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  1. Colts first 4 games record 2014 2-2 2015 2-2 2016 1-3 2017 1-3 2018 1-3 My "gut" says 2-2 Andrew when healthy, usually needs some reps to get timing down He hasnt had those reps this year Fingers crossed for 2-2 (or better) But...... not going to bet
  2. He is a game changer Im glad we went with Q...... But...... IF we were to have traded back again, he would have made a great Colt
  3. I think that most people that come here "love the shoe" As with ANYTHING.......... People have different opinions.... which is OK. Some people.... (for some reason)...... HAVE to be right on everything that they THINK This HAVE TO BE RIGHT approach is a sign of immaturity and is a weakness..... not a strength. The days of internet have created a group of people that regularly take dumps on other people if there is a disagreement ...... Its amazing how many threads that get derailed by 2-3 people trying to land internet "haymakers" on each other. People that seem to be VERY intelligent, but get their feelings hurt easily The true "toughguy" internet bully......... Its just not worth it for me..... I try to not be in the middle of these things..... they are WORTHLESS Everyone has an opinion that ends up at least being partially on 100% wrong I have wrong opinions too, but my days of the back and forth YAMMERING is not something that I want to spend much time on
  4. I will be at THAT game.... dont JINX me....
  5. I think the slow start is almost unavoidable I see 2-2, with or without Luck Thats NOT a deep hole
  6. Im looking forward to the upcoming year. I have tickets to go to see the Colts play in Tenn and TB this year Its not been brought up much, but we have to understand that there are transitions occurring on this team On offense: As everyone knows, we have changed (a bit) our OL coaching and strategy. We havent had consistent health accross the line, to give the OL time to adjust to these changes Anytime you change, there will me a time of growth, where we arent optimum There will be "holes" in both pass protection, and run blocking...... especially early on This should get better as we go through the season On defense, It appears they are shifting to many more reps with a 1 high safety. As the defense learns how to play with these new roles, you will see "holes" in pass coverage This should get better as we go through the season Unfortunately, even if Andrew was healthy, I was expecting a 2-2 record, as we get our stuff together And....... Andrew always seems to need some games to get going........ A slow start doesn't mean anything....... We just need to stay healthy, and this team can get a home playoff game
  7. Brissett has many good qualities Strong arm and mobile. Did you notice how many games that we were actually in in 2017?..... bad record, but many close games. Especially through the first 3 quarters.... We were competitive in almost all games...... but he was getting hit.... often He was sacked, and hit on almost every pass drop. He kept getting up I suspect I like Brissett more than others on the board. I hate that Luck may miss game one. But...... anxious to see what JB can do with an improved OL
  8. I serve french fries at my job........... My paper hat is CLEANER than ANYONE else on my shift......... We share a great passion..... cant we all just get along......??? Injuries are part of the game, I'm disappointed with Fountains injury... but my life doesnt end..... However....... If folks cant see the year to year in overall team strength..... they arent paying attention I never thought that we would be a favorite for the SB this year,,,,,,..... Better, within reach........ but we are STILL a few steps away
  9. You make a great point, I like Wilkins, but it will be a tough choice, and it may come down to last roster spot being Rogers, or Wilkins Punt and kick returns have become a non factor for the most part in the NFL, with a very high number being fair caught or a touchback I think between the two, I would keep Wilkins
  10. That part is good........ Either way our worries arent going to make the situation better or worse
  11. 30 years ago (Or so) my dad thought he would be funny and brought back frog legs. He told me it was CHICKEN....... I thought it was a boneless piece of meat, and I bit down on a bone No broken tooth...... but I was close It sucketh
  12. I agree with your posts probably 95% of the time, you also dont seem to get involved in the RIDICULOUS back and forth BICKERING that sometimes happens on the board..... I am going to give you the moniker...... "Positive Penncock" Which is ok........but, im not quite there yet on these two guys.... maybe some more games played? For whatever reason, I sort of cheer more for the small college kid....... I also wasnt too impressed with the college tape on Okerekee...... Lets hope BOTH of them turn out
  13. Yo NCF Valid points 1 and 2 I would like to see Kelly get some more meaningful reps, he is really an unknown, but some positive plays And remember..... we will still be getting 5 first round picks for Briskett........
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