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  1. I HIGHLY doubt that it happens, I am usually against all the trade for this guy, trade for that guy bantor...... But to me..... right now, DT is a HUGE priority, for this team, right now. I would offer a fourth round pick and and a conditional pick, plunk him in the rotation at DT (both spots) Clowney is a much more valuable player, and was traded for a 3rd, and 2 non starters He lines up at DE and DT, he is really good against the run, he also gets some pressure He is basically a half year rental, as he is on the last year of his contract We could work out a long term deal if he plays well
  2. Nice effort, I like most of the picks, but YUTER.... (Sheeze, who names their kid Yuter) May go top 20. I think we need a DT ASAP in the next draft
  3. I brought this up in another thread, and I realize this is about DT's I agree with the OP that we need some help in the middle of the line As the overall team roster improves, the draft picks will have a harder and harder time making the roster. You can see this trend 1000 miles away. We may start seeing 5th and 6th round picks getting cut, as they cant break into this team With this in mind, I think we may actually use some of this draft capitol being used to move up a few spots to grab a game changer DT or DE The best defensive player in College is Chase Young......... I havent seen anything like him in a few years... better than the Bosa's.....plays run and pass at elite levels He has a large group of pass rush moves and I believe he will be 10 year pro bowl player in NFL.... He probably would cost too much, but I do see CB opening up the "draft wallet" and using some draft capitol to move spots to get a difference maker on defense
  4. C'mon......... We have a head coach that was a QB...... he knows what he knows........ He sees the kid in practice. We dont...... Lets see how everything develops.......... The best QB, will be chosen Personally, I like the potential of CK The kid seems to be taking a humble approach, which is ALWAYS the first step to improvement
  5. The things that speak the most volume to me is what happens to the players that get cut from our roster It would seem that in past years, most are out of the NFL. We had a few decent players, but our bottom 1/4th of our roster would not be able to make another NFL teams roster........ Today....... our cuts are MUCH better players than in past years, which means that our overall roster is getting better year over year Next year cuts may be much worse, which is a GOOD thing. Some of the 'good' players that have been developing in the Colts system may not make it What do you do with Lewis, Zaire Franklin, Quincy Wilson, next year? I would think we would want to get OL depth (OT PLEASE) DL starters (DE, DT) TE (I dont see us putting up huge $$ for Ebron. I am tiring of his drops) An a additional thought.... now that our roster is deeper, and we can take some risks. As an Ohio State fan, I would LOVE to have Chase Young. I can see him being the ALL Pro DE in the NFL for the next 10-12 years...... he is that good........ He is better than either of the Bosa's This is that ONE rare year, where I would trade picks to move up to get him It may cost us 2 firsts, this year and next, and at least one our second round picks But...... I think he would be worth it As we are losing draft capitol, while we have enormous cap space, we can fill in with FAs that fit our system..... Lastly, I would add that this is done only with the belief that JB has continued to develop, and grow to be a top 10 QB. If JB takes a big fall off, you would have to save draft capitol to get our next QB....... But either way....... I agree with the OP's thought (It was 2 hours of good reading ) Ballard has done an excellent job drafting.... not perfect, but mostly hits
  6. I was thinking same thing that Banogu may be the next man up to fill those reps
  7. I think JB wil see the tape of Cain being open, and give him more targets......
  8. Nice writeup I think Geathers may have lost his starting role to Willis, last night (Even though Geathers didnt play) Its going to be hard to keep Willis off the field Any news from anyone on Turay?
  9. What is clear is that Mahomes is the most dangerous when he can use his speed to play play - ground ball. These fast, elusive QBs seem to rise and then fall when the speed drops a bit through injuries. I was VERY glad that we started to blitz a bit more often. The CBs off the edge are tough to defend
  10. I would tend to agree overall that his better position may be RG I also agree that we need to invest early in a OT (one of the first 3 picks) Smith is solid on run, but needs some help on the elite DE's He is STILL better than most at RT though. When AC does retire, or play elsewhere, we need a LT.... that person is not on the roster today
  11. I am 100% glad that I was wrong on the score I did notice that you didnt PM looking to put your money where your mouth is I would have gladly paid the bet if I have offended you please accept my apologies, you started the back and forth... not me
  12. I think as Deon gets reps in practice, you will see JB go his way more often He seems to be 2nd or 3rd read
  13. I have a novel idea..... why dont you worry about YOU...... I will worry about me I will watch or not watch, based on what I want to do.... Keep monitoring the threads to see if people arent in line enough with YOUR way of thinking..... I tell you what..... I will put my money where my mouth is....... PM me and we can do a PAYPAL transaction I will give you 14pts $50..... Or .... are you just a big talker?
  14. Lighten up Francis...... its a PREDICTION THREAD...... don't be such a wienie......
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