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  1. I think our current WR team is enough. (Not great, but is the REALLY a cheap option available, that would make a differnce?) Cooks has been on MANY teams.... there is something amiss. Its sort of like rushing to marry a lady that has been married 5 times in the last 5 years,,,,, she may be attractive but... SOMETHING AINT RIGHT..... I have high hopes for TY health, and Coutee picking up The ONE spot that is GLARING is FS..... I mean grand canyon type hole The FS in this defense stops the 50Yd bombs from being completed Since my last post on this thread.... I hope we try to improve that position (More than than the street FA that was bagging groceries 2 weeks ago)
  2. If you watch his tape, he doesnt get sacks from speed, I think he starts to play at LDE on early downs thens shifts inside for interior rush He has an enormous wing span that will help on run downs (And pass downs) As you mention, this has value He also is a stout kid that could spell Buckner Im anxious to see the kid play, but I dont expect pro bowl on day one...
  3. I Agree I was actually hoping for a trade for a FS from a team that isnt in the running I think hoping for a street FA to fill the FS role that is glaring and EXTREMELY exploitable, (We played with two SSs in a raining game) is a bit of a risk, but it HAS happened Fingers crossed
  4. Veteran guy I hope he in REAL great shape He will be running and running I was hoping for something more substancial
  5. I agree this is a pivotal game If we dont win THIS game, TENN has the division .... we are too far back There are some good teams vying for the Wild Card. One week at a time
  6. I agree 100% Ya-Sin and Carrie are both due back soon, we are passable with these two coming back (Not great, but passable) We are DOA at FS though..... I think we need to make a move
  7. I think part of this issue is Wilkens availability If he gets healthy, its easier to say goodbye to a 3rd string guy
  8. You may be right. I think Tuesday is deadline (next week)
  9. I dont see them as trade partners I think they would take a crazy pick(s) but would ask less for a player going to NFC or an AFC "cellar dweller"
  10. I had very high hopes for Blackmon, but pre injury he was below middle of the pack We are also allowing 70% of passes to be completed which will get us killed against quality QBs Our lack of pass rush is the majority of the problem.... but .... our FS owns a chunk of this
  11. I would tend to agree with this statement. Mack, by himself, isnt worth a starting FS But. A sixth round pick would be of value to the team
  12. A lockdown corner would be awesome, but I think they would be wasted in this zone happy defense that the Colts play Most of the lockdown corners, would seem to have play in a man to man schemed defense As you mentioned, they are expensive
  13. Most of the time he doesnt...... (He has traded picks a FEW times) But this year he MIGHT
  14. It might be difficult to find a single team that has an available FS, AND needs a RB I think it might be 2 differnt deals
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