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  1. It's right here, thanks for starting it.
  2. Yeah I probably feel the same, but I'm sure Brogdon, Dipo and Beal would be just fine in the lineup together. Would need TJ Leaf, Alize and Goga to stepup big time if we made this move.
  3. Been seeing a Bradley Beal rumor floating around? Not sure where it came from, but figured I'd post it. Wizards rec: Sabonis A. Holiday TJ Warren Doug McBuckets 2022 1st round pick Pacers rec: Bradley Beal Would you guys be interested in that deal? 2022 is supposed to be the Double Talent draft. Age limit reduced, will have 1st year college studs and high school prospects in it.
  4. I don't think this has been posted here, but Pacers signed another Center on a partially guaranteed deal. Amidah Brimah, C, 7' "The seven-footer most recently played for the Austin Spurs of the G-League, where he averaged 8.8 PPG, 8.2 RPG and 2.9 BPG in only 23.3 MPG. The 25-year-old excelled in the Las Vegas Summer League with the Summer Nets, as he averaged 6.2 PPG, 4.5 RPG and 2.2 BPG in just 12.5 MPG. That comes out to 17.9 points, 13 rebounds and 6.3 blocks (!!!) per 36 minutes." https://www.indycornrows.com/2019/7/18/20699993/pacers-sign-amida-brimah-to-one-year-deal
  5. I would love to add Igoudala, he is exactly what we need. Not sure of numbers would work, but could offer them Leaf and McBuckets, and a few 2nd round picks?
  6. Quality signing. Holiday and Brogdon can both slide to the 2 also. Brogdon, Holiday, McConnell Lamb, Sumner, (VO) Warren, McBucketts, Bowen(2way) Sabonis, Leaf, Johnson Turner, Goga Still could use a wing and 1 more big. I don't know if we used cap space of part of our exception? 2yr $7m
  7. No, if we make the playoffs next year, it goes to MIL. If we miss the playoffs the next 5 years(we don't lose our pick), the pick will be unprotected after that. 1st playoff season from now, the pick will be gone. Most likely next year.
  8. Looks like our 1st round pick in Brogdon deal is lottery protected through 2025, unprotected in 2026.
  9. Looks like we have around $5-$6m in cap space, w/ Goga cap hold included. Got the 2yr $10m exception also. Hollis-Jefferson would be nice on that 2yr $10m deal. Lance vet min WCS $3-$5m?
  10. So it seems with getting rid off all cap holds we would be around $6.2m or so in cap space. Goga and Sumner would run us about $4.6m. Leaving us with $1.6m and an exception. If we can move Doug and save that $7.3m, that would get us up around $8.9m in space. Still need some depth in backcourt and probably a wing and 1 more big. Joseph Lance Justin Holiday
  11. Kept Harris, and initial rumor is Josh Richardson is involved in trade. But yeah I agree, lose Redick and Butler is a hit. Even TJ McConnell is probably gone.
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