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  1. Might as well pull the trifecta: Brissett to Miami for 2nd round pick or Howard Take on Bortles for a 3rd and release him Take on Keenan for a 4th and let him run the backup. Additional 2nd/ or players, 3rd and 4th for swapping out backup QB's.
  2. It still shows it for me. Was thinking for a moment after reading your post that it might change, but it still shows the Colts moves. Have to scroll down more.
  3. No, I don't think that. It was more tongue and cheek, but I wouldn't be surprised if it actually happened. It's not 100% impossible though. Top 3 seeds are drawn in the lottery. So 13/14 seed can grab a top 3. Just dont be surprised if Lakers miss the playoffs if they jump into top 3.
  4. To the first point. I hated it, that Laker team would of been amazing, although I really don't like Chris Paul very much, great player, just not for me. The big thing about that though at the time the NBA actually owned the Pelicans, so they can make that decision I suppose? If you actually look at the trade CP3 to Lakers, I think it was better for NO than the LAC trade was.? To the 2nd point, no question. The league is shady. Can't believe they continually allow Harden to get away with traveling, pushing off and flopping. The amount of FT's he gets really disgust me. Wouldnt be surprised if the Draft Lottery ends like this: #1 NYK #2 BOS(Sacremento pick, slips up to 2) #3 LAL(miss playoffs, hit lotto)
  5. Lol, and now I click on ESPN to check Pacers score... Headline: NBA investigating Lakers and Ben Simmons contact... Out of control. They need to be hit hard by the NBA with some kind of penalty..?
  6. Look, after the Pacers, the Lakers(grew up Magic Johnson fan) are the next team I root for(unfortunately they have LeBron). Anyway, just a little background, before my comment. I believe the tactics, he is referring to is obvious. It isn't individualized to AD, they pulled same stunt with George, Kawhi...etc.... They have been tampering with players for the last 3 years. AD, also just hired LeBrons agent within last 2 years. Dont forget last year they picked up Caldwell Pope, who coincidently has LeBrons agent as well. So they could start talking about Lebron last year unofficially(illegally). Even being a Laker fan as well, I'm hoping AD and Kawhi end up in LA, on the Clippers. I would actually respect these guys more for not going to play with LeBron, even when he is on downside of career(still ballin). Hopefully LeBron era ends sooner than later, so I can enjoy rooting for them again. NBA is a shady business, it is Sports Entertainment. WWE I personally have not watched a game in 2019. Once James Harden had 27 free throws against the Grizzlies, I couldn't take it anymore. Looking forward to Pacer playoff games, other than that, I'm not to interested at the moment.
  7. http://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/25901330/predicting-2019-nfl-offseason-dominoes-free-agents-trades-cause-ripples Colts signings in some of the scenarios. Ansah DE: Colts sign: Ansah 4yr $64m $35guar If Raiders sign Ansah, it has us signing: Za'Darius Smith 4yr $48m Earl Thomas S: If Thomas signs with SF, it has the Colts signing: Steven Nelson CB 4yr $32m Then trading pick #26 while Colts get 4th rounder back for: Xavien Howard CB Miami Just thought it was worth a post. Go check it out, has a few players on there, explanations are pretty good, at least for the Colts side.
  8. No reason to take salary cap space off total, with extensions. Those players are already under contract, extension money would go for future years.
  9. Must only match salaries, if both teams are over the cap. It happens quite frequently where a team gets a pick for taking on salary.
  10. Houston is in tax trouble, and have no roster room for the players. So if they waive him, they still have to pay those taxes. They trade us a 2nd round pick, to take them on and waive them, because we still have a little cap space to fit them under. Free 2nd round pick(small cap hit) plus Wesley Matthews is a pretty solid day in my book.
  11. I haven't watched an NBA game since Harden had 27 free throws against Memphis earlier this month. 3 has had 3+ games of 20+ FT's this month. Beyond ridiculous. Can't support that. Will watch Pacer playoffs thats it.
  12. You are actually only projecting $5.6m. 3yr $17m I don't think it is a horrible overpay. Maybe to long of a contract with 3yrs and injury history. Maybe: 2yr $10m $6m guar. 2019:$6m cap hit all guaranteed(since we have so much loot this season) 2020:$4m cap hit no guaranteed That would drop from your AAV of $5.6m to $5m. Might be a slight overpay, maybe, maybe not, but like was said. Ballard mentioned him highly and he is a guy you reward, but with protections cap wise.
  13. w87r

    Explain this.

    There was a lot that went into the loss. First drive as has been mentioned. Ebron drops an easy pass that would of kept drive going. Second drive we passed 3 times, but Jones tipped pass on that drive he had 2 hands on Nelsons face mask at one point, then still had 1 hand on it as he tipped pass. Should of been 15yd penalty. Third drive we gad 3rd and 1 after 2 runs and decide to pass and lose 4yds. All 3 of those drives should of kept going. Put us behind the 8 ball early. Moving forward. The ref on Chiefs last drive before halftime rolled the clock when player was forced out of bounce making us use our last time out. Same ref on our drive to end the firat half, rolled the clock when we went out of bounce. So should of had a time out and more time to complete drive to end the half. Missed FG killed us, no excuse for that, but should of scored TD with having more time from my statement above. Holding call on Smith was atrocious, non PI downfield was bad. Huge block in back no call on KC on 1 of their big plays. Fountain, dropping meaningless TD was horrible to.
  14. Mike Doss, he was later than you're referring to though.
  15. w87r

    I would take the ball first and not defer

    Nope, I'm wrong Texans won the toss.