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  1. You may end up being right, but after many head coaching stints he is yet to fail
  2. I think you will be surprised and see that he makes the team and actually contributes I dont expect elite, but the guy is extremely athletic and has all the tools to be a TE in the NFL We will see
  3. If you live in Indy you get to see all the games In Texas, I LOVE to have national games, I hit the bar to see the non TV games which is most weeks And..... it gives the Colts a MUCH larger audience to build a fan base
  4. Awesome I am up to 18 stadiums Bucket list for all of them This year I will be doing Phoenix, and hopefully SF
  5. Agreed In many cases (Not all), it gives the player and the team BOTH better long term options Its really the best case on Fisher How do you evaluate the long term value on Fisher? Some people say 50/50 to getting to prior level of ability, other people say 70% chance Whichever you believe in, its still a big question Fisher at 100% is worth 14-17 Mil per year Fisher at 75% is worth less, maybe 3-5 Mill less Fisher and the Colts dont know the level he can play
  6. 100% Agree I think that you will see this shuffle until final cuts If we can improve the team, even with depth moves like this, without significant costs, CB will pull the trigger I expect CB to add and subtract, but maybe at the bottom end of the roster for the most part The one thing you HAVE to respect about Ballard is he sticks to his plan
  7. He does a great amount of work for EVERY community that he lives in People that hate him because he believes in Christ / God should lighten up He isn't forcing you to do anything
  8. First off, I would be VERY surprised if we made a play for Julio. Aging WRs tend to slump in many cases Nice Jersey in your picture stitches I was impressed with Paye well before the draft and to listen to his (and his mothers) "American Dream" story He is a class act I may actually break down and buy a 51 Jersey to wear to games (The few I get to go to)
  9. Supposedly he turned down 2 contracts from the Eagles He MAY think he worth more than he is It COULD happen, but probably not likely now
  10. The injuries for Campbell continues to surprise me. He was very healthy at THE Ohio State University The kid can play. Lets hope he breaks the injury cycle
  11. I think it could still happen Doyle would be the casualty though
  12. I think Holden will beat him out Or.... They wait out the finals cuts and a LT better than Tevi is available They only have to play 6-8 games Maybe Jared Valdeer is the answer He was good in lineup
  13. I think we actually can The most expensive positions are QB, LT and DE Wentz contract is middling DE is on rookie contract This should give us some $$$ to spend on LT We shouldnt be out of whack too bad
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