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  1. MikeCurtis

    2019 Drafting a QB

    You do seem a bit cranky on the topic And........ there are 100 different topics floating and this particular one seems to really fire you up. Just curious ...... why? Who knows if they trade Brissett, this year........ I certainly don't If they trade him, or dont trade him, I have NO stake in it........ I will sleep fine tonight Initially, there were very few QBs of merit that were coming out. As a supply and demand sort of thing..... you would think a QB with some skills and experience (Like Brissett) may actually be more valuable than normal to some teams with the high number of teams that desperately need a QB I wasnt the only one that felt this https://247sports.com/nfl/new-york-giants/LongFormArticle/Giants-2018-Playoff-Picture-The-Path-to-Wildcard-Weekend-126180996 Early on, I hoped for a late 1 or a 2....... I think with the QBs declaring like Haskins, the very best that we could get for the man..... today..... is a 3rd or even a 4th. I would probably have to consider the trade for a 3rd..... a 4th? Probably not To answer the OP, if we do trade Brissett, we should probably do a 5th or later development pick for a QB. If we keep Brissett, I would STILL draft a QB to develop, but in the 6th. (Or later) Brissett is long gone after this year.... IMHO.... He is an unused talent, that will leave for free after next season... we will need a clipboard holder to develop.... Peace......... Christmas season and all
  2. MikeCurtis

    Skip Clueless Prescot > Luck

    I am 100% sure that they are "encouraged" to take a position to make ratings This is a "Joe vs Bob" show......... If they are both on the SAME side..... it doesnt fit the narrative of the show No SANE person says that Prescott is above Luck.........
  3. MikeCurtis

    Unsung heros on the defense

    Agreed on Hooker he seems to be steadily improving...... I dont think he is there yet but getting better
  4. MikeCurtis

    Unsung heros on the defense

    Who is this Hint guy you speak of? Just kidding man I am anxious to see what this defense can do against the Cowboys..... Its a precursor to IF we have the mettle for the playoffs
  5. MikeCurtis

    Unsung heros on the defense

    Desir is improving in coverage as well.... He had a few good plays last week, and I believe he is getting a bit better This young defense is coming together!!
  6. MikeCurtis

    Unsung heros on the defense

    Adams seems to have woken up He seems to be getting to game speed I have VERY high hopes for him,
  7. MikeCurtis

    Unsung heros on the defense

    Great topic I agree All of the players you mentioned are playing above where many (most.... ME ) Felt they would be! Moore is a tough dude... I would like to see 2-3 more games from Geathers before I get on that train , like last week, before I get fully on that train....
  8. MikeCurtis

    ESPN 1st mock is up

    He is very good I dont know about unstoppable, but we would be improved My crystal ball.... (very cloudy) says that we go DL
  9. MikeCurtis

    Why the Colts will put Dallas away...fast.

    A quick lead is key I fear ZEKE, much more than Prescot Make him pass..... put pressure on him.... He DOES make poor decisions with pressure We can win this game
  10. MikeCurtis

    ESPN 1st mock is up

    Its a huge guessing game........ especially now....... But its fun
  11. MikeCurtis

    Colts might play in London 2019

    To me, A London team seems to make the most sense (If they expand) As long as there is $ to be made, in an untapped market, (UK, Europe) I think you will see efforts to export the product there
  12. MikeCurtis

    Colts might play in London 2019

    How do you follow the Colts? Direct TV? I did business in Australia with one of the cellular operators, Telstra. The engineering manager I dealt with was more interested in Andrew Luck (His rookie year) than my companies products I think that NFL is gaining interest across the globe.
  13. MikeCurtis

    ESPN 1st mock is up

    Duh on ME..... Yes Lawrence I blame it on age He seems to be able to move very well for a big guy, and maybe part of the next step is NT that can actually get in the back field, not just take up blockers
  14. MikeCurtis

    ESPN 1st mock is up

    I think Wilkins would be a decent pick, not my first choice but the guy can and does split double teams. Maybe get him to skip a happy meal or two, and get to 325 ish I think the team will probably get one of the 2-3 UTs that should still be available at spot, or Polite at DE I think there are probably 5-6 DTs that will go in round one
  15. MikeCurtis

    ESPN 1st mock is up

    For some reason I keep seeing that Haynesworth guy......Tall on talent.... short on brains..... and a cancerous... ME FIRST attitude I played FB for a few years (I was a legend in my own mind), and I wouldnt think about going at the coach like he did Maybe thats not him. If I was the Colts, and he was somehow in range of our draft pick (straight up or trade) I'd be asking a BUNCH of questions about it before I took his name to the podium The guy is talented, and spends a great deal of time in the opponents backfield...