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  1. Jets have already said they are not trading Darnold in season.
  2. Since trade talk is prominent around the forum right now. What chance do you think that the Colts might bring someone in? Or perhaps send someone out(Brissett)? Any names or positions stick out as possibilities?
  3. Don't even care to have Wentz, really, but at least he has played at an MVP level before. Winston is lucky to have a 3rd string job, and if the Colts would've wanted him, they could've signed him for cheap. Would be thoroughly disappointed if Winston was even a backup for this team.
  4. Longevity and being accessible to your teammates is a pretty important thing. Couple that with top 6 list in most statistical categories = HOF Don't act like we're on a Chargers board amd a bunch of homers. Most Colts fans didnt even like Rivers till he got here. Respected his grind but wasnt a fan.
  5. Most of Luck's injuries were self imposed, by his playing style and his off-season recreational activities. But that's for a different topic. That has been over and over any times.
  6. Thanks, How many of those under centers are GL or short yardage situations? Was a little surprised by that. Seems like a lot more shotgun snaps while watching. Still a lot though.
  7. That's another issue all in itself. I personally think it is tough to get going down hill, when starting from a standstill. Which Taylor usually is, from the shotgun formation. Would love to see the percentage of plays we run from shotgun. Way to many, but that is where Rivers is most comfortable.
  8. Watching Wentz last night, a couple thing stood out to me. 1. He makes some bad decisions, I think his poor OL that has started 6 or 7 different combinations this season, has a little to do with it, but he took sacks and didnt throw it away when he should of. Forced throws, he should of never considered. (10ints this year) 2. He makes a lot of great throws as well. If he would cut down on #1, he could probably return to MVP form, but his bad decisions is troubling.
  9. Sure is a lot of talking down on a guy who is averaging 4.1ypc, against said stacked boxes. While catching 16/17 pass attempts his way. People must forget Mack averaging 3.8ypc his rookie season. Tomlinson averaged 3.6ypc his rookie year, 4.3ypc for career. Emmitt Smith 3.9ypc rookie season, 4.2ypc for his career Walter Payton 3.5ypc rookie season Curtis Martin 4.0ypc rookie year, 4.0ypc for career Jerome Bettis 3.9ypc for his career Marshall Faulk 4.1ypc rookie year, 4.3ypc for career Half of the top 12 rushers of all time ab
  10. 1.Colts have a little over $9m cap space left this season. Would probably take most of the remaining space to trade for him. We definitely need to roll some over. 2. Who knows if it was league wide knowledge the Vikings were moving him. Maybe the Ravens just hit them up and struck a deal. Everyone seems to think they have all the Intel on this. Doesn't matter if JB $20m is dropping off next year, that doesn't give us more cap space than we already have. It's already figured in. The cap is going to drop quite a bit next year as well and we
  11. Doubt it, he had 5 sacks in 6 games. I just think they realized this season is a wash, best to recoup some draft equity.
  12. Just when I thought we would only have to face him once this season. Now 2 maybe 3 if we meet in playoffs.
  13. Agreed, what disrespect to not be on the list. Walker takes questions from the forum and puts them in his articles. Not to sure how many of those other people do that. Sorry Andrew, you should of been included in the poll. Would of had my vote. Thanks for all that you do.
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