorly THIS year, and have a QB of the future, being developed than win 2-3 games more, and have to go through the dance again after Rivers leaves We still have MANY options, that DONT include an aging vet 1 - Trade up for Tua - The kid has the leadership skills and talent... A few picks and heavier use of FA, puts us in the playoffs.... for the next 15 years - this is my favorite option A 1 and 2 2nds might do it 2 - Trade up for Herbert - The kid is starting to grow on me. Highly intelligent kid with a strong arm 3 - Pick Love at 13 - Not my favorite option, but if the FO loves the kid and they believe in him PICK HIM. If we trot out CK or JB until Love is ready..... so be it 4 - Pick Gordon (or Eason), and let him compete with CK (and JB) for starting reps 5 - Trade for Carr (if reasonable) He is young enough, and good enough to keep the Colts in the playoffs, with a strong team around him. We can go a LOT of ways......
  2. Agreed We have available $ We have a huge hole at TE The kid is an upgrade Why wouldn’t you kick the tires.......?
  3. 1) Welcome 2) I have shoes in my closet older than you 3) You never know how things will end up...... The WR group appears to be much stronger than average....... IMHO, this allows you to get a really good WR.... in the 2nd or 3rd round I truly hope we don’t go WR with the 13th pick
  4. I think Fromm, Eason, Gordon, and Love can improve their draft position by having a strong combine and interview well If Fromm shows a stronger arm than what he showed in the season, he might move to the top of 2nd round All of these kids have been working with specialists to lessen their weaknesses and add to their strengths It doesn’t make a 6th round pick a 1st, but a person can jump 10-20 spots
  5. Fills some of the holes, I think we HAVE to bring a new QB in the mix to compete
  6. I would let the draft play out....... unless you get a killer deal for Tua If you want to go 3T Kinlaw is a very good choice as well, and just slightly less of a prospect than Brown We should get a decent prospect at 13 Whether it’s DT, QB, or OT
  7. I wonder if a conservative offense minded coach would help Winston The guy clearly has talent He takes way too many chances..... some of that is coaching.....
  8. I dont disagree with you Your approach is a viable option that does improve the team I would be happy with a few options...... 1) Your option (Gordon picked) 2) Carr trade option 3) Draft Love at 13... IF he had his head on straight, and CB loves the guy, AND he is still there at 13 4) Trade up for Tua All 4 would work for me I want CK to have a chance at our QB spot..... he may fail, he may succeed..... I dont know The competition in your scenario for 2020 is between JB and CK for starting snaps Gordon will need some significant TLC, and coaching to get him to a point where he is competing for a starting role in 2021. I believe that if both were on an even playing field, that CK would surpass JB. The BIG question, would be ....... IF CK beats out JB..... what do you do with JB? Would the Colts carry three QBs? - Most teams wouldnt... You WONT be able to stash Gordon on PS In your scenario...... If JB beats out CK..... You CUT CK and be done with it It will be an interesting offseason If Gordon does very well at Combine, you may be right that he will need to be picked in round 2...... someone may slide into to get him before our third round pick
  9. I like it Gordon will probably last till our third round pick It is a roll of the dice at QB Kelly and Gordon are good potential but both have basement level “floors”
  10. Mike Brown is a HORRIBLE owner It’s a poorly ran franchise Joe Burrow will not have the career he could have in another city
  11. A reasonable trade for Carr would be a great option...... playoffs in 2020 IF they are interested.... The 2nd 2nd...(I would offer less initially ) would be a great deal as mentioned..... go for Cooper Draft OL and DL with our top two picks Sign me up!
  12. Drops drops drops..... nuff said.....please pass
  13. Watching Gordons highlights he has plenty of accurate throws over 20 yards..... Not any 40-50 yard throws that other QBs make....but plenty of 20-30 yard throws Gordon has an unmatched release in this class...... amazingly quick The ball is out....NOW The other thing I like, is the ability to throw sidearm, seemlessly, if he has someone’s hands in his face...... Gordon needs a great deal of work, many people bring up his footwork, and he CLEARLY needs to add 10-15 lbs of muscle... but IMHO... this kid will be special in 2021 I think the Colts can fix the footwork Also...... I don’t see any way that he lasts till 5th If we go for Gordon he would get my 3rd round pick
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