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  1. Doesn't help with virtually no organized team offseason either. Good thing Rivers is already familiar with the system. Will definitely help.
  2. Team is just loaded with beast. Everyday it's a new top 5 list. Or 2 in top 10 list. Ready to see this team in action. Hopeful but not overly optimistic on full season.
  3. Even if you don't, you should go about things as if you do. Just my advice though. Don't really like to tell people what to do. Mask up, don't want to end up like me.
  4. I know Westbrook was working out with Kevin Hart. Harden hasn't made it to the bubble yet either. I suspect he has it to.?
  5. Oladipo might play after all? That would give us a legit shot at coming out of East, IMO. https://hoopshype.com/rumor/victor-oladipo-to-play-in-bubble-after-all/ Excerpt: There is growing belief Pacers star Victor Oladipo will attempt to play in the NBA’s restarted season after multiple strong team practices in Orlando Oladipo has been fully participating in five-on-five scrimmages in Orlando, and there’s now optimism around his playing status, sources say
  6. Not to surprised. I did see a Navajo Nation President said he would like for them to be named the Washington Code Talkers. Don't know if that is on the list of trademarks yet, but probably will be tomorrow, if not. Lol. Guy will probably get paid.
  7. I read something today, that said he offered to give them a name for free, account wasn't verified yet to be his though. Said its just a hobby of his that got out of control.? Yeah, said he said $20,000 in trademark fees. If he sold it for $5-$10m it is quite the business deal. I agree with your post though, I wouldn't pay him a dime. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/07/13/trademark-issue-complicates-washingtons-name-change/ Excerpt: As of 2015, McCaulay said that he’d spent $20,000 on the effort to secure trademark rights to alternative names. In an unverified Twitter account (which nevertheless seems to be legitimate), McCaulay claims he has offered to give the teams the trademarks at no cost. “Started out because I thought it would be funny to register Washington Pigskins then this unusual hobby of mine got out of control,” McCaulay tweeted on Sunday night. “I am a fan of watching the team on TV and went to one game last year. It is not meant to be adversarial.”
  8. Wasn't referring to you. Haven't seen many of your post. Was referring to a certain other poster. Edit: and no it wasnt you either Myles.
  9. Waiting for the post saying who cares. Like it's not important to be trusted by agents.
  10. Most the time the players names don't even matter. Some guys just get bored and just like trolling to entertain themselves.
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