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  1. Julio's contract, if traded, isn't bad at all. Only cost new team 2021 - $15.3m 2022 - $11.5m 2023 - $11.5m Still most likely not to happen here unless we send some money back out. Money way to close this year, although Im sure it could be restructured if we made the deal. Possible restructure: 2021 - $1.2m base $4.7m SB = $5.9m cap hit 2022 - $11.5m base $4.7m SB = $16.2m cap hit 2023 - $11.5m base, $4.7m SB = $16.2m cap hit($4.7m dead cap) It could be done, but you're probably right. Wrong
  2. Yeah Im not a big fan of them either. I would like to see those same contractual conditions, that you listed. I just think, that if the reports are true(2022 void year) the Colts are going to go this route to save money in 2021? They might as well max out the most cap space they can.? Void years are rarely a good thing for teams future cap. Won't hurt us that much, and if Fisher is coming back in 2022 and beyond, it will be well worth it to not take the whole cap hit in 2021. At the end of the day the immediate goals should be/ Im sure are, to secure Leonard
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/coltswire.usatoday.com/2021/05/14/indianapolis-colts-eric-fisher-contract-voidable-year-2022/amp/ Still haven't seen details but I imagine if it structured like reported it would look something like this. 2021: $1m base, $4.2m signing bonus, 2022: $4.2m signing bonus(voidable year, dead cap) Maybe a little smaller signing bonus, but I would think if you were going to go that route you would maximize the 2021 cap savings. This does it based on $9.4m reported contract. Saves us money this year for extensions
  4. Colts and Vikings family mothers. @Nadine @NFLfan @DEColtsLover36 @Wentzszn I know there are more, hope you have a great day, come claim your flowers.
  5. He makes $6.7m and has a dead cap hit of over $14m. So no they don't really have a point and their post is more uninformed than the other one they had and that one was pretty bad.
  6. MAC is not getting $11m a season from us Mack is not getting $5m a season from us At this point Im not even sure if we bring Hines back. Irsay didn't seem to motivated to get an extension with him done unless the numbers make sense. Glowinski will probably be gone to before we gave him $9m a season
  7. Yeah, I think Leno comes with less worries. Im good with either though.
  8. Seems we are on the heels of getting something done.
  9. He can officially sign immediately. Trey Burton signed with the Colts on April 22nd last year, 5 days after his post June 1st release. Bears just have to keep his money on books till June 1st before it clears. Either way, it sure looks with the Fisher report that we will be trying to bring someone in. Pretty confident 1 of these guys will be hete next year.
  10. Hopefully with you dropping a bunch of twitter talk for me to check out, and hopefully with us landing one of these guys we want. That is how the QB threads played out.
  11. I don't see it, maybe Ertz for a 5th or 6th? Still doubt it though. Small chance 1 of the guys that had their 5th year option declined, but then again a 3rd or 4th wouldn't be enough for those guys most likely. Only position we really need is LT and if we don't bring in one of the FAs then we will just be planning to fill LT with Tevi(as stated by Ballard and Irsay) or shifting our line around. Ballard loves his picks to much. I could see a potential player for player trade later. If an injury occurs during training camp, that would probably increase the ch
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