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  1. I had a few interactions with him back in the day. A nice man. Toward the end of one season I mentioned to him that I thought Jonathon Babineaux would be a great fit for the Colts defense. JT’s response was , “Love him, want him”. Atlanta took Babineaux the pick before the Colts. When I saw JT the next season I asked him about it and if the Colts would have taken him next. He told me they already had Babineaux’s name filled out on the card. The Colts took Hayden instead.
  2. The Saints have released a 28 year old 3-time pro bowl RG. Anyone know of a team with a weak spot at RG protecting a 38-year old statue of a QB?
  3. I guess the fact they could get a compensatory pick out it this way is one reason, but other than that I find it a mistake. Now they have to talk about how happy they were with him while he's a lame duck player.
  4. yes, he will. If they had picked up his option and then released him later it would not have.
  5. This is the last year the 5th year option doesn’t become guaranteed. Zero reason to not pick it up. Only a major injury makes the contact guaranteed. I’ve always suspected they’re working on an affordable extension. If they can’t come to terms then you pick up the option. Can’t trade the guy without an true replacement and don’t tell me it’s Berry. Blackmon strikes me as a jack of all trades and while he could be a replacement to Hooker his presence doesn’t make an extension impossible. In the end I predict no extension, no trade, option picked up. There’s a huge jump in the salary cap in
  6. It only becomes guaranteed if Hooker has a major injury. This is the last year that teams can get out of that money if the player doesn't have a major injury. The cap goes up tremendously next year. JB will be off the books. Luck will be off the books. Rivers might be gone. Houston and Autry will most likely be gone too. There is no reason to not excercise the 5th year option especially when the safety drafted is coming off an ACL.
  7. When’s rookie camp? No one knows. When’s training camp? No one knows. What happens when there’s a second wave of Coronavirus infections? How much work will drafted and undrafted rookies be able to get in? No one knows. So, we’re going to release Brissett and count on Eason to back up our 39 year old QB when our GM and owner are in win now mode? Rivers is there to win now not to be a mentor. Not only is it more realistic for JB to be the backup. He’s probably more likely to be a good mentor and show Eason how to go about his business as a pro.
  8. Waste of a pick unless you’re going to carry 3QB’s and guarantee him the 3rd spot. JB shouldn’t be dealt anywhere. If Glowinski gets our 39 year old statue of a QB killed the season would be over. Who knows how much training camp work rookies will get this year. The Colts already have a devo QB. I like Kelly but I highly doubt he’s ready to be the #2 since he primarily ran the scout team so moving JB would be dumb unless they need the cap space to sign someone. At this point JB’s cap hit means nothing unless they want to sign someone else to the roster and his cap hit is prohibiting that
  9. I like the Blackmon pick. Still need a TE, CB, OL, and possibly another WR
  10. Ojemudia and Gallimore could have helped the Colts. I like the TE from Mizzou
  11. I think I would take Mims as my choice. Pittman would be my alternate choice. Then at 44 take the best available.
  12. I have to believe the Packers don't envision Rodgers there for four more years.
  13. Chris Ballard was texting Pat McAfee while McAfee did his draft show tonight on You Tube. As McAfee, Hawk, and the fake Mel Kiper discussed and joked about GB's move and what Rodgers reaction would be to GB drafting Love, Ballard text Pat when they were discussing whether or not they should ask Rodgers to comment since Rodgers had been on the show earlier in the day. It doesn't strike me that Ballard was trying to move up if Ballard was watching McAfee's show.
  14. That may be valid. I've seen him described as both a perfect 5-technique for a 3-4 and a perfect left end for an old school 4-3. You're correct the Colts may see him as a non-fit. I only mention him as a possible upgrade to Sheard. Some guys are just football players and he's definitely an upgrade to Sheard. I would be happy with Mims, Pittman, Gross-Matos, Fulton, and a few others.
  15. Autry and Houston are both in the last year of their deals. Turay looks good but hasn't proven anything and is coming off of a nasty injury. I will be happy with many of their options however Epenesa will give a consistent bull rush from Left End and can slide inside too. He dominated USC's Jackson so I wouldn't compare him to Bjorn. I don't see Hooker getting dealt. No one is giving up a #2 for Hooker like it was suggested. Who know how much practice the teams will have prior to a season. No reason to deal out a young talented veteran who knows the defense under these circum
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