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  1. Leonard's a great guy, and an easy guy to root for. Glad he is on our team.
  2. Tony Romo is by far the best TV analyst in the NFL.
  3. Yeah I really like this move, hire from within. I like him being called rising star by Mort. His name was hot lately with couple teams inquiring about him.
  4. They wont release him, they will take top compensation they can get. Maybe a 2nd and a young guy?
  5. Idk? Maybe a 2nd? I imagine he will go to highest bidder.
  6. Tbh, Mariota isn't that bad an option, could be a decent fall back option. Still holding out for Stafford.
  7. Stafford Colts cap hit if traded: 2021: $20m 2022: $23m Also whatever draft pick(s) traded for Stafford would reduce the cap hit from Stafford. 1st round pick - $1.8m 2nd round pick - $972k 3rd round pick - $809k So lets just say a 1st and 3rd for example purposes. $20m cap hit - $2.6m(pick(s) contract amount) = $17.4m. Net cap hit.
  8. Definitely going to rule out Saints. There isn't even a possibility they can make his $20m work. Then if Dallas doesn't sign Dak where will he end up? Could very well be here.? Dont think either of those teams make sense and 1 isn't happening(Saints)
  9. Relly hoping for Stafford($20m), or Darnold($4.7m). If not them, then Rookie to compete with Eason would be good with me.
  10. If we go young it gives us a lot of money to spend elsewhere. If we go vet it will probably be close to a wash. Could be a little more or could be a little less.?
  11. The problem with that is Darnold has a 5th year $25m option, so bringing him to sit, would put us in almost the same position as we are with Eason. Not knowing what we have Im all for bringing in Darnold and his $4.7m contract. Would allow us to keep our own and add a few other options, and we might luck out and Darnold be the future QB. Cheap gamble on our end. Low risk potential high reward.
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