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  1. Been busy. I will keep it going here soon. Will go through off-season and maybe play next year. Have back surgery in a couple weeks will definitely get some run in my downtime.
  2. Couldn't punch it in. Think we were 2nd in total offense and like 14th in scoring. Will post some more stuff in the days a head. Thanks for looking in on it.
  3. Season Stats: *** league leader Passing: Brissett 487-702 69% comp 5441yds*** 33tds 11ints 101.3 rating Rushing: Mack 298-1074yds 3.6ypc 10tds 3fmbl Brissett 36-108yds 2tds Hines 26-76yds 1td Receiving: Campbell 96rec(5th) 1263yds 11tds Hilton 105rec(3rd) 1252yds 8tds Ebron 116rec*** 1081yds 6tds Mack 64rec 793yds 4tds Cain 62rec 555yds 3tds Funchess 22rec 212yds Doyle 10rec 146yds Cox 9rec 86yds 1td Hines 2rec 46yds Hentges 1rec 7yds OL Sacks Allowed: Castonzo 8 Smith 5 Nelson 4 Glowinski 3 Kelly 3 Defense: Leonard 128tkls 1.5sacks 1int Okereke 112tkls 2ints 2FF 1FR Moore ll 96tkls 2ints Geathers 93 tkls .5sacks Desir 92tkls .5sacks 1int 1FF Hooker 77tkls 1int Ya-Sin 74tkls .5sacks 1int Houston 71tkls 12.5sacks 1FF Hunt 67tkls 3.5sacks Sheard 63tkls 11sacks Autry 61tkls 3sacks 1FF Walker Jr 49tkls .5sacks T Lewis 9tkls 2.5sacks AV 29-30 FGA 44-45 XPA Rigoberto 59 punts 50.2 net 17 inside 20.
  4. I agree, the goat was slipping and then found his footing. Very appropriate gif. Well played
  5. Season is over. Will go over stats and playoff tree. As well as a list of draft prospects on my board. Titans won the AFC South with a 9-7 record we were 2nd at 8-8. Wild Card Playoff Schedule: 6.Pitt @ 3.Cle 5.Chiefs @ 4.Titans 6.Rams @ 3.Falcons 5.Bears @ 4.Eagles Byes: 1. Buffalo 2. LAC 1. Packers 2. 49ers
  6. Week 17 results: 31-24 Colts Finish the season at the dreaded 8-8. Stats: Passing: Brissett 26-37 321yds 4tds 1int 70% comp 121.5 rating **AFC Player of Week** Foles 24-32 286yds 2tds 122.6 rating Rushing: Mack 18-81yds Hines 10-43yds Brissett 2-4yds Fournette 18-56yds 1td 1fmbl Receiving: Campbell 8rec 108yds 2tds Ebron 6rec 47yds 1td Mack 6rec 76yds 1td Cain 4rec 49yds Hines 1rec 21yds Hilton 1rec 20yds Westbrook 7rec 63yds 2tds Lee 5rec 80yds Devalve 4rec 49yds Defense: Moore ll 8tkls Walker Jr 2tkls .5sacks Houston 3tkls .5sacks Sheard 2tks .5sacks Desir 5tkls .5sacks Okereke 7tkls 1FF 1FR Bouye 3tkls 1int Dareus 6tkls 1sack AV 1-1 FGA 4-4XPA
  7. Week 17:Colts(7-8) @ Jaguars(7-7-1) AFC South Standings: Titans (8-7) Jaguars (7-7-1) Texans (7-8) Colts (7-8) We play the Jags and Titans play Texans. Pretty sure we are eliminated at this point? 1-4 division record on the season. Weekly Training: Off- Spot - Silver Medal Def- Cover 2 - Silver Medal Extea Training: Campbell Ya-Sin Banogu
  8. Week 16 results: 35-28 Colts Injured CMC at some point. Stats: Passing: Brissett 32-44 347yds 3tds 2ints 72% comp 99.3 rating Newton 29-37 316yds 3tds 2ints 106.7 rating Rushing: Mack 15-59yds 1td Wilkins 1-1yd 1td McCaffrey 11-47yds Newton 19yds Receiving: Ebron 12rec 88yds 1td Campbell 5rec 59yds 1td Hilton 5rec 46yds Mack 5rec 100yds 1td Cain 4rec 34yds Doyle 1rec 20yds Olsen 8rec 77yds 1td Moore 8rec 117yds 1td Samuel 4rec 33yds McCaffrey 1rec 2yds 1td Defense: Leonard 13tkls Ya-Sin 9tkls Okereke 9tkls 1int Hunt 7tkls 1sack Hooker 7tkls 1int Thompson 6tkls 1int Jackson 5tkls 1int Short 4tkls 1sack AV no FGA 5-5 XPA Week 16 notes: Offensive Coordinator was happy we came away with win. +300xp for all QB's Defensive Coordinator was happy with performance. +300xp for all DL
