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  1. We will all see in the next few months I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some trade value for the man........ But I could be wrong ...........
  2. MikeCurtis

    Edge Rushers

    Guard wasnt my first choice last year, but anytime that you can get an ALL pro, generational player ....... You have to be excited about it (It has proven to be the right decision) He will only improve I still have high hopes for our FS. He should be getting that elite speed back this year (hopefully) and pairing that with even a small improvement in pass rush, we should start to see some additional turnovers
  3. MikeCurtis

    Edge Rushers

    Not sure how to respond to the "puke" comment..... I ALSO want a Sapp....... but I dont see one at 26. Q. Williams, is the lone "Sapp" type player that I see in this draft Since you are using the TB SB team..... This team also doesnt have a Simeon Rice (DE), Shelton Quarles (MLB), or a John Lynch (SS) type player If we walk out with the DE piece at 26, I will be happy
  4. MikeCurtis

    Edge Rushers

    How many 3 tech should we have? I always want to get better, but we have Autry and Lewis was drafted as a 3 tech At DE, we are much thinner.
  5. MikeCurtis

    Kwon Alexander-Worth the Risk

    Walker is decent...... but he isnt a star, and will probably never sniff a pro bowl If there was an Urlacher or even a Vander Esch MLB available, we would see a significant improvement in the defense This is a team that needs to keep improving....... I think we have one star WSLB.... and an average MLB.. We DO have bigger needs though.... like Pass rush
  6. MikeCurtis

    The Safety Position Moving Into Next Season

    We need some more reliable play from our safety position Geathers had some good games at the end of the season, and made some decent plays But....... personally, I dont would like us to take a swing at a FA (and or draft)
  7. I would be VERY happy getting him with the first 2nd round pick Its a bummer that he wont be available next year...... but this isnt a one year plan to win We just have to get better every year. We STILL need a DE (or two) 1 in FA, 1 with draft Round 1 - Burns, Sweat, or Polite (MAYBE one is left) Round 2 - Simmons Round 2 - the "WR pick" Butler, Ridley, Lil Jordan Humphries or Cambell Round 3 - the best CB, LB, OT, or RB left (I would LOVE David Montgomery, or Bennie Snell - RB) This would be a HUGE haul, and may yield 4 starters
  8. MikeCurtis

    Kwon Alexander-Worth the Risk

    Let him come in and compete We have little depth
  9. AB is actually IS a primmadonna locker-room cancer........ Not gonna happen (At least I hope not)
  10. MikeCurtis

    Trade back temptation

    I think all options are on the table If CB thinks it would improve the team...... he would make it happen
  11. MikeCurtis

    JJ Arcega-Whiteside

    I guess you are an old dude too........ I've been following the Colts since I was 8 or so, when John U was nearing his end I should have separated my responses. I was replying to your Reggie Wayne comparison, the rest of my response was to this thread When I think of high pointing, I think of a receiver that constantly out jumps the DB to catch the ball There are recievers that feature this type of catch. This is their "signature" move. JJ is one of them....... IMHO, this wasnt Reggie. I want a difference maker WR, one that runs the full route tree...... has some separation speed, one that has very reliable hands......... AND... One that can go get the 50/50 ball. DBs in the NFL are 2-3 steps ahead from DBs in college........ The AVERAGE DBs are very good against 50/50 balls Either way..... peace and love
  12. MikeCurtis

    JJ Arcega-Whiteside

    Thats some TALL COTTON for comparison Reggie is a top 20 of all time WRs Maybe top 15. (From a pure career yardage level, he is in top 10) Reggie wasn't really a high point guy at all. I don't remember him, out jumping anyone. He ran a fantastic route tree, and Andrew and he, had a great chemistry (Just like he did with Peyton) He had enough speed, not blazing, but he could start and stop on a dime. He also had a nice first step, off the line Part of the combine process is having a WR run all types of routes, and see HOW the cuts look, and what type of acceleration, they show. The 40 time IS part of the process, but not all. If a player cant get separation from college CBs....... they will have enormous problems in the pros. I am not saying that is JJ isnt going to be a solid pro....... I need to watch some more tape. BUT....... What I have seen so far from a limited amount of tape, is a guy that has CB or S draped all over him, and he is strong enough, and can jump high enough to pull the ball away from the college player. That MAY not be enough in the pros I see a guy that is a 3rd or 4th round prospect If we go defense all in on picks 1-4, and JJ is there in round four..... I am liking the pick........ I DO think there will be a very good reciever left for the 2nd, 2nd round pick, or the 3rd round pick......... Watch the highlight tape on Butler, Riley Ridley, Parris Cambell, or Lil Jordan Humphreys You will see separation as well as "high pointing" that people like in the end zone..... (less highpoint on Cambell) I BELIEVE...... that these 4 will be available at our 2nd pick in round 2, and MAYBE 1-2 still available in round 3. I see them as better long term candidates to be a contributing factor than JJ.
  13. MikeCurtis

    My latest mock

    If we draft 2 WRs with our top 3 picks....... I will eat by hat.......
  14. MikeCurtis

    JJ Arcega-Whiteside

    The mantra of this offseason !
  15. I like the mock, with one caveat and replacement Whiteside was a great college red zone target made some great catches on 50/50 balls, but the guys seems to get minimal separation from college CBs If he has a 4.4 to 4.5 40........ He could be a player for us If he runs a 4.55 to 4.6, he will have some difficult times in the NFL At that spot there may be a guy like Butler still available IF..... IF we go with this approach we STILL need an edge rusher (or two) from FA