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  1. MikeCurtis

    Eric Ebron having himself a season

    Great Point DalTX...... Lets find a sport bar in between us, and watch another game
  2. Many folks upset on the board The passion is natural.......... I would LOVE for the Colts to be dominating...... THIS year They arent........ You can start a year as a team with the plan to win it all now. Lets start with planning...... First off..........Failure to plan, IS a PLAN to fail (In life, or in sports teams) Plan 1 - Win it Now Plan Strategy - Collect any and all talent, NOW. Action - Actively pursue talent in FA, regardless of cost, to fill any holes Trade future draft picks to get known talent Draft to fill immediate holes This IS a plan. In pro sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, Premier League, NHL) Some teams have used this plan to success. This is a "swing for the fences" strategy. Sometimes you hit the ball, and you are the homerun hero...... Sometimes you miss, and the miss looks very awkward In the history of these sports, the team that employ this strategy, move from high peaks to low valleys. Many times the time periods of valleys are MUCH longer than the period of Peaks Also In many cases the "superstars" on the team, end up fighting with each other and the front office, for the limelight, and the word "team" doesn't really apply Plan 2 - Build the team internally. Strategy - Culture of PACED improvements in all aspects of your organization...... EVERY YEAR (You dont HAVE to win it all, every year...... just get a bit better, each year) Actions Remove players / coaches that dont think long term, or dont fit the plan......... EVEN IF THEY ARE TALENTED Long term, team approach to every decision made Draft best player available Use FA, only when player fits your culture and checkbook This IS ALSO a plan. THIS is the plan that Ballard SAID that he would follow I fully expected that this team would lay eggs this year. 8-8 (and now maybe 6-10) would be a good STEP from the team that was last year Hang in there folks........ If you don't see some of the improvement over last year you aren't watching the games This year..... ON THIS PLAN....... was a fight to be mediocre Do I like to lose....... NO!!! But I see a plan in the works! Go Colts....... Deano
  3. Of course nothing is guaranteed And of course..... too early OTs that COULD be drafted in round 1 Williams Little Adams Edwards Risner ALL of them could play RT, year one, I also think that they would be an upgrade over current situation Maybe 3 of 5 could develop into a LT. So........... disrupter in the middle...... on defense AND RT (that might take over for AC later) If we somehow came up with the combination of these 2, then have rounds 3-5 to add to CB, S, WR, RB........ I would be very happy
  4. MikeCurtis

    Who in the hell wants to go 8-8?

    I don't see a single serious post on this forum, suggesting that we should lose any game...... Do you?
  5. MikeCurtis

    Who in the hell wants to go 8-8?

    Its all a matter of perspective If you have a horrible team with no depth...... you HOPE to climb to 8-8 This team has a dearth of talent........ Thats a fact This is a THIN team to start.... then you throw in a crazy amounts of injuries...... Horrible drafting, horrible FA choices for 5 years....... doesnt get fixed overnight Do I like 8-8...... heck no Do I think 8-8 is a reasonable goal for THIS team, THIS year......... Oh yeah When Manning was under center, and we had good all around teams....... I would be mad when we lost to someone early in playoffs.............. It would ruin my weekend This team is heading in right direction...... (IMHO).......... We will get there soon enough
  6. MikeCurtis

    Colts place Matt Slauson on IR

    If we can have Good play for a few games at RT, then have Haeg replace him, when ((or if) Haeg is off IR (it supposedly isnt full season IR) Of course we cant have a single additional injury on the OL........ no real reserves
  7. MikeCurtis

    Colts place Matt Slauson on IR

    Thats the question If we got in, what would we do anyway........ IMHO, this team isnt ready for primetime I bet we see Good back at RT and Smith kick inside
  8. MikeCurtis


    I watched him at Ohio State..... I watched last year He is making plays, but not at the same level as last year or at Ohio State I think he needs a bit of time to get his speed back. Some players need longer time........ I havent given up, but to say he is at the EXACT high level as last year, pre injury isnt accurate IMHO We need to have patience...... Hopefully he gets up and running sooner than later
  9. Eric Reid would have been a great addition
  10. I always wonder about mid-season "gifts" of draft picks that dont cost the team, much in salary cap. There was a RB from Cleveland that we jumped on....... for a FIRST If he was a star in waiting.... the Cardinals arent shopping him If he can be had for a 5th or 6th...... MAYBE I say PASS
  11. Way too early but its fun to play I agree with your points I think Jones from Ohio State will be available when we pick in round one I would also think VERY hard about giving BOTH 2nd round picks up to move BACK into round one...... IF and only IF one of the top 3 tackles slid a bit If we came out of this draft with a disrupter in the middle of the defensive line and someone who could come in and immediately started at RT.... I would be a HAPPY camper We still need a playmaker safety to make this defense tick. I would be all into the Giants Collins I would also overpay for 3 years of service from the well rested Leveon Bell I think Turay is going to be our RE of the future at WSDE....... I think Sheard is a talent on SSDE With some luck (Just a year of limited injuries, Good Lord) And some prudent pickups......... This could be a very good team next year......... In my dreams (prolly NOT gonna happen) Collins at Safety Bell at RB One of the 3 OTs Jones DT from Ohio State Best CB, WR, SSLB, S, available with picks 3,4,5,6
  12. MikeCurtis

    With Braden Smith at RT, will our run game improve?

    I think so He was a decent run blocker in college If we ever get our LT back... and Smith improves to GO ALONG with out improved internal OL, it almost HAS to get better Part of the reason we can get a running attack going IS OL, but when people arent scared of your deep ball, they stack the line to stop the run I think we need to do a few deep balls a game, to keep the DBs a bit more honest and not parked close to the LOS
  13. MikeCurtis

    Your Views (Rating) for the current Colts team

    Sorry Im old and delirious.... I am only a decade or so away from DEPENDS !!! I agree with you, but wanted to get an overall view of how people view the team There is always sub "ratings"
  14. MikeCurtis

    Your Views (Rating) for the current Colts team

    C'mon Krunk....... Give Deano a Number rating
  15. I'm curious. There are so many opinions on the state of the Colts, from reading this forum The opinions seem to go from far extremes from really bad, to really good, and many in between I have MEDIUM goals, for this team! (For this year) I am happy when I see progression toward the goal of being a better team...... EVERY year In an honest assessment, please rate your personal view of this team 1 - Bad/worst 2 - Average 3 - Good 4 - Great 5- Elite In my current belief, I would rate us as a solid 1.8, in between 1 and 2, but progressing nicely Some people seem to think we still have a good chance at playoffs if we turn it around We have so many holes, I'm not sure what we would do if we actually, somehow, got into the playoffs. Thanks in advance for your input!