  9. Week 16 Player Upgrades: Ryan Kelly Upgraded Pass Pro +1 AWR +1 Pass BLK FNS Overall went from 83 to (84) **Has +1 Morale so playing at 85 overall level Kenny Moore ll Upgraded Slot +1 BLK Shed +1 Man Cov +1 Play Rec +1 Pursuit +2 Tackle Overall went from 80 to (81) **playing with +1 Morale so playimg at 82 overall level. Nyheim Hines Upgraded Receiving Back +2 Catch +2 Short Route Overall stayed at (77) Denico Autry Upgraded Run Stopper +2 BLK Shed +1 Hit Power Overall stayed at (76) Chester Rogers Upgraded Slot +2 AWR +1 CIT +1 Catch +1 Short Route Overall went from 75 to (76) Parris Campbell Upgraded Slot +2 CIT +1 Catch +1 Short Route +1 Speed Overall went from 73 to (74) **+1 Morale so playing at 75 overall level Anthony Walker Jr Upgraded Field General +3 AWR +2 Play Rec +1 Zone Cov Overall went from 68 to (69) Ryan Lewis Upgraded Zone +1 AWR +1 Tackle +2 Zone Cov Overall stayed at (67) Grover Stewart Upgraded Run Stopper +1 ACC +1 BLK Shed +1 Strength +1 Tackle Overall went from 66 to (67) Joe Haeg Upgraded Pass Pro +1 AWR +2 Pass BLK FNS Overall went from 64 to (65) **+1 Morale playing at 66 overall level Chad Kelly Upgraded Field General +1 AWR +2 Throw ACC Overall stayed at (61) Ahmad Thomas Upgraded Field General +3 AWR +1 BLK Shed +2 Zone Cov Overall went from 60 to (61)
  10. Week 16: Panthers(5-8-1) @ Colts(6-8) Offensive Coordinator wants to know how to game plan for Kuechly. Advised slow him down Weekly Offensive goals: win game, 1 or fewer turnovers Defensive Coordinator wants to know how to game plan for McCaffrey. Advised slow him down Offensive weeky goals: win game hold them to 1 or fewer rush tds. Weekly Training: Off- Dagger - Silver Medal Def- Ouside run D - Gold Medal Extra training: Campbell Ya-Sin Banogu
  11. Geathers first int of his career. That is pretty crazy.
  12. Week 15: Colts(5-8) @ Saints(3-9-1) 29-24 Colts Trailed most of game till the 4th quarter. Stats: Passing: Brissett 31-48 396yds 4tds 1int 111.1 rating Breed 28-39 306yds 3tds 120.2 rating Rushing: Mack 13-42yds Murray 20-92yds 1fmbl Receiving: Campbell 10rec 145yds 1td Ebron 8rec 82yds Hilton 5rec 57yds 1td Cain 4rec 55yds Mack 4rec 48yds 1td Cox 1rec 9yds 1td Thomas 14rec 161yds 3tds Ginn Jr 6rec 72yds Cook 4rec 36yds Defense: Okereke 12tkls Leonard 9tkls Geathers 8tkls T Lewis 1tkl 1sack Sheard 1tkl 1sack Autry 5tkls 1sack Jordan 3tkls 1sack Rankins 1tkl 1sack Anzalone 10tkls Bell 8tkls 1int AV 1-2 FGA 2-3 XPA Missed first 2 kicks of the year. Week 15 notes: Defensive Coordinator was happy we got the win. +100xp for all linebackers Offensive Coordinator was happy with the win. +300xp for all OL
  13. @Lucky Colts Fan Just letting you know I'm back at it again.
  14. Week 15 Player Upgrades: Rock Ya-Sin Upgraded Man to Man +2 AWR +1 Catch +3 Play Rec Overall went from 72 to (73) Deon Cain Upgraded Deep Threat +2 CIT +1 Catch +2 Deep Route Overall went from 70 to (71) Bobby Okereke Upgraded Field General +1 Man Cov +1 Play Rec +1 Strength +1 Tackle +1 Zone Cov Overall went from 68 to (69)
  15. Week 15: Defensive Coordinator wants to know how to game plan for Brees. 1. Disregard 2. Slow down 3. Neutralize Chose Neutralize Defensive weekly goals: win game, hold to 150yds or less with 0 yes. Offensive Coordinator wants to know how to gameplan for Cam Jordan. 1. Disregard 2. Slow Down 3. Neutralize Chose slow down Weekly goals: win game give up 2 or fewer sacks. Weekly Training: Off- Verticals - Silver Medal Def- Cover 2 - Silver Medal Extra Training: Campbell Ya-Sin Banogu
